Chapter 30

Nicholas Flamel

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Christmas Holiday has come to end. A lot of students already came back to Hogwarts including Granger, Longbottom, Malfoy and others. Right now, I am at Library reading the book about 'Curses and Spells'. Zabini also were doing some light reading, sitting in front me. I wonder where's Nott. Hm. Nevermind.

"Hey, do you want to go visit Hagrid?" I asked Zabini. He looked at me like I had lost my mind.

"Not interest with that Giant." Zabini said coldly, clearly not interested.

"Ma, ma. Relax would you. No need to freeze the Library." I said with sarcastic. Zabini just sighed and nodded. I got up and waved at him. On my way, I saw Harry and Longbottom with Granger talking under the tree.

"Harry! Longbottom and Granger." I greeted them.

"Hi Ethan!"

"Hi, Kingcrown!"

All of them said at the same time. I smile at that. I asked if they want to join me to visit Hagrid and they agreed. We met Hagrid on our way to his Hut. We quickly greeted him. He seems happy seeing us. Sometimes, I kind of pity him because most of the pureblood bigot hate him when he's actually a kind person. Suddenly, Harry approached a subject about three-headed dog and Hagrid told us to leave it alone before blurt out about Nicholas Flamel. He quickly left us without saying goodbye.

"Ho, ho. It seems Nicholas Flamel are also involved." I said. Even though I knew about it, I let them make their own conclusion. Granger seems include in this group. I smile at this.

"Nicholas Flamel? Who is he?" Harry asked, confused.

"I am not sure. I think I had heard that name before." Longbottom interject.

"I will try to find it on the Library." Granger said and left us without waiting for our response. We looked at each other and sighed.

"Come on. Let's just go to rest under the tree while waiting for lunch time." I suggested to them. They nodded and followed me.

"So, why did you dragged us after Lunch time?" I asked Granger lazily. I already had an idea what is all about. Harry and Longbottom looked curiously at Granger who holding a big book.

"I seems cannot find the information about Nicholas Flamel. It only state that he's very old." Granger said, clearly displeased with the information. I laughed inwardly at her. I decided to give a hint at them.

"Maybe you guys should try eating chocolates frog." I said, smirking at them.

"Why should we need.."

"You're brilliant, Ethan!" Harry interrupted Granger, feeling excited. Longbottom seems clueless. Granger glared at Harry, angry being interrupted. Harry smile sheepishly.

"We just need to buy a chocolates frog and read the card." Harry said, unable to keep the excitement out of his voice. Granger still glaring at Harry even though she agreed about that idea. I smirked at Granger. We ordered chocolates frog using the owls and get the package the next day when we rest under the tree.

"Looks, it's Hedwig!" Harry said while the rest of us looked to Harry's finger direction. Hedwig flew towards us and land in front of Harry. Harry quicky open the package and gave us chocholates frog. Yummy! I love chocholate! Hehe.

"Hey! What card you get? And stop eating for a while, would you?" Granger said to me with a glare. Oh, I was too focus on chocolate unlike them who went through the cards.

"Ehem. Let's see. I got Nick Jordan." I said to them.

"Wait! I got it!" Harry said after a while. He read the card about Nicholas Flamel. Granger quickly that she will meet us at the Library after lunch and left us.

"Where did Hermione go?" Longbottom asked. I sighed.

"Of course, Library." I said.

After lunch, Longbottom, Harry and I went to met Granger at Library. We chose the table that far from others. Granger put a book on the table and explained about what she had read so far.

"So, Nicholas Flamel is someone who older than Professor Dumbledore? Wonder how he looks like today." Longbottom mused. I smirked hearing him said like that. I cannot deny that Longbottom getting more bold nowadays. He seems more confident when talking.

"So, what should we do?" Harry asked, looking at all of us.

"Nothing. Because we didn't even know about all the trap that Professor Dumbledore put. So, it useless to think about it." I responds. We argue for a while until all of us agreed that it's better to have all information before taking any action.

"Ah, tomorrow we have Potions and Charms." Longbottom said with grimace.

Harry just sighed.

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