Change of Plans

JacobxBella; Edward

Rated M

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Change of Plans

Chapter I

Bella shivered as Jacob took her back to his house, having just saved her from drowning in the ocean. She had decided to cliff dive, having been hearing and speaking to Edward, as she felt she needed to hear his voice again, and he only spoke whenever she did anything reckless and stupid. Whatever put her life in some sort of danger, he spoke to her, and cliff diving was the best thing she had done yet. She hadn't counted on a wave throwing her back into the cliff and hitting her head, thus nearly causing her to drown, but whatever worked. Jacob had luckily saved her, but he wasn't too happy about as it was obvious he was annoyed she hadn't waited for him to arrive before doing so. In fact, he seemed angry, though he was doing well to hide it.

Pulling up in front of his house in her truck, he looked over at her and said, "Let's get you inside and into some dry clothes. I'm sure yours and still soaked and full of sand."

Looking down at her shirt, she saw the sand standing up on the fabric and said, "Yeah, I look a mess."

Jacob chuckled and got out of her truck, Bella doing the same and followed him into his home. She looked towards the living room expecting to see Billy, only to find he wasn't there. Turning back to Jacob, she was about to ask him where his dad was, only for Jacob to say, "Dad is at the Clearwater house, and so is Charlie; Harry died."

"Oh my God," Bella gasped softly. "I'm so sorry."

Nodding, he said, "Yeah, me too. Well, come on, let's get you out of those wet clothes. I'm sure Rachel and Rebecca left behind something that should fit you."

Bella followed Jacob down the hall, though stopped when he suddenly did. He opened the hall closet and pulled out a towel and wash cloth, handing them to her saying, "Actually, you should wash all that salt off you. I'll find you something to wear and put your clothes in the washing machine."

"Thanks," Bella murmured, taking the items and going into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She stripped out of her wet clothes, balling them up and cracked the door open a bit. Finding Jacob with his back turned to the door and hand outstretched for her clothes, she placed them in his hand before shutting the door once more, locking it this time. Wasting no time, she turned on the shower and stepped into the spray, sighing as the water turned from cold to warm in a matter of seconds, instantly relaxing her shivering muscles.

As she washed herself of the lingering salt, she thought about her careless action earlier. Despite the fact that she got to hear Edward again, she could tell that Jacob was angry with her for what she did. Of course, he didn't know why she had decided to jump in the first place, and she figured it would hurt him if he knew the truth, but she couldn't help herself. Yet at the same time, she felt terrible because she knew all she had done was worry Jacob. He had been there for her all this time, was considerate of her, and he put her first despite all his Pack duties. And here she was acting selfishly, and for what? Someone who left her for dead in the woods and wasn't coming back? Why did she keep holding on to him and his family? But she also knew she wouldn't ever be able to let him go, not when he was such a big part of her. But at the same time, so was Jacob and she hated hurting him, even if it was unintentionally, which she could acknowledge that seemed to be what she was doing.

Shaking her head, she finished washing herself and rinsed off, turning the water off and stepping out of the shower. She towel-dried herself and her hair before wrapping the towel around her securely. Opening the bathroom door, she found some clothes folded up in the hallway beside the bathroom. Knowing they were for her, she picked them up and stepped back inside the bathroom, putting the clothes despite not having on any undergarments. The sweatpants were grey and fit her well, letting her know they belonged to one of Jacob's sisters. The t-shirt however, was black and way bigger than normal, nearly reaching her knees; it was Jacob's. She couldn't help but smile and she wore it, bringing the collar up to her nose and smelling it, instantly relaxing as the scent of Jacob invaded her senses. Bella ran her fingers through her wet hair to get rid of some tangles before leaving the bathroom.

Walking down the hall and into the living room, Bella found Jacob standing in the small laundry room putting her clothes in the dryer, them obviously having finished washing. Jacob put in a dryer sheet and started the dryer before turning to see Bella standing there. Smiling he said, "Your clothes should be dry in an hour."

"Thanks," Bella replied, moving to sit on the couch.

