Summary: Married life is tough. Especially when you have a hot wife and jealousy issues. But then again, there are always perks. Sequel special to While You Were Away.

Originally Published: September 25, 2009

Author's Notes:
Written for the So Eun birthday girl one shot challenge at SI.

I look at my watch for the fifth time this hour. Is it too much to ask of your woman that she is home before you are, preferably with the food ready to go, but nooooo... The missus has things to do. I'd chew on my nails, but that would only ruin my hands. That would be messing with god's perfect creation.

Finally the door opens and I can hear Gyeo Wool's bubbly voice.

"Omma, I'm soooooo hungry! Paegopayo!"

"Yeah yeah. Let your omma take her shoes off first." Ga Eul sounds a bit exasperated.

"I want to eat dukkbokki."

"We're not at a food stall silly. I'll make you kimchi fried rice instead okay." My stomach protests at the thought. We've been eating kimchi fried rice for almost a week now. Maybe it's time to hire a cook. I know she wants to do those things herself.. But COME ON.. a man can't live on kimchi fried rice.

Ga Eul enters the room with Gyeo Wool by her side. He takes a sprint when he sees me and almost stumbles over his own feet.

"Appa! Annyeong!" He yelps.

"Hi Woolie-ah." I pick him up and pat his head. He flings his chubby little arms around me and I nuzzle his Zwitsal scented hair.

"Appa! Nice ahjusshi gave me lollipop!"

"Oh really, where did you meet this nice ahjusshi?"

"He was talking to omma. They were smiling the whoooole time." I cock an eyebrow as I look at Ga Eul, but she merely shrugs.

"It wasn't the whole time. He's a funny guy though."

"Who is?" I ask, still able to hide the suspicion in my voice.

"You know, Jin Joons father, Kang Il Hwan." Jin Joon being one of Woolies friends at the daycare center. Ga Eul sits down on the sofa, probably not even thinking about our growling stomachs.
Woolie wrestles himself out of my grip to go and play with our dog, Little Pyo, a curly coated retriever. "He's such an admirable man. Just divorced, but still able to smile everyday for his child. And so caring. If only all men could be like that."

"Divorced?"Okay, now my tone went up a few octaves.

"Such a sad story. She left him for another man. I can't see why, he's like the perfect man." Excuse me? Now I don't mean to be jealous or anything, but when your wife, yeah your WIFE, calls another man "perfect" you need to take some action. Nip this thing right in the bud.

"Let me tell you something Ga Eul-ah. No man is perfect, even not that funny man." Ga Eul glowers at me.

"You can say that yeah. Would it kill you to do the vacuuming every now and then?" I look the other way.

"It's not that dusty." I mumble. Woolie tugs at Ga Eul's shirt and gives her his best puppy eyes.

"Food please. No kimchi fried rice please!" Asa! That's my boy!

"Then how about some kimchi pancakes?" No! I was thinking somewhere in the lines of delicious fresh sea food. Hey I can afford it!

"Yeah, pancakes!" Gyeo Wool squeals. He's not mine.

Fifteen minutes later we sit around the table. I absentmindedly chew on my pancake. What does this Kang Il Hwan look like? He'd better not be handsome, charming and rich. Like me. Pff, he'd still be no competition.

"Yobo." Ga Eul gets my attention with that word every time. I swallow the last piece and smile charmingly.

"I was thinking of maybe finding a nice woman for Jin Joon's father. He's really such a nice person. Do you know a nice girl for him?" Yeah, cos I absolutely loooooove match making perfect strangers.

"I don't know, maybe.."

"And I don't mean one of those reject noonas of yours." Ga Eul sneers.

"I'll have you know that.." Ga Eul raises an eyebrow. "Never mind. Give me another pancake."

After putting Gyeo Wool to bed we head for our own bedroom. Will it be happy happy time finally?

But Ga Eul has no such intentions. She grabs a book and starts leafing through it. I softly rub my toes against hers, waiting for a reaction.

"That tickles." She says, but not in a playful's combined with a scornful look. Nice.

"What?" I ask.

"I know what you want. And no. Not tonight."

"Why not?" I go through the list. "Headache, too tired, PMS, muscle aches, interesting book, worries.." Ga Eul glares at me. Oh, it's the one I like the most. "Anger."


"Why now?"

"I can't believe, after all these years, you're still a snob!" Hey! Where did that come from?

"What? Why?"

"You totally look down on Jin Joon's father right? Don't want to set him up for a date, think he should do it himself because it's none of your business."

