Chained Were

Please note that things get really bad before they even start to get better. That said, let's begin.

Harry shivered. It was a surprisingly cool day for late August. He sped up his steps as he headed closer to town. He still had to gather the supplies he needed for the surprise he was planning. He was running on the only day off he'd had in a week, the Ministry was working over time with the rumor of Death Eaters rising again. So far, they were only rumors but Harry thought it was best that everyone was preparing this time.

He made it to town after a few minutes and started walking toward the store when he felt someone watching him. Normally people stared because he was the Boy–Who-Lived as much as he still hated that title but this was a different feel. This felt much more sinister. He kept his pace steady and covertly glanced around his surroundings. So far, nothing was different from any of the other times that he came to town. The people were always changing but none seemed to be paying him the least amount of attention.

A loud crack caused him to swerve. That was the sound of apparition; in a damn muggle neighborhood. Harry shifted, running back the way that he had come, there was no way he was risking the muggles, not in a wizards fight. Loud footsteps followed in his wake as Harry threw himself into a run. Whoever they were they were catching up quick, he might have to apparate himself to get away from them.

Before Harry could prepare to apparate or get any further down the road, he was attacked from behind. The two went down to the ground and Harry instantly jerked his elbow up to bash his attacker in the nose. A curse was his reward and enough space to roll away. He was quickly on his feet and ready to fight. The man who attacked him was a lanky guy with knotted grey hair and crazed amber eyes. He gave a vicious smile full of sharp teeth and attacked again.

Harry dodged the attack and slammed his fists into the back of the other, sending him to the ground. The other grabbed hold of Harry's leg and dug nails into his shin. Harry jerked away and tried to kick the downed man with the other foot. Before he could free himself, another body slammed into his from the side, knocking him to the ground. Harry's head bounced off the ground, dizzying him just enough for the other two to get the upper hand. Fists rained down on his head and slammed into his side. Harry fought back as best he could; he quickly realized though that was not working and shifted into a defensive position to protect his vital organs. He did not know who these men were; they could be any of his enemies. He'd made enough of them over the years.

Two voices suddenly joined the fray, one laughing with delight and the other calling a stop to the beating. Harry only had a few seconds to catch his breath before he was being yanked up off the ground. One of the men, a tall burnet with cold blue eyes grabbed Harry by the chin and pulled him closer turning his face one way then the other.

"Recon' it's him then."

Harry tried to yank his face away from the other's grip but that just made him tighten his fingers until Harry's jaw creaked.

"Let's head out."

He let go of Harry's face and suddenly punched him right in the stomach. Harry fell forward with a wheeze, gasping for breath as the man easily picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. He could hear the others apparating around him and knew what would happen seconds before the man apparated with him.

They landed in a large forest nearly devoid of sound. The sudden change in light made Harry's eyes hurt along with the pounding in his head. His body heaved weakly trying to force up his lunch.


The man holding him dropped him on the ground where Harry panted weakly. Above him, he could hear the man yelling about Harry trying to puke on him. The others laughed and one kicked Harry in the ribs, sending him further to the ground.

"Come on," the one who dropped him grabbed his arm and yanked him to his feet. "Help me get him to the Alpha."

The lanky one who had first attacked him grabbed Harry's other arm. The other two took up position behind them and kicked at Harry's legs at random.

Harry struggled in their arms, he did not know where they were taking him and he did not want to find out. He kicked out at the legs beside and behind him. When that didn't work he dug his feet into the soft forest floor, trying to at least slow down the progress. One of the ones behind them slammed his foot into Harry's knee making him collapse and have to be drug. Harry attempted to head butt against the hands holding him and tried biting when that didn't work. They laughed and drug him ever onward, it was no use; Harry was just far smaller than the four of them.

Harry's arms had started going numb from the grip by the time soft forest floor gave way to hard packed dirt of a clearing. Harry's head jerked up sharply, trying to get his bearings and figure out just where the hell he was. This wasn't the clearing he remembered and for that small mercy he was thankful. This clearing was filled with small huts that created a semi circle with one large hut as the center. There were people milling around the clearing, most tending to the fire pit in the middle. Every head came up with interest at the five newcomers. Harry saw that interest quickly become rage.


