Naruto's words took everyone present by surprise, normally one would be afraid of that kind of story but Naruto seemed to feel sorry for the child in them, and this was partly true, but it was also part of Naruto's plan, he knew that zabuza and haku weren't as bad as they pretended, they were just the result of a time of war and sadness and he wanted to change that

Naruto had several goals in life, one of them was to help people who in his opinion needed it, the old hokage, sasuke, itachi and jiraiya were some of them

zabuza and haku would be the test to see if he can actually change these things.

He did not believe in fate or those things but was not sure he could change the facts established in the original story so in a sense this mission would be a turning point in the life of naruto

That is why he decided to try to awaken Zabuza's consciousness, he knew that in the end everything would depend on the result of the fight, if Zabuza won nothing would make sense so he could only put ideas in his head and then direct Haku to finish the job

"You, are you feeling sorry for me ?"

Zabuza's words sounded clear as water by everyone and a trace of anger could be felt in his tone

"pity? it is not a pity, it is empathy "

" Empathy says? ¿ You can tell a kid smelling urine of things that happen? do not joke with me"

- He is reacting, it means that he did not lose his humanity completely-

Since Naruto was reborn, he was able to learn to read people's emotions to a certain extent, it helped him a lot to get away from danger and to know who at least tolerated him during his childhood, the child's life was much worse than he believed

"Nothing, I can't know anything because I have no idea what you went through"

Naruto said

"But I don't need to know you or know anything about you to understand what that kind of experience does to a child."

" Haa pure bullshit"

Zabuza scoffed

Naruto could see the speed with which Zabuza was losing his cool

it may work better than he thought naruto told himself

He was afraid that his assumption about Zabuza's feelings was not correct but it seems that he should not worry about that

He saw that Zabuza was less and less calm and said

"It is true, I can not know completely but I have an idea, after all volumes we are prey to circumstances"

This made zabuza angrier * you could know this brat him? *


"Clearly that is a lie"


"I'm not messing with you, I already told you I can know that you are lying"

zabuza was getting more angry with what he said naruto


"It's true, I don't know anything about you, but I know for sure that you don't have fun killing people"

He continued speaking hoping that the next sentence would have the expected effect, if it did not work he would have no idea how to get Zabuza out of his painful life

"After all, there is no way someone who shows a pained face like the one you have right now is having fun"


Zabuza lost control and his clone lunged at Naruto, he felt that he was totally exposed to the eyes of a child and wanted to close his mouth at that very moment

on the other hand the different people who listened to this exchange have different thoughts

Sakura could n't understand why Naruto was saying all that, since when can this idiot start to understand other people? that's ridiculous

sasuke naruto hear what he said and could not help but think about his own situation does the murder of his clan also it had affected to such a degree would end like sabuza ? but after he told himself that as long as he could kill itachi he didn't care how it would end

tazuna was skeptical to the words of naruto but after seeing the reaction of sasuke could only remain amazed ¿ like this guy had come to that conclusion?

but the most surprised by this was kakashi, he listened to naruto's words more attentively than others, and he could understand what he meant by being prey to circumstances, he understood that naruto at one point was compared to zabuza, the situation of the two He did not look completely alike, but he had something in common, it was out of their hand and they could not control it, be it the war that left Zabuza in the situation of having to kill 100 children so long ago or the sentence to exile of Naruto for being the jinchuriki of the kyuubi, the two were out of his control how can a child understand all this? Is this kid the same idiot you know?

but I stop thinking about it to observe the situation

Returning to the fight, the first part of Naruto's plan was completed successfully , he wanted to make Zabuza angry and for him to lose control so that he could attack him directly, in addition to leaving the words marked in his mind

-Okay a complete one, now you just have to free kakashi and return in time for dinner-

Zabuza advanced towards Naruto without any caution, forgetting everything, and when he was a few meters away he could see a hidden cable in the ground near the trees on one side

just before zabuza saw him naruto had already thrown a kunai at the cable cutting it at the moment the ninja of the mist noticed

the wire worked as a switch for a trap that threw many kunais and shuriken at the place where zabuza was

He dodged the rain of weapons jumping back this gave Naruto time to look at Sasuke, regardless of what he thought, he wanted his help, not only for the strength of Zabuza, but so that Sasuke could mature and not be affected by partner inferiority syndrome

They looked into each other's eyes for a little moment and came to an unspoken agreement

After dodging, Zabuza charged back towards Naruto but was stopped by a blast of shurikens from Sasuke who had taken the position to Zabuza's right.

Using all the weapons they had they made the Zabuza clone fall back, after all, a single hit would wish it

This gave Naruto time to carry out the final part of his plan, crossing his fingers in a familiar way he laughed and said


"Alright demon lord, let's dance"

in the next second 100 narutos appeared around surprising everyone

this is a little trick although naruto trained with the kage bunshi for a week i could only do between 45 and 50 the other remaining were simple massless clones

among clones sasuke sneaks to free Kakashi, as a clone made him the sign to do it sasuke and reluctantly followed the plan, he had been told that slipped away and use his technique more strongly to free kakashi

while the naruto clones dominated the zabuza clone who could barely keep up, sasuke managed to reach the range of the original zabuza made several hand positions and said


The giant fireball headed towards Sabosa from the opposite side of the water prison, and he had no choice but to use his other hand to make a water shield and defend himself from Sasuke's technique,

"Close brats, he has some skill, it hurts that they are going to die"

after falling into the first zabuza trap he had regained his composure, and now he thought he had won, but at that moment he felt that something was wrong and looked up

an orange stain was getting closer and closer from the air zabuza narrowed his eyes and heard someone scream

Naruto had used the riot to the like sasuke, only the was transformed into a shuriken and made a clone throws sky over zabuza, then cancel the transformation


Naruto's figure with his characteristic cheeky smile cleared up in midair and then made a hand seal

" INSEKI AME (meteor shower)"

Ten naruto appeared in the characteristic smoke explosion of the kage bunshi , the only difference is that on their foreheads they all had an explosive label

-Take this idiot, my epic moment of the day , attacke kamikase -

not only Sabusa but also kakashi were surprised by the sudden technique Naruto ¿ you want to do this idiot, blow us all up in the air?

