Cece how are you?

Cece: Fine I got moring sickness.

Rocky:Oh. Cece: Well...

Ty: Hey sis.

Rocky: Hey Ty.

Ty: How are you Cece.


Ty: Ok?

Rocky:Ty did I tell you?

Ty: Ya

Cece:You know that I am...

. Ty:YES I know

Cece: I know. Bunch of girl names.

Ty: Oh Cece Duce wants to know where the wedding is.

Cece: Tell him at the cherch near the pizza shop.


Rocky: Ok what's up.

Cece:I never told my mom.

Rocky: Tell her at the wedding then.

Cece: Okay

Rocky: Time to to math.

Cece: okay. ( in math class Cece pass a note to Rocky)

Note: Dear Rocky come to my house. Then we go to the mall for baby stuff. Love,Cece Ps. You are my maid in hornor.

The end