The shrill scream seemed to break the trance all of them had fallen into; more of the people were glaring and screaming at Harry.



"You should be dead!"

"Baby killer!"

The last one hit the hardest. Harry might not have killed them himself but he had been far too late to save them and their deaths weighed on his conscious.

The men ignored the screaming as they continued to drag Harry toward the largest hut. When they reached their destination, they threw him forward on to his face with such force it was a wonder Harry didn't break his nose. Before Harry could do more than lift his head from the dirt, a foot pressed down on his head, squishing his nose into the ground.

"What have you brought me?"

The voice was deep with a touch of growl. Harry could barely see booted feet stepping down from the hut to stand with a foot beside Harry's face. A shadow fell over Harry as the newest guy leaned over Harry and made an unusual sound that Harry was certain he had heard before.

"It's the Potter whelp, Alpha."

It was the lanky bastard that had attacked Harry in the first place. Harry shifted his legs just enough to find them loose then kicked out hard to the sound of a satisfying thunk. Seconds later a scream fell to the dirt as one of them slammed their foot down on Harry's leg, shoving his knee into the ground and forcing his foot to bend further than it was supposed too.

"Found 'im trespassing."

Which was a damn lie Harry was not going to stand for; not when he'd been in town minding his own damn business when these jack arses had attacked him and apparated him to the middle of the forest. Clearly, that was part of their territory so they had made him trespass. Before Harry could give any kind of response to the blatant lie, the feet holding him down pressed even harder.

Suddenly the foot pressing his head down lifted and Harry was able to un-smoosh his nose and breathe for a second. His eyes were starting to water from slamming his nose and he could feel the trickle of blood. Before he could move more than a couple of inches, there was a hand gripping his hair. Unbidden Harry's mind flashed back to his uncle even as he jerked and tried to free himself from the tightening grip. The foot on Harry's leg lifted only to slam down hard, grinding Harry's leg bones into the ground. Harry bit back a scream. They had one scream out of him; they would not get another sound.

The hand in Harry's hair yanked hard, forcing Harry to move along with it. Quickly Harry's entire body was bowed backward until only the foot pushing down on his leg was keeping him on the ground. Harry lifted his eyes defiantly to the face of the clear leader of this bunch of pricks. He would recognize that scarred face anywhere. The Ministry had been looking for this werewolf for decades and his wanted poster was splattered across the walls.

Harry drew his lips back into a bloodied sneer. "Greyback."

Between one second and the next, Greyback had released Harry's hair to backhand him hard into the ground. Harry's head bounced off the ground, adding a sore ear and jaw to the growing lists of pains. Before he could blink the stars from his eyes, Greyback had a hold of his hair again and was yanking him back up.

"You don't get to talk you little bastard," Greyback was inches from Harry's face letting spittle fly. He gave a violent shake. "You don't have the right! Not after what you did."

Oh. Suddenly the attacks make sense. Of course, a group of werewolves would be angry. Harry had failed. Had promised his protection to a little pack of weres that was filled mostly with women and children and failed them. He'd been too slow to save them, had made it to them in time to watch the last one take their last breath. Was the one who had to gather up their scattered bodies for a proper burial. Of course, Greyback would be angry at his failure. There wasn't a day that went by that Harry wasn't angry at his failure. This reaction though still seemed extreme.

Greyback threw him back to the ground and started off. He called over his shoulder; "Lock him up."

The other wolves were only too happy to follow their leaders orders, yanking Harry harshly off the ground and yanking his arms about to forced them behind him. Harry fought back as best he could, he knew it was a lost cause but he wouldn't go down without a fight. He felt something rough wrap firmly around his wrists and up his arms. Something equally rough wrapped quickly around his eyes. Blinded Harry staggered under the pushes and drags of the weres until they suddenly threw him forward. Harry fell with a harsh thump and skid a few inches forward to the sound of a door slamming and a lock's click. Just like that, he was left in the cold and the quiet. After all these years, he'd returned to the place he'd never expected. After all these years, he was back in his cupboard.

An the second: Questions? Comments? I'll try and mark anything that seems dicey but let me know if there's places that trigger that I need to warn for or mark. As aforementioned, it does get bad, like bad bad before it even starts to get better. I hope you enjoyed.