several hours had passed and only team 7 was in the classroom, naruto had started to sleep a while ago since he knew kakashi's disposition to be late


In the dark tranquility of his dreams Naruto, who was having a nightmare, I hear someone calling him

- ¿ What is that? Is someone calling me right now? -

at that moment he felt a strong blow to his head and woke up excited, however, he was still half asleep

that's why he blinked trying to understand his current situation and said

"Is it the Germans? damn they discovered us "

" What Germans? What are you talking about? idiot kakashi sensei arrived and said to go to the roof "

Sakura, who had woken him up " kindly " said, some time ago she was trying to wake up the sleeping idiot in front of her

" What about the Germans?"

"There are no Germans go to the roof before I hit you again"

" It is good"

- I know I'm a bit infuriating, but it's no reason to hit me-

He has complained naruto internally and followed sakura, sasuke while he was gone without waiting for any of them

on the roof a man with white hair, was on had a protective band with the leaf symbol on one eye and characteristic dress jounin indeed was kakashi Hatake , and the notice him look appearance directly to naruto and said

" Hey , so you're here sleeping beauty, did you have a nice dream?"

"not. He cheers you up ... "


Sakura interrupted, making Naruto shut up grumbling under his breath.

"Hahaha, well now that we are all sit down and introduce yourselves "

said the jounin

- Let's speed this up, I 'm still tired from last night's fight and I want to go to sleep-

raised his hand back to his idiot mode and said

"I, I, I am naruto uzumaki the future hokage dattebayo "

-I feel like an idiot saying that out loud-

"Very good someone with big dreams, something else ?"

said kakashi

" Nope "

"... well, next"

"I am uchiha sasuke , I dislike many things, I do not like anything in particular and I have no dreams, only an ambition, it will kill a certain man"

- wiu wiu wiu avenger emo alert-

"Okey finally pinky "

Kakashi said looking at Sakura

after reluctantly accepting the nickname sakura said

"I'm sakura Haruno , what I like the most is ... the person I like is ... my dream for the future is ..., and what I dislike the most is NARUTO"

-what a coincidence in front-

of course he didn't say it, he just thought

After that they separated with the premise of meeting the next day at dawn for the sellout survival training, of course they were told that they will appear without breakfast

if they failed they would be returned to the academy, but naruto wasn't worried about that, he had more serious problems to deal with

-Don't worry about my ass , I'll save you no matter what happens-

the next day , naruto thought about arriving at the same approximate time that he assumed kakashi would arrive but decided not to and go a little earlier, it was an hour after dawn like everyone else only that he just arrived at the training ground he lay down to sleep under a tree He also took his breakfast for later, he did not intend to perform this test on an empty stomach

sasuke and sakura arrived a little before him and they looked at him with suspicion for sleeping and bringing his breakfast, but naruto did not care

at approximately 10 in the morning he woke up and decided to eat the ramen that iruka sensei had given him a few days ago

back then, in the training ground you could see a happy naruto eating a bowl of ramen, and two other people looking at him angrily

not being able to resist Naruto wanted to annoy them a bit, so he started making loud noises while sipping the food

" Fushhhh "

sakura and sasuke were staring at him

" Fushhhh "

more and more annoyed with Naruto that looked as if waiting for that complained to the

" Fushh "

" ¿ You shut up ? "

said his two companions at the same time, which made Naruto smile triumphantly

" What are you doing, idiot ? sensei told us not comieramos anything before dela test "

Sakura was the one who spoke and Naruto looked at her still eating the noodles without intention of stopping and said shamelessly

" Do you also want sakura - chan?"

"Of course not, it's against the rules"

"Kakashi only recommended not to eat, but I'm not going to do the test on an empty stomach"

sakura and sasuke looked at each other not knowing what to say and wondered if they must have had breakfast too

time passed and by the time kakashi appeared it was already 11 o'clock, sakura and naruto reprimanded him for being late, kakashi ignored this and stared at naruto

" Did n't I say don't have breakfast?"

he asked looking at Naruto's food scraps

"No, he said we could throw up if we did. he never gave the order so I 'll take the risk "

Kakashi couldn't help but think that the brat may have been more perceptive than he thought.

