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He wasn't sure what was keeping him from going in. All he had to do was knock. He knew she was home. And even if she chose not to answer, he could pick her lock and invite himself in as he had done many times before.

But today was different. Because today he wasn't making just a normal visit to Detective Carter's home. This time, once he crossed that threshold, things between them would forever be changed.

And he was going to cross that threshold. Eventually.

After her confession in the car, less than twenty-four hours ago, John knew he couldn't live another day without Joss. Without having her with him and making the most of them being stuck together.

He smiled slightly as he recalled her words.

But he still remained rooted in place. A new future awaited just a few steps away. A future he wasn't fully braced or trained for. He leaned against the house.

He had always been a stranger to the normal things in life. He recalled the last time he saw baby Leila. Watching her and her family, through a window that gave him a peek into a world he was forbidden to enter. Observing the family in their home, had awakened a longing in him for his own family that was so strong it was painful. However, he knew that world of having love and a family would forever be beyond his reach. He knew he would always be on the outside looking in.

Then Detective Carter happened. Joss had given him the opening he needed to crossover into that world. And though he wanted to be on the inside instead of the outside, where he'd always been, knowing he could so easily go into that foreign place was overwhelming.

What was he supposed to say to Joss when he saw her? How was he supposed to begin the journey into that future? He didn't want to screw it up. Especially after she'd bared her heart the other day only for him to walk away without giving her the answer she was due. He wanted to make it up to her the right way.

The door suddenly swung open, disrupting his thoughts, and Joss, beautiful Joss, appeared. As if she sensed his struggle and decided to take the decision out of his hands. She didn't look surprised to see him and John wondered how long she had known he'd been there.

She didn't speak and she didn't need to. Those brown eyes pulled the truth right out of his mouth. "I want you," he blurted out, his voice husky and rough with emotion. "I want this." His hand lifted, unable to resist touching her now that she was in sight. His fingers brushed her cheek. Her skin so soft. "I want you," his whispered again.

He must've said something right for Joss exhaled and smiled. She grabbed his hand tugging him easily over the threshold. Like an angel, she helped him make the final crossover into that world. Once she had him inside, Joss pushed the door firmly shut. The sound reverberating through the empty house. Sealing their fate. They stared at each other; their hands joined together.

John swallowed uneasily. With each second becoming increasingly aware that he was with the woman he loved and no longer needed to hide how deeply he cared for her.

His free hand reached out needing to touch more of her. He cupped her trim waist hesitantly. Though she had already assured him she was all in, he felt it necessary to warn her.

"It's going to take me time to get used to this."

Her full mouth curved slightly upward as she took a step closer "I know."

"I might struggle opening up to you. It's been a long time," he said. His grip on her waist tightened and he pulled her against him. His heart kicking at how perfectly she fit there.

"It's okay," she assured. Her hand sliding up his chest, over his heart, hooked around the back of his neck. "We can work on being vulnerable together."

"I'm going to screw up." His head dropped, his breathing labored with need for her as her lips, full and enticing, rested inches from his.

"At some point, so will I."



His blue eyes darkened as they grew serious. He needed her to understand something. "In spite of everything I'm not, I will never leave you. And I'll never take back my love for you. It's yours until I die. Maybe even after."

Her eyes became wet and when she spoke next, her voice was a thick whisper. "Kiss me John."

Closing the distance between them he kissed her. Fully, slowly and thoroughly. Their lips connected, moving in a harmony that was all spark and fire. Just like them. John's arms went around Joss taking her with him as he rested against the nearby wall. He ran his hand gently up her spine, hearing her soft moan as she leaned further into his kiss.

He heard her murmur his name against his mouth. The sound pulling him further into the fog their kiss had created. His lungs burned, forcing him to pull back. He tucked Joss beneath his chin and felt her arms wrap around him. John rested his head on the top of her head and closed his eyes. Content to hold her.

He didn't think of himself as an emotional man. He had spent too many years living a life detached from his emotions. The skill had been necessary for his survival. But now, with Joss, every emotion was awakened and all he could do was feel. And for a moment he wasn't ashamed to bask in it. To try to understand the emotions overtaking him.

He kissed Joss's head. He had been in love before. Had been with other women before. But Joss was different. With Joss he felt… safe.

Yes that was it. He felt safe. Protected. He never knew he needed to feel safe. Not when he had spent most of his life protecting himself.