"You were in there for a long time," Jacob said, moving to sit next to her.

"Yeah, I was just thinking, that's all."

"About what?"

"The cliff dive."

Jacob gave her an unreadable expression, though his eyes betrayed how he really felt. It was obvious he was still upset about the situation and seeing that made Bella's heart constrict in her chest. Pulling her knees up to her chest, she mumbled, "I'm sorry."

Shaking his head, Jacob said, "I hope you realize how stupid that was. Bella, you've never done that before and I can't believe you were stupid enough to try it without me being present, and during a storm and the tide no less.

"I know that it was dangerous, but-"

"Yeah, and you have no idea just how dangerous. That redhead was in the water the same time you were. Do you even know how I felt knowing she was so close to you? I couldn't have gotten to you in time and she would have killed you."

Bella felt guilt hit her, knowing that she hadn't even thought of how Jacob or Charlie or anyone would have felt if she had washed up dead on the shore, or just disappeared completely because of Victoria. It made her sad knowing she had upset him, had made him angry with her. And what made her feel worse was that she didn't have a good enough excuse for it. She knew Jacob would stop being upset with her about it soon enough, but she wanted him to stop being angry now. She didn't like it when he was mad at her, even if it was rare to happen.

Looking up at him, she said, "I'm sorry, Jake. I…I wish I could tell you why I did it, but I can't. Or rather, I don't have a good reason that you would accept, that you would understand. Even so, I'm grateful to you for saving me. I did see a flame floating on the water and getting closer, but I didn't realize it was Victoria. But I'm glad you saved me from her and from drowning. Thank you, Jake."

"You're welcome, Bella," Jacob said before turning to look elsewhere.

Bella frowned. "You're still upset with me."

"Of course, I am. And I'm mad with myself that I wasn't there to stop you. I'm just lucky I got there in the nick of time."

"Please don't be mad at me anymore."

"Bella, I can't just stop being mad. Give me a while to stop feeling this way first."

But she didn't want him to take his time, she wanted him not to be upset with her now. Seeing him upset made her upset, made her heart clench painfully in her chest, especially knowing it was because of her. She wondered what she could do to make him no longer upset. There had to be something she could do. An idea popped into her head, one she wasn't opposed to, and she turned to face him fully, blurting out, "Kiss me."

Jacob's eyes widened as he turned to look at her in shock. "What?"

"Kiss me. I want you to kiss me, Jake."


"Don't…don't you want to?" Did Jacob not want to kiss her? She thought he had wanted to before.

Flushing, Jacob shook his head saying, "No, no, I do. I just…I'm surprised that you want me to kiss you. I thought you didn't feel anything for me like how I do for you."

Bella had thought that too, but she soon realized that she did have feelings for Jacob; they were just deeply hidden beneath the surface and thus made them easy to ignore. And now they were starting to show, despite how hard she squashed them down under her love for Edward. But in this moment, she found that she couldn't keep them at bay, not right now, and she didn't want to. And sitting so close to him, to his warmth and security, she wanted to be wrapped up in it.

Sitting up on her knees, she leant towards him and whispered, "I do. Kiss me, Jake."

Jacob stared at her for a moment, hesitating before pressing his lips against hers in a soft kiss. Fireworks and explosions seemed to erupt inside of Bella, having never felt such fire and sensation in a kiss before. Granted, she had only ever kissed Edward, but it felt nothing like this. This kiss sent tingles down her spine and seemed to freeze her, just like Edward's kisses would, but also burned a fiery passion inside of her that quickly melted away the frozen feeling. Pulling away, they looked at each other in shock and wonder, though their pupils were blown, and they seemed to be taking deep breaths from how intense the kiss was.

"Wow," Jacob whispered, not believing just how wonderful that kiss had been.

Bella stared into Jacob's eyes, feeling the exact same sentiment he was feeling, before surging forward, pressing her lips against his once more. Her hands held his face as she pressed herself against him, Jacob's hands settling on her waist and tugging her closer as he devoured her lips in another kiss. It just felt so wonderful, so fantastic, and Bella wanted more of it. This felt like the most she had ever felt since Edward's absence began, and she wanted to revel in it. The kissing turned to making out, their hands groping each other on the couch. Breaking the kiss to breathe, Bella moaned as he pressed his lips against her neck, kissing and sucking on it lightly, breathing out, "Jake."