"Well in any case let's start with the test, the objective is to get one of these two bells, therefore, one of you will return to the academy"

he said showing the bells

Sakura complained , Sasuke snorted and Naruto made a goofy face

Kakashi explained the rules, in short, get the bell before 12, anything goes

I hope they all seem ready ... and say or order start

team 7 split instantly, everyone but Naruto of course

-okey the moment of truth, it is impossible to win, so we are going to limit the damages and bet on the extension of the lunch-

He took a deep breath, bravely stood in front of the sensei crossed his arms over his chest and said at the top of his lungs

"Come sensei, let's fight"

the other three people around had the same * idiot * thought, kakashi sighed and said

"You're out of place"

Without answering Naruto ran towards him and saw him take out the famous book icha icha , he stopped and after thinking that he would have to borrow it at some point, he emerged with his load

they had a little taijutsu match , in which kakashi just parried and deflected naruto's blows without counterattack and after the exchange, kakashi got behind naruto to execute a thousand years of death

-Now is the time, revenge for the rear of the original-

when kakashi connected the most terrifying technique in the world, a cloud of smoke exploded in the place

That 's right, Naruto before starting the fight had run to hide in the bushes and the one whose hair was always a clone, this took everyone by surprise but Kakashi recovered almost instantly, except that Naruto left the nearby bushes and had already thrown until the last kunai and shuriken on kakashi's back

the sensei lives up to his jounin rank and appears behind naruto who had barely taken a few steps forward and placed a kunai on his neck

"Really awesome Naruto, maybe you're not useless after all"

Kakashi said with a congratulatory tone

"But you have a long way to go"

Naruto turned his head to see Kakashi, who could see Genin's proud smile.

Sensing the smell of the explosive scroll, Kakashi quickly walked away from Naruto and almost instantly, an explosion echoed through the training ground

the jounin was shocked by the ingenuity of a little genin, a trap within a trap within another trap, * awesome * he thought

the second naruto was also a clone, he expected kakashi to get behind him in a display of his abilities, so he hides an explosive tag on the clone's clothing to make a walking bomb

After the explosion Naruto left the bushes walking calmly, Kakashi raised an eyebrow and said sarcastically

"What happens? you ran out of tricks to play "

"Yep, all the tools were in that attack, it was my best plan, if I couldn't win with that I just can't do it"

Naruto said shrugging his shoulders

" If a shinobi surrenders on the battlefield it means death"

"But I am not a shinobi yet and this is not a battlefield"

Naruto said with a cheeky smile

kakashi understood what he meant and could only agree and sigh, adapting to the situation and circumstances is indispensable for a shinobi, and the boy had done exactly that, resigned he said

"If you are not going to continue, stay aside and do not get in the way"


watching kakashi leave for his two companions naruto sat against one of the three posts in the center of the field thinking

YEAHHHH it's over , my ass is safe, that was scary -

After leaving the test, Naruto finally relaxed and started thinking about how to pass the real test, after all, he had already eaten his lunch, causing the impact of sharing it to others to be greatly reduced.

-well let's all bet on the teamwork test-

time passed, and while he waited, naruto could hear the heartbreaking scream of sakura and the explosions of sasuke's strategy, after a while everyone came back and only kakashi smiled ... or at least his eye

"Very well, it is not necessary for them to return to the academy "

Kakashi started , but before they could celebrate continued

"They must give up being ninjas"

" What do you mean we will resign?"

Naruto stepped into the infuriating brat role again

" Yes ¿ because we would ? "

added sakura

at that moment kakashi disappeared and when the genins could locate him, he had sasuke below his knee

"They must resign because they are useless who do not understand anything"

" What do you mean by not understanding?"

Naruto said

"The meaning of this training"

" ¿ And what is the meaning sensei?"

