Chapter 1

Author's Note

I wanted to write a story to fulfill my Percabeth heart! I love theatre au's and am actually a theatre girlie, so I wanted to try one out myself, but with my own spin to it! I hope you all enjoy this new story! I'm very excited to get this out for everyone to read!

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It is rated T for language and suggestive language!

No One's POV

"Annabeth! Annabeth!" a cheerful voice called. Annabeth Chase stood at her locker, putting her unneeded books away before the dismissal bell rang. She looked up to see her best friend, Piper McLean, running up to her with colorful flyers in her hand.

The two girls have known each other since elementary school. While Piper was fashionable, loud, and an outgoing person, Annabeth was more simple, quiet, and reserved. They balanced each other out and were very close.

"Hi, Pipes." Annabeth greeted as she shut her locker and twisted the combination on the lock. She slung her grey backpack around her shoulder, straightening her back.

"Hi, Beth!" Piper grinned as she shoved one of the papers into Annabeth's hand. "Look at this!"

"Goode High School's Annual Theatre Production...This year is Romeo and Juliet...Auditions next Wednesday at 3:00pm sharp!" Annabeth read aloud. "You're going to audition? That's awesome, Pipes, I'm sure you'll get it."

Piper rolled her eyes. "No, silly! I'll be working on the set for the costumes. I was showing it to you so that you could audition!"

Annabeth stared at her in disbelief. "Uh, no way, Piper. You seriously think I'm going to make a fool out of myself in front of the whole school? No, thank you."

"Come on, Beth. You have a great voice and you're good at acting! It'll look fantabulous on your resume!" Piper said in a sing-song tone.

"No, Piper."


"No, Piper."


Piper started to beg, but was cut off by a loud whoop as the dismissal bell rang. An attractive black-haired guy with his arm slung around a redhead's shoulders fist-bumped Jason Grace, Piper's boyfriend, as they turned the corner.

"Bye, Percy, Rachel." Jason nodded towards the redhead and the couple waved as they left, Rachel eyeing Annabeth and Piper with a look of disdain. Jason made his way to where Piper and Annabeth were standing.

"Baby!" Piper squealed as she jumped into Jason's arms and peppered him with kisses.

"Ugh, hello?! Best friend in the vicinity." Annabeth flicked Jason's arm and he yelped. The trio started walking outside.

"Anyways, come on, Annabeth! It'll be fun! And we get to hang out more!" Piper continued trying to persuade the blonde girl and she sighed.

"What'll be fun?" Jason questioned as the group paused in the front of the school building.

"The play. I got signed for lead costume designer! Remember, I told you? I'm trying to get Annabeth to audition for Juliet."

"You'd make a great Juliet, Beth." Jason agreed and Annabeth groaned.

"Not you too, Jason. I'm too busy to do the play anyways."

"With what social life?" Piper chimed and she looked pointedly at Annabeth's protest. "Don't even try to argue. You have not been to a single party since high school started. And that was three years ago!"

"I've been to parties." Annabeth grumbled.

"Yeah. Mine. And you just stay locked in my room the entire time! Girl, you've got to get out of your shell. Make a life out of our senior year!" Piper tapped Annabeth's back as she gave her speech and Annabeth huffed.

"I'll think about it."

"Awesome! Text me later, kay!" Piper blew her a kiss and she and Jason walked off to the parking lot. Annabeth lingered behind as she pulled out the flyer to study it once more.

Piper was right, in a sense. Annabeth was always out of the spotlight, rarely doing anything that could distract from achieving her dreams of becoming a world-renowned architect. It was her senior year after all. She should do something fun and exciting and out of the box. Auditioning for the play would be exactly that.

And it would look good on her resume.

Annabeth spun around and made her way to the office to get an application packet, her mind made up.