Chapter 14

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No One's POV

Four Weeks Till Opening Night

Annabeth was honestly the happiest she's ever been.

Percy had been much more attentive, escorting her to her classes, giving her his jacket when she seemed too cold, even ordering for her whenever she was too engulfed in her studies to care. She was surprised to see how much he had remembered from their short and bitter time together, but that was in the past.

It was like he was trying to make up for that fact.

Annabeth didn't mind. She thought his adorable attempts to gain her forgiveness (which he already had, to be completely honest) were romantic.

And Annabeth Chase didn't do romantic.

But here she was, willingly holding his hand and smiling at his dopey grin whenever they met up. Their friends were glad for them, and Piper was proud of herself for sending the two on the little museum date, as she stated with a little smirk and wiggle of her eyebrows every time the two entered a room together.

Although she did threaten Percy a few times and every time Percy had nodded fearfully and Annabeth had laughed for a whole five minutes.

Yeah, all in all, it was going good.

Rehearsals were going even better, save for Rachel having the occasional fit about a certain scene or outfit.

The girls were in the fitting room, Piper making a few adjustments to Hazel's costume. The others were in the auditorium, helping build the sets.

"Can you believe there's only four more weeks till the actual play?" Hazel gasped as she fiddled with her fingers on the platform. "I don't think I'm ready."

"Oh, please, you've got this in the bag. Both of you do," Piper waved one of her sewing needles between the two and Hazel flinched. "Sorry, Haz."

"It's alright." she squeaked and Annabeth chuckled, brushing a strand of hair from her Juliet wig away from her face.

"Are you having an opening night party, Pipes?"

"Duh! Everyone's invited… And of course, it'll be your first party with Percy since getting.. Back together? Getting together? Either way, you're together, and it was highly in part thanks to me." Piper gave a dramatic bow and Annabeth rolled her eyes.

Just as Annabeth was about to reprimand the braided-haired girl, Rachel strutted in, her handbag draped over her arm along with one of her expensive jackets. Her phone was in one hand and mascara was smudged underneath her eyes, as if she'd been crying.

As soon as she saw the other three, she sniffed. "Oh, my apologies if I'm interrupting you. Miss Bree sent me to fetch some more supplies for the sets."

Piper scoffed. "Did you splash water onto your eyes just to make it look like you've been sobbing your eyes out?"

"What, of course not! I'm so sad, Percy truly did break up with me," Rachel wiped her right eye with an acrylic nail. "Of course, I suppose it was for the best. He wasn't the most attentive boyfriend."

Annabeth's face wrinkled in confusion, and so did Hazel's. "But didn't he-" Hazel began, but she quickly quieted when Rachel glared at her.

Rachel sighed as she flitted towards a supply closet, pulling out a box of paints and brushes. She absentmindedly thumbed through it, feigning interest in the contents.

The Rachel Annabeth knew would never paint. It'd get all over her clothes, maybe chip her nails. Too much grunt work.

"You know, I think he's never been all that invested in our relationship," she said sadly, as if she were just having a girl talk with her best friends.

Too bad Annabeth, Piper, and Hazel weren't her best friends. Piper was glaring at Rachel while Annabeth was staring at the floor. Hazel looked between the three uncomfortably, sensing the tension rising.

"He's always been caught up on you, Annabeth."

"What?" Annabeth's head jerked up suddenly, so quickly Hazel thought she'd cracked a bone

"It's true," Rachel insisted. "Everything reminded him of you. That's why he broke up with you, wasn't it? You didn't return the feelings."

Annabeth's stomach turned. Percy broke up with her because he cheated, did he not? They were together by mutual agreement they wanted to try again, see if they could be friends.

And they obviously were friends, more than friends, but Annabeth thought it was him trying to make up for it. They had chemistry, that was obvious, but she never imagined it was that serious for him.

What scared her more was that she felt a tugging at her heart that was as if it were agreeing.

Piper crossed her arms. "He broke up with her because he cheated on her! But he's turned a new leaf, he's trying his best."

Rachel sniffed again. "Is that what really happened though? That's not what I was told."

Annabeth opened her mouth to say something, but Miss Bree's voice floated in from the stage. "Rachel! Do you have the box?"

"Yes, Miss Bree! I'll be there in a moment!" Rachel turned to Annabeth, her expression taking on something that resembled pity. She looked like she was about to say something, but she shook her head and left, giving Piper a small smirk as she went.

Piper rolled her eyes as she jabbed a pin into her cushion. "She's so annoying. Ignore her, Beth. I'm sure she's just fishing for sympathy. Word of Percy breaking up with her has tainted her rep."

Annabeth didn't reply, her mind spinning. She and Percy have known each other for so long. She'd read books of that kind of stuff happening, enemies falling for each other. She'd never imagined it would've happened in real life, to her.

"Annabeth?" Piper repeated. "Did you hear what I said?"

Annabeth startled out of her thoughts. "What..?"

"I said that you should just ignore her," Piper said again as she returned to casually pinning Hazel's costume back together. "She's just stirring up drama between you and Percy. You're both doing so well, and you're obviously happy. That's what's important."

"But… Now that I think about it, we've never… We've never talked about it. We just rushed into it. Shouldn't we-"

"I think maybe you're overthinking things." Hazel said tentatively, as if Annabeth would get irritated at her for speaking.

Annabeth sighed. "You think so?"

"I know so," Piper nodded. "Like I said, Rachel's image was tainted when Perce broke up with her. She's trying to direct the drama away from her and towards you two, which would work quite well because of your history. But Annabeth, I haven't seen you smile this much in forever. I think you should just not worry about her."

"Of course it's up to you, Annabeth, I mean, it's your life, your relationship." Hazel chimed and Annabeth nodded, not really paying attention.

Piper huffed, poking at her friend's shoulder. "Annabeth, c'mon. I know you, and you're going to bury this away until we're gone and then you're going to go into planning mode."

"No, I won't."

"I haven't known you all that long, and even I know that." Hazel said with a small smile and Annabeth held up her hands in defense.

"Fine, I'll ignore it."

For now.