Sakura asked confused


replied his sensei getting serious

all were surprised including Naruto

Except that the blonde was not surprised by the meaning of the test, but by the look in Kakashi's eyes, a look that commanded respect

"And none of you approved, each one followed their own individual goals without taking the others into account, this will end up leading to moments when they will have to choose between the lives of one of their colleagues, that is, failure"

he said ending the topic

After this he showed them the ceremonial stone in which the names of the fallen heroes were engraved and he told them about his friends whose names are engraved on that stone, Naruto knew that he spoke of death and rin

"I hope you have learned the lesson, after lunch we will have an extension, but Naruto, for having eaten breakfast early, you will have to run 10 laps of the pond, if you do not finish them in 30 minutes, none of them will have the opportunity to give everyone's test modes "

the uzumaki was surprised, he did not expect this

-Damn you kakashi, it is impossible to do that, the lake is 1 kilometer in circumference-

it was impossible for him to complete this task at this time and he wanted to refute, but refrained from doing so because he understood the reason for this unexpected task

Kakashi without letting them say anything disappeared in a whirlwind of leaves

-I know how to pass this test but surely kakashi is watching, I can't ask Sasuke and Sakura to run with me to show camaraderie, I can only wait for them to realize it-

Naruto analyzed the situation, and told the other two people present , hoping that they understood the objective for themselves

"Well shit, there's no time I'm going to run, you guys eat and pray to the Germans so I can do it on time"

feeling a hand on his shoulder, naruto knew that they had passed since sasuke stopped him, he knew what his partner with duck hair was going to say

"Wait dobe, we can't let you run alone, that would be the same as abandoning you and everything kakashi said would be meaningless"

"You're right, fear, but what do you suggest I do? and I METI in trouble so for breakfast if we split the insurance laps we reprove "

Naruto spoke making Sasuke believe that he thought about dividing the laps to the lake

I have an idea, Sakura said, drawing the attention of her classmates

"We cannot distribute the laps, but we can do them with you, we cannot abandon a partner"

Sakura said in a low voice, she seemed to be blushing from saying that about Naruto, her pride was too great

-well at least he doesn't seem to have so much air in his head-

Naruto thought twisting the corner of his mouth

The three of them looked at each other for a moment, nodded and without saying anything they started running

30 minutes later they had only completed 3 laps, naruto and sasuke could have done more, but they adjusted to sakura's pace so as not to leave her behind, and even so, she was exhausted

when kakashi appeared he saw them and said

"They really believe that this false act of companionship will convince me, they underestimate the shinobi too much"

his expression grew more and more terrifying and he said

"Forget being shinobi, I should kill you for insulting the real ninja with that stupid act"

team 7 could feel again how scary their sensei could be, but none of them faltered, they all looked back at them without taking a step back, kakashi did not back down either, he put his hand in his pocket and took out two kunais he pointed at sakura and prepared to launch them

-hey, you have to be kidding, you damn crazy, are you really going to shoot to kill? -

and just as he thought, he actually threw a kunai towards Sakura's neck and another at sakura's heart

being exhausted she could not even lift an arm and closed her eyes heavily in fear

at that moment naruto and sasuke rushed to stop him, but not having time to reach their tools they could only use their hands, but without hesitation, they both did

when they thought they were going to receive a serious injury to their hand, the two kunais turned into small stones and left only a bruise on each one

-Damn old fox, I almost freaked out-

cursed the fox boy

Naruto understood what was happening, kakashi had transformed two stones into kunais and when he threw them he undid the jutsu

"You three have approved"

he said with an eye smile

-I promise I'm going to burn your books for this-

thought Naruto who fell on his butt and breathed trying to calm himself

"that because?"

Sakura said

-the phrase comes, the phrase comes-

Naruto concentrated, he wanted to hear this

"The other students did what I told them without hesitation, those were idiots, they abandoned their classmates"

there he comeseee

" You know, the the shinobi world who do not follow the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash"


"Very well, everyone approved, tomorrow team 7 begins the missions, retire "

"How good I am a shinobi"

Naruto said raising both arms to the air to show his happiness, he turned to Sakura and thought about doing something to improve his relationship with his future companions, even if it was a little

-Okey try to get along a bit with my new colleagues-

"Sakura chan sakura chan, how about going to celebrate ichiruku ? you can also come fear "