Zabuza, seeing this, was forced to release the pressure that prevented kakashi's movements and walked away as fast as he could to avoid the explosion.

but the explosion never happened

Naruto of course was not going to commit suicide to kill Zabuza, and to create the clones in the air, his original body had to be there, it was a great bluff and it worked

after falling into the water he looked at kakashi who had a surprised face raised his hand and gave him a high five, he looked at the amazed sansei and said

"It's your turn kakashi sensei, good luck"

and swam away to shore slowly

everyone was completely speechless, what kind of lunatic is bluffing at such a critical moment?

both sakura and tazuna looked at naruto without knowing whether to congratulate him or hit him, but in any case, naruto's plan was a success, now everything depended on kakashi

and just as Naruto believed the fight did not last long, as long as kakashi you have seen a technique before he would not fall into it again, copying all the attacks of zabuza kakashi could defeat him and at the moment of giving the final blow an ambu of the mist * haku * appeared

He wore a beast covered by a haori, he looked the same age as Naruto, long black assasbache hair and a hunter's mask with the symbol of the mist

I embedded a needle in Sasuke's neck, making him simulate his death

So this is Haku, I wonder if it will be really a boy or a girl, do not think that the androgynous signs, I would find out but it is very dangerous ... in several ways-

"Thank you very much for beating Zabuza, we have been hunting him for a long time"

kakashi who is leaning on sasuke replied

" A hunter of the mist"

"Indeed, now if you excuse me I have to take the body I hope you understand"

Kakashi agreed understanding that this boy was not normal

prepares to leave but stopped to watch Naruto for a moment then picked up Zabuza and left without saying a word

-bait placed-

Naruto realized that Haku had witnessed their argument with Zabuza and that he had already successfully planted the foundations to gain Haku's trust.

after the fight team 7 managed to get to tazuna's house and put kakashi to rest, where they met tazuna's daughter izumi and her grandson inari

As expected after waking up he gave the news that Zabuza was probably alive, which shocked everyone, except Naruto, but of course he did not show it

Kakashi demanded to tazuna one explanation of the cause for which shinobis attacked, after all it was a B rank mission

the old man told them how the criminal tycoon cat controlled the place and wanted to kill them for building the bridge

After discussing it with everyone, Team 7 decided to finish the mission anyway.

As soon as the sensei had the ability to move, he decided to take them to train chakra control, naturally Naruto already mastered this technique, after all anyone with years of practice could do it, he knew he was not a genius, and his 5-element seal It did not help, he even mastered walking on water but of course he would not show it to anyone, that would lead to questions and prying eyes poking his nose in his affairs, so instead, Naruto left a clone as a decoy in the training of kakashi and prepared in his own way, he didn't know if kakashi would notice, but he decided to take the risk anyway

After becoming a genin officially, he had pestered iruka sensei to get him some jutsu scrolls, since before his graduation he always refused when asked, and now it was time to learn them, he did not know how well he could do without a teacher to guide him, but he just had to wait until after the 2nd test to get a suitable tutor, and contrary to the original story, jiraiya was not who he had in mind

That's why Naruto kept acting as if he didn't know how to climb trees , pretending all the time was annoying but it was preferable to bear the consequences of revealing his ability

one of the training days he had a fight with inari , tazuna's grandson

originally he didn't want to have to comfort a boy for the loss of his father but upon hearing inari speak ill of his own father for trying to make a difference and being a hero he got angry with the brat, after all naruto was a person who He respected and loved his parents, in his previous life and in this, both parents helped us when he needed it

he also considered iruka as a father figure since his altercation with mizuki, that is why he could not remain silent at the words of inari

thought not say phrases like * will * be a hero or something so that 's not believed so , but he would show him in the corners mourn for the dead was an insult to the memory of his father

at that moment he felt the weight of his fears, he did not want to have to lose anyone and he was going to do everything possible to avoid it

From that day on, he dedicated himself to training and waiting for the meeting with Haku, now more determined than ever to save them all, he would not let anyone die

In a clearing in the middle of the forest Naruto was sleeping, he felt a cold hand against his cheek and began to wake up

"Wake up, you're going to catch a cold if you sleep here"

Naruto who was still half asleep opened his eyes, saw the person in front of him and said


the other person was startled by the sudden language and asked

"What's up?"

"I died again and went to heaven, right? ah well, there 's an angel in front of me so I guess this good "

his tendency to say stupid reappeared and this made the other party laugh and replied softly

"Haha I don't know what you mean by dying again but at least now you're not dead and I'm not an angel "

"do not lie to me"

the blond intervened seriously

"I really am not"



Naruto looked at her for a few seconds as if trying to confirm his words and then said

"So do you want to marry me?"

this caught the other person by surprise once again

-and is that it is a one probability of 50% that is man but hell, is bloody beautiful, seize to discover if male or female

Naruto after waking up understood the situation he was in and quickly prepared for his talk with Haku but he did not expect the boy or girl to be so beautiful

I couldn't stop her talking habits from coming out

"Haha you're funny, but I'm sorry I already have someone I like"

-wau was expecting an evasion, not a direct rejection, this reminds me of that time in school. DON'T be damn childhood traumas-

he thought shaking his thoughts to focus on the main topic of the conversation

" Ugh , good luck if things do not work with the always 'll be available, what purpose who are you?"

-this is to confirm your gender ... seriously-

"Haha thanks for the offer you 'll have in mind, I'm just someone looking for medicinal herbs Do you think you're doing here is too early?"

Haku said he kept smiling

"It's certainly early for both of us, I'm training of course"

Naruto said with a tone of pride flaunting his bandana

"Training? you are a ninja or something so ? "

"Exactly miss, uzumaki naruto at your service"

haku smiled with his hand covering his mouth

-HOW CUTE! there's no way I'm a man-

Naruto thought trying to keep those words only in his head

"Nice to meet you, and why are you training so early?"

