"Do you need a ride home?" Pepper asked Emily and Mary, trying to be polite.

Emily sat in the waiting room along with Mary at her side. She looked up at Pepper, then shook her head. "I want to wait until he gets out of surgery."

"Very well. I will bring you an update when I'm able. Do you want anything to eat or drink?" She offered.

"No, I don't think I could eat," she responded honestly, then looked over at Mary. "You can go home if you want to, I know you're running on little to no sleep."

Mary barely gave a nod, already falling asleep. "She can sleep here. I will see if I can find a blanket for her." Pepper said, then walked out.

Emily couldn't help but to stand and walk to the double doors that they had wheeled Loki through almost two hours before. She looked through the small circle windows and sighed, hoping that everything would be alright.

Pepper came and found Emily. "He's awake and is refusing to cooperate unless the two of you are there." She told her.

"Why would we need to be there?" Emily asked as she turned to face Pepper. "Let Mary rest, I'll follow you to where he is."

"I don't know, that's just what Loki is saying." Pepper shrugged.

"I'll go," Emily said. "I want to see how he is anyway. Just lead me to him."

"Do you want to get your friend? I don't know how he'll react if you aren't both there." She said truthfully.

Emily looked back at Mary and saw that she was asleep in the chair. "Let her sleep. She didn't sleep at all last night, she deserves the rest."

Pepper simply nodded and led the way to the ICU where they currently had Loki. He was heavily sedated but still trying to fight them. "Good luck."

She patted Pepper's shoulder just outside of the door. "Thank you for this Miss Potts. Really." Emily walked through the door to the sight of Loki trying to fight them, wanting to remove his IV. "Loki, Loki, you're okay!" she called as she quickly walked to his side, making sure he could see her.

"No! It hurts and I want out of here!" Loki snapped groggily. "Make them let me out!" He told her, pushing a nurse away.

"Shh, Loki, please." Emily grasped his hands tightly in hers and did her best to get him to focus on her. "The IV is keeping the pain away. If you keep up they will put you back into surgery and that's something neither of us need."

"They keep trying to stick something in the part that goes to my arm." He told her, referring to the medication they were trying to give him. "Make them stop!"

"If you calm down, they won't have to," Emily assured him, still holding onto his hands. "Slow your breathing Loki. I'm right here with you, they are not going to hurt you."

"I want them out. I will calm down when all of them are out of here." He said firmly.

Emily looked around at the nurses. "I have a handle on him, if I need your help, I will press the alarm. Please leave me alone with him."

"We will leave, but he has to be given this so his blood doesn't clot from the surgery..." The lead nurse told Emily. "The risk might be considered low, but he can die without it."

"I will give it to him myself," she said quietly.

"Only trained medical professionals can administer medication. I also have pain medication that will help him, if he will let me give it to him." She told Emily.

Emily sighed. "I am trained. I'm a nurse's aid."

"Fine, but for the record, if you do something wrong, it's completely on you." She said and set the syringes down. When she walked out, the other nurse silently followed her.

She turned back and faced Loki. "Okay, they're gone. It's just you and me."

"Where is the other one?" He asked her curiously.

"Mary didn't sleep last night because she was watching over you. She's in the waiting room asleep," Emily answered calmly as she sat on the edge of his bed.

"My side hurts. She needs to fix it." He snapped, feeling very irritable from the pain.

Emily narrowed her eyes at him. "It's because you've been thrashing around. I have something here that will help with the pain and a medication to prevent you from getting a blood clot."

"No it's not. It's whatever they did to me and she needs to fix it." He said, growing very impatient.

"Loki, they fixed your side." She gently lifted the blanket to see he was heavily bandaged and that the gauze was clean. "See, you're not bleeding. You're hurting because you've been fighting the nurses and because the medication is wearing off." Emily recovered him with his blanket. "Please let me help you."

"If it doesn't help, then will you let her fix it?" He asked, still convinced it was their fault.

"If the medicine I have doesn't help you, then I will tell Mary to check on your side, I promise." She slowly let go of his hands once she noticed he had fully calmed down. "Nobody is going to hurt you here."

"Who is Mary?" He asked, but calmed down so she could give him the medicine. "Just hurry up with it."

Emily opened one of the syringes and inserted it directly into his IV. "That one was for pain." She sat back and opened the cap to the other syringe. "Mary is the one that watched over you last night. I'm Emily. I found you yesterday," she said as she inserted the other medicine into his IV.

"Found me? I don't remember anything from yesterday. I only know that someone made it so I didn't hurt." He explained.

"You landed in the middle of Central Park, then stood and stumbled into me. If I wasn't there reading my book, I think you would have died in the park," she explained.

"I don't even know how I got there. My memory is so fuzzy. How did I end up like this?" He pointed to his side.

