Change of Plans

JacobxBella; Edward

Rated M

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Change of Plans

Chapter XXV

Time was drawing closer and closer to time of the battle that was going to take place against the army of newborns. According to Rosalie, who insisted on keeping Bella up to date on any developments, Alice had Seen that the newborn numbers were continuously fluctuating day by day. Some days there would be more than she had originally seen, and other days there would be less. She was grateful to the blonde vampire for updating her about things, she really was. Even so, that knowledge didn't make her feel any better about everything. And the reason for that was knowing that the Pack was still not going to be helping the Cullens during the fight with Victoria and the newborns.

Bella had been trying to still convince Jacob to reconsider and reinstate the Pack into the alliance with the Cullens. Unfortunately, Jacob was still holding fast in his refusal to include his brothers in the fighting, as he was still furious with Edward. Bella just wished that her boyfriend wouldn't be so stubborn and would simply put his feelings aside for the greater good. After all, it wasn't just for the greater good of her, his family, and his lands, but for Forks and the surrounding areas as well. Still, he hadn't budged since the last time they had spoken about the situation.

The entire thing was taking a bit of a toll on the brunette, having her feel worried and stressed out, and she didn't know what to do. Charlie, who had taken notice of the fact that she seemed stressed, had chocked it up to her being stressed out about her studies for her final exams and upcoming graduation. While that was another thing on her plate, she wished that school would be just that stressful for once, and that was the only thing she had to think about. Her father had told her that stress wasn't good for the baby, and that she needed to calm down, rest, and relax. She knew that he was right, that stressing too much wouldn't be good for her baby, but she was finding it hard to. If only things would work themselves out, then maybe, just maybe, she'd take a moment to relax.

One evening, Bella sat on her bed looking over some coursework material, studying and reviewing for her exams. It wouldn't be long before exams were upon her. In just two more weeks, she would be taking her final exams, and then she'd be graduating with her classmates. Once that happened, she would be able to officially call herself a high school graduate. Looking over at her closet door where her cap and gown was hanging, she couldn't help but frown at it. If only it weren't such a hideous yellow, she'd probably be excited about wearing the uniform. Oh well, she only had to wear it for a few hours, then it could hang in the back of her closet for the rest of her life, not to see the light of day again.

A knock on her bedroom window caught her attention, and she looked at it expecting to see Jacob. Instead, she was surprised to see that it was Seth who had knocked and was climbing through her window. Smiling at the youngest member of the Pack, she greeted, "Hi Seth."

"Hi Bella," Seth greeted in return with a toothy grin. He moved over to the bed and gave her a warm hug, Bella accepting it and returning it with one of her own. Releasing him, she asked, "What brings you by?"

Seth took a seat on her bed with her, mindful not to sit on any of her schoolwork, he answered, "I just came to check on you while I'm on my patrol."

"Aww, that's sweet of you, Seth. I'm doing fine, so you can let Jake know that when you talk to him."

"I will. Speaking of Jake, why aren't you with him at your prom right now? Paul is there with your friend Jessica Stanley right now."

Bella blinked at the mention of prom for a moment before realization dawned on her. Tonight was her senior prom, something she had completely forgotten until now. Even so, she wasn't particularly interested in going, especially after the one she was tricked and forced into going to last year. Not only that, but she had been feeling slightly nauseous all day. Saying so to Seth, she patted her three, almost four-month pregnant stomach, letting him know that she had been dealing with morning sickness all day. Nodding in understanding, Seth stood and gave her another hug, wishing her well with her studies before hopping back out of her window to continue his patrol.

Following Seth's departure, Bella went back to her studies, but she couldn't help but think about what the young Shifter had mentioned. Prom. Prom wasn't something she was interested in or got excited about like her other classmates, therefore it wasn't surprising that she hadn't thought about it or wanted to go. However, she found herself suddenly wishing that she had decided to gone. She kind of wish that she had thought about going, if only to have a night of fun and to not think or worry about everything that had been worrying her. But of course, she wouldn't want to go to prom unless Jacob was going with her, and she knew that he was busy patrolling with his Packmates right now, or at least in a meeting with the Council. Oh, it was just as well. She was way too busy to be indulging in a night of no worries or care. Besides, she didn't even have a dress to wear.

