The device surrounded by a high, security wall. The camera pans to a temporary HQ nearby, then moved up to a bank of windows through which Robotnik was standing, hands clasped behind him, gazing admiringly out at the machine, Snively at his side.

"An object of beauty, don't you agree, Snively?" Robotnik asked.

"Very lovely. Sir," Snively said.

"Within twenty-four hours, I will control every inch of this planet." he said and chuckled. "Every inch!" he said held up a remote, pointed it at the Machine. "The dream begins." he said and pushed a button then a red light blinked on and Snively chuckled himself.

Night engines roared to life in sequence, smoke billowing from exhaust vents. The ground shaking from their power. Robotnik smiled as the entire building atop he stood on shook violently. He inhaled deeply before letting out a contented sigh.

Robotnik smiled.

"Now that, is beautiful music, Snively." he said.

"Beautiful, sir."

From the base, the machine engine shot out in all directions and tubes telescope from the machine, striking the ground and boring straight down.

Back in Knothole, Team Sonic were with Rotor in his workshop, Rotor was working on his latest invention for the Freedom Fighters.

"How much longer, Rote?" Sonic asked.

"Nearly done, Sonic." Rotor said and paused as Sonic paced impatiently with Knuckles leaning against the wall and Tails sitting on the window sill. "Ready!" he said and presented what appears to be nothing more than a water balloon to them.

"What's the target?"

"That pile of scrap metal."

"I'll give it the old fastball!" Sonic said grunted then flew the balloon at the scrap metal.

When it burst, it released a cloud of dust. When it cleared, the scrap metal was dissolved by the solution that was in the balloon.

"Whoa!" Rotor said.

"Man... Way cool, Rote!" Sonic said.

"How many of those balloons can you make?" Tails asked.

"About twenty-five."

"Rote, I guarantee that they're going to do some serious damage to Robuttnik's Doomsday Machine." Sonic said checking his watch. "Ooh, I'm going to check the lookouts. Later, Rote!" he said and sped off as Rotor returned to his work and Knuckles and Tails went with him.

A full moon gave the forest an eerie glow and backlights the lookout post high in a tree where Antoine yawned and "bobbed", fighting sleep, when Sonic roared up and found him having dozed off, much to Sonic's annoyance when he finds him.

Antoine was snoring and yawning.

"Ah, Princess Sally I love you." he said.

"Oh, man...if brains had hair, he'd be a cue ball." Sonic said tapping his foot impatiently then leaned closer.

"You're kidding me." Knuckles said now next to him.

"Of course he's sleeping. He's always doing that." Tails said on the other side.

"Yo, Ante!" Sonic said.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Antoin yelled and jumped straight up, banging his head on the branch above, before plummeting to the ground, screaming.

Sonic managed to race down and catch him before he hit the ground while Tails and Knuckles snickered. Antoine was still whimpering and covering his eyes.

"Ante!" Sonic said.

Antoine uncovered his eyes and sighed with relief.

"My goodness...are you the angels?" he asked.

"Huh?" Tails said and looked at Knuckles. "Why would he think Sonic's an angel?"

"Who know." Knuckles said.

"Oh, man..." Sonic said and dropped him.

"I am living?" Antoine asked brushing himself off and checking to see if he is dead.

"Unfortunately..." Knuckles said.

"Oui! Oui! I am not squished like a rug." he said and laughs then sighed. "Thank goodness to me."

The ground beneath them cracked open. Sonic grabbed Antoine still kissing himself and struck away as a huge tube thrusted up out of the ground and a Doomsday Pod emerged. Sonic skid up nearby. They both stared at the pod.

"Whoa! What's up with this?!" Sonic said as the ground was split open

"What is this terrible thing?!" Antoine asked.

"A Doomsday Pod." Knuckles said.

"Robuttnik suckered us!" Sonic said.

It sat quietly for a beat, then suddenly beams shot out, withering the grass around it. As the ground trembled and glowed, it blackened, then the ground slowly dissolved into a toxic cesspool. The warning bell glinted in the moonlight. Sonic skid to a stop, a trembling Antoine clinging behind him.

"Sound the alarm, Ante." he said.

"Oui, Oui."

Sonic blast off as Antoine started ringing the bell.

In Rotor's Workshop the bell clanging in the distance so he hustled out, rubbing his eyes as Sonic skid into the shot.

"Sonic, what's..." Rotor started but was cut off.

"The Doomsday Pod's in the meadow, wasting the whole place!" Knuckles said breathless.

