Prologue: Pilot of a lost birth

All alone in an empty void of black space

there stood a tree

to those who are familiar with the term mana call the root

but to this single entity is merely known as the tree of ages

a mystery tree said to have been created at the begin of time so naturally it will cease at the end of time

suddenly the tree released a glowing entity which slowly became a mysterious calm yet stoic Female avatar(looks like kikyo)

she walks out from the tree and sees a glowing yellow cloud slowly flies down.

it glides down to her direction just close enough for her to touch it with her finger tips

but as she touches it

she has a vision

a huge void of space

nothing but chaos

craters and dust

but among that chaos is a symbol of order

an army of warriors

all unique yet some are similar in their own way

all with two young masters leading the charge

and by their masters side a determined powerful heroic spirit with a hetorochromia blue and black with dark brown sun kissed hair mixed in and with their aid

"rise your hand"

"right now...

is when we start...


our battle master" as a girl with a giant shield and the unnamed mixed color spirit get their master to wake to stand up

the master rises his command seals as

nine legendary giants who refuse to let their guard down stand by the spirits side

the vision ends

"I see" she says but smiles

"If this is your destiny" she looks at the energy

"she forms a magical egg" which will become a full fledged humanoid body

"then you'll need a physical form along with a Catalyst"

she rips a piece of energy and forms a bow and arrow to shot it within the ravines of time

as a glowing light in the sky blinks she lifts up the humanoid body as it floats into the light

go now meet with your future master and restore salvation to your world

"we will meet again mysterious spirit" as she returns to rest for now


at a local city

two kids are walking down the street

one is a Boy who has pale blond hair pale skin with a small ahoge sticking out of his hair with his emerald green eyes

(a mix of fate arthur if he was a lily but male version of Mavis Vermillion)

it's finally winter break

they finally entered highschool

but to enjoy their break they wanted to play a hot topic rpg, the only problem is that they have no money

"hmm...what to do, what to do?" he thinks to himself

then for an answer the girl finds someone "Hey look at this" the girl in question is a tanned girl like a native with braided hair with night dark hair with born with a ember eyes which is rare(imagine a mix of Tiona Hiryute as if Asura Otsutsuki was female)

"this is a job listing and the pay seems fair" she said

"really?" he looks at it "but wait it doesn't say what it's for"

"I know but they said the work is simple plus all the want ads are taking" she looks worried "and we can't ask mom and dad for the money"

"hmm...okay but only cause it may get sold out soon, like what dad says, open up to new experiences"

"got it, and if anyone does something funny to ya I'll clobber them" she grins

the two head off and partake in the job interview unaware that it may become the most important task to ever be taken

this is a prologue for the masters before they meet fujimaru and dr romani and mash and fou

as you can tell

the main character of the story is Narutos uzumakis new life

this version of Naruto is a fusion between Naruto and Ashura like if shiro used his archer card

his masters can be two

I decided their looks because I think this can be an alternate timeline to my digimon digi dungeon story

so as natural I genderbent the main characters as their possible children or coincidence

like a Male version of mavis

and a female asura

I also should tell you that heroes from alternate games or anime are possible like the tree of ages for example

who do you think should get a keyblade?