Deuce's POV

I was walking in the park when I heard crying that sounded farmiliar. I walked to where I heard it and found Rocky sitting on a bench crying. "Rocky?" I asked. "Go away!" Rocky yelled. I sat next to her and put my arm around her. "What's wrong?" I asked. She stopped crying for a minute to tell me what's wrong. "It's my dad. There was a shooting at St. Peter's hospital and died." Rocky said sadly. I turned her head to face me and leaned in. Our lips touched and there was a spark that I NEVER felt with Dina. That day was amazing, but I bet something better will come along one day.

Cece's POV

I was rehearsing with Ty for our big number in Shake It Up Chicago. He got into Shake It Up Chicago because Gary saw Ty dancing since I set Gary up just so Ty could get on the show. He is a GREAT dancer! Anyways, after we were done I ran into Gunther on the way to my dressing room. That's right! You heard me! I got a dressing room. Yay! When I ran into Gunther he said,"Hey baby, wanna get some lunch?" Gunther thinks I have a crush on him. Ew! Disgusting! "No, I'm going out with Ty." I said. I walked back to my dressing room about to puke about what just happened.

Ty's POV

I was walking to Cece's dressing room to talk to her, but then Gunther ran into me on purpose. "Sorry." I said. I knew it wasn't even my fault, but I'm not getting into a fight with Gunther AGAIN. "So, I heard your taking Cece out, huh?" Gunther said curiously. "Yeah, why do you wanna know?" I asked. "Because Cece likes me, not you!" Gunther yelled. I just walked past him and walked to Cece since she just watched the whole thing over at the stage. "Ty, what happened?" Cece asked. "Nothing you should worry about." I said. Cece looked at me and just gave me a kiss. I really hope I forget about this day except this moment where Cece and I kissed.