"But the report said next week-"

"Rote, I need a metal-eatin' balloon mondo pronto!" Sonic said so they ran inside.

The Doomsday Pod moved in nearby and unleashed its lasers all over in the area next to Rotor's workshop, scorching a swath of destruction straight for the huts, an enormous tree in its path. The base of three light beams travel beneath the tree, engulfing its roots. The soil churned as the roots vaporize. A loud creaking sound came as the tree started to fall.

"Oh, man!" Sonic said and reacted to the creaking sound as Rotor pulled a crate off a shelf.

Sonic blast to the door, reacted, then struck back as Rotor removed three of the metal-eating balloons from straw packing.

"Rote! Let's jam!" Sonic said and grabbed Rotor and they blast for the door.

"But Sonic...!" Rotor said.

They roared out the door just as the tree smashed the workshop flat. Rotor looked back, wide-eyed at the loss of his workshop and all his equipment.

"Oh no! My workshop!" he said.

"Gimme one of those balloons!" Sonic said and grabbed one of the three balloons Rotor was able to save and went to confront the Doomsday Pod.

The pod surged forward, headed for the huts, leaving a wide path of glowing destruction behind it. Sonic skid up in front of the pod, then cocked his arm.

"Adios, pod-breath!" he said and hurled the balloon and it directly hit the pod.

The pod vaporized in a cloud of green smoke.


"Awesome!" Knuckles said.

"Cool!" Tails said.

Later Team Sonic was with Sally at her hut and advising her on what happened.

"...the other Freedom Fighter groups have been on alert for weeks." Sally said and inserted a message in a tiny compartment on one of two Jet Doves sitting on the table.

Sonic paced nearby with Tails and Knuckles sitting on her bed.

"It won't take long for them to get here..." she said and hit a button on a remote.

The Jet Doves' tiny jets ignite and they struck off. Sonic stopped pacing, stopped beside Sally as they looked after the doves.

"Won't take long for those Pods to wipe everything out, either." he said and paused. "Any idea how many pods Robuttnik can launch, Sal?"

Sally pulled Nicole from her vest.

"Nicole, show us the Doomsday Machine."

"Accessing, Sally." Nicole said and a hologram of the doomsday machine appeared above her.

"Internal schematic. Pod launch area, please, Nicole." Sally said and the hologram changed to line drawing of the pod launching area. "Capabilities, please, Nicole." she said and the line drawing animated, showing pods being released. "I checked the schematics we took from Robotnik, and the best I can calculate... ...the Doomsday Machine can release hundreds of pods..."

"Hundreds?!" Sonic, Tails and Knuckles said.

"Every hour. The tunnels reach all over the planet."

"Oh, man." Sonic said.

"So there's already hundreds out there?" Knuckles said.

"At least."

"We gotta"

Later Sonic, Sally, Ari and Lupe they were having a meeting of the Freedom Fighter leaders watching a hologram of the doomsday site.

Tails wanted to come but Knuckles said only the leaders could go to this one.

"If most of our forces strike here...oh, they're here." Sally said and she and Sonic met up with Polo and Dirk, the other Freedom Fighter leaders. "Sonic, this is Polo and Dirk, leaders of the Southern and Eastern Freedom Fighters."

"What's up, guys?" Sonic asked.

Then Dulcy walked up with the photographs of the Doomsday Machine.

"Sally! We got the photos! It looks pretty bad..." she said panting.

"Thanks, Dulcy." Sally said and Sonic and Ari looked them over from behind her shoulders.

"Definitely not cool." Sonic said.

Photo showed a solid line of Swat-Bots and Hover-Units arrayed around the perimeter of the Doomsday Site. More Hover-Units on patrol above.

"A straight assault won't work, Princess. We'd never get past the security." Ari said.

Sally flipped a switch on Nicole and the hologram disappeared. She looked at the others, determined.

"Hmm, you're right, Ari. Let's switch to plan "B"." she said.

Later Dulcy flew through heavy cloud cover. Ari and Lupe, were wearing parachute packs rode on her back along with a stack of costumed dummies.

"Are we close, Dulcy?" Ari yelled over the wind.

"We should be." Dulcy yelled back.

Then she exhaled and blew a small hole in the clouds, revealing they're coming up on the Doomsday Site.

"There it is. Going down!" she said.