It wasn't just a physical security that he felt either. It was a much deeper security that went beyond the physical. He leaned slightly back to kiss the smooth skin between Joss's brow as the revelation unfolded for him.

Joss had given him a haven. A world where he didn't have to be the only protector. But he could also be the one being protected. With Joss, his weak areas were not exploited as means to kill or destroy him. They were guarded and cared for. His body shook slightly from the feeling of finally being safe and he held her even closer. Letting her be his anchor.

It had been so long since he'd had a haven. It felt like coming home.

John remained there with her in arms. Occasionally kissing her head, the space between her brow, her smooth cheek, her lips. Whenever the need to kiss her struck he went with it.

Easily gripping a fistful of her hair, he tugged her head gently back, needing to look at her again. To remind himself that this was real. He wanted to tell her how much she meant to him and all she'd given him. Her brown eyes looked up into his. Full of trust and love and sucked him again.

"Joss," he whispered, lowering his head to hers. Their lips connecting and that familiar spark igniting between them.

He loved when for a moment, she fought him for control of the slow kiss. He couldn't resist the slight smile, and he yielded to her. The kiss deepened, drowning out everything else. Leaving them unaware of any sounds around them.

"Well I didn't expect to come home to this."

John tore his lips from Joss. His head turning to see Taylor in the doorway. His arms folded and a smug smirk on his lips.

Joss righted herself, putting some space between them. Clearing his throat, John straightened from the wall. He blinked. Judging by the humor in Taylor's eyes, the teen had been observing them for a while. John gritted his teeth. He hadn't meant for Taylor to find them like this.

Joss was aware of what came attached to him, but he was equally aware of what 'strings' were attached to her. Taylor Carter was top on the list and John wanted to start off on the right foot with the kid as he started a relationship with his mom.

Flushed, Joss ran a hand through her hair. "Taylor baby, what are you doing home this early?"

Taylor cocked a brow. "Early? Mom it's after four. I always get home at this time. Somebody lost track of time, but it wasn't me."

Joss glanced at the clock in her hallway and to her embarrassment, she found her son was right. She couldn't believe she and John had been standing against her wall for hours. Where had the time gone?

Joss shot John an apologetic look.

"I thought you said you two were friends," Taylor challenged. His smirk stretching into a grin. "'Cause I don't kiss my friends like that."

"Taylor!" Joss warned.

"No Joss it's okay. He caught me with his mom, he has a right to ask questions." Seeing the stern look on her face, John corrected himself. "Question me. Not you."

Taylor laughed. "Since the secret's out, why don't you stay for dinner John? That way we can talk about your intentions."

Joss rolled her eyes but was surprised to see John sharing Taylor's wide smile.

"That's fair," John said, relieved that Taylor didn't seem to have a problem with him dating his mom.

Joss sighed. "You've got homework to do first nosy."

"Fine, I'll do that first." He moved to the stairs, but paused looking back at John with mock seriousness. "But I will be back. If you're going to be making out again, please give a brother a warning." He darted up the stairs before Joss could say anything in retaliation.

Joss waited until she heard his bedroom door close before she spoke. "Sorry."

John chuckled, eyeing the stairs. "You think he's okay with me and you?"

Joss ran her fingers over his jaw. "Trust me, you have nothing to worry about where Taylor is concerned. Ever since you rescued him, he's been your biggest fan."

John laughed.

Joss stepped into his personal space. Her hands went to his chest and his again found her waist. "Why don't we get comfortable on the couch and I'll order something for us to eat."

In a blink, the joy left his face. A look of disappointment replacing it. "I might not be able to stay long. You know I'm on call at all hours."

Joss nodded sensing his hesitation. She knew there would be broken dates and changed plans with their crazy schedules. Their relationship would not be traditional in the least, but they would find their flow. "How about you just relax and stay here for now. And if Finch calls, we'll deal with it then."

Looking down at her, John gave her a rare full smile. She was right. He pressed a firm kiss to her lips. "Okay."

Joss led him to the living room where they ordered their takeout. Both determined to treasure their time together.

Both also unaware that Finch, through the Machine's eyes, had followed John's journey to Joss's home. And the generous employer decided to give his top vigilant the night off. Allowing him to take plenty of time to enjoy the new haven he had finally found.

Just so you know, though I didn't include it, John does share his personal revelation with Joss as they enjoy his night off. So she'll know everything that he knows ? thank you again for reading and reviewing!