Emily frowned as she looked over his monitors. "Thor told us that the both of you were ambushed in the Bifrost on the way to Asgard."

"That isn't possible. Heimdall would have seen them and he would have had to grant them access to the Bifrost." Loki said, but thinking about it made his head hurt.

"I'm sorry Loki, that's all I know," she said softly. "How is the pain now?"

"I guess it isn't so bad. Where am I? I know it's Midgard, but... where?" He asked her, relaxing some.

She smiled at him, seeing him relax. "You're in New York."

"This isn't your place? I recall something about being at your place? That might have been a dream though." He admitted.

"You were. I brought you to my apartment last night and Mary stitched you up as best she could. You fought us a couple of times and broke the stitching," Emily explained. "We had you brought here this morning. I work here."

"Can he see me here, or am I safe here?" He asked her, feeling tired again.

Emily furrowed her brow. "Can who see you? Who is after you Loki?" She asked softly.

"Heimdall can see me. He will tell Thor where I am and I will end up in a cell again. Someone else is also after me. I don't know why I can't remember anything, I just know he wants me dead." He said, then closed his eyes.

She sighed and watched for a few moments before she daringly placed her hand over his. "Thor came to us late last night and rode with us to where we are now. It is because of him that we were able to get you here and save your life."

"Thor is... he's here? I'm in that damn prison tower!" He snapped angrily, but didn't have the strength to actually do anything. "He took my magic as well!"

Emily shook her head and tried to soothe him by caressing his hand. "No, Thor told us that you were not healing properly when he came last night. Whatever injured you must have hurt you badly. You are in Avengers Tower, yes. But because of Thor and me, you're here under a false name. Nobody will harm you on my watch."

"Why would he even help me like that? None of this makes any sense and my head hurts trying to figure it out." He sighed.

"You almost died Loki and you were taken from him when he was promised you would get home safely." She looked down at the blanket as the fresh memories of the blood, yelling, and his shaking body filled her vision. "He loves you."

"I just want to go. Anywhere really, anywhere they can't find me and lock me up. They will never understand..." He sighed and tried to relax.

Emily nodded, trying to understand. "Loki, as long as I work here, I will fight for you. I will not let them lock you up no matter the wrath you have caused."

"You can't stop him. I don't know why I'm not locked up yet..." He said, not wanting to admit he was scared. He groaned in frustration when there was a knock on the door. "I told them to go away!"

"Shh, it's okay Loki," she soothed. Emily stood and turned towards the door. "Who is it?"

"Pepper." She announced, then opened the door. "Mr. Stark would like to see you." She told Emily.

"I'll be right up," she stated, then turned to Loki. "My boss wants to talk to me. I'll be right back down here afterward if you want me to be."

"Make sure they all know to stay out until you come back. You're the only one who can come in here." He said firmly.

She nodded and reluctantly let go of his hand. "They will know. I'll be back as soon as I can." Emily smiled at him, then turned and quietly left the room, following Pepper to the elevator.

"It's none of my business, but you shouldn't fall for him." Pepper said as she pushed the button for the upper floor when Tony's office was located.

Emily raised an eyebrow at Pepper. "Fall for who?" She asked.

"Loki." She said simply then led the way when the elevator stopped. "He is in his office." She said and stepped aside.

She let out a huff of air, then stepped into Mr. Stark's office while straightening the hoodie she wore. "You wanted to see me?" She asked as she looked up to stare as the broad back of Tony Stark as he looked out the window.

"You know you're one of my favorites, right? I get you into all the best parties, pay for your apartment... you know I'm good to you, yes?" He asked, his tone calm as if it was any normal conversation.

Emily placed her hands behind her back, suddenly feeling she was being scolded. "Of course Mr. Stark."

"Good, I like it when my employees know how much I value them. The drinks you like are in the fridge, I brought some back just for you." He said and sat down, facing her. "What happened? You usually look so beautiful and cheerful."

A blush instantly filled Emily's cheeks, but she walked to the fridge and grabbed a red Mountain Dew, then sat across from him at his desk. "It's been a very rough night."

"I can't even imagine. I also wanted to apologize for being so short with you when you called me. I was in the middle of an airborne battle at the time. We need to discuss your raise though." He told her then sipped a drink of his own.

"R-raise? What raise? I haven't really done anything besides keep a very injured man calm so he wouldn't die." Emily sat back in her seat, stunned.

"You're so cute when you act modest. You found a murderer and turned him in which wins you the bounty I put on him. You will also be promoted to a significantly higher position. I'm not sure what yet, but it will have a good, catchy title." He promised her.

"Bounty? I don't know if Thor has spoken to you yet, but someone else is after Loki and wants him dead. They were ambushed on their way home." Emily sat her drink on his desk as she stood, then began to pace. "I know he did a world of wrongs, but whoever did this almost finished the job."

