Chapter I: First Order part 1

Time had passed

So at the land of Chaldea the secret organization created to preserve and maintain the safety of humanity

a mere creature was wandering the station

but it suddenly noticed a presence

"fou?" it chooses to run towards it the presence and at the center of the hallway it sees two teens

a short skinny blond kid with caucasian skin and a tanned skinned girl with dark hair

"fou? fou fou" he tries to nudge them awake until he hears footsteps of a familiar face

"Well what's this now?"

now the pale kid awakes up

"I see that you're awake"

the boy stirs up and looks up to see his female companion awake sipping tea

"oh good you okay!" she said

"Well since both of you are now conscious could you two explain how you two ended up sleeping in the middle of the hall, I may sound pushy but I am a doctor after all" said the sleepy looking weirdo.

"you're probably wondering who I am" he said "I am the cheif doctor of Chaldea Dr Roman" he said as he takes a cookie

"A doctor huh?" the girl said "well could you explain how we ended up at the hall like that"

"so you don't know?" dr Roman said he sips a drink "well this may call for a checkup but first it's pretty clear your one of the 48 candidates of chaldea would you mind telling me your names?"

the boy and girl look at each other the nod each other's heads

the Girl goes for

"My name is Tiona"

now the Boy goes next "my name is Arturo, Arturo..." he was about to say his full name until

suddenly the door opens and an older teen with black hair with an Asian like appearance stumbles into the room.

but he looks dumbfounded by the many people in here

"ah what are you doing here?" the doctor complains

"Uh I was told this was my room"

then the doctor looks disappointed "ohh...your the last candidate"

the boy looks "your a candidate too?"

"uh apparently"

"so your like us" Arthur said

"I think so" but looks at them "say I didnt see you guys at the briefing"

"there was a briefing?"

"oh right" dr said "I told them you could've join in seeing as you both had fainted

"you too?" he wide eyed

"what do you mean" Tiona questioned

"uh not important" he brushed it off

the dr continues "anyway thats why I called in sick for them as they couldn't join in at the state there were in"

"I found it a relief" Tiona said "It was probably going to be boring anyway" she said

Arturo looks at the guy "but how come your not there, is the meeting over?"

", I may have accidentally...slept during the briefing and got kicked out of the mission"


the doctor laughs "yeah that ought to set her off"

"wait you had to be there to go on a mission?" Tiona said "man no I really want to go"

"but you don't even know whats going on " Arturo mentioned

"hmm...well you probably wouldn't have known" the doctor said

"excuse me?"

"let me explain, This location is called Chaldea an organization and humanity's last stand."

"uh, Last stand?" Arturo said

Tiona looked suprised *gasp* she jumps out of her seat "No way are you guys some sort of secret team that saves the world goes to certain locations and deals with otherworldly crises?"

everyone looks at her

"what? I watch a lot of hero shows"

"hmm in a way yes" dr said "the three of you were chosen because each of you had the potential to succeed in our endeavors"


"to become masters" dr said "masters of heroic spirits"

"what are heroic spirits?" Tiona said

"well it's a topic that concerns an event with a Holy Grail War, but back on topic, heroic spirits are ancient heroes or ancient warriors and defenders from legends and mythology"

'holy grail war' Arturo thought he thinks about it '...that...sounds...familiar'

"so we're supposed to summon dead people?" the tall man said

"yes, thanks to Chaldea's greatest treasure the rayshift"


"Yes thanks to the previous Director before Marie, we now have the capability to travel to past events to fix anomalies or events that were never meant to be heard from history in so Humanity can live for another hundred years."

"You...saying you can time travel?" Tiona mentioned with wide eyes

"I wouldn't call it time travel per say" dr said

"what there's a limit?" Arturo questioned about humanity and the time of 100 years


suddenly they hear ringing from an alarm

as the doctor was about to warn them


an explosion loud enough to almost knock them off their feet

"that sounded like it came from..." Arturo was about to finish but saw the last master run

"where's he going?" dr said

Tiona grabs Arturos arm "Quick let's follow him"

"h-hey let me run on my own pace!" as he was being dragged by her

the run through the hall as they quickly catch him to as all three run

"By the way We didn't introduce ourselves" she said "I'm Tiona, and this adorable nerd running with us is Arturo"

"Hey!" Arturo said

"uh yes I'm Fujimaru ritsuka now let's hurry!" as they follow him into the room where his friend went.

"so why are we running?" she said

"the explosion came from the left side of the building and I just remembered someone I know was supposed to go to a mission in that direction

Arturo tries to open the door "uhh its jammed!"