"Well there are several reasons but the main one is to get stronger"

" Mmm but you already seem strong"

"Not at all"

Naruto said lowering his gaze which surprised haku a bit

"I recently had a fight with an incredibly powerful guy, he can only survive because of my friends and a few tricks"

"Good to lean on your friends and whatever it takes to survive seems incredible to me"

Haku recalled some of his past and the difficulties he faced to survive until he could find sasuke which of gave a reason to live

"It may be, but I'm still afraid of that"

"Afraid of your friends?"

Haku asked surprised

" Not from my friends, if I didn't have them by my side in another life or death situation, I know that we won't always be able to be together, but if kakashi sensei hadn't been with us, they would have killed us without a doubt and that's what I love the most. terrifies "

"To die?"

Naruto shook his head

"Dying is scary, but no, what I fear the most is not being able to help my friends"

"So, are you afraid that your friends will get hurt?"

" Yes , but don't tell sasuke"

hahaha haku laughed a lot at that which made her look incredibly cute

-If she is a woman, I will make her my wife-

Naruto thought and then pouted

"What are you laughing at ?"

"Do you have someone who is important to you?"

Naruto smiled and reminded iruka, to the family of Ichiraku


The seriousness and sincerity with which she said these words caught haku off guard, she hadn't expected this child to understand the true meaning of that question, but she was wrong, this child had something to fight for, something to protect, just like her

"When a person wants to protect something that he really appreciates is when he becomes really strong"

Haku said with a happy smile

"I disagree"

Naruto replied, Haku was very surprised, had this child not understood after all?

but before he could settle his thoughts Naruto said

"When someone has a person to protect, it is when they find a reason to be strong"

Haku was left without knowing what to say, he really did not expect that, Naruto's words have only a small difference but they are deeper than hers, not only does it imply that he would do anything to protect his loved ones, but that this ideology can not be sustained without effort, after everything more beautiful thoughts that are not gained strength through feelings are of course very important but effortlessly through can not be strong

this boy is incredible pensao haku and got up from the ground to go forgetting to collect the herbs from the forest

"You are right Naruto, you will become strong"

"Of course just wait for my future wife hahahaha "

Naruto said now seriously thinking about his proposal

"Haha for sure ... I'm a boy "

Naruto blinked and even though he knew he was going to say that, he reacted exaltedly anyway


"Haha I leave it to your imagination"

laughing sweetly haku left without giving a sure answer to naruto

when haku was leaving, naruto saw sasuke walk towards him and heard him ask

"Who was that?"

Naruto stood up slowly, grabbed him by the shoulders, which took sasuke by surprise and yelled in his face


it had been a few days since naruto spoke to haku, and everything was going smoothly until a specific morning

After fulfilling the objective of speaking with Haku, Naruto had stayed near Tazuna's house waiting for the attack of the shinobi who would come at the orders of the cat. and as expected it arrived

Naruto waited a moment to corroborate the situation and could see Izumi offering himself as a hostage instead of Inari , Naruto felt nostalgic for this scene and it reminded him of Kushina's sacrifice

over time, had accepted kushina and minato as their second parents, it was the least he could do for his sacrifice, he still remembered the smile of sadness in the face of their second parents

but naruto shook his thoughts and concentrated on the situation only to see the thugs take izumi and want to take her away , and when he was about to act he was surprised to see inari face those guys

I knew what would happen , but seeing a little boy face two armed adults was surprising, he smiled and went into action.

Inari was in front of the thugs armed with a saucepan and saw helplessly how the two adults pounced on him, while Izumi asked for mercy for the child but it was not necessary, because Naruto came to the rescue just in time

one instant, is all I need to mop the floor with those guys

was volte to Inari who had gone to hug her mother smiled and said sincerely

"Well done brat, you entertained them long enough for me to get there"

Naruto did not wait to hear Inari's answer and went to the bridge, he had to meet his wife

some time before naruto took care of the thugs, the rest of team 7 was on the bridge looking after tazuna until zabuza and haku had shown up

haku sasuke faced at this time wearing the mask again, while kakashi sasuke, sakura stayed near Tasuna ES pair protect

The two smaller ones fought each other fiercely, and Sasuke showed the fruits of his training by being faster and stronger than Haku.

but the course of combat changed when haku activated his ice technique, numerous icy mirrors surrounded Sasuke allowing his opponent to move beyond the speed that Sasuke could follow, thus wounding many needles around his entire body

sasuke at the time was about to receive several injuries over a kunai stopped to Haku making change position

looking at the direction of the kunai the masked shinobi sighed in sadness because he could see the person he hoped not to have to fight

arriving at the battlefield Naruto made his entrance

"Uzumaki naruto ready for service sir"

NARUTO said everyone watching the appearance of the hyperactive ninja

to the watch naruto sasuke had expected the two to attack Haku from outside and inside mirrors, I thought that naruto definitibanmete what would understand , after all sasuke was not an idiot, had seen Naruto prove to be not as stupid as seemed

but sasuke's little good impression of naruto shattered when he suddenly saw naruto next to him inside the ice mirrors

"Hello fears ¿ that you disguise porcupine ? "

Naruto asked with a mocking smile when he reached Sasuke's side, who couldn't help but shout


"Hey why the violence? I have come to save you "


unknowingly kakashi had the same thoughts as sasuke and i hope they could do something together

haku started his attack again, he kept using his needles to attack the two boys within his technique but clearly avoiding the vital points

Zabuza who was paying some attention to their fight said

"Haku, you are still very soft, do it seriously"

"Please let me take care of this in my own way"

He turned to Naruto and told them

" If possible I don't want to kill them, nor do I want to die, but if he confronts me I will become a true shinobi and kill them. I will fight for my dreams, I will fight to protect someone important to me , to make that person's dreams come true. that's why I'll become a ninja, that's why I'll kill them "

team 7 listened carefully to his words, and even zabuza was a bit surprised by this, but he recovered instantly

after haku naruto's speech he thought

-let the party begin

Naruto crossed his arms and turned his head to the side as if seriously thinking about something he couldn't remember, then he made a gesture of understanding and said

"Wait a minute ... WIFE?"


all the tension accumulated by the fights and haku's speech were instantly erased

"What are you doing here wife, reconsider my proposal?"


haku didn't reply, but sakura's voice sounded from the side of the bridge


"Mm what is the problem? I asked her to marry me, so she will be my wife "

"I remember telling you that I am a man and that I would not marry you"

Haku intervened with seño puckered under the mask , had not anticipated being recognized only by voice


on the other hand everyone on the bridge shouted in chorus and experienced the same thing, even Zabuza was completely speechless something that had never happened to him, he felt that his brain had stopped

"And I remember telling you that it cannot be true, you are too beautiful to be a man, you will not deceive me"

sasuke was the one who recovered faster and although he did not care about naruto's love life how strange the situation made him ask

"Dobe, what are you talking about, you know this guy?"