"I heard something about the ambush, and it is even more fortunate that you were the one to find him. He will be released to his brother and returned home to answer for his crimes this afternoon. You have done a great job, Em. I was so proud when I saw it was one of my own that found him."

"Thank you Mr. Stark... but Loki is not fit to travel. He just had surgery and cannot heal like he is supposed to. Something has made him more... human." Emily sighed and pulled her hair from its ponytail and ran her hand through it.

"Your actions so far have earned my respect, so I would be interested in hearing what you think would be a fitting solution." He said sincerely.

"Is there a way to put him on some sort of... house arrest?" She asked. "Maybe an apartment here in the tower?"

"How long would you suggest he stays here?" He asked, genuinely curious to hear her thoughts.

Emily turned to face him and shrugged. "I do not know Mr. Stark. I would talk to Thor to help make that decision. If Loki is human, for lack of a better term, he cannot harm anyone."

"I'm not asking Thor, I'm asking you. You made the choice to take care of him, and you made the choice to bring him here. It is your choice as to what we do next." He said, not hiding the fact that he was testing her.

Emily bit her lip and looked to the ground. "He needs to heal. If he travels now you'll only injure him all over again. I say he should stay until he's well enough to travel however long that might be."

He looked at her for a long minute. "Alright boss. Whatever you say." He said simply.

"Why am I in charge?" She asked as she walked back to stand beside his desk. "You've never taken my ideas into account this much before."

"You have never done anything with this much impact before. The little ideas you pitched before were always... safe. Safe ideas don't lead to progress. What you've done here, this is risk. It took balls." He replied.

Emily smiled at his complement. "Thank you. That really means a lot coming from you."

"I have to say, I think this is batshit crazy, but I'm in. You will oversee his care and eventual release, you will ensure his brother leaves earth with him, and you'll keep him under control while he's here." He told her.

Her eyes widened. "That's a lot, but I'm willing to do it. I feel like I'm responsible for him since he literally fell to earth in front of me." She sighed, then leaned heavily against Tony's desk and looked to the floor. "I don't think I'll get the view of him in our kitchen covered in blood out of my mind anytime soon."

"If I didn't think you were crazy enough to actually pull this off, I would have dealt with him the moment he triggered my cameras. I want daily reports on everything." He replied.

Emily nodded and looked up at him with a soft smile. "That won't be a problem. Do you want me to stay here full time for now? I don't know if my bunk is in my office anymore. It's been a while since I've been here."

"That is up to you. If you think he needs you here that much, order a new bunk, or even a bed. It doesn't look like he will have a quick recovery." He admitted. "For now, anything you need will go directly through me for faster approval."

"I don't mind staying here. I can put a bunk in his hospital room for now until he's moved. I think he will need help for sometime if he's like we are. I don't foresee him being too pleasant about it either," she replied.

"He has never been pleasant to deal with. Just remember, he is very dangerous, and a skilled liar. If he does get his magic as he heals, he will be leaving at that point. It's not negotiable." He said firmly, but also concerned about Emily.

Emily nodded and watched as he looked over at his desktop computer. "I'll keep an eye on him. That won't be a problem." She put her hands in her hoodie pocket and moved back to the seat across from his desk and sat down. "Is Thor staying as well? Or did he go home?"

"He is staying until Loki is strong enough to travel with him. I have put him up in a room as well. Since he knows Loki best, I would suggest working closely with him." He said, but made it clear it was her choice.

"I do need to speak with him. Loki mentioned that someone was after him that was not Thor or The Avengers, but I don't know who that could be," she said.

"It's most likely just his lies. Be careful, he's more dangerous than you can imagine. I do like you Emily and I don't want to see you hurt." He admitted.

Emily couldn't help but smile as she felt heat rise in her cheeks once more. "I will be careful Mr. Stark, but I wouldn't rule out everything he tells us. Something had to go wrong for him to get this injured."

"Fair point. I may not believe Loki as far as I can throw him, but I do believe Thor. I will be working with him on some kind of threat evaluation. Anything that can do that level of damage is something we need to avoid." He said, still looking at his computer screen.

"I agree with you on that front," Emily replied as she reached for her drink and opened it so she could take a drink. "Is there anything else you need? Or would it be okay to return to Loki?"

"You can go back to him. If I find you become too attached to him, I will pull you from his care." He warned, then went quiet so she could leave if she wanted.

Emily stood and put her drink in her hoodie pocket. "I will do my best to keep myself from it. Thank you again Mr. Stark."

He gave her a nod then picked up his phone when it rang. "Hey Emily, he's getting pissed off again." He told her quickly.

"I'll go now," Emily answered quickly, then turned and left his office. She jogged to the elevator and pressed the button, but when it proved to take forever to reach her, she huffed and opened the door to the stairs and ran down the three flights that would bring her back to Loki.