Naruto said jovially

sasuke just snorted and left without saying anything

Sakura looked at him, smiled and said

"In your dreams, sasuke kun wait for me "

after saying that he turned around and went after sasuke who was already walking back


-Damn brats-

Team 7 was in the hokage's office, they had just completed another D rank mission and Naruto was making a fuss for not being able to do more important missions, he wanted something exciting, obviously only on the surface

-It's about time for the wave's mission, I think I'm ready for this-

after hearing what naruto had to say and receiving support from kakashi, the sandaime decided to assign them a C rank mission

" ¿ Great, finally something important, that we do? Escort a princess? "

Naruto said, simulating joy

"Silence, you will know, please come in"

The hokage said stopping Naruto not wanting to listen to him, and then the door behind him opened revealing a man, the person who entered could easily be described as a drunk,

He was a man in his 50s, with messy hair and clothes, unkempt beard and with a bottle of liquor in his hands, and he also radiated the characteristic smell of alcohol

the alcoholic man stopped for a moment, looked at them and said

"These are shinobi? they all have the face of imbeciles, especially the dwarf there , a bigger idiot perishes "

Naruto knew he was referring to him, so without giving it much importance, he returned his gaze and replied

"Says the old alcoholic who already has half a foot in the grave"

" ¿ YOU SAID tadpole ? "


before the fight escalated the hokage intervened, and quickly went on to explain the situation to them

"Enough Naruto, this is Tazuna a bridge builder, his mission is to escort his country and stand guard until his project is finished now, outside my office"

when the old term of informing them of this, he quickly kicked them out of his office without wanting to continue listening to the stupid blondes

a couple of hours had passed and Team 7 was ready to go, and after meeting at the gates of the village, they set out on their journey to their destination.

on the way to wave country, naruto could see a puddle of water in the middle of the road, which was strange because it had n't rained

-It seems that my first real fight is going to start, it should not be very difficult since we are with kakashi, but I will not trust myself-

Raising his senses, Naruto became serious, the training of the bells and the pressure that Kakashi emanated at that moment made him think that a mistake would be fatal so he decided to concentrate as best he could without attracting attention

even so, he couldn't help but think

-What would happen if someone drinks that water? NO, concentrate! -

After advancing the pool of water a bit, what Naruto expected happened, the demon brothers came out of their hiding place in the pool and destroyed Kakashi, or that's what it seemed, Naruto knew that he was fine and that his sensei had used a substitution

After "killing" Kakashi, the enemy shinobi went after Naruto, since he seemed the weakest, but before he could do something Sasuke demonstrated why they call him a genius and went into action, in a display of shuriken and taijutsu techniques he could stop the two assassins for a moment, naruto saw this and couldn't help but be surprised thinking that sasuke's talent was truly incredible , after all it was his first battle

Naruto continued his game and threw a couple of kunais at the enemies, which were easily repelled and he thought what to do next since they changed their objective and now they were going directly for Sakura

fortunately did not have to do anything because kakashi appeared solving to the two demons Germans easily

looked at them and said

"Good job everyone, Naruto you could have done something, more, but at least you didn't freeze"

Sasuke looked at him with superiority in his eyes and said

" Yeah good job, coward "

-Bastard, in the chunnin exams when we fight with the snake he would definitely charge me that-

Kakashi despite criticizing Naruto, couldn't help but think about why Naruto had reacted so poorly, he certainly didn't expect him to win against professional shinobi , but his performance left a lot to be desired

While he helped his teammates by throwing those kunais when they needed him to momentarily stop the enemy attack, Kakashi knew that Naruto was more capable than that, he proved it to him in the training exercise

also kakashi of course he noticed that naruto would suddenly tense up after passing the water trap

each time less understood this snotty, sometimes it 's clearly an idiot and is sometimes very assertive and perceptive

not wanting to think about it anymore , he shook his head and attributed naruto's contradictions to the moment when he needed to get serious and stop being an idiot

"Well brat, are n't you very helpful, aren't you?"

said T azuna who had interrupted Kakashi's thoughts smugly

"You're alive aren't you?"