The Freedom Fighters captured Hover-Unit with Pollo and Dirk were in the cockpit. Ari looked behind him and pointed down. Polo and Dirk gave him a "thumbs up". A fuel convoy pulled into the fueling depot near the Doomsday Machine. Swat-Bots patrol the area for any signs of trouble. A hose clamped onto lead tanker, drained its fuel. The brown tanker hatch creaked open and Sonic dropped into shadows beneath it with Tails and Knuckles behind him and looked around. The Doomsday security wall was 50 yards away across open ground, crisscrossed with moving spotlights. They looked up at hatch and signaled. Sally and Bunnie jumped down, followed by Antoine, who stumbled and fell on his rear. His yelp was quickly muffled as Bunnie clamped a hand over his mouth. Sally looked at her watch.

"Fifteen seconds...Fourteen...Thirteen...Twelve seconds..." she whispered.

Lupe checked her watch.

"We're on schedule, Ari. Ten seconds...Nine...Eight..." she said.

Polo and Dirk signaled from the Hover Unit that they were ready. Ari and Lupe toss dummies overboard from Dulcy. The dummies parachutes pop open and they float down, disappearing into the clouds. The hovercraft hatch opened and Dirk tossed more parachute-equipped dummies overboard. On the ground, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine watched as the decoys parachute down all around the Doomsday Machine.

"Let's do it to it." Sonic said beneath the fuel tanker, quietly.

At Robotnik's temp. command center. Robotnik watched monitors filled with parashooting figures. He chuckled malevolently as he pushed a button.

"I see our guests have arrived..." he said and a monitor zoomed in on a hovering Swat-Bot as it plucked a dummy from the air. "How very appropriate...a dummy diversion. We'll let them get in. We can't make it look too easy, Snively. Alert the ground forces."

The Freedom Fighters got close to the security wall near the Doomsday machine. A searchlight beam swept past, then Sonic zipped over the wall while Knuckles jumped up and Tails was flying with Antoine in tow, rolled down the opposite side and skid to a stop beside Sally and Bunnie waiting in the shallows of the Doomsday Machine. Sally looked at a small hologram projected by Nicole. The hologram faded as she pointed toward the Doomsday Machine.

"That's the spot, Sonic." she said.

Sonic pulled a metal-eating balloon from his backpack.

"Okay, get ready to jam!" he said and grunted.

He heaved the balloon against the machine and a green cloud of smoke instantly formed. It quickly cleared, revealing a hole in the wall. They ran inside as Antoine whimpered nervously.

Robotnik watched Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Sally, Antoine, and Bunnie as they made their way into the Doomsday Machine, chucking evilly.

"Sir? Sir! They're inside the machine! Shall I alert the forces?" Snively asked.

Robotnik sat nearby in a smaller version of his chair forming a peak with his fingers and smiled.

"Oh, no, no, no, Snively. Let them explore. Perhaps they'll find my...little surprise." he said.

Snively turned away with a disgusted look and muttered.

"Your stupidity will ruin everything, you ugly boil." he muttered.

Robotnik leaned forward, eyes narrowing.

"What was that, Snively?!"

Snively turned with a nervous smile.

"Oh, I said, the Doomsday Machine's going to need more oil...Sir."

About half-way up the machine was a rounded ledge with windows looking into the intricate machinery inside Ari and Lupe landed on the ledge. They popped loose from their chutes and started to climb upward when they're suddenly caught in a searchlight beam from a Hover-Unit.

"Freeze, intruders. Hands behind your heads." the Swat-Bot said and Ari and Lupe surrendered and do as they are told.

Back inside the Doomsday Machine, two Tech-bots worked a control panel when Sonic zipped past behind them. Tails and Knuckles stayed with the other to make it a little quicker. One of the Tech-bots momentarily stepped away to look around for any sign of what they heard, but finding nothing, it returned to its post. Sonic then met up with Sally and the others.

"Anything?" he whispered.

"So Couple Tech-Bots. No prob." Sally whispered.

"Long as Ante doesn't trip over anything." Tails said pointedly.

"Like his feet." Bunnie said.

"What is being wrong with my fee... Mmmpff!" Antoine said to loud so Bunnie clamped a hand over his mouth.

"Put a sock in it, Antoine. Shhh." she said.

Antoine held his own hand over his mouth. They ran up the stairs, reach a doorway at the top. Beyond was a long, empty passageway. Sonic motioned the others to stay.

"Wait. I'll check it out." he whispered.

"Watch it, Ante." Bunnie said as Antoine bumped into her when they stopped.

Sonic stepped inside the passageway. Nothing. He zipped forward a little. Still nothing so he turned back to others.

