y was in a love was either Cece or did'nt who to choose and they went litterally crazy about when they walked pass each other in the hall,they exchanged nasty words like " You're a slut," and so day when Tinka had called Cece " A dislexic retarded cherry top haired dumbo," Cece was slapped Tinka in her face, Tinka had fallen to the had ran down the hall, bashing and throwing things was having none of had found her in the gym, practicing on a punching bag looked torn up and beaten,different from how it looked last period when they had could tell Cece was ready to blow a gascet when Rocky had told her to stop punching the punchingbag but she still kept nearly broke off from where it had been nailed to the roof,and that is when the principle had came in. "Cecelia!I will not have !Abusing and namecalling students!Get to my office!NOW!" As Cece walked to the office she began to principle followed her and sat her in a chair only inches from hers."Cecelia Jones,why did you hurt Tinka? What did she ever do to you?" the principle asked."You want to know what struck my nervs? Its when she called me a freaking dislexing, retarted cherry top haired dumbo!I hate her, acting so perfect and thinking she's all incase you havent noticed,she is going to be popular whenever Justin Beiber pulls up his that will never happen!" she then picked her bag up and left the office, only to be stared a by almost everyone she saw. The next day in the bathroom while Rocky was there,she took the blade out her she cut herself Rocky had just got out the bathroom stall." HELP SOMEONE GO CALL 911!" she said as she saw Cece unconcious and was hoping that Cece was still alive.