"Well..yeah." I shrug. If you know me so well then why bother asking. "Insufferable.."She mumbles.

"I'm not responsible for him. I don't even know him.

"But I do." Yeah, and that worries me.

"Maybe you should take some distance." I suggest, but I'd rather order it. Just to be sure. "Why?"

"Because you seem too..involved."

"Omo..are you jealous again?" Jealous? Me? Never!

"Of some loser who couldn't hold onto his wife? Ha!"

"Well I guess you should feel threatened." Wait...WHAT!? "With your attitude..I think he's probably a better man than you are."

I get up out of the bed, blood pumping as I ball my fists. I need to vent my anger, now.. but I shouldn't. Instead I grab my favorite pillow.

"Well, you know what to do then. File for a divorce and marry him instead. Maybe then he can find me a new wife, being the great man he is." And I storm out of the room. She doesn't follow me.

When I wake up, my head is still thumping. I was probably out of line right? But so was she! 'Better man' my ass.

I walk around the house and it's quiet. She left. She just left without saying anything. Well, when I reach the fridge I do see a new post-it.

I made you breakfast, it's in the dining room.

The message is surprisingly cold. No apology, no kisses and hugs, not even a name under it. For all I know it could've been written by some stranger if I didn't happen to recognize her handwriting.

Something is definitely up. Overreaction couldn't even begin to describe it. I sense some kind of emotional involvement and it makes me think of the Doctor Phil episode I saw earlier this week.

Is my wife having an emotional affair?

Ande! I can't let that happen. I have to get in between them, but to do that I need to see them interact. And I know just the way. Still I need the help of a person who has lots of free time and no useful way to spend it.

I dial the intended number and wait till he answers.

"Yo bro, what's the matter?" Woo Bin replies. When is he going to drop the English? Never, probably.

"Woo Bin-ah, I need your help on something."

"Let me guess.." Why does he sound exasperated?

We sit in the back of Woo Bin's hypertech all purpose van. He turns on the small lcd screens and hands me a headphone.

"Why do you always ask me for these crappy jobs?"

"Aren't we friends?"

"That's the kind of emotional blackmail you always pull."Woo Bin whines and I shush him. "Now be quiet and listen."

On the screen I can see the daycare center from the outside. Lots of parents are walking in and out. I complain about the choppy quality and the movement.

"Is he like skipping or what? Tell him to slow down and glide or something." Woo Bin frowns at me. I grab the mike and start yelling into it. "Yah, don't bounce around, you're giving me a headache. Do you see her already?" I ask as he enters the daycare.

There's lots of children either nagging their parents, showing off new artworks or being dragged along. Needless to say I'm not too fond of that place.

Our inside man aka spy finally spots my wife in deep conversation with a man who gives her a lewd smile. Ga Eul, get away from that man I say to myself. Sure he's tall and dashing and that smile curling on his lips must be a real magnet to women, but who wants that when you have me? I notice I've been gripping at my pants so much it has left some deep creases in the fabric.

"Spy man." I hiss. "Get closer so we can hear what they're saying." The man approaches my wife in what I hope is a stealth manner, but somehow I get the feeling he's anything but inconspicuous. Why did he have to wear that black suit and shades?

"Sashireun." Ga Eul tells the man who's been giving her some pervy look. "I wish my husband was as involved in his son's life as you are. Sure, they do a lot of things together, but it would be nice if he would also help organize events for this daycare. I think it would help the center a lot with promotion and all. But every time I ask him, he finds some excuse to not do it."

She's talking bad about me behind my back? No, this can't be good. How could she!? I ball my fist and feel Woo Bin's eyes on me.

"He must be a busy man then." The guy tells her.

"Yeah. He really is great though. The way he runs the museum by himself. And when he and Gyeo Wool are together it's like they understand each other perfectly. They have such a great bond. When I see that, I can't be mad at him anymore." That's right, you shouldn't.

"Well, you shouldn't let him get away with everything." Huh? Shut up.

"I guess." Ga Eul sighs. "But well, marriage is hard work right? I'm sure it'll all work out." Ga Eul turns her head and looks straight at our spy. Shit, he was standing way too close.

"Err, annyeonghaseyo." The man stutters.

"Annyeonghaseyo. Are you also one of the parents here? I don't think I've seen you here before." Ga Eul questions curiously.

"Well, yeah, you see, my kid is.."