"What is she saying, fear you also know her"


said sasuke


Sakura said

-their idiot faces are worth gold hahahaha -

Naruto thought with a smile and continued with the act of idiot

"You know, the girl who was with me that day in the forest, do you remember her right?"

"For the third time I am a man"

Haku said in a low voice so no one heard

"Oh her, wait a minute. WHAT IS HE LIKE A MAN?"

Sakura had long stopped thinking, I just hoped that Naruto is still alive to know the details, these things are a juicy gossip in the village

Resigned haku decided to take off his mask, revealing his beautiful face, there was nothing to hide anymore, he did not expect Naruto to recognize her so quickly

"Hello naruto see you again"

"So your name was haku? and I imagine * that * person on the demon lord alla atras "

He said pointing his thumb over his shoulder towards Zabuza


everyone was interested in this so they decided not to interrupt

"Naruto, as I said before, appreciated not having to kill you"

Why would you do it? You're not part of any village, you don't have orders and you clearly don't want to, so why did you try to kill me? '"

"For the sake of that person"

"It's not like I could be a threat to your demon"

"It's true, but clearly you would get in his way, am I wrong [ ?"

"you're right"

"Then we have no choice but to fight"

"I'm not going to fight you"


upon hearing his words they all thought the same

"What are you saying, if you don't fight with me your friends will die, is that what you want?

"My friends will not die, I will not allow it"

Naruto's tone caught the attention of the entire team 7, I had never heard him speak like that , not even when he said he wanted to be a powerful ninja

but the most surprised was Haku, who reminded the moment the tone of confidence and sincerity of that time, he was not lying, furrowed his brow and answered

"Then you can only fight me"

"I won't either"

Naruto said stubbornly

Kakashi who was listening to the conversation had to intervene, if Naruto didn't fight everyone would die


"I already told you sensei, I won't allow it"

Naruto said without turning to see Kakashi and then continued talking to Haku to repeat without hesitation

"Haku, I already told you, I am not going to fight with you and I am not going to let my friends die"

" Mf , that's why I say they are playing ninjas, he does not even have the resolution to kill his feelings"

Zabuza said in the distance and Kakashi could only agree

"So what? What do you plan to do to avoid it?"

Haku asked that ever felt more sadness in his heart , ¿ why the destination was so ? that had to kill such a good boy?

" Easy I just have to make you give up"

Naruto said as if he were talking about the weather only for an awkward silence to take hold of everyone and then it was Zabuza who spoke

" Hahahahaha, make him give up? Didn't you hear? He's not going to give up brat, face reality"

Naruto turned to see Zabuza and this time Zabuza could see him clearly, Naruto's eyes reflected pity for Zabuza

"What is reality? Make someone with a good heart become more and more poisoned? Kill innocents just on orders ? Abandon someone just because it 's easy?" AND A SHIT, I don't care about the reasons that either of them has, I have already decided "

Zabuza frowned and asked recalling their last conversation and started to get irritated again and said

"What have you decided brat?"

Naruto stopped looking at Zabuza to look into Haku's eyes, but what he said was also heard by Zabuza

"I will definitely save you"

" Hahaha are you going to save us? what a good joke brat "

Zabuza started to make fun of him, but Naruto was no longer paying attention to him and this made Zabuza more enraged

"Then Naruto, how are you going to make me give up? only by killing me will you stop me "

"I already told you I won't kill you, it's actually easy , I just have to receive all your attacks and wait for you to run out of strength"

Naruto said shrugging his shoulders

"... you must be kidding."

" Nope "

Haku sighed with resignation and prepared to start the attack, he was not going to have mercy, as much as it hurt to kill them, then he said with pain

"Here I go Naruto, I hope you don't hate me for this ... makyo hyosho "

instead of aiming at naruto it went directly for sasuke

thinking that naruto would move to save him he prepared for a surprise attack from naruto weight all he saw was naruto do a hand position and he heard him scream

" Kage Bunshi no jutsu "

two clones appeared and stood in front of sasuke stopping the attacks

"So that's your plan, but it's useless the difference in chakra consumption between the two techniques is abysmal, you won't last long like this"

He thought Naruto was going to answer him, but instead, he saw him put on a smile and heard him name a new technique

" Uzumaki naruto original "

everyone remembered the last original naruto technique and although at that time it was a decoy, it was really terrifying, think about it , many aerial missiles that can calibrate its trajectory

" Renzoku kage bunshi no jutsu " (consecutive shadow clone technique)

The instant the clones were destroyed, others took their place, thus making a new barrier that protected them from attacks.