Another knock interrupted her studies, only this time it came from downstairs. Sighing at the second interruption, Bella set her school notes aside and got off her bed, leaving her room and heading downstairs. Going to the front door, she opened it and was surprised to see her boyfriend standing on the other side of the screen. Even more so, she was surprised to find him wearing a nice collared button-up, a clean pair of jeans, and what looked like new tennis shoes on his feet. In his hand, he held a simple bouquet of wildflowers, and he had a large grin on his face.

Opening the screen door, Bella said with a smile, "Jake!"

"Hey honey," Jacob said as he handed her the wildflowers, stepping into the house and hugging her close to him.

Hugging him return, she stood on her toes and pressed her lips against his in a sweet kiss. Pulling away, she asked, "Not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you doing here? And dressed like that?"

"I'm here to take you to prom."

Bella looked up at Jacob in shock at his proclamation. Jacob was taking her to prom? It wasn't long before the shock wore off and a feeling of delight took over. Jacob was taking her to prom! Standing on her toes, she kissed him once again before rushing back up to her room. Setting the wildflowers on her desk, she went to her closet and began looking through her closet for something nice to wear. She didn't have a prom dress, and she refused to wear the blue monstrosity that Alice had put her in the year before, but she wanted to look nice. Eventually, she found a simple evergreen dress with straps that hung off the shoulders and an off-shoulder neckline, with another set of straps that hung on the shoulders. The dress hugged her body and waist nicely (and didn't show off her pregnant stomach too much) and had a handkerchief skirt that stopped just below her knees. She put her black Converses on her feet and brushed her hair out until it was somewhat wavy. For a final touch, she put her headband in her hair. Well, she did at first, but she then remembered wearing it to prom with Edward, the one she hadn't wanted to go to. Taking her brush, she brushed her hair once again, this time creating a new part in her hair an inch from the original one. With that done, she took a hair clip that once belonged to her grandmother with emerald stones in it and pinned it in her hair. Looking herself over in her mirror, she smiled at what she saw, surprised that she made herself look presentable. She felt…pretty.

Not wanting to keep Jacob waiting any longer, she hurried back downstairs to where he was waiting by the door. The moment his eyes landed on her they began to shine as he looked at her like she was the most beautiful thing in the world. Smiling shyly, she asked, "How do I look? Do I look okay?"

Stepping up to her, Jacob couldn't help but smile as he looked at her in awe. Gently taking her hand, she slipped on her wrist a handmade corsage made of the same wildflowers he had given her. Kissing the back of her hand, she grinned at her and answered, "You look beautiful, honey."

Bella smiled before following Jacob out of her home, making sure to lock the door with the hidden key. She couldn't help but laugh at seeing that Jacob had come to get her on his motorbike, making her wonder how he hadn't ruined her bouquet or corsage on his way here. Climbing on the back of it, she wrapped her arms around Jacob and held on tightly as they headed towards Forks High School, grinning the entire way there.

Prom was in full swing when they arrived, though it was obvious that they weren't late. Just like the year before, Bella got a lot of stares from those that were jealous of her for having a much wanted and rather hot date. Only this time, it was hard for them, especially the girls, to keep their eyes off her boyfriend. Jacob wasn't the only one being ogled, as Paul made his way through the crowd with Jessica to greet them. Angela also came and joined them as well, though she had come to prom stag, as by this point, she and Ben had broken up. Despite this, she seemed to be in good spirits, and Paul and Jacob each took her out for a turn on the dancefloor, making their dates smile at their thoughtfulness in making their friend feel included.