"No prob! Let's..." he said then froze as the lights suddenly dim, then come back up and heard Robotnik laughing. "What's with the balls?"

Two large energy balls appeared in the middle of the passageway, pulsing with electricity. Deep humming sound came from them. The balls were about 15 feet away. Sonic took a tentative step forward, then both balls struck straight toward him as Robotnik was heard cackling again. Sonic blast to the side as the balls narrowly missed him, one singed him. He jumped, grabbing his tail.

"Whoa..." he said and gasped. "Huh?" he said and grunted. "Ow!" he said and pointed. "Man! Now you're ticking me off."

As he struck up the passageway, the balls, crackling with electricity, turn and follow. He zigged and zagged, but the balls doggedly pursue. Sally watched anxiously, Tails, Knuckles, Bunnie and Antoine behind her.

"Sonic! They're sensing your motion!" Sally said.

He blast toward far end of passageway. Both balls instantly followed. He slowed until the balls were right behind him. Tiny lightning crackle out, zapping him.

"Ow! You already got me there! Motion, eh? I'll give them motion. Juice time." he said and raced straight toward the wall, barely keeping ahead of the balls.

At the last second, he accelerated and ran straight up wall and onto the ceiling. Both balls slammed into the wall and disappeared in a flash of light that filled shot. Light faded, revealing Sonic, frizzed out, vibrating, glowing slightly. Sally, Tails and Knuckles ran to his aide.

"Sonic, are you all right?!" Sally asked.

"Man, now I know how a bug zapper feels." he said and she laughed.

Tails and Knuckles snickered.

Meanwhile Dirk and Polo were atop the Doomsday Machine, parachuting down to land outside the glass dome of the command center with a grunt. Suddenly, they were caught in the glare of bright spotlights. Two Hover-Units train their searchlights on the hapless Freedom Fighters from above as a Swat-Bot converged on them.

"Freeze, intruders. You are surrounded." a Swat-Bot said.

At the Doomsday Machine's pod launch area. A dark, forbidding area, eerily-lit by the glow of a giant vat of bubbling liquid. A giant automated claw held a pod shell and lowered it into the liquid. Then it rose, revealing a completed Doomsday Pod. The claw as it moved pod to a conveyor-ramp and released it. Claw moved back out of shot. Follow pod as ramp activates and pod was transported into a tunnel opening. A massive door slammed shut, sealing the tunnel. Then a big, muffled explosion occurred. The door swung open and the pod is gone. Another pod is transported into tunnel opening. As the door slammed shut, Sonic and the others watched.

"We gotta stop this." Sonic said.

"Yeah." Tails said.

"It has to end soon or who knows what'll happen!" Knuckles said.

Sally whipped Nicole out of her vest.

"Switch to comm mode, Nicole." she said.

"Comm mode active. Scrambled channel open." Nicole said.

Sally held Nicole like a radio, pushed a button.

"Squad two, report." she said and they waited, listening but got answer. Sally tried again. "Squad three, report!"

At the temporary command center Swat-Bots lead Polo and Dirk, both bound, into the Command Center.

Back at the pod launch area Sonic, Bunnie and Antoine watched Sally.

"No response, Sally." Nicole said.

"Oh boy." Tails said.

"This sure doesn't look good..." Bunnie said.

"No it doesn't." Knuckles said.

"Perhaps they have been captivated." Antoine said.

"I think you're right, Antoine. We're on our own." Sally said.

Sonic shook his head.

"Wrong, Sal. I'm on my own." he said.

"Sonic, you're not-"

"C'mon, Sal. The plan's blown. You gotta get outta here."

At Robotnik's command center Robotnik stood beside Snively, watching the Freedom Fighters on monitor. Snively was curious as to what they were hearing.

"Hmm..." he said.

"And what will you do?" Sally asked.

"What I do best: Wing it. You guys take a Pod out." Sonic said.

"Not without us." Knuckles said.

Snively looked at Robotnik.

"Sir, shall I seal the launch tunnel door?" he asked.

"No, Snively. Let them go. I only want the hedgehog." Robotnik said.

"But, but, but, Sir, I don't understand. The hedgehog..."

Robotnik grabbed him in anger at questioning his decision.

"What?! Are you implying that the hedgehog is a match for me, Snively?!"

"Oh, perish the thought, Sir." Snively said struggling to say it being squeezed. "Oh, perish the thought, Sir."

"There are many things you know nothing about, you little twit!" Robotnik said pressing a hidden button on the belly of his suit. "Now open the skylight, Snively."

