Let me tell you a little story on how I changed from being the said "Fun and happy geek" to the "Slutty homewrecking bitch." My real name however, is Raquel Blue, but people call me- or atleast they used to- 'Rocky'.It started about 3 months ago when I went to the most popular party on a Saturday night for the dance studio we had been working at, which was called Shake It Up , what happened that night would wreck my future, and It would involve my friend Duece Martinez. We werent 21, but we had drinks- way too and I had been fooling around, and the next thing you know Im in the back room of the party. I had blacked out so I didnt know what happened next. All I know is that I woke up next to Duece, massive pain in my head, and we were was still sleeping, and I tapped his shoulder.
*wakes up from sleep and realises they are nude*
"Rocky! Y-you arent wearing any!"
"I know. What happened last night?"
"I was knocked out I dont know!"
"We better get dressed before Gary finds us in his house!"
"Relax, there are always people at Gary's house after his parties. Im just never one of them."
"Relax? How can I relax when we are unger-aged and hung-over, you have a GIRLFRIEND and youre naked in bed with me, my mom is going to kill me whenever I get home, I dont even know where I am and Gary can get us aressted for TRESSPASSING!"
"Rocky, Im sorry. I- I'll get you home. Get dressed and come with me I'll drop you off"
"Okay, give me five minutes." *turns facing the wall*
"I'll close my eyes if you want."
"That would be nice."
"Yeah." *closes eyes*
|My Point of View|

Why the hell were we naked?Did I sleep with Deuce? What was my mom going to say and do when I got home? Where was Cece? Is Gary going to find us?I didnt know. But one thing I did know was that I better rush and get my clothes on before the door magicly flew open.
|Back to the situation|

"Come on Rocky, follow me."
*We make it thorugh the hall and down the stairs out the door*
"I have money for a cab we'll take one back to the city."
"Deuce I hope you know that Chicago is like a desert compared to water when looking for a cab."
"Rocky, I know."
"Look Deuce, whatever you think happened, just please dont tell Dina."
"I promise, but why not?"
"I had feelings for you since 3rd grade Deuce, and just when I thought you liked me, you sart dating Dina."
"I felt the same you know. But I thought you liked Gunther instead. Sorry."
"Its okay." *Flags down taxi*

| In the cab |
"Where you heading kids?"
"Um to the city please."
"Yeah what she said."
"You two dating?"
"Uh- no we're just coming back from a party."
"Yeah we uhm spent the night at the house."

| My point of view |

Was the taxi man onto us? Why wont he stop asking questions!

{ Back to reality}
"No we just decided to head out together."
"Oh okay"
"Hey um how much do I owe you?"
" $15 for the both of you."
"Deuce Im not feeling so good."
"Did you eat before you leave?"
"No, but Its not that. I feel naseus."
"You gonna be okay?"
"I dont know, I just wanna throw up."
"Rocky you'll be okay, just hold it tilwe get back to the city."

{ In the city}
"Thanks taxi man."
"Thanks bro." *pays*
"Deuce do you think Im pregnant?"
"Rocky come on I dont think we did anything last night."