She wasn't sure when and how, but the next moment of her becoming aware of everything else that wasn't Jacob, she was lying on her back on Jacob's bed, his lips still attached to her neck. Jacob trailed a hand under his t-shirt he was wearing, squeezing her left breast, causing to her moan while clutching his strong, bare shoulders. Finding her voice amongst the gasps escaping her throat, she was able to say, "Jake, please."

"Are you sure, Bells?" Jacob asked huskily, raising up to look her in her eyes. His own eyes held a burning passion, his pupils so wide they practically hid the warm brown of his eyes. He wanted her, all of her, that much could be told, but he was also giving her an out, a chance to back off and not go further than they already had. But Bella, she wanted to, needed to.

Nodding, she pulled Jacob back to her, kissing him hard on his lips while his own hands danced down her body. The next hour passed in a pleasure-filled blur, a blur that Bella happily reveled in, her body tingling and singing from the sensations that Jacob was bestowing upon her. And she too was giving him just as much as he was giving her. Before she knew it, it was all over, and yet still felt as if she was on cloud nine. Even as she crashed back to earth from feeling like she was in heaven, she knew she'd never be able to forget it.

Bella entered her home, hurrying to see Carlisle while filled with so many questions. She had been brought back home by Jacob, and he was going to kiss her again, only to suddenly stiffen and announce the smell of a vampire. She had almost panicked, thinking it was Victoria, only to see Carlisle's car on the street. Jacob had urged her not to go inside, to not see him, but she had to. She needed to see him, to speak to him, to ask about Edward. Therefore, she had been both surprised and happy to see it was Alice instead of Carlisle.

Alice had returned, having had a vision of her jumping off the cliff and believing she had died committing suicide Luckily, she was able to clear up the situation, though it was obvious the pixie vampire didn't approve of it, especially considering where she'd learned it from. However, she seemed to become rather irritated when Jacob had shown up smelling like the wet dog she had smelled on Bella, as well as realizing that she couldn't see past any of the wolves of the Quileute Pack; it was why she didn't know Bella had been saved by Jacob. Despite the tense exchange between the vampire and wolf Shifter, Bella was able to diffuse the situation before it became worse and send Alice away so she could talk with Jacob privately—or as private as one could get with a vampire nearby.

Once again, Jacob confessed his feelings to Bella, stating he believed she felt the same way, especially after what transpired between them back at his house. Bella wanted to reply, to tell him that her feelings for him were genuine and she believed that perhaps with time, she could move on from Edward with him happily. But before she could, the phone had rung, interrupting them. Jacob answered it, telling whoever was on the other end that her father wasn't present because he was planning a funeral. He hung up seething, Bella asking who it was, only for Alice to run in telling her that Edward was going to kill himself—or rather, have the Volturi do it.

Realizing the misunderstanding Edward had put together and that he needed to be stopped, Bella immediately jumped at the chance to go see him again, to save him from himself. She had quickly packed a bag and left with Alice for the airport, but not before Jacob begged and pleaded for her to stay and not run after Edward. Unfortunately, she couldn't do that. Her love for Edward was still there, and she wasn't going to allow him to die because he thought to her to dead. No, she was going to Italy to save him, no matter how much Jacob didn't agree.

However, as Alice drove down the road towards the airport, leaving Jacob standing along in her driveway, Bella couldn't stop the tears from escaping her eyes and running down her cheeks. She had shared such an intimate moment with him, and yet she was still choosing Edward, but what was done was done and Edward would always come first to her in her life. Still, that didn't keep the guilt at ease. Not only that, but she also felt guilty because she had essentially cheated on Edward, even though he had broken things off with her. The brunette figured she should explain it to Edward soon once things settled. And whatever the consequences of her moment with Jacob would be, she'd deal with them upon her return.