I watched Rondo and I'm not sure what exactly happened at the end, but I had to do something. I had to. Literally wrote it the night of, it's 1AM as I'm writing and posting this, so it's not my best, but I couldn't just do nothing.

I'm not sure what the reasons for the final movie scene were, so I just took some liberties. But the title was a line Nana herself said. Read at your own risk.

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The Blood Of Stage Girls


Like the scratching static of a radio, clawing and chipping away at the inside of your skull.

Like the distant moan of some far-off siren, signaling the arrival of some unexplained danger.

Like the silent screech of white noise when the uncanny, unprecedented moment of complete, absolute, dead silence is achieved.

It howls like a dying wind across the stage, where once-burning spotlights have suddenly drained of their vibrancy in lieu of a dim and dizzying afterglow.

That's all that's left of them now. Of the Stage Girls.

An afterglow. Fragments of lost light.

Something had gone terribly wrong.

Even now, Maya cannot fathom it. She cannot fathom what she had just witnessed- what she had just done.

How they had all ended up here is still unclear, as is why they were made to do what they had done.

Of course they had been summoned here to fight.

But not like this.

Never like this.

Never before in all their battles had a single drop of blood been spilled.

Now, the stage is drenched with it.

All seven goddesses, and one girl.

Each in her rightful place, barring the way to the Star.

Each tragically beautiful, painted in her own blood.

It hadn't been a choice. The stage had demanded it. Demanded it as a price for something yet unexplained.

A new price - beyond the mere radiance they had once fought for.

The blood of stage girls.

Of their eight, only Maya remains standing. All the rest litter the stairway to the peak, where a lone Claire lays slain in eternal solitude, without her Flora by her side.

After all, Aijou Karen had never been an intended Stage Girl. She was never meant to be summoned here. She had merely leapt forward on her own and thrust herself upon their stage.

They'd once thought Karen had saved them.

But perhaps she had just been the catalyst to their downfall.

Not even Nana remains. Even after all she had done, time and again...

Each of them is curled on her respective step, crumpled quietly like fallen petals. The stench of their blood is almost sweet, its color almost beautiful.

Each of them dead, killed by her fellow stage girls for the sake of the paying that price.

The ultimate sin - the sin of taking a life - is one they will all share between them.

And a sin they will all perish for.

It had all been so vicious, so helplessly desperate. At most times, they hadn't even known which of their friends they were driving the ends of their blades into.

Even now, Maya cannot look at the corpses that litter the stage. She had killed or assisting in killing any number of them.

And in turn, they had killed her.

The ache of the grievous wounds gaping across her body have gone numb by now, and she knows she is dying. The only notion she can draw pride from is the notion that she remains the last one standing after the slaughter.

Most of the others are already no longer of this world. Most of them are already gone.

But one small, cruel miracle in all of it is that she hadn't gone just yet.

Maya staggers to her side now, dragging a lame and bloodied leg behind her. Crimson spills in puddles as she goes, splattering what little of the stage that remains untainted.

The blade that had pierced through Claudine's chest had been hers. Maya had refused anyone else the privilege of taking her life. Saijou Claudine was her partner, in life an in death, and she would have her until the very end.

And Claudine had accepted that, but she hadn't made it easy for her.

Maya isn't entirely certain if it had been Claudine who had dealt the blow that she knows is killing her right this very second, but she'll let them both believe it was.

The only sound is the cough that echoes from Maya's lips, and the gushing splatter of more blood. The eerie silence settles over the bodies of the others and begins to eat away at their flesh.

At last, Maya reaches her. She drops to her knees as the last bit of life begins to leak out of her.

Claudine's eyes are bleak, but they still find her. The blood has soaked through her clothes and surrounded her in a dep red ocean. And even in spite of it all, she almost smiles. Almost.


She sputters, and blood bubbles up at her lips, then drips down across her chin, down her neck.

Maya shakes her head, but no tears come, nor do any words. The sounds of Claudine's weak, rasping breaths - clogged and stuttering - reach her.


She coughs, and twice as much blood spills over.

In the same moment, Maya loses her strength and sinks down beside her. All she can manage is to reach her hand for her.

It's clear it causes Claudine great pain to move as such, but it doesn't matter anymore. The pain will soon be gone.

She reaches for Maya, opening her blood-streaked hand.

Maya inhales, feeling that the breath doesn't make it all the way to her lungs. She curls her fist into Claudine's palm and feels trembling fingers close feebly around it.

At the very least, Maya is proud she could lie down beside her one last time.

At last she finds her voice, and speaks as if they won't be the last words she ever says.

"Claudine… my star…"

She'd wanted more.

To say more. To feel more. To do more.

With all of them.

But mostly with her.

But Maya had misjudged her own strength for the final time.

Claudine watches her go.

Even though she knows Maya had more she wanted to tell her. She just couldn't make it long enough.

Claudine doesn't cry. She doesn't let her tears be the last things Maya ever sees.

Instead she smiles, even as she feels herself drowning in her own blood.

"Tendo- Maya… you always h-have to… be first… don't you…?"

She expects the usual chuckle, the usual smile.

But it never comes.

Just this once, she will accept Maya's going first.

Because Claudine will still follow.

The hand in hers is already cold.

Claudine shudders, then lets everything out.

The tears. The blood. The screams.

She holds onto that hand for as long as she can. Until finally, she lets go.

Maybe… just maybe… she'll find her again.

A/N: I just... I don't know. I never wanted to have to write this kind of thing for them, but Rondo left me no choice.

I wanted Maya to go first. I wanted her to be prideful and believe she would be able to say all she intended to say in time, but end up just falling quiet without another word. I wanted Claudine to be able to smile for her as the last thing she ever saw.

Unclear at this point what happened and why, and why Karen wasn't among them, and I doubt they are actually dying for real in the movie. But the temptation to write the angst was far too great, even for me.

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