he slow and dense wind played its toll as Cece and Gunther fiddled around on the other side of the park. Both looking into each other's eyes soon to look away of embarassment and shyness.

Gunther made his move slowly home, only to bump into Cece by slowly looked up,searching for the right words and then finally
found them.

"Oh I'm sorry Cece." He turned red like a cherry."That's okay from a cute guy its okay." she bluntly said. "Cute guy?," he said, "you think Im cute?" Cece stumbled and stuttered."Y-yeah, ignore 's just I-," she said before sat Cece on the bench, slowly but surely, he kissed left her number and the two were texting away like that night they met each other at a restaurant and Gunther dropped her off at home. The rained poured heavily, only to slow down to start off ran back up the stairs and knocked on her door. She opened. "Gunther, what are you do-" she said, only to be interupted by a soft suttle kiss, leading them to her bedroom, and bed.

The two slowly rest is like a graphic naked next three weeks passed just fine. Until Cece threw up in chemistry class and it didnt stop just at home, Cece laid uncomfortably on her bed, throwing up, catching headaches, and her temperature doctor recommended a pregnancy 's mother denied it until it got worse the next 3 days. It came back positive. Her mother screamed until she had no breath left. The next week was horifying. Gunther picked up a job at late nights after school and Cece got a job for 5 hours a day and did her schooling at were going quite moved out,and her father signed the consent form saying "I understand you want to get away from your mom, I have no problem with that." The baby's room was already set house bills were payed on time each month. Cece's job brought extra cash for their rainy day money, because Gunther's job pays enough.

At 5 and a half months pregnant, Cece planned everything wanted to name her baby Jahkyma, seeing that it was a she planned to get a fulltime job and let Rocky babysit on Saturdays, just for the bonding plan was later crushed,her mom moving in to the house across the street. Uh oh!