Tiona pushes ahead "let me try!" she uses her bare hands to slowly force the door open as it finally opens

the three all go on and see a room of fire

but what really grabs their attention is that giant big red ball of fire that looks like a mini earth

"what is this place?" Arthuro looks as he can barely see until he sees a girl under rubble

"*cough gasp * there's someone there"

they all run and huddle to find at least one soul but

they see the victim crushed barely clinging to life. but mostly they see gravel lodged in her midsection in shock

"I'm...glad you see...the situation" the girl said


they hear noise as they see the only entrance get blocked by falling rubble

"dang it!" Tiona yelled she tries to run and yank out the rubble but more rocks keep falling in

"stop your making it worse!" Arturo said

attention humanity's survival is now unknown

"what was that about" Fujimaru said

"wait remember what the doctor said about preserving humanity" Arturo said

Tiona understand what he means in worry

"you two...must be the new masters" the girl said " I'm sorry for dragging you into this mess" she said

"well it's kinda our fault too" Tiona rubs the back of her head

"But its too late to change the past" Arturo scared a little starts to accept the dangerous situation

"so" fujimaru holds her hand

and the two as well "We'll at least get to know you until help arrives" Arturo said

"heh I may be realistic but I can be optimistic" he says with a sad smile

"you know seeing as we're here we might as well introduce ourselves" Tiona said as the room is on the verge of exploding at any moment

"My Mash Kyrielight...nice to meet my senpais..."

"Senpais?...whatever I'm Tiona" she holds her hand tight

"As for me, I go by Arturo can call me Arthur as well." he says and as he pats her head.

suddenly his head buzzes


he suddenly sees the vision of a mystery girl holding a dying girl brunetre haird surrounded by a a forest on fire

which his hand starts to glow with a set of command seals

then Tiona's head starts to mentally burst

Rayshift commence in 3...2...1as her hand begins to have a glowing set of command seals as well


she sees a vision of two adults about to fight but sees one of them in a gigantic violet giant while the other boy...she can't for some reason see his face...


the two young masters are now in the middle of a pitch black land

"where are we?" Tiona said

"For once, I don't know"

then at the next second a mysterious glowing lady appears in front of them and behind her a giant glowing tree

"Hmm...I was expecting one but two masters?" she questions and whispers to herself "are you truly powerful enough that one master isn't enough...?"

"excuse me where are we?" Arthur said

" many before have the privilege of being in the precense of the ravines of time" she said "As for myself, I am the tree of ages"

"you mean that tree, and by that logic you must be the trees avatar so you can speak to us" Arthur said

"Quite the observant, young Arthur, just like you're mother..."

he was shocked "how do you know about?"

"I get it you see a lot so can you explain why we're here?"

"such a free spirit Tiona, much like your father" she said "Very well I'm sure Dr Romani has explained to you about the spirit origins of how physically interpretations of how heroic spirits appear"

"well he didn't explain much" she said "

"why your here is that you two have the capability of stopping a crisis beyond what anyone could comprehend"

"what do you mean" he said

"let me ask you this, do you think the first mission about to save humanity suddenly got an accident?"

"maybe it was an oop...sie..." she was about to finish but realizing that the timing was too sudden

and Arthur also but it together "It was sabotage" he said "who ever did it is in chaldea and somehow fooled everyone" he said

"we have to warn them!" Tiona said

"That may be difficult"

"what do you mean" Arthur said

"you'll find out once you leave" but first allow me a request"

"which is" he said

"give out your palms" she requested


"probably the reason is that you care about your friends and family correct?"

they looked shocked and the two huddled

"she seems skeptical, should we trust her"

"well she got us out of the fire so that's a good sign"

"maybe..." than he takes a peak out of the huddle to see the avatars face which looks sad and worried

"she looks like she needs help, I guess we'll hear her out"

they both nod and hold out their hands

she smiles "Excellent choice, I can't thank you enough for accepting your decision"

"not so fast why do you want us to hold out your hands"

"fair question Arthur, you see, once you leave, the crisis will have a deadline but fear not, once your I place my hand on yours, you both will be the beacon of a miracle savior, an ally who will be there for you no matter what..."

"you mean a heroic spirit" Tiona said

"In a way..."

"what do you mean?"

"This character is a special case, he was just created and heroic spirits are beings that died but this one is alive but had to age and be altered with intelligence and some knowledge and memories to mature him into a battle ready hero"

"so like an artificial human" Arthur said

"close but very much human but so much more with a very unique spirit origin"

"and holding out your hands is what?"

"It will allow me to form a contract between you two and this servant"

"I see..."

"Are you two ready?"

the two hesitate a little but both remember mash and fujimaru in danger so they nod and hold out their hands

"You both have made a wise choice" as she touches both their hands and and both glowing as a gigantic magic circle glows around them and both are suddenly filled with a mysterious aura

"It is done I will set you off to your destination" she waves her hands and the two glow as there about to fade away

"One more thing?" Arthur said


"Why us?" he said "when you could have saved anyone else in that room you picked us"

"why you ask?" she looks up a bit "I guess you can say there is something special about you two and I don't mean because you have to potential to be masters"

but before they could say anything else they fade away

now the Tree of ages looks at a mysterious figure who walks out behind the tree

"It is time" she says to the new character

"are you sure I'm ready" ? said

"I'm sure, I did help you all these years for this moment after all"

he gets closer and hugs her in suprise "I'll miss you" he says and runs and starts to glow as he is propelled in the air like a glorious light arrow

"fear not" she says as she's alone "I'm sure we'll meet again" she says as she prepares to sleep

Singularity F Fuyuki 2004 AD.

