A/n - Strong language/ Adult scenes

He jolts his head up from his laptop and stares straight at his boyfriend's Netflix choice.

"Did...did you just lick my neck?"


"If you wanted to fuck, you could have asked me earlier. I'm cool with morning sex" In seconds, Theo slides into the sofa, lawyer paper work be dammed. His boyfriend Mason, cuddles up next to him, slowly dotting kisses on his lips, his cheek and his neck. They can both hear Bojack horseman on the television. Theo fiddles around looking for the remote control.

"I like the TV on" Mason shifts his boyfriends T-shirt out from his pants.

"Fine" He shrugs, as his boyfriend hikes his shirt up, up to his neck. Mason rubs his back while prodding his tongue against the chimera's nipples, sucking them gently. "Fuck!" Theo gasps as the biting becomes slightly harder, but nothing that he can't handle.

"Was that too much?"

"Not at all" Theo leans further back as Mason spreads his fingers across his crotch. Theo tries to hide the erection, or at least will it to a semi, but the efforts to close his legs fail. His boyfriend chuckles against his shoulder and slides his hands into his pants, gently clasping his hand around his dick as he runs his tongue along his chin.

"I'm really gonna have to ruin this moment to grab a condom, clearly, you don't feel like a medium" Mason teases.

"Mase..." Theo whimpers. His body in shock. He was a little taken aback by how prepared Mason was for this. The whole town knew that he was a perfectionist, but he was still surprised. He shakes his head, to try to gather his thoughts and the blood slowly gets driven back to his brain. "We should take this slow, we can't do this"

"Why, am I doing something wrong?" Mason pauses in disappointment.

"No!...You're great, I want it, but...I know I talk a good game, but I don't want your first time to be like this"

"Like what?"

"All random and ordinary. I don't want to take your virginity because you're bored. Because the new season of Bojack hasn't showed up yet" Theo rolls his T-shirt down as Mason's mouth perks into a smile.

"Who told you that I was a virgin? Was it Li?"

"No, and it's cool, I don't care" Theo reasons.

If it wasn''t Liam, then who would know?" Mason questions.

"I wasn't told"


"Yes, like, listen, I know you're pure, you only dated Brett for five fucking minutes" Theo crosses his arms as his boyfriend gets the condoms from the bedroom door. He comes back, but hangs around in the doorframe, the condoms crunchy through his fingers. He clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth as his partner pats the sofa.

"Get over here"

"Thee, since you brought it up...I'm not exactly a virgin" Mason confessed, taking one tentative step back into the living room.

"Not exactly?"

"I'm not"

"Stop lying!..." Theo scoffs as Mason finally joins him on the couch.

"Am I? You can tell?" Mason stares at him intently. Theo is Confused, yet too insecure to resist, He grabs the nearest cushion, steadies himself and focuses. Really focuses on the human's chemosignals. His sweat rate, his blink rate his heart rate. The dry rub of his palms and the twist of mint that he smells as he tries to whistle.

"Look...Thee if it makes you feel any better, you're only my second..."

"Shut up!" Theo barks. He gets up, and tugs his T-shirt around his moist trousers. "You should leave"

"Don't be a brat about this!"

"Brett Talbot? You wasted your first time on that thing? What happened next? Did Corey and Josh join in for a gang bang too?" Theo accuses.

"Jesus Thee! You're seriously gonna stand there and try to slut shame me for ONE encounter? In a relationship? Give me a fucking break!" Mason yells as he slams the condoms on the sofa. "Everywhere we go, every girl, guy and supernatural throws themselves at you! I'm convinced Decaulion's friends are the only pack you haven't screwed!"

"Unlike you, I look but don't touch" Theo growls, throwing Mason's jacket to him.

"Yeah right!" Mason snorts, stoming towards the door. "I know that connections can be intense. I don't care who you've been with!"

"I haven't been with anyone!"

"I repeat, yeah freaking right!" Mason shouts twiddling the door knob.

"While you were whoring around I was saving myself asshole!" The older guy protests.

Mason roughly shakes his head. He opens the door ready to go, when he puts two and two together. The conclusion knocks him sideways. He turns back to the guy that possibly could still be his boyfriend and stares at him in sympathy.

"Thee...you're...you're this angry, because...you're a virgin aren't you?"

"Get out Mase! You're disgusting! Are you deaf? Did I stutter? GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Theo roars as he picks up the nearest object, and throws it at the door...….