Haku was surprised, but if that was Naruto's plan, he would have no problem winning, he just had to wait for Naruto to run out of chakra, after all, how much chakra could a genin have?

naruto inside knew exactly what haku was thinking, but with the chakra control that the blond had trained for so many years, he thought he could keep up with haku

Shit, alone did not have the seal of five elements that would be much more easy, but everything is good for my wife


After putting on a confident smile Naruto started to focus on nothing but his technique and Haku started attacking incessantly

the * fight * between the two was observed by everyone on the bridge each with different feelings

sasuke felt bad for being protected by an idiot

sakura for a moment thought that Naruto was great but then returned to penmsar he was an idiot

tazuna remembered his son for the mania of helping people

Kakashi had more complex thoughts, not only focused on the statement that Naruto had made to save Haku and Zabuza, but on what he said before, did he not care about the mission? Did she refuse to let go of her heart ? Did she not want to abandon anyone?

kakashi naruto thought I wanted to be Hokage, he said it repeatedly and the he believed , after all the son of being minato no serious rare inherited some blood mania

but he was wrong

at that moment he realized that the boy called naruto uzumaki was not a simple person at all, he would have to investigate that later, but now it is time to confront zabuza

During the confrontation between Naruto and Haku, Sasuke felt powerless because he could not do anything, Naruto was being a complete idiot and although his strategy was working, in his eyes it was only a matter of time for the blonde to die

The idea was not as pleasant as he thought it would be, he had gotten used to the blond idiot

he could see that naruto's forces were reduced little by little, creating clones after clones, and it was incredible that it lasted so long

starting to look to do sasuke noticed that began to to see movements Haku, it was very subtle but every look is toward more easy to follow

after a moment he realized what it was, the sharingan, he was finally awakening the sharingan

although incomplete, it was incredibly useful

when he felt he could move even return to fight, he is smitten he was, tried to get standing but the barrier of clones of Naruto stopped him, and this enraged , so he said

"Let me go out dobe, if you don't want to fight with that guy I will"


Naruto simply said, he used all his willpower to maintain his clones, he couldn't talk to sasuke

"Let you move naruto"

"Y-if I let you out ... one of the two will moreira "

just saying that was a terrible effort for him

"Of course we are both shinobi, we are prepared to die"

yelled sasuke losing patience

"Qui not iero that nadi -e die"

"Accept reality Naruto, that's how this world is, you kill or they kill you, you have to accept .. "


Naruto cut off Sasuke's words and didn't say anything else

sasuke lost his patience and tried to force his way out of the clone barrier, which caused naruto's technique to fail due to the sudden change in conditions, thus causing a sudden smoke screen larger than usual

sasuke was caught in the cloud of smoke, and thanks to this haku had the perfect opportunity to attack, this time he aimed at the vital points and threw the needles towards sasuke who could not see because of the remains of naruto's technique

Naruto the moment his technique failed he could see it, the memories of his clone were sent to his head, this is the way that Naruto used to sharpen his training

the image of haku about to attack sasuke appeared in his mind and he moved with all the strength he had left tackling sasuke and sending him to the ground


could not finish the words I saw Haku stopped in front of him and thought it was pointed attack, but this wrong, Haku remain stopped seeing to the , or more precisely Viando the person on the

Naruto had fully received Haku's attack

sasuke will remain frozen at the scene of the perforated naruto entire back and listen to Haku say with a face covered in pain

"Why why? Because you insist on not fight? Because although I'm not trying to kill you hate me? Why give your life without even fighting? ¿ WHY ? "


Sakura and Sasuke yelled that he wanted to help Naruto but he only heard him say

"Fear, you can not - it is to kill her "

"Don't say stupid things, you're about to die Naruto yes or I fight ..."

" If e lla not so- brevi -ve no tie-ne sense"

Sasuke gritted his teeth in frustration , not understood why Naruto was so desperately to * save *, unlike Sakura, Sasuke knew that Naruto was not in love with her or anything Porel style, he had come to understand a little naruto as he was able to hear a little of the conversation that naruto had with haku and realized that naruto had a goal that was not to be hokage, but that no one other than the blond himself knew about it, the time they were together may have been short , but he believed that Naruto was definitely hiding something,

He looked back at haku trying to find a solution, but was surprised by what he saw. Is she crying?


Haku said as he lowered his arms

with little strength Naruto said

"Do I need a reason to ayu -Give perso-nas that e stan suffering?"

" Why ?"

ice mirrors were doing pedasos

"Why do I want to do it?"

Naruto replied looking at her


he said after kneeling weakly

" Actually, he was an idiot, right?"

asked the blonde with a smile


haku could only wait for the answer

" Because even though we met a short time ago, I want to be your friend"

naruto Diuna simple answer and complex to see , is an idiot and person codicisa , who is willing to lose anything, even if you have to put your life at stake, entoncesa look defiantly and said haku

"You have a problem with that?"

Despite receiving Haku's attack fully, Naruto is not as injured as he seemed, he had managed to avoid the vital points of his own body and with the help of the power of the kyubi he believed that his life was not in danger, for of course I wasn't going to say it, otherwise all the work so far would be wasted

-It HURTS DAMN IT, I'm going to remember to apologize to Sasuke for calling him a porcupine-

-Again, why am I doing this? ah yes my wife, I hope I can clarify things regarding her-

He sighed to himself and kept thinking as he recovered more and more

-well the truth is that I always liked the characters of haku and zabuza in the original story, so I want to save them, if they really die, it would be a hard blow when trying to save others-

while Naruto was thinking about these things, haku looked at him with a blank look and sighed with resignation saying

" Perdon san zabuza, I can not do"

haku seemed to have lost all intention to fight and sasuke seemed to understand it so he stopped as well

Naruto turned his head to see Haku and knew that he had almost completed his task


haku began, his gaze was empty and nostalgic

"Do you know what it is to live without anyone needing you ? Do you know what it is to not have dreams? To exist just to exist?"

