"Metalic weapons?"



Theo rolls his eyes and puts the rucksack down. "We've talked about this"

"Annnnnnnnnnnd I'm one month into MMA training...Thee you said if I started..."

"I said if you knew basic MMA, I'd be more open to it. I didn't say I'd let you join us"

"Thee...just one time..." Mason whines, very aware that he looked like a tall wide eyed toddler right now.

"It's never gonna be just one though. If it makes you feel any better, it's a human free zone. We can't risk humans fucking everything up...no offense"

"Offense taken" He huffs. Theo is behind him in a shot, wrapping his firm muscular arms around his waist and sniffing his neck.

"Stop trying to charm me!"

"Come on, you love this!" Theo growls humming against his ear. "I prefer what usually comes after, but tonight I'm gonna have to be patient" He pecks him on the cheek let's him go and starts packing his things. With a sigh of regret Mason waves him off. Instead of sulking on the sofa eating popcorn, he gets his coat and a bag of his own. Fifteen minutes, the car pulls up.

"Can you still sense where he's going?"

"Sure, I'm not a rookie!" Brett calmly raises his eyebrows. "Get in"