Naruto replied indifferently waving his hand if he even turned to look at the old alcoholic, he was busy thinking about his recent performance

Although he was prepared for the fight beforehand, the moment the enemy appeared, even for a second he froze, it was not a big deal and not even kakashi had noticed it, but he himself had

after recovering and analyzing the situation he could only slow down the enemy attack for a moment and hope that kakashi will save them

-Rey I was really afraid, luckily I was able to recover quickly, well there is no point worrying about that, everything went well, now let's think about how to kick Zabuza's ass-

the group of five people had set out some time ago on their way to their destination, Tazuna's house in the country of the waves, and at one point they all heard kakashi scream


They all followed the order and in the next second a sword passed turning by the position in which they were all moments before, the state turned and ended up embedded in a tree a little further from its position, in the next moment, a man without shirt and with his mouth covered with bandages, he stood on the handle of the giant sword and said

"Sharingan no kakashi , could you give me that old man?"

-shit, you have to tell the truth, the guy has style

naruto of course knew who it was, zabuza momochi, one of the 7 swordsmen of the mist, carrier of Kubikiri houcho

Kakashi instantly became serious, put his hand to the protector that covered his eye and said to his students

"Do not separate and pay attention, do not think about getting into this, your job is to protect Tazuna "

I lift the shield revealing a red eye with three black tomes, it was indeed the sharinga n

Naruto was naturally interested in this, always wondered if that technique h eredada was as impressive as I thought and sure enough, it was

the blood red eye in itself was intimidating, and the shots slowly spinning over his pupil gave the impression that an inevitable fight was about to begin

but Naruto was not the only one interested, sasuke upon hearing about the sharingan and then seeing it in kakashi instantly paid attention to everything, making a face of uncertainty

-as I thought, Mr. Emo seems really shocked to see a sharingan outside of his clan-

Sakura observed the situation in front of her and knew that it was different from everything they had faced so far, she looked at Kakashi and paid attention to everything she could

"Your fight is with me"

Kakashi said after revealing his left eye

"Kakashi the ninja who copies, they did appear in the fog bingo book, it is an honor to meet you"

Sasuke said as he watched Kakashi's movements

"But first, I'll have to finish with you and then take care of the brats."

did a handstand and said


Instantly, a large amount of fog began to gather in the clearing that was previously clear and zabuza disappeared among it

-well, let's start quiet, let's see the real level of a fight between jounin and then if kakashi needs it let's act according to plan-

naruto had thought of a way to help kakashi in case he got trapped in the zabuza water prison, if this didn't work he could resort to the original strategy

kakashi got into a taijutsu stance and said

"Be careful don't let your guard down, zabuza momochi is known for his silent assassination technique be careful"

at that moment sasuke's voice sounded

" There are 8 options, heart brain, liver, lung, spine , clavicle, artery, kidney, which one will I stab first? "

An incredible killer instinct was added to the atmosphere of tension provided by the mist technique.

-Damn it, this is how it feels when a jounin is truly an attempt on your life, this feeling can drive anyone crazy, it is much stronger than kakashi intimidation-

Naruto thought about this and how the previous time he calmed down in a short time, after the initial shock he seems to be able to calm down quickly, he does not know if it is by knowing the events in some way or simply a characteristic of him, in any case he prepared to fight in I laughed

kakashi noticed this and nodded to himself , he also noticed the fear in sakura and sasuke and said with the characteristic eye smile

"Calm brats, if necessary I will protect you with my life, I will not let my companions die"

- Why does everyone on this day insist on doing or saying great things? first sasuke fighting with the demon brothers, then zabuza and now kakashi, I also want to say something great-

shaking the misplaced thoughts Naruto returned to focus

" We'll see "

Sasuke's voice sounded again and appears in the middle of the formation of Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura

All the genin were surprised, except for Naruto, but that was because he expected it, he quickly turned around with the intention of attacking, which interested Zabuza

Although the level of strength and speed of Naruto's attack was nothing in his eyes, he was surprised by the fast reaction time, and that surprise was exactly what Naruto was looking for

he had planned to distract zabuza with the intention that kakashi could land a decent blow, as he was not so naive to believe that the fight would be resolved so easily