-More than what you believe-

This was true, during the time that I spent growing up as Naruto, he truly understood what it meant to be alone, and it was much more difficult than it seemed, not only was it not having anyone to greet you when you got home, or who cooks for you

no, it was much worse, you could not count on anyone, if you had a problem, you would have to solve it without help or refrain from the consequences, and you could not abuse the kindness of other people for fear of being injured in the crossfire

that's why naruto now understood haku more than when he read the story

"You know, at one point in my life I felt that they needed me, until my father killed my mother because of my bloodline and then he wanted to kill me"

haku smiled seeing a distant past that he could never get back to

"And actually I knew it, the most painful thing anyone can feel is that no one needs it , Mr. Zabuza picked me up when I had nothing and told me that he needed me, and even if it was only as a weapon I felt happy"

he changed his gaze to sasuke and said

"I would like it to be Naruto, but in its state it is impossible"

sasuke looked at her without understanding what she meant and I hope that haku will continue

"I could not become the weapon that Mr. Zabuza needed, I was only useful in that way, and now that I fail as a weapon my life is unnecessary again ... please kill me "

Sasuke looked at her surprised, and wanted to understand what she was saying, he was considering fulfilling Haku's request but he heard Naruto sigh and say

"At the end of the day my assumptions were correct"

Haku looked up to see Naruto and although he had already made a decision , I wait to hear what Naruto had to say

"You're an Idiot"


repeatedly as the day Naruto had said something today that nobody expected

I don't let haku or sasuke ask anything and continue

"To clear things up, I know what it's like not to be needed, after all, I grew up alone for most of my life."

haku was interested in what naruto was saying

"I also know what it is to find someone important"

Naruto said with a small smile and each word seemed to return a bit of senses to haku

"And above all I know perfectly what it is to have no goals or dreams and only exist by existing"

this I miss sasuke a bit but he decided not to think about it and continued listening

"And that's why I say that you're an idiot, but hey not only are you , Mr. demon also what is"

"what do you mean?"

Haku asked with a frown, he didn't know where Naruto wanted to go

"The freaky mask needs you as much as you to the and not a weapon but as people, but hey I think even he has realized"


as was customary on this day the mind of Haku again a desastre¿ the Lord zabuza needs me as a person not as a weapon? not yet realized? that mean Naruto?

"It seems that he doesn't understand it so I'm going to make it easy for you, he was worried about you since sasuke made it hard for you, that's why his attention is not entirely on the fight with kakashi sensei, if you were just a weapon? Why bother watching you ? Why not have a legion of kids like you ? why do not you cry when you were selfish trying to fight us alone? "

haku refused to believe this, he firmly thought that it couldn't be

"In short, are important to the , get your head out of the earth and see things for yourself idiot"

haku wanted to order his chaotic thoughts but something stopped them


the noise of a thousand birds sounded on the bridge and a bluish white light can be seen from where kakashi and zabuza were fighting

as they talked the jounin fight had reached its climax

-Now for the truth, I hope this works, otherwise having dressed up as a porcupine like sasuke would be embarrassing-

Until now everything was going according to Naruto's plan, making Zabuza doubt his non-humanity, planting the foundations to gain Haku's trust, refusing to fight against her, and risking his life in that way, were all strategies to force the the good heart of haku to surrender

-Okey I know that it seems that I am manipulating them and that it is all a big lie , but I really want to help them, and simply letting them go without making them understand their feelings or sending them to prison will leave a bad taste in my mouth-

leaving the useless thoughts aside Naruto concentrated to the maximum, he could not fail at this moment

when kakashi uses the raikiri to try to kill zabuza, haku will come between them receiving the blow, and naruto wants to avoid that, and he devised a way to do it, the problem is that the timing has to be perfect, otherwise not just not It would have the desired effect on Zabuza's mind, but he could receive Kakashi's raikiri himself, and he didn't want a hole in his chest

When following the origin of the noise, Haku's eyes widened to the maximum, he saw Zabuza trapped by several ninja dogs and Kakashi with a strange jutsu in his hand, he did not know what he was doing but he was sure that if Zabuza received that, he would die

" Sorry Naruto, change of plans, I still can't die"

-that was never the plan dear wife-

made a position of hands and disappeared, when he appeared he was between zabuza and kakashi, who had already started the charge towards the front with the raikiri

Zabuza while fighting with Kakashi had heard what Naruto said which seems to hasten this situation, but he did not want to believe it, a demon with someone he considers important? don't make me laugh , haku was just a tool nothing more, nothing less

But at the moment he saw the death he was not so sure, the discussion he had with Naruto flew through his mind, could he really be suffering? After all his life was one battle after another, he never stopped to consider nothing, could a 12-year-old brat understand it better than himself? but he put aside his thoughts, there was no point thinking about it, because he was dying anyway, the so wise , all those years of struggle did distinguish these situations clearly knew he had no way to get rid of dogs and dodge that weird jutsu on kakashi's hand

but all these thoughts were interrupted when he saw a mirror appear next to him

haku, he thought in his head, he knew he could not escape from the grip of the dogs, so the only thing haku could do to save him was to stop the attack

Zabuza widened his eyes and wondered is his mind, don't you tell me what you think ...?

and just as Zabuza thought, haku positioned himself in front of him with the intention of receiving the blow to save him

for the first time zabuza felt more than sinister emotions, for the first time he was able to experience a feeling that he had never experienced, but that he could definitely recognize, for the first time he felt fear

everything in the place seemed to happen in slow motion

there was no way to stop him and zabuza could only think of something * HAKU *

but at that moment a small noise of xplocion sounded from the place where previously haku was fighting with naruto and zabuza saw an orange blur heading towards them

the moment haku disappeared, naruto pushed all the pain away from his body and went into action

I only had one chance to save them and I wasn't going to waste it

during training in forest, naruto do not practice the trees to climb, as he had dominated, so he concentrated on the scrolls iruka had gotten him this for more words to learn a technique without any guide was really difficult, and It took Naruto longer than he wanted to learn it, even with the help of his clones.

the jutsu that naruto got from iruka, it was one of the most basic of the wind style, great advance ( futon daitoppa ) but only a simple jutsu of this element caused problems for anyone who wanted to learn it, and if that is added the lack teacher, and the method in which Naruto intended to use it, the difficulty was even greater

but anyway the blonde managed to make the technique usable, even if the result was a bit disastrous

Come on , Vamo , come on , oh, dear technical mia , or work or I fly one leg, and let me tell you that I need to walk, I 'm sorry but did not get the Dare

as always his nervousness was on his mind but he had already learned to live with him long ago

So when Haku disappeared, Naruto activated his technique, performed a series of hand seals and placed himself in a racing starting position , channeled the supposed amount of chakra that his body could support to his legs and pointed towards the fight where he is going. haku

" Futon daitoppa "