"Yes, Sir!" Snively said and rushed off to do as he's told as the button Robotnik pressed activated the rockets in his boots and he prepared to take off.

"Five..." the computer said.

"I really hate that hedgehog." Robotnik said.

Snively opened the skylight and Robotnik took off through it, snickering evilly.

"Four... Three... Two... One... Zero..." the computer said.

"I have a bad feeling about this..." Snively said.

At the pod launch area Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sally ran alongside a pod, moving down a conveyor ramp. Bunnie and Antoine were already on the pod. Sally leapt up as Bunnie opened the hatch then Antoine and Bunnie jumped inside. Sally looked down at Sonic, still running alongside.

"Sonic, I want to help." she said.

"Same here!" Tails said.

"This is power time, Sal, Tails. You'll slow me down." Sonic said. "At least Knuckles can glide and is old enough. You may be a fast flyer but you're too young and still too new to help me with this big guy."

Bunnie nodded.

"He's right. Sally-girl, Tails. C'mon." she said.

Sally very somber, handed him Nicole.

"Here. You'll need Nicole. Good luck, Sonic, Knuckles. she said and flashed "thumbs-up" to them.

"Be careful guys!" Tails said.

"Later." Sonic said and the pod entered a tunnel.

Sally pulled the pod hatch down and the enormous door slammed.

Sonic held Nicole up.

"You, Knuckles and me, babe. Show us some pictures." he said.

"No prob, Blue Streak, my man." Nicole said and generated a hologram of the Doomsday Machine.

It was a maze of lines and curves. Sonic and Knuckles looked at it bewildered, Sonic scratched his head.

"Man, that's no help. Where are we?" he asked and a flashing arrow appeared, pointing at one of the pod launch areas.

"You are here, my main hedgehog." Nicole said.

"Cool. Now show us the main control room."

"You got it."

Then they saw the perimeter of the circular, skylighted room. There was hi-tech equipment with flashing lights and bubbling tubes interwoven into the equipment. Then a pulsating brain encased in a thick plexiglass casing in the center of room. The metal door slammed open, revealing stairway as Sonic skid in, looked around suspiciously.

"Man, this isn't cool. Round Guy's messing with me again. Gotta go for it." he said and shrugged off his backpack, pulled out flat heat charged with flashing red lights coming from various angles. "Light-up time." he said and blast around the room, slapping the heat charges onto equipment and the Plexiglass, sticking to where he put them.

Then he zipped out the door, down the stairs and stopped along with Knuckles.

"Phew. Do it to it, Nicole." he said.

"Heat's on, Sonic." Nicole said.

"I still can't believe she does that now." Knuckles said and snickered.

A red glare came from the doorway and Sonic shielded his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah! Hot stuff." Sonic said.

Inside "Brain Room", the heat charged glow bright red. The Plexiglas surrounding the brain turned bright red. In the stairway, Sonic was still shielding his eyes against the glare and the glare faded. Then quiet.]

"Adios, Doomsday Machine." he said and they blast up the stairway and back into the room, only to see the plexiglass surrounding was unscathed and the brain still throbbed.

"Whoa..." Knuckles said.

"Not cool." Sonic said and they heard hissing and reacted.

A floor-hatch inside the Plexiglass enclosure hissed open and Robotnik flew up, holding a remote.

"So, Hedgehog. How do you like my new diamond-glass dome?" Robotnik echoed.

Sonic glowered.

"It stinks, Robutt-nik." he said.

"Just like you!" Knuckles said.

Robotnik smiled.

"Does it indeed? Well then... perhaps we need some ventilation!" he said and triggered the remote.

Then a vacuum appeared from a trap door that opened behind Sonic, sucking him up.

"SONIC!" Knuckles said.

"Hey!" he said and found himself trapped in a Roboticizer elsewhere in the Doomsday Machine. "Oh, bad news!"

Then he saw Knuckles on another.

Robotnik descended from a skylight into the room and took his place at the control panel.

Robotnik chuckled maliciously.

"I'm afraid you can't escape, Hedgehog. Oh, I'm almost sorry that it's over. If nothing else, you have been a most worthy adversary. But, in every game, there are winners and there are losers. And as you know, in this game...losers...get Roboticized!" he said and activated the Roboticizer, and Sonic watched helplessly as he's about to be turned into a Robian like his Uncle Chuck.

"NOOO!" Sonic and Knuckles said.

Robotnik watched with glee as he was about to become a Robian.

