Sakura is a new blossoming student at her prep school working towards a scholarship for university while simultaneously exploring her new life amongst her outgoing and wealthy peers. Kakashi is an all around agent acting as a government contract sniper, overseeing special ops operations, and dedicating his life to exploring the shadows of danger. While sakura is accustom to popularity and being a socialite Kakashi spends his days wrapped in a blanket of societies darker elements always acting as the reliable soldier.

This story is going to be kakasaku. Most of thee story will follow sakura however since they won't be meeting for a bit i wanted to give a few bits to kakashi to kinda get his story going. Slow burn. I also have a few reference photos that i took inspiration from, I'll try to find a way to link them in the next few chapters.

Many uncomfortable situations will occur throughout the story so make sure that you check each chapter heading for trigger warnings.

I am also somewhat bad at uploading in a regular manner as I am on that hot girl shit... also known as laziness.

- Sakura -

It was the first day back to school after spring break and Sakura's first day at a new school altogether.

It wasn't a big move but the two towns her family had jumped to put her in this bougie private school had effectively killed her social life. The only saving grace she'd gotten was from the knowledge that she'd been accepted into the locked tight, best in the state, cheer squad that could give her a head up in scholarships for Uni.

Konoha Prep was a three stage private school for the most privileged heirs from the wealthiest of houses. Politicians spawns like the Uchiha's and the Hyuuga's were notorious for attending the grounds from the ripe ages of their first steps all the way through their first scandals and because they funneled cash through the schools like it was their own private off shore black box accounts the schools would in-turn turn a blind eye to the nefarious deeds their students committed.

But politicians weren't the only ones sending their predecessors to Konoha Prep. Konoha was currently home to the children of many wealthy CEO's, a few foreign members of royalty, and even a more localized princess. And now Sakura too, the daughter of a mid-range merchant who happened to be rather gifted in the GPA department, was calling this place home at the gall of a full ride scholarship.

Sakura had gathered her meager belongings into her dorm room where she would lay her head Monday through Thursday and then, after her half day was completed each Friday, she would return to her family home for the weekend where she might get a part time job to get herself some spending money.

Sakura's uniform consisted of a white button up blouse and her choice of either a pleated mini skirt or trousers, beige or navy optional, although the nurse that had doubled as her tour guide informed her that once her cheer uniform came in she would be aloud to substitute the vivacious red two piece to boost moral on campus. She hoped it came in soon because if she knew anything it was that red WAS her color.

"You Sakura? You know dyed hair isn't allowed right?" In her doorway stood the most gorgeous long legged blond she'd ever seen.

"It's natural actually."

"Pink? Your parents really saw that and rolled with it huh?.. Guess you should be grateful they didn't name you landing strip.. Your foreheads kinda big.. You also have freakishly big eyes, you're kinda disproportionate all around. Don't worry," she says while her hands make this flippant motion through the air in a 'can't be bothered sort of way', "I know a great plastic surgeon that can take care of all of that for you."

The girl has this slight smug but not quite bitch smile spreading across her face that makes Sakura both want to knock her down a peg while simultaneously gaining her approval. "I hope it's not the same one who did your nose job because he gave you quite the snout, piggy."

"I think we'll get along just fine."

- Kakashi -

Kakashi had spent the better part of his morning with his team on the training grounds. It was all part of a week long process he was enforcing to sharpen up his teams skills after Obito had gotten himself shot in the arm on their last major outing.

The through and through had healed quite nicely and the man was nearing good as new, however given that this was the third, and most pressing, incident that had occurred in just as many missions with his team he felt the need to put their skills to the test. Any of his subordinates that didn't make the cut, or rather pass in the top percentile would be cut and resourced to lower level fractions.

They were currently on day seven, and looking far worse for wear then kakashi would like. The man in question being the exception with an unaffected and unimpressed look glinting through his one good eye. Despite being in charge of the exercise Kakashi had participated. Through this he could clearly see that one of his men would have to be cut all while his own best friend, Obito, would just barely be kept on the team.

In the morning Kakashi would lead Obito, Izumo, Rin, and Genma: fresh to the crew, on a near suicide mission into the Amazon Rainforest where they would be infiltrating a hidden bunker thought to be transporting nuclear equipment to an unknown terrorist group intent on overthrowing the United States government.