He yelled at the moment when Kakashi moved, Naruto kicked the ground with all his might and shot towards Haku and Zabuza

Kakashi had started running towards Zabuza to land the final blow, but halfway there he saw Haku appear through an ice mirror and stand between them

He remembered how much Naruto wanted this boy to live, and he wanted to stop, but the momentum of his technique is not something he can have at such close range, with pain in his heart, Kakashi could only hope that Naruto did not hate him for the rest of his life for killing haku

but at the moment that he thought this, he could hear a small explosion only to see a small orange spot directed at full speed towards haku and zabuza

at the time of leaving the mirror and position against zabuza for the blow by the Haku felt really calm, be useful for your important person one last time before dying made him happy, only he had a little regret, he wondered If Naruto's words were true and Mr. Zabuza really needed him

but it was too late to know, surprised to if same, Haku want one thing allowed

* If I could be reborn I would like to be with Mr. Zabuza and also …. *

His thoughts were interrupted by a small explocion and looking where he was a moment ago saw an orange blur heading at full speed towards the ,

* naruto? *

the thought of the three people was * another time? who happens to this guy, his goal in life is surprised?

naruto shot at high speed towards haku and zabuza, it was a competition with kakashi's raikiri to prove he was faster

-You are just a little lightning bolt, I am the son of the konoha yellow edstello there is no way you will win me-

Naruto thought while screaming

" Wwuuuuuuuooooooo "

and as usual, by sheer luck, his plan worked, he collided violently with the ninjas of the mist and they left the path of kakashi and then ended up crashing against a giant column of the bridge and falling to the ground heavily, all piled on the others

Kakashi, after being surprised and stopping his attack in the air, without deactivating the jutsu, was stunned seeing his own technique, it seemed that he had lost some pride for his defeat in speed

He shook his head and deactivated his technique, then turned to look at his student who was now in a strange position with a mist assassin and a boy who he said was his wife

* sensei I'm sure you didn't expect this in your son's life, sorry for not guiding him correctly * Kakashi thought putting his hands together and saying a prayer for his deceased sensei

"Did anyone see the license plate of the truck that sent me to this world? oh wait, now I remember, it was a potato chip "

after being able to get out of kakashi's path and slam himself heavily against the spine, naruto seemed to be a bit disoriented

"Mr. Zabuza"

will hear the faint voice of Haku , he seemed to understand the situation at all

" Ugh "

is all that Zabuza could say

"Well, now that I've just saved both of your lives, can you stop being idiots and accept that you need each other for good?"

Naruto said concentrating again, with a smug smile on his face

zabuza will recover more quickly than expected naruto, and seemed to try to attack Naruto, but was stopped by haku

"What are you doing haku?"

"Please, Mr. Zabuza, don't kill him"

"Why shouldn't I? is our enemy "

"No Mr. Zabuza, it is not, it just saved our lives"


Zabuza was losing his sanity when remembering all the events that Naruto had highlighted, he was not willing to accept, that he was a human being instead of a demon, because that meant that his whole life was a mistake

Naruto was on the side listening silently and heard Haku say

"It may be, but debts are something that is paid, isn't it? that is the basis of a professional assassin "


"I only think Mr. Zabuza, that if someone who risks his body in this way to save the life of an enemy, he deserves some recognition"

Zabuza was about to yell at him again but he followed Haku's gaze and saw Naruto's right leg, it was covered in blood and full of bruises, it was the rebound effect of Naruto's technique

The breakthrough was not a movement technique, it was a kind of vortex to attack enemies, but Naruto had used it as a speed boost, and as he expected he did not have as much control over that jutsu, the result is that he injured his own body at the time of shooting

-Last time I use this stupid technique-

Naruto thought as Zabuza stared at the blonde and then heard Haku say

"I also want to ask you something, Mr. Zabuza"

"Ask me something?"

and at that moment he remembered what naruto had said about him needing haku

"You're not asking about that stupidity of needing you, are you ?"

-bastard, it's time for you to get your head out of your ass-

thought the blonde and haku just looked down without knowing what to answer


idiot -this is what this buscando-




His words were interrupted because Naruto hit his face with all the strength and chakra he could muster, Zabuza was still weak from all the previous fights and he could not or did not want to dodge him


he got on top of zabuza and started hitting him with his fists


Zabuza didn't move, Naruto's blows couldn't hurt him


No matter what the brat does or says, nothing will change for him

haku tried to stop naruto but he couldn't do anything, his mind was in chaos he didn't know what to believe and his ninja training seemed to have disappeared


* that's just the tantrum of a stupid child * thought zabuza, * can't expect a demon like me to change suddenly *


* Then what? * She thought thought zabuza

Naruto saw Zabuza's expression and knew he was missing one last push


Naruto took Zabuza's head between his hands and gave him a head butt with all his strength and then saw Zabuza cry and say

"Why am I crying?"

" Because you are a human, a great bit of an idiot"

Naruto smiled triumphantly knowing that everything was over

kakashi was once again surprised, naruto had managed to awaken something not only inside haku but also zabuza

"You really are unpredictable, Naruto"

I knew the fight was over, now there was only out what would happen to the ninja fog ¿ that 's what I thought Naruto? wanted to let them go?

meanwhile Naruto had laid down on the pavement with a happy smile on his face, not only for being able to save these two idiots, but for what this success represents

-I can change things-

is the only thought left in naruto's mind

Haku and Zabuza were in a similar situation, although they had recovered a bit from the violent blow caused by Naruto, they were lying on the ground, each one immersed in their thoughts, what to do now?

