AN- Ships - Morey and Thason

He's going back to the bar, to get his boyfriend another drink. Corey hated crowds. He'd turn invisible at any little bump or shove. So Mason's squeezing in-between guys at Sinema, apologizing with each step, when he feels a muscular arm around his waist. He tries to shove it away, but it's stuck to him like super glue.

"Hey sex pot" Cinnamon breath sings into his ear.

He looks up and sees a taller blonde with eerie blue eyes, grab his ass with a vengeance.

"I'm taken"

"I can smell that" He smiles.

Before Mason can spin away he's being cradled against this random guy, being picked off his feet. Like they're friends. The guy laughs at all the squirming the human does as he carries him to a dark corner of the club. "I'll shout the doors off this fucking club I swear!"

"The hell you will" The man said placing a sweaty palm against the human's mouth. "You're human right? How will that make your pack look? Hmmm?" He asks. As Mason tries to pry his hand away, the man moves closer, too close. Grinding up against him as the music makes the floor vibrate."You smell scared" The stranger says swiping his hands down Mason's crotch. "Boyfriend or not, you're coming home with-" Before he can claim him, claws are wrapped around his shoulder. Mason gasps as the guy is pulled away from him and sent flying across the room.

"The...Theo?" Mason gasps as he sees the familiar face.

"RUN!" The chimera growls.

The human wants to, but he does nothing of the sort. It's dangerous and a little fun, [and a turn on] seeing Theo turn crazy, and glowing. The creep isn't actually fully human. He's glowing and fanged too. The human tries to guess what he is, as Theo kicks his ass, as much as he can before security come sniffing around. The chimera disappears into the crowd, then in moments comes back, with three drinks in his hand without breaking a sweat.

"What the fuck...are you okay?" Mason asks him nervously.

"Yeah. I'd ask you the same thing, but your boyfriend can ask you that himself" Theo turns to the nearest slot in the wall and glows his eyes like lazers. Like magic, Corey appears.

" long have you..." Mason asks open mouthed.

"He's a wendigo" Corey explains. "He wouldn't have hurt you, I could hear it all"

"And fucking SEE it!" Mason yells. "You watched me get dragged off the floor, pinned to the wall and did absolutely nothing!"

"If it turned violent, you know I'd come through for you. He was horny, you were confused and...and it was hot" Corey confessed with a red cheeks.

"YOU'RE SICK!" Mason spits out, too disgusted to even look at him. In disappointment, he runs out of the club.

He leans against the alleyway on the right, trying to hold back the tears. He digs in in pockets looking for enough money for a cab. He curses, when his fingers tickle a handful of change. That will teach him to leave his wallet at home. He gets out his phone ready to call his MVP.

"Are you sure Liam's a good idea?" Theo asks, passing him his drink.

"I need to get home"

"If you tell him what happened, you know he'll burn this club down. I'm gonna be pissed. Sinema has some firm pieces of ass in here"

"My heart bleeds" Mason shakes his head in disgust for the second time tonight.

"Security saw fists flying, they won't let me back in" The chimera tweaks at his own nose with his forefinger and thumb. "I'm leaving anyway. I can drop you off"

"Well….Corey…..I" Mason leans against the wall in thought.

"First and only time I'm offering" Theo warns. "Don't take all day" He begins to walk off without a care in the world.

That's how Mason found himself in Theo's truck. Confiding in Theo of ALL people. About how confused he was, whether he had a future with Corey. He was questioning if he could ever trust him again? If this kind of stuff was normal for couples, gay Straight or Bi. He zips up his fleece as Theo pulls up.

"Go on?"

"What?" Theo asks.

"You've either got a voyeur joke or some great great advice. Shoot your shot" Mason asks.

Theo stops the engine and stares straight ahead with tunnel vision. "You know I go through chicks like my underwear. And there's not many guys that catch my eye. As for supernaturals... I've got no advice"

"No jokes to cheer me up?" He pleads.

"Your whole relationship is a joke!" Theo sneers. "Your beloved Corey treats you like shit and you just smile and eat it! Get out of my truck"

Hurt, but trying to not to show it, the human obediently gets out of the truck. He's now looking forward to a cup of hot chocolate and a couple of White chocolate pecan cookies while trying to forget about everything. Which is what he can do, curled up in his own bed. He takes a few steps forward, when his eyes clear. He raises his head and looks up in confusion.

"Wai…..this isn't my place?" He notices, bewildered.

"Clever boy. It's mine" Theo tells him, getting out of his precious truck, he quickly locks the door.

"What was the point of….."

"I'm sorry, did you want Corey banging your door down at one AM begging for your forgiveness? Or do you want a peaceful night's sleep?"

"We can see if Liam's….."

"It's as cold as fuck out here" Theo interrupts him, brushing past him, he speeds to the door and opens it. "Are you coming in, or are you gonna camp outside, like a stray?"