The Digimon Emperor spun in his fancy floating office chair. A floating screen showed a map that was full of black squares. All of the black squares representing his control. There was a single white square in the sea of colorless black. It was losing color extremely slowly.

His empire was finally reaching completion! No Child Adult, Perfect,or Beyond Perfect, or God Level could stop him now!

The defiant square was entirely drained of color, and now was no different from it's neighbors

He cackled loudly, finally he could shape the world as he saw fit! He heard that clicking… The worm.

"Master…" the pathetic worm warned him. "What!" The worm stayed steadfast. "Master, you're in danger!" He stopped his chair to face the worm.


"It is Kimeramon, I don't remember you telling them to destroy the other Digimon!" The worm was worried? Pathetic, like they wouldn't listen to his Dark Digivice. He willed it to work. Willing Kimeramon to stop.

Nothing changed. Kimeramon was still firing and flying destroying anything and everything, it seemed according to the black map it was making it's way towards base, Eyes glowing red. Color draining from it's surroundings.

'You can't save yourself!' That voice that guided him to conquer the Digital world told him.

"Shut up! I don't need to..!" He whipped The worm.

'Die.' The voice it laughed, like someone who knew they were mortal and loved pain but not death. NO! IT COULD NOT BE! He was invincible!

According to the map, Kimeramon was almost at base. He felt himself be bound up by the pathetic worm, who was dragging him inch by inch. He had to run, every inch of his body told him. But first...

"Worm, let me go!" He yelled.

"Yes master…" the sniveling pathetic worm cried as he loosened his grip. He took off running, not looking back at the worm.

Where was he running? He didn't know.

What had he done? He didn't want to remember suffering.

Who was he? 'A Pathetic lonely Kaiser.'

Why? 'Pain!'

When? 'Always.'

How could he… get away? 'No way…!' the voice reacted, 'A miracle is impossible for you!'

In the center of the room the Digimon Emperor found himself in A white thing glowed. A beam shot into the ceiling, Opening up an escape, all he had to do was get up there.

"Worm! Where are you?" He yelled. "Coming!" The worm scooted into vision. A small gasp could be heard.

"Fire a thread up there, now!"

"Yes master." It was so.

Quickly he climbed up the thread into the portal. He looked down and hesitated. Color was draining behind the worm… No! Quickly he pulled on the worm's thread trying to pull the worm up.. Color drained from the worm and raced it's way up the thread. Do or Regret. He tugged strongly, and the thread snapped. The worm fell to the ground like a statue, cold and dead.

Dive back in?

Yes. "No..."

It was too late, nothing he could do. He sat there as the portal closed. Damn it! The voice was laughing, laughing like it was the most wonderfully painful thing in the world.

"What do I do?" He sat there and wasted. An hour passed while he rotted.

"Help! My baby my baby!" Help. He needed help…

"Oh, please sir, help my baby, they've fallen into a chasm that just opened in the woods" was that a voice talking to him?

"What do you want? I can't help."

"Please! If you don't do it! No-body will!"

"Do it yourself!" He shouted.

"I… waaaaaaaaaaa, you're so selfish! I can't do it by myself! My wings are hurt, i can barely crawl! and I'm probably going to die crying! I don't want to die! Help me!" the kind voice started to cry uncontrollably.

"... You're… worthless" The Digimon Emperor mouthed. 'You are useless, the funniest thing I've heard in awhile. It's so true!' The hurtful voice said.

Accept this as the truth?

Yes... "No!"

" That's not true!" The Digimon Emperor yelled to the voice in his head.

"R-R-Really?" He could see the source of the voice now, a gigantic butterfly with a torn wing that looked to natural to be a Digimon.

"I-i don't believe you!" It said.

'you can't be serious about this, there's no way you can deny me!' the voice in his head said with absolute confidence.

"... I'll prove it! Right now!" The Emperor was defiant.

…how could he prove he wasn't useless..?