Zabuza always wanted to return to the mist and make it his by force, but strangely, his desire was no longer so strong, he would need a while to figure out what to do, that assuming that the konoha shinobi do not execute him when stepping on the village, since he was sure that at this moment, he and haku had been captured

Haku on the other hand could not accept reality, why did Mr. Zabuza cry, could what Naruto said be true?

while they were thinking this, a kunai flew directly to haku, who is lost in thought, naruto realized this and wanted to react but his body was too tired to move at that speed, he would not arrive in time

-Is it really impossible to change things? -

Seeing the scene in despair, Naruto put on an expression of pain and regret

" How can I forget this? How can I be such an idiot?"

feeling that he was about to fail naruto could only have a knot in his stomach

but when he thought there was nothing he could do, he saw zabuza move to protect haku

putting his arm in the path of the kunais , splattering haku's face with blood in the process, but he was able to stop them and avoid the scene that naruto had feared

The zabuza bandages had fallen from his face, and he had already finished crying a while ago, he turned to see Naruto's expression and with a mocking laugh he said

"What's up brat? he has a wonderful face there "

surprised Naruto sighed in relief in his heart, he thought that Zabuza could not move, after all he had hit him on the ground for a while and he had not reacted

- did he let her hit him? -

He started thinking about it, but postponed his thoughts for more later, had to end this mission once

Then he saw it, a short man dressed in black suit with glasses and round sunglasses appeared walking down the bridge behind him had one army of thugs who seemed to be his subordinates

"Look what we have here, the great demon Zabuza turned out to be an imp"

said cat with a devilish smile

"It seems I was right to plan to kill you after this job, you and the child were useless"

haku had regained his reason to see that zabuza had protected him, he couldn't help but hope that zabuza really needed him as a person, but hope turned to anger when he saw the wounds on the arm that protected him

Naruto seeing this took him by the shoulder and shook his head before he lunged at them, he knew that haku could beat them all but he decided not to take the situation lightly, he did not want to feel that he failed again out of arrogance

"Well, it doesn't matter anymore after all I have something prepared for you, two thugs from third grade"

Cat said, and at that moment he saw Naruto try to stand up, which surprised everyone who had seen his fight, not to mention the state of his leg, it was unusable

"So you are a cat? great I never thought you were so stupid "

cat looked at the boy who seemed to die at any moment and replied

" Stupid me? Have you seen yourself in the mirror? you are about to die "

Naruto looked at him and felt tired

"I don't feel like talking to a minor character"

this caused a vein to appear on the cat's head, but he couldn't say anything

Naruto turned to Haku and said

"Wife, lend me your shoulder"

haku looked at him for a moment and accepted his request,

With his help Naruto stood up and leaned on Haku


his teammates who were observing the situation yelled to stop him, after all he was very hurt

"Calm down I'm fine"

Naruto calmed them down, he looked at Sasuke who was away from him and said

"Fears, and are these wounded but could you give me a hand with the characters fill?"

sasuke saw him surprised and then turned to see the cat minions, he thought for a moment he smiled back at naruto and said

"You owe me a dobe"

"Of course fear"

the blonde ninja looked at the former mist ninjas and said

"Good pair of idiots, would you dance with me?"

they were both silent for a few seconds

Zabuza spoke first after standing up

"Fight on the side of a crying brat? never, I'll do it by myself "

"Not only, I'll be with you Mr. Zabuza"

Haku said smiling sweetly

-Even with her face covered with zabuza's blood she is cute-


Naruto said creating as many clones as the little chakra he had allowed it

watching the scene, cat had a bad feeling, they were just mercenaries on the verge of death and two injured children and one practically destroyed, what could happen?

"I'm sorry for you villain A"

After driving his men away, Gato tried to flee but Zabuza did not give him the opportunity, now he swims with the fish at the bottom of the river

the two ex- mist ninjas decided to resign themselves to their fate and be taken to konoha to be judged, what they did not expect was that kakashi would let them go, he did not say it explicitly but it was obvious to everyone

"Oh, I'm too tired, I can't move, don't try to escape okay?"

gave the sensei as he waved his hand dismissively and took his book to read

everyone was surprised, even naruto, he had been worried about how to make kakashi let them go and he planned several arguments for it, but it seems they were not necessary

After discussing this, Haku and Zabuza decided to take this as an opportunity and before Kakashi changed his mind they started on their way, but not before saying goodbye.

"Naruto, I can not be more grateful for everything you do done for us"

said haku

"Don't worry wife, I did it because I wanted to "

"Haha of course I do"

"I'm glad I met you, without you, I would never have imagined that things would turn out this way, seriously thank you very much"

" Hahahaha that's me Naruto the great, praise me more"

to hide his shame Naruto could only brag and what happened next caught him off guard

Haku approached him, joining his face with Naruto's, he kissed him on the cheek

"That's my thanks"

said said with a sweet smile and a slight blush on her face

" Ahahahaha "

Naruto could only laugh hysterically at the situation

-definitely a woman, there is no doubt, should I really propose? the environment is indicated-

Haku river of this is just steps away

"by the way"

he said and began to take off the top of his clothes surprising everyone

Kakashi with hearts in his eyes began to think about the things he read in his beloved book

Sasuke didn't know what to think and looked away

Sakura blushed furiously and covered her face with her hands

the most affected by far was naruto because of the face he made it seemed that he was about to reveal the meaning of life or the existence of god

-¿ what I know? I really will say what? Does that mean you accept me? I'll really get a wife for 12 years? good job papafrita for bringing me here-

When Haku's torso was revealed, all of Naruto's hopes and dreams were shattered, instead of the modest bust that Naruto expected, there were pectorals worked with several abs underneath, without a doubt the body of a man

"And what I had said, I'm a man"


silence seized everyone while naruto felt that he died again

"Good dobe. it seems that you are going to marry a man "

sasuke couldn't take any more and was the one who broke the silence with the happiest smile naruto ever saw

of course naruto wasn't paying attention



his thoughts and words completely matched

and they saw the two rogue ninjas walk away from them, so no one heard the following conversation

" Why did you use a transformation to look like a man ? "

Sasuke asked raising his eyebrow with interest in Haku's actions.

"It is my revenge for hitting the zabuza - san,"

he turned to look at team 7 in the distance and continued while smiling fondly

"And that 's more fun"

Zabuza seemed to understand something, but changed the subject

"Well, in any case, I would like to see his face when I find out, I have a feeling that the boy is going to do something great, and a professional murderer always pays his debts, so it is not the last time we see them"

Zabuza said as he contemplated the future for the first time in a long time