"Oh, you're Soo Hyun's appa right? You two look very much alike!" Ga Eul chimes. "I'm Gye Wool's omma, Chu Ga Eul. And this is Jin Joon's appa, Kang Il Hwan." Kang Ji Asshole gives a slight nod. Pff, I hate him already.

"Errr, nice to meet you.. I should go and look for Soo Hyun, where is that boy?" Ga Eul cocks an eyebrow. And with that, he scurries away.

"Well, that was.. " Woo Bin looks at me, wide-eyed.

"A joke. Is this guy even a professional?"I snap. Come on, you'd expect more from someone like Song Woo Bin, with unimaginably expansive networks.

"Well, everybody else was well, busy so I thought.." I hush him. We stare at the camera as the spy keeps an eye on Ga Eul from afar.

"They're still talking." I huff. What are they talking about. More bitching about me?

"Bro, do you remember that variety show called 1n2d?" Woo Bin asks after a while.

" Yeah, why?" I shrug.

"Well, I'm now reminded of the Disappointing Brothers." What does that have to do with the situation right now?

"Are you telling me I look like MC Mong?" I ask, slightly insulted.

"No I'm saying.. in the way of, god we're pathetic." And Woo Bin sighs. This is a severe attack on his cool reputation I fear. Ah I give up.

"Oh never mind. Let's just go home, or Ga Eul might spot us." Woo Bin tells the driver to start up the car.

It's been a few days. A few excruciating days. Ga Eul and I are on speaking terms, but something just feels unnatural. Like there's this wall in between us. I noticed it in her shorter than usual answers, her stepping out of the room to answer phone calls and her lack of sexual interest. Suffice to say, the last one is bugging me the most.

So what should I do? Talk about that loser? Maybe..

"You know I've been thinking." I say when we're eating. Finally something that doesn't include kimchi.

"Must've been a hard task if you announce it at dinner." Ga Eul jokes.

"Ha ha. What I wanted to say was that I think I found a nice woman for that guy you were talking about a few days ago. 5 days, 1 hour and 4 minutes ago.

"Really? But I thought you were dead against it?"

"Maybe I was too harsh. Who am I to deny him a woman? Especially a woman I know. That would be like denying a prime rib steak to somebody who's only used to second rate kalbi.

We all need to experience luxury once in a while."

"That's a...snooty way of putting it, but.." Ga Eul gets up from her chair and hugs me from behind, her lips stroking my neck. "Thanks. I'm sorry for being such a..such a.."

"Bitch lately?" I finish her sentence for her.

"Yi Jeong-ah! Gyeo Wool is right here!" But the damage has already been done.

"Bitch, bitch, bitch.."Gyeo Wool repeats over and over again.

"Oops." I remark unconvincingly.

"You're such a bad influence!" She reprimands me. But we know by now her scolding has an different effect on me. It makes me hot.

"How about a date tomorrow? Just you and me alone and a nanny for Woolie."

"Have some big plans?" Oh yeah... I'll make you forget Kang Il Hwan even exists on this planet!

I open the door to our suite, the biggest one this hotel has. It has a king size bed and a jacuzzi. No, that's not the right order of things. Jacuzzi, then the bed. Ga Eul looks around.

"Wow, this is nice. But what's the occasion? It's not even our anniversary." She eyes me suspiciously. "Did you do something?"

"What? Me? Of course not! This is just because.. I love you and you deserve the best!" Ga Eul looks at me one more time but then heads for the bathroom. I follow her and I grin happily as she notices the jacuzzi. "Wanna hop in?" I ask seductively and Ga Eul nods.

She pulls her shirt over her head while I work on mine. Her hips wiggle as she slips off her jeans and I lick my lips as I notice her red lacy knickers.

"I haven't seen those before."

"Yeah, you also deserve the best." Wow, she has become quite confident huh. Well I like every version of Ga Eul. Even if she went mental and started wearing aluminum hats I'd still be into her. Though I'm not sure I'd be safe in that situation.

I pull of my dress pants and fling them to the side, before I head for the jacuzzi and turn it on. A few minutes later we're sitting across each other, drinking the Dom Perignon I had ordered beforehand.

Ga Eul takes a sip, but our eyes never leave each other. This is the game we always play when we're in a bathtub together: Daring the other one to come. I gulp down my glass, ready to go, but she is ahead of me. She climbs on top of me and straddles me. My little friend, who wasn't fully erect before, now jumps up as Ga Eul takes hold of my mouth. The noise of the bubbling hot water is all I can hear now.