"Thank you!" The butterfly said as it fluttered onto his head with what little strength it had.

A condradiction, prove his worth by completing what the butterfly asked, thus assisting it, or lay there to rot and satisfy the voice. Assisting the butterfly would put him at an advantage over the voice. The voice was the enemy. He would win flawlessly and perfectly.

Tiny Woods Surface.

"Where is it?" He asked.

"I… don't remember."

"This pointless 'mission' depends on your pathetic memory."

"Stop it, those words hurt!"

The voice in his head made a sound like it was licking it's lips.

"Prove it to me! Show me your memory functions at all."

"I'm nervous, ok, please give me time."

He walked aimlessly.

"What's your name?" The butterfly thing asked.

" I'm the Digimon Emperor!" He announced.

"Ok, Got it, huh."

The Digimon Emperor cringed.

"... What's yours?" The butterfly thing said to itself after a period of silence.

"I'm Butterfree!" It replied to itself.

He stayed silent… that information wasn't worth noting.

And then they fell into the chasm. Screams.

'Foolish fool who goes on fool's errand only to not watch his foolish feet!'

Tiny Woods Chasm.

Fortunately The Digimon Emperor landed on his feet. The pain was worse than… that other pain.


Something living pinched his feet.

"Is that yours?" The Digimon Emperor pointed to a crab with a mushroom on its back.

"No… that guy looks nothing like me!"

The crab took a swipe at the Emperor's leg.

"Stay there!" The Emperor whipped at the crab with the thread he found that he still held. 'Lovely' Lovely.

The crab dissolved into black particles that reflected no light.

"..." An illusion? Not worth his time.

"It's an illusion, I've heard of these things, they pop up around disaster areas." The Butterfree mentioned.

The Digimon Emperor did not reply.

They continued to walk.

"Waaaah! Momma help me!"

The voice smirked followed by the Emperor. Such 'delicious' desperation.

"Caterpie sweetie I'm here!"

A caterpillar looking thing was surrounded by those crab illusions all poking and prodding at it.

"Momma! Help!"

The Butterfree tugged on his hair.

"What are you waiting for? Help my baby!" It shouted. "Fine I'll help your pathetic child."

SLAP! 'LOL!' the voice laughed!

"OW!" The Emperor cried.

"That's what you get for bad-mouthing my baby!" The Butterfree said as it tried to move its wing back into place. The Digimon Emperor whipped all the crabs in one fell swoop.

"Thank you Mister!" The Caterpie said.

"I am no mere Mister, I am the Digimon Emperor, Remember that!" The Digimon Emperor said as he spooled up his Whip.

"Mr. Digimon Emperor, do you know the way out of here?" The Caterpie asked. Ah here would be the true test of his prowess.

"We climb. Insignifi-" He felt the looming threat of a slap. The voice chuckled. 'Insignificant bug!' damn it.

"-cant worrying is worthless, Now start climbing!"

The Digimon Emperor said, he punched the soft wall making a hand grip. His fists hurt. Repeatedly he punched, and climbed, punched and climbed the pain in his fists growing.

The Caterpie followed though scared out of it's wits.

As soon as they arrived at the surface…

Tiny Woods Surface.

He fell to his knees. What had that accomplished? Pain!

"Mr. Digimon Emperor? Do you know the way to town?" The Caterpie asked. …

Answer with authority?

'Yes.' No.

Yes. "No."

"I do not," The Digimon Emperor responded.

"Caterpie dear… can you show him the way?" This was proof, he wasn't useless!

What was he going to do now? He thought as he followed the Caterpie.

Rotting the thought terrified him.

'What would he do?'

'there were no ideas present in the Emperor's mind as he followed.'

Expand his empire. Doing something! Anything but rotting!

'it's just a game Ken' so what?

It was his goal, his dream to rule a world. He wouldn't let himself fail to control his game a second time! Nothing would stand in the way of his dream!