And indeed he was right, Zabuza was distracted for a moment and Kakashi appeared to try to land a blow

unfortunately Zabuza reacted just as quickly receiving only a cut on the cheek

-well, I wasn't expecting much but I wanted a hit that at least bothers him when fighting-

in the next second kakashi exploded in a cloud of smoke, since sasuke had hit him with his sword while he was retreating, when everyone looked towards zabuza they could see the sharingan ninja standing behind the fog ninja pointing at zabuza's neck with a kunai

kakashi had predicted not only zabuza's movement but naruto's as well and used the opportunity to create a clone which led to this situation, kakashi looked at sasuke from his back and said

"Zabuza is over"

"Impressive use of clones and the sharingan, but not enough"

suddenly another zabuza appeared behind kakashi and tried to stab him

The zabuza in front of me was always a clo, Kakashi thought, and he managed to escape the blow that came from his back

what followed was a pure taijutsu fight between the two jounin

the two were even until the fight moved to the lake next to them

Zabuza used his clone of water and the result was as Naruto expected kakashi being imprisoned by the enemy's jutsu

the mist assassin looked triumphantly at kakashi over his hand that was connected to the water prison and said

"I got you, just stay there and watch me kill the brats"

Kakashi was shocked and instantly blamed himself for underestimating his opponent, he tried to get out of prison to help his team, but it was useless , he couldn't help but hope the boys didn't lose their lives

-Shit, well let's start with the plan-

Naruto weight while watching Zabuza create another water clone to attack

"You know they look like real shinobi wearing those haites, but only those who have survived death many times are true shinobi, if they are not in the bingo book they can be called ninjas"

Kakashi told them to run for their lives with Tazuna in tow, but Naruto didn't hear him and took a step forward, which surprised everyone. What was Naruto thinking?

"Oh, I see we have an idiot but bigger than I thought , is fine if both want to die you consider your desire "

Zabuza smiled and his clone disappeared in a burst of speed and went straight to hit Naruto

What no one expected was that Naruto's body would explode in a cloud of smoke

shadow clone, he thought sasuke smiled and began looking for Naruto so be looked on any side

"I see you have some brat skills, but within my fog jutsu, with that level you can't hide from me "

With a wave of his hand several shurikens shot towards a nearby bush, and Naruto who was hiding there was forced to move

"As I thought I can not hide from a jounin"

Naruto said after coming out of his hiding place he stood a few meters from Zabuza looking resigned

"Jajaj to ¿ you tried to hide from me? What conceited brat ! ¿ Now what? "

" Easy , I'm going to kick your ass"


The statement took everyone by surprise, but it was not because of his words, what really surprised him was the security and confidence with which Naruto told him

kakashi couldn't help but think about his confrontation over the bells * do you have any plans? *

"Hahaha kick my ass? what a good joke brat "

Zabuza said and then his mocking smile disappeared giving way to a colder expression

"It seems that they do not learn and continue to play ninja, let me tell you something, when I was your age my hands were completely covered in blood"

"The demon zabuza"

said kakashi

"It seems that you have heard of me"

kakashi looked at him and started to say what he knew

"In the village of the mist there was a final test to become a shinobi"

"that's how it is"

Zabuza said and continued from here

"In the village they had a peculiar graduation exam, a fight to the death with all the students of the academy, it did not matter with whom you had trained or studied, in the end only one could get out alive and become a ninja"

"But years ago it was abolished due to the participation of a single child who killed more than 100 students, the most surprising thing is that the child was not even a student, and that child was you"

said kakashi

"That's right, my hands have been stained for a long time, that's why children playing shinobi annoys me"

Naruto of course knew all this, but it made him feel bad inside anyway, so he got ready to act and thought

-let the show begin-

at the end of the story, zabuza showed a face of disgust as young Genin is about to attack his attention focused on the blond boy in front of him

Naruto who was listening to Zabuza's story suddenly sighed sadly and said

"It must have been hard"

Zabuza was taken by surprise and did not seem to understand the meaning of the boy's words in front of his eyes