Daniel hid with Martha as another Pokemon came around the corner, pressing himself up against the wall. These things were overrunning the city, and he'd be damned if he or his daughter ended up dead here.

The city of San Francisco was a fucking war-zone. Distant gunfire and elemental attacks sounded off in the distance. Hell, there were a few collapsed buildings from summoned earthquakes and such.

A red pipe-wrench was clutched tightly in his hand. God damn, he really should have bought a gun before all this happened. What would a wrench do against things that could shoot fire and lightning with enough power to kill a man?

It took some time to notice the large orange-and-yellow rodent with sparking cheeks moving towards him. Shit, he really was in trouble now. Raising the wrench, he prepared to crush its skull with the mightiest swing he had ever made in his life. If he would die here, at least he would die fighting.

The smells and sensations of burning flesh never came. Looking down, he noticed it squeaking at him, head cocked to one side. He risked a glance and saw it was a Raichu, albeit one unlike any he had seen thus far. He noted the oddly-shaped tailing and the fact it was levitating off the ground, which wasn't ever possible. Then again, considering what he had seen in the past few days, maybe previously outlandish things had more substance to them now.

Why on Earth did he have to be stuck with his twelve-year-old daughter when the apocalypse was going on? Maratha was a huge fan of Pokemon. He'd watched one of the episodes of the show at her insistence, pretending to be interested. He wished he had watched more with her and paid attention; it might have made a difference now.

Daniel recognized it as a Raichu. But this one was not like any Raichu he had seen. It's tail blade was larger and rounded. That was its most noticeable difference besides the light-blue eyes and the odd static-like drone in his head.

Raising the wrench, he whacked the Raichu on the side of the head as hard as he could. It let out a pained squeal and fell over, the droning in their minds cutting out immediately. The Pichu it was accompanying burst into tears.

"Let's go!" Daniel and Maratha ran as fast as they could, not daring to look back. behind them, crackling electricity could be heard. He shoved Martha, exploding away from her right as a bolt of electricity struck the place where they had been.

Some time later, Daniel crept out from behind a ruined wall. The street ahead was clear save for a roadblock of police cars, sirens blaring. Most of them were burnt-out wrecks, so the possibly of any working firearm was slim.

The sports shop nearby would likely hold something of value. He looked around before making a break for it, his daughter and companions trialing behind.

The shop was devoid of life and mostly empty save for a few backpacks and assorted items of camping gear. Most of it had been bought up by preppers in the first few days after the Arrival. Still, he grabbed two packs - a small durable daypack for Martha and one large one for himself - and started checking for any other items that would be useful.

Daniel smiled as he packed two double sleeping bags for him and Martha, as well as a rollmat. Any tent would be far too unwieldy and travelling with light supplies was essential, so two emergency blankets formed the basis of a shelter. Headlamps would definitely be more convient than flashlights, though picking out one that would fit and be comfortable was a chore.

Water purification tablets and a two-person first aid kit also went in. The freeze-dried meals would easily sustain them, but any lighting of a fire would attract attention. Still, he threw in a lightweight camping mess kit, penknife, compass and six freeze-dried meals in each bag. A wind-up radio and headlamps completed the set.

The best was saved for last: two flareguns and attached flare holders, one for each of them. Satisfied he had everything they would need, he handed over Martha's new bag. It was a tremendous improvement, considering they had lost their own old bags and had only their wallets, identification documents and phones with them.

Considering the new bags were an improvement in terms of survival supplies, well, he'd take their chances with these any day.

The Raichu's head hurt as she stood. the ringing headache left by the human's weapon did not do her any favors as she tried to obtain her bearings.


She could smell smoke, tinged with an unfamiliar scent. Sure, her son was right beside her - but she'd easily recognize it. It wasn't the scorch mark in the pavement, either. Still, it led in the direction the humans had gone.

"I'm alright," she replied. "Dangerous here. Predators. We need to leave."

Daniel wasn't the sort to fight. He and Martha had mainly hid from the Pokemon that wandered around.

"Dad?" she asked.

'Yes, honey, what is it?"

"Why did you hit that Pokemon?" Her face looked like the epitome of disappointment.

"Honey. These Pokemon? They aren't like in the show. We need to fight if we are to survive." he continued, not bothering to wait for a reaction. "If we run into something hostile, we'll be OK to shoot or run away."

"That thing didn't want to hurt us. You made it mad."

"What if it was trying to trick us? We'd be dead."

Martha hung her head as that statement. Her father was wrong... wasn't he? Weren't Pokemon supposed to be friendly, not the monsters she had seen destroying her home?

He made one last pass of the shop and went to fetch Martha, not knowing he was being watched.

Turning to the front door, he caught sight of someone - no, something he had not expected to see again.


Welcome to the first chapter of "Missed Evacuation!" This story focuses on a different POV about the Arrival that brought Pokemon to Earth, specifically that of a bystander in a ruined city trying to escape. It's based on ideas from games like Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead and Half-Life 1, specifically overcoming all odds to survive.

Unlike When Two Worlds Collide, this time the story focuses on a witness/bystander caught in the middle of such an event, rather than one with the power to repair, study or control the situation. It will very likely be more action-packed too in the later stages, too. Having two children (one for Daniel, one for the Alolan Raichu) to take care off will complicate things nicely.