My hands tousle her hair while she grinds her pelvic bone against my erection. Her tongue flicks against mine and a nibble on it, and as a reaction Ga Eul lets out a low moan. We stay like that for a few minutes before Ga Eul pulls away.

"Maybe we should get out before we get all wrinkly." Well I dislike that as much as you do, but frankly at this point I don't care!

"But it feels so nice. And it would feel even nicer if you touched it." I suggest. "Dirty guy." Ga Eul reproaches. "But I can give you a massage." Deal!

We get out of the jacuzzi and dry each other off. I take the utmost care in wiping everything dry. Her breasts, soft but flat tummy, her shapy legs and even her tiny toes. Ga Eul is less thorough and leaves me a bit moist.

"I like it when you are a bit wet.. and slippery." And she bites her lip after that, realizing how that sounded.

"And I'm supposed to be the dirty one?" I smirk.

"Ah just get on the bed. Ppalli!" Of course I willingly oblige. Ga Eul dims the lamps and lights the candles. I turn on the sound system and put on some appropriate music.

I lie down on my stomach and feel a cold substance on my back. Directly after that, Ga Eul's smooth hands spread the liquid all over. She kneads my shoulders and runs her hands over my back. It feels like pure heaven. Then, she sits on top of me and bends over. I feel her hair on my skin as she bites my earlobe, her hands still working their magic.

After a while she tells me to turn over and sits next to me. Ga Eul pulls the towel off my lower region and looks at it with a serious look. She then pours some more massage oil over my chest and starts rubbing. I place my hands under my head and look at my wife in action who is looking incredibly sexy. Her hair sweeps over my body, as do the tips of her breasts whenever she kisses me.

Her hands slowly move downwards to my rock hard member and she grabs it gently. Her technique has become amazing after all these years, always trying new techniques. She strokes the shaft and cups my balls while kneading them with care. She then starts to move her hand up and down the shaft before she bends down and licks the head. I wish she'd move a bit quicker when she takes in its length, bit by bit. I wipe off the sweat that has formed on my forehead.

Finally she sucks it in deep and I arch my back to the sensation. I grab her hair and tell her to stop. I don't want to come already. I'm not as virile as I used to be, so I need a longer refractory period. No, not THAT much longer. Don't get me wrong. It ALL works! Just.. ah never mind.. I said too much.

My dick pops out of her mouth and Ga Eul wipes off her mouth. I get up and push her down subsequently. It's my time to service her. I nibble on her ears and massage her breasts. My hands move down to her center and I rub her clit. Ga Eul reacts under my touch and arches her back. Two fingers slip into her folds and I slowly pull them out.

"Mmmmm." Ga Eul groans, her eyes closed and solely focusing on her pleasure. I move up the face while drawing circles with my thumb around her nub.

It takes some time before she comes with a long moan as her pelvic muscles contract. I spread her legs while she is still half in her orgasm and push it into her slit. She clutches my sides as I settle to a rhythm and place kisses on her forehead. We move into ecstasy as the world around us blurs. There's nothing but us in this world at this very moment.

"Deeper." Ga Eul begs. I sometimes forget she likes it hard, since she's such a gentle person. It's time to push into her hard. She scratches my back, but I ignore the pain and piston into her. I stop for a second and push her legs up. It allows me to go deeper and harder.

We seem to go on for ages, and when I finally climax, I come hard. My head drops on her shoulder and we rest like that for some time until she pushes me off.

"You're heavy." She complains.

"Are you telling me I'm fat?" I squint my eyes.

"Well, your stomach isn't as hard as it used to be." She's joking right? I refuse to believe that's the truth, but I check my stomach anyway. Pff, hard as a rock. But just to be sure, I'll hit the gym tomorrow.

After having some more sex we are lying next to each other, both worn out.

"You know, a few days ago there was this weird guy at the daycare."

"Really?" Uh oh.

"Yeah, he was like staring at me while I was having a conversation. Like he was eavesdropping or something."

"That's weird."

"At first I thought he was Soo Hyun's dad, since he really looked like her. But then he was talking about Soo Hyun like it was a boy." That f*cking retarded spy. Next time I see Woo Bin, I'll kick his ass for using such a reject.

"Must've been some pedo or pervert or something. What did Jin Joon's dad say?" Like I'm interested in what that a-hole has to say.

"Huh, I didn't tell you I was talking to Jin Joon's dad.." She gives me this weird look. Oh, crap. How can I talk myself out of this?

The END (of the hot mom, aka how Ji Kyung came to be)