"Oh, my...Yessss..." he said and watched Sonic whup out a Power Ring and attempted to fight off the Roboticization ray.

Robotnik laughed.

"A Power Ring won't help, Hedgehog! Poor boy...You see I designed this Roboticizer just for you." he said and pressed a button on the console to increase the ray's power.

He watched with satisfaction as it moved closer to Sonic as he struggled in vain to repel it.

"Yes! Yes! YES!"

"Come on Sonic! You can do it!" Knuckles said and cracked his door.

Thinking quickly, Sonic grabbed two more Power Rings from his backpack and used them with the first one to fight back against the ray with more effort this time. This time, he was able to push the ray back and force it back into where it was coming from.

"This is unbelievable...This can't be happening!"

But Sonic was fighting off the beam effortlessly now. Robotnik gasped in disbelief and started to become furious.

"HEDGEHOG!" he yelled and mashed the button over and over, but Sonic soon managed to topple the container over and soar out of the Doomsday Machine and back to safety.

"Outta here!" he said and Knuckles followed him gliding.

"Snively!" Robotnik yelled and retreated down another skylight with his hover boots as Snively had seen everything on the monitor from the command center, and was frustrated with Robotnik not listening to him.

"The fool should have listened to me, but nooooooo." he said.

At the lava pools Chuck and Tails were there waiting with the other Freedom Fighters. Sally and Dulcy kept watch through binoculars for any sign of Sonic. Chuck and Tails paced worriedly for Sonic and Knuckles.

"Here he comes!" Sally said.

Sonic skid and Knuckles jumped down from gliding to the Freedom Fighters, trailing a cloud of debris and dust. They gather around him.

"Yeah!" Sonic said.

"Sonic! Knuckles! Sonic, did you guys do it?" Tails asked.

"You are making the big boom-boom?" Antoine asked.

"Did you, guys? Did you?"

Sonic shook his head.

"Sorry, guys." he said and Sally gasped. "Didn't happen."

Antoine fainted.

"Oh, no! We are doom-ed!" he said.

Sally hugged Sonic.

"You did your best, Sonic." she said.

"Now what do we do?" Tails asked.

"Don't know, T-2. I'm clueless." Sonic said.

"Same here." Knuckles said.

Chuck rubbed his head, pacing.

"One thing's for sure, we can't give up. There must be a way." he said.

"Don't know about that either. Control room's covered with something called "Diamond Glass". Tough stuff."

Chuck stopped, looked at the others with an idea.]

"There is still one possibility."

"Huh?" Knuckles said.

"What, Uncle Chuck?" Tails asked.

"The Deep Power Stones."

Sonic looked surprised.

"No-go, Unc. We only have one. Robuttnik's got the other." he said.

Chuck smiled and put his hands on Sonic's shoulders.

"Not after you take it from him."

In Robotropolis it was quiet, Deserted. Sonic skid to a stop just outside of HQ and looked around. He had gone by himself this time to make it quicker. Wind blew some paper across the street.

"Cool. They're all at Doomsday." he said and sped straight up the side of Robotnik's HQ.

He made it inside of Robotnik's war room and was empty. Monitors off, no indicator lights flashing.

"Can we pick up the pace, Nicole?" he asked and tapped his foot, drummed his fingers as he held Nicole in front of Robotnik's safe.

Blue light beams shot out from Nicole, scanning the electronic lock. Sonic's fidgeting made the beam unsteady.

"Just chill, Sonic. You're stressing me." Nicole said so he stopped tapping, drumming.

Then it beeped and clicked from Nicole. The electronic lock numbers started to change with answering beeps until all four displays read "0000" making a loud click.

"Open sesame." Nicole said.

Sonic reacted as safe swung open.

"Way past, Nicole!" he said and rifled through the safe, flinging papers and disks until the safe was empty. "Nothing."

"We keep looking, right?"

"Right." he said and zipped away.

At Robotnik's desk near the door the Deep Power Stone was holding down papers. Sonic struck past the desk, ruffling the papers. Then skid backwards and grinned.

"Sonic, stop!" Nicole said.

"Say what?!" he asked.

"Back it up."

"Way cool, Nicole! he said then grabbed it and roared of.

Back at lava pools of the Great Unknown. Chuck and Sally huddle over a laptop-electronic tablet filled with glowing line drawings showing various angles and equations.

"The Pod took a steep drop at first...maybe 300 meters." Sally said.

Chuck sighed.

"That could be a problem." he said then heard Sonic approaching.

They turned as he skid to a stop carrying the Deep Power Stone. His slipstream blew their hair back.