Another thing that Bella had noticed was that the Cullens, mainly Edward and Alice, were nowhere to be found. With both Jacob and Paul confirming, it seemed that they were not in attendance tonight, which was great as far as the three of them were concerned. After all, there was no need for high tensions and stand-offs tonight. All in all, Bella found herself having fun, though did have to sit a couple of times whenever she felt nauseous and have a couple of sips of ginger ale. And Jacob, along with Angela, would sit with her and the three of them would conversate with each other. Eventually, as the night wore on, Angela decided to call it a night and return home. She hugged Bella and Jessica 'goodbye' with the promise to text them that she made it home, as well as thanked Paul and Jacob for dancing with her, as well as giving them hugs as well.

After Angela had left, an announcement was made that it was now time for the couples' slow dance. Paul asked Jessica if she wanted to dance, only for her to shut the idea down. Her blatant refusal had shocked Bella yet made both her and Jacob laugh at the hotheaded Pack member's incredulous expression. However, that soon melted away when Jessica took Paul's hand and headed towards the exit, telling Bella that she would see and call her late, Paul allowing her to pull him along with a smirk on his face. Jacob rolled his eyes while Bella blushed at what she knew the two of them were both going to obviously do to be leaving prom.

Turning to his girlfriend, Jacob asked, "You want to dance, Bells?"

The brunette nodded and allowed Jacob to take her back out on the dancefloor, the two of them swaying in time with the music surrounded by other couples. The atmosphere was light and romantic, and Bella found herself feeling much happier than she had the entire night. Despite this romantic state she was in, Bella's mind still could not let go of one thing, and that was trying to talk to Jacob once again about rejoining forces with the Cullens for the battle with the newborns. Now probably wasn't the time to bring it up, but they were relaxed now and in good spirits; now was as good a time as ever, the thought.

Looking up at Jacob, she opened her mouth to speak saying, "Hey, Jake-"

"I know," Jacob said to her, speaking softly enough for only her to hear. "I know what you're going to say."

"You do?"

He nodded in response, looking around the crowded gym before looking back down at her. "You want to talk to me again about having the Pack join back in with the Cullens. I'm still against it, Bells. I'm still against the notion, but…"

Bella looked at him as he trailed off. Feeling her heart begin to speed up a little in her chest at his prolonged silence, she couldn't help but ask, "But?"

Jacob sighed before continuing. "But I will think about it. I'll think about joining forces with them again. And I'll give you a definite answer before the fight."

Chocolate brown eyes looked into dark brown ones, and she could see complete sincerity in his eyes. He was being genuine in what he said, and he was promising her that he really would think about rejoining the fight. Satisfied with his answer, she nodded in acceptance and laid her head on his chest, feeling him wrap his arms just a little tighter around her. With that, the two of them enjoyed the rest of the night together.

Two pairs of red eyes watched as the numerous newborns fought with one another, destroying each other in the process, as well as feasting on victims for dinner that had stumbled upon their hiding spot that night. They continued to watch before Riley turned to the beautiful redhead next to him. Looking at her, watching how the moon that night shown on her vibrant hair, he asked, "When will we make our move?"

"Soon," Victoria simply answered. "We'll make it soon, but not until the time is right."

Riley nodded in acceptance, wrapping an arm around her and kissing her cheek, then her neck before leaving her to break up a fight that was getting too out of hand. As he said this, leaving Victoria to herself, she couldn't help but think to herself how it wouldn't be long before she got her revenge for James. And using Riley and pretending to be his mate for personal gain was only another step closer to exacting her revenge. She hoped James would forgive her for this, but it was all for him, so she knew he would forgive her.

Victoria turned away from her newborns and ran off into the night back towards Forks, thinking of finding either a meal for herself, or another person to add to her army. As she went, she couldn't help but think about how Riley had informed her that the pathetic human was pregnant by her pet wolf. Well, it didn't matter to her that she was, because both she and the fetus would die by her hands. She didn't care if her army or Riley died with things eventually came to a head. No, she didn't care at all in the slightest. All she wanted was Bella Swan's heart for breaking hers. And she would have it, one way or another.