Arturo wakes up and sees that he's not at chaldea anymore

and sees Tiona on the ground

he goes to her "hey get up" he looks around and sees red skys and no people and it looks to be a city in front of a literal world on fire "please wake up" he gets nervous that a car might explode or something to spook him

luckily her eyes slowly start to open

"huh...what is going on?!" she awakes up to see that she's now in the middle of a scary location

but she then senses a presence as she looks at something like she's scared so curious Arthur looks but regrets it as he sees a dance looking man with a skull mask saying "run"

so they attempt to escape

as the chase began the hear beeping and suddenly they hear a familiar voice

[Arturo Tiona are you alright?!]

"dr roman?" Arthur said

"where are you whats happened to us?!" Tiona said "where are we?!"

"well remember what we talked about chaldea's purpose"


"well it looks like you two are experiencing your first mission for Humanitys survival"

"you mean?" Arthur said

"I'm afraid so, you've both rayshifted into the past about the year 2004 ad" he answered "I'm calling you from chaldea's base"

"You still at chaldea?" Tiona complained

[never mind that" he got his priorities straight "The staff is monitoring your progress in an effort to return your back but right now you have to avoid the enemy!]


(don't worry we'll help as much as we can, make a left and there should be some cover]

they did as they were told and made a quick turn,

[good now the areas ahead are abandoned pick a close house to hide for now]

they took a quick peek to see if the coast is clear so the quickly made a break they see a small house like mansion with a big yard

but they hear massive foot steps as they get spotted by a skeleton horde so they went inside and closed the gate but unfortunately they are found by the guy with the skeletons mask

"good... but not good enough" the enemy said

so they ran into a close yard but an attack from the threat blasted the floor and propelled them into a stroage room

"gaah!" as the crashed inside "hes too quick" he gets nervous

"I'll hold him off" she said as she grabs a wooden stick

"what you can't!"

"just go I'm oldest!" she said "what's part of my role as family"

the enemy gets in

tiona tries to fight him but is knock back she doesn't waver

"Come dont be stupid!" Arthur said as he threw a knife as the enemy dodged it

Tiona saw an opening and hit the shoulder but did nothing as he grabs her neck


as the enemy is about to do the certain heart attack ability

"I...wont...fall" her hand glows

"I'm not Leaving" he shouts as all reason leaves him as he charges his hand glows as well

In a breif moment...

A couple Hero are born

fate first order Kyrielight theme:

a gigantic flash of light crashes under the room like if a powerful lightning bolt hit a lightning rod

a mysterious figure shields author from an attack by the enemy

suddenly the enemy is struck of a powerful fist that cracks the skull releases Tiona and knocks the enemy back into a crater.

Arturo runs to Tiona "Hi are you Alright?"

cough cough* "I think smoke entered my lungs" she answered as he knew she was fine but soon their attention was set to something else as the smoke cleared as they see a new person as the moonlit reveals the new heroes look

A mystery youth with tanned skin with a mixed of peach skin a hetorochromia of one brown eye and one cerulean blue eye, with brown hair with streaks and tips of sun kissed hair

his outfit was a black shirt with a white samurai arm guards(like muramasa senji) white a black jacket tied like a cape with shinobi pants with steel toe boots

"Umm...Hi, I'm the heroic spirit rare class:


he scratches the back of his head in nervousness "and may I ask..."

the enemy attacks but the Voyager counters as he grabs the enemies weapon and throws it back and the split second the enemy catches it, the Voyager grabs his head and slams it down his head is already 4 ft in the ground... so he returns the enemies weapon by stabbing him in the mask.

with that done he walks back to the masters

"Sorry for the interruption but may I ask..."

he looks at them as they were trying to get up

"Are you two my masters?" he says with a kind smile

Well that's chapter 1, I hope you like it

First Heroic Spirit

Voyager Five star heroic spirit real name:...?

Identity: well he's a fusion between Ashura Otsutsuki and Naruto Uzumaki into one new life form like Shiro in oath under snow when he went Archer mode

Masters: Arturo and Tiona

List of Servants:

Arturo: Voyager


Fujimaru: Mash Kyrielight Shielder

The interactions with Heroic spirits will be unique I hope

For pairings, sorry I don't know yet, also to avoid summon paradoxes like you summon Mordred but you fight a different Mordred,

The summoned Heroic Spirits can and will be powerful characters from different franchise like powerful anime or cartoon fighters

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