Thank you to Katie MacAlpine for the idea for this epilogue :)


Phil met Fury in his office. Fury seemed more agitated than he'd seen him in a very long time.

"There's been another death, possibly linked to the Stark case," Fury told him.

"Another death? But I thought we caught the murderer. It's been, what, two months?"

"What do you know about Obadiah Stane?"

"He was a business partner of Stark. I believe Pepper Potts is going to make a deal with him concerning the future of Stark Industries."

"Well, she won't be," Fury said grimly. "He's dead."

"You can't be serious," Phil groaned. "When was this?"

"The body was just found, but he's been dead a while. You'll love the implications of it."

"It can't be that much worse than the whole Stark mess," Phil said weakly.

"Stane was killed, and all files on his computers have been wiped. We think whoever did it was after information."

"And they got what they were after," Phil guessed.

"Almost certainly. We'll never know what they were after, because they managed to bring down the whole network of Stark Industries. Your guess is as good as mine as to how they managed that."

"So the files are completely unrecoverable." Phil drummed his fingers on the edge of Fury's desk for a minute. "Go on then, how did he die?"

"That's the bit you'll love most," Fury sighed. "He was electrocuted, and shot."

"Black Widow."

"The electrocution would point to that, but he was shot with an arrow."

"So, either Black Widow is imitating Hawkeye, Hawkeye is imitating Black Widow, or they're working together," Phil said nervously. The two top assassins currently in operation teaming up was the last thing he needed right now. His job was impossible enough as it was.

"I'm presuming the latter."

"Because our jobs were too easy before. Fury, they'll be unstoppable."

"It concerns me too. I think they've been working together for a while though. There's been deaths all over the world in that style, when I looked into it."

"Any patterns?"

"The funny thing is, they're mostly people who you'd expect to be hiring assassins, not being careless enough to be killed by them. All of them are on various threat lists as well."

"Maybe they turned on them," Phil wondered. "It would make our lives a lot easier, if they track them down for us."

"And they aren't restrained by protocols," Fury smirked. "They may be dangerous, but as long as they don't pose a threat to the general public, we'll turn a blind eye to it."

"Do we know anything that could help us capture them anyway?"

"Not really. I have a few ideas about who they are, but no proof."

"I'll keep an eye on the situation," Phil promised. "One body too many turns up, and we'll be on them. Until then, good luck to them."

"Good," Fury said abruptly, and turned back to his computer in a clear dismissal.

Up in the vents, Clint grinned. Nat would definitely be pleased to hear about this.