"Got it." he said and whipped the Stone out of his backpack, held it up.

Chuck grinned as he saw the Stone. Sally took it from Sonic.

"Sonic... we have a plan." she said.

The Doomsday Site was looming in far in the background as Sonic and Sally struck towards it.

"Chill here. Sonic." Nicole said and Sonic skid to a stop and Nicole beeped "You're right above it."

"Huh?" Sonic said.

Sally released her grip on him.

"Supply check. Metal-eating balloon." she said so he pulled the last metal-eating balloon out of his backpack, handed it to her.

"Check." he said.

"Deep Power Stones."

Sonic pulled both Deep Power Stones out.


Sally took one of them, put it in her pack and handed the balloon back to Sonic.

"Okay, now remember, once we connect the stones, we have..." she and he nodded.

"Thirty seconds. Check." he said and realized. "Whoa, Sal. What's this "we" stuff?"

Sally leaned close, determined look.

"Because I'm going with you."

"No way, Sal... You-" he said but she put a hand over his mouth.]

"We're in this together, Sonic Hedgehog, however it ends. Check?" she said and released her hand.

"Check." he said paused. "Hold on! We're going down." he said and grabbed her and super-spun into the ground.

"Be careful!" Tails and Knuckles said.

In the Doomsday Tunnel. It was dark with metal ribbed sides. Sonic's super-spin was approaching, then Sonic and Sally spun through the tunnel's metal roof and drop to floor. Sally switched on a flashlight, played it on the sides.

"Okay, now, we-" she started but broke off. "Oh my gosh! A Pod!"

Sonic took out the last metal-eating balloon just as the Pod beard down on them, filling the tunnel. He heaved it and the Pod vaporized in a cloud of green smoke that rolled over them and Sally's flashlight through the smoke while they coughed.

"One minute before the next one." Sally said.

"Piece of cake. Hang on!" Sonic said and they struck up the tunnel.

The Brain Room was trashed, floor irregular from melting. Laser projectors now metal lumps, but the brain still pulses with life. Sonic and Sally emerge from the shadows, each holding a Deep Power Stone. Sally shook her head.

"But we have no idea how big the explosion will be. What if it destroys more than Doomsday?" she said.

"Like what?" Sonic asked.

"Like the whole planet."

Sonic paced

"Not cool. What else can we do?" he said the snapped his fingers. "Got it! What if we put 'em together the other way?"

"Incredible power... Yes! It could work!"

A Spy Sphere silently moved into place behind them, the lens glowing red.

"Nicole, analysis please..." Sally said.

In the Temp. Command Center Snively checked monitors as Sonic and Sally appeared.

"Sir! Sir! The Hedgehog is back!" he said.

Robotnik swirled around in his chair, glared up at the monitor.

"What?! How did they ever..." he started then noticed Deep Power Stones. "The Power Stones!" he said an leapt to his feet, slapped a button on the console. "All Swat-Bots! Deploy to the Brain Room! I want those Stones!"

Back to the Brain Room Sonic and Sally listened to Nicole.

"...the power is identical to that of Power Rings, but greatly amplified." Nicole said.

"Greatly amplified? How much?" Sally asked.

"Ten thousand times."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

"The possibility for danger does exist, Sally."

"Hey, this whole place is dangerous." Sonic said.

"You're right, Sonic. We have to try." Sally said.

He held out his hand for their "handshake", but she quickly hugged him instead.

"Hedgehog Alert! Hedgehog Alert!" a Swat-Bot said and others swarm through the skylight and through the door. "Turn over the Power Stones."

Sonic grinned, held up his Stone. Sal grinned, held up the other.

"Come and get 'em, Swat-Butts!" Sonic said as the Swat-Bots surrounded them.]

"Freeze, intruders! Turn over the Power Stones! Freeze, intruders! Turn over the Power Stones! Turn over the Power Stones!" a Swat-Bot said.

They pressed the wavy edges of the two stones together. White light pulsed from the stones and the joining edges disappeared. A glow of white light filled shot. It quickly cleared and Sonic and Sally bottom-lit in white light, vibrating.

"Whoa..." Sonic said.

"So this is what Power Rings feel like. Wow! Let's do it to it!" Sally said and they made a lightning-fast pass around the room, their white light streaming behind like a comet's tail.

The Swat-Bots flew apart while Sonic and Sally raced out door.

"Priority, Hedgehog. Surrender. Turn over the Power Stones." a Swat-Bot said.

Outside of the Doomsday Machine twin streaks of light struck in and out at incredible speed. The Doomsday Machine started to glow. The ground rumbled and shook. Swat-Bots and other robots ran for their lives. Sonic and Sally were tearing the inside of the Doomsday Machine apart. At the Temp. Command Center the room shook. Robotnik was spun around in his chair, scared stiff and yelling incoherently. Snively stared, transfixed at a monitor. When his chair stopped spinning, Robotnik raced to a wall and slapped a panel. Wall slid back, revealing Robotnik's personal Hover Unit parked inside. He opened the door and climbed in. Just before he closed it, Snively ran up to him.

"Uh, Sir...?" he said.

"Shut up, Snively! Aah! Hedgehog...!" Robotnik said.

"B-b-but, Sir, wait for..."

"Only room for one, Snively." he said and the door hissed shut and the Hover Unit launched up and out.

Snively glared after him.

"You don't give me enough credit...Julian!" he said and hit a switch.

A hole iris opened in the floor, revealing a small elevator. Snively descended and the hole irises shut behind him.

"Let's go. Let's go!" Dirk said.

Outside of the Doomsday Machine twin streaks of light continue to crisscross inside the doomsday machine. At the foot of it, there was mass confusion as everyone inside evacuated and ran for their lives. It glowed brighter and brighter as Robotnik's escape pod streaking upwards. Inside the brain room, the white glow grew brighter. A blast of white light shot up through the brain, vaporizing it. The white light shot straight up from brain room reaching high into sky. Robotnik could see the light from his pod and screamed. Two white streaks emerged from Doomsday Machine seconds before it vaporized. The streaks enter the command center. The light leaked from all windows. They struck back out. On the command center, Lupe, Ari, Polio and Dirk ran out, jump into a Hover-Unit and blast off.

"I really hate that hedgehog. I hate him! I hate him! Hate him! Hate! Hate! Hate! HAAAAAAATE!" Robotnik said.

As the command center vaporized just as the Hover-Unit blast off, white streaks crisscross entire site. White light glowed like a dome as all structures vaporize. The glowing struck race to nearby hillside and stop. Sonic and Sally glowed brightly as they watch the glow fade from the Doomsday Site, leaving the place flat and barren. Sally's fur was standing on end. Sonic's spikes were glowing like fiber optics.

"All right! Way past cool! Robuttnik's gone!" Sonic said.

"I don't believe this! Sonic, we actually did it!" Sally said.

They high-fived, creating an explosion of white light. Sally grinned at Sonic and pushed in closer.

"Wow. If a high-five does that...What happens with a kiss?" she said.

Sonic's eyes widened. He put his hands up.

"Whoa. I don't wanna find out! Outta here." he said and struck away.

Sally giggled and struck after him then they struck race after one another. In the distance, they finally merged into a white like that illuminates the Great Unknown.

Later they were in Knothole, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sally watched from the Meeting Place as below, all the Freedom Fighters celebrate, laughing and shouting.

"No more Robuttnik. Too bad." Sonic said looking depressed.

Sally's head whipped around.

"What? Too bad?" she said amazed.

"Hey, without a villain, what are heroes gonna do?"

"He's right Sal, what else are we gonna do?" Knuckles said.

"Yeah. I may not have been through as much as you but it was still fun." Tails said smiling.

Sally had tears of compassion well up in her eyes and managed a smile and put her head on Sonic's shoulder.

"You'll always be my hero, Sonic Hedgehog." she said softly.

Sonic put his arm around her.

"Freedom! Freedom!" Freedom Fighters said.

Then Sonic, Tails and Knuckles put their hands together.

"GO TEAM SONIC!" they said smiling.

"No matter what happens we're sticking with you." Knuckles said still smiling.

"Yeah! We're a family, and family stay together." Tails said smiling to.

Everyone knew that they were going to stay together for the rest of their lives like a family. Since the day Sonic and Knuckles had taken Tails in they were together except for missions and were staying that way until the day they die.

Meanwhile at Doomsday Site small rubble and Swat-Bot parts were all around. A pile of rubble moved as a hole iris open and Snively climbed up. He put his hands on his hips, looked around.

"YE-E-E-ES!" he said and laughed. "The big round guy, finally let Sonic defeat him. Well, don't celebrate too soon, hedgehog! Now, it's my turn!" he said laughed again then, then winked. "Ah. And I'm NOT ALONE!"

As he walked away, Naugus's eyes peered out from the darkness, his raspy laughter emanating from the pod.