Chapter 15

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No One's POV

2 ½ Weeks Till Opening Night

Annabeth had told Piper she'd ignore the whole situation.

However, that was two weeks ago.

She wasn't going to ignore it anymore.

Annabeth felt a little bad when she asked Percy if they could talk. The surprise, and maybe fear, in his eyes had punched her in the gut.

But she had to know.

Percy smiled at her when he found her sitting under one of the trees in the field, touching her shoulder gently. "Hi, Wise Girl."

The nickname swirled around in her head, and she suddenly felt dizzy.

"Hi, Percy." she said softly.

He sat down next to her, folding his legs into a criss-cross while she pulled her knees up to her chest, leaning her head against her knees.

"What's up?" His voice got worried and the churning feeling in her gut intensified.

Is this what it felt like when someone had to break bad news to somebody else? A doctor telling an elderly man his wife of almost 70 years had died? A broken pair telling their child that they would be getting divorced?

She didn't like the feeling.

"Um, I wanted to ask you something," Annabeth said, fiddling with her fingers. "Something Rachel told me."

Percy stiffened, his back going rimrod straight, and Annabeth smiled sheepishly at him. "Whatever she said, it's probably a lie."

Ever since breaking up with Rachel, Percy had been more open about his distaste for her. It was like the reins she had on him had snapped and he was a free horse.

"She said you were still in love with me while you two were dating," Annabeth said quietly and she didn't know it was possible for bones to get even stiffer. "It's part of the reason you broke up with me? Because I didn't return the same feelings?"

Percy didn't say anything, so Annabeth barrelled on. "But you cheated on me. That's why you broke up over text, isn't it?"

"When did she tell you this?"

"We were in the dressing room, me and Piper and Hazel. She came in, Miss Bree needed her to get some stuff in the back… She was all emotional because-"

"She was emotional?"

"It was fake."

Percy scoffed. "That sounds like her."

Annabeth gave a tiny snort of amusement. "Piper said to ignore her, but it… it's been bothering me. I know you said we were going to try it, but I told you we need trust. So.. Can you-"

Percy ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah, I'll tell you. Rachel was right."

Annabeth's heart stopped.

"I did love you. Realizing it now, I've always loved you. But I was young and dumb and I thought that you didn't return the feelings.. You'll admit it, right? You didn't. I didn't want to appear clingy, so I was going to break up with you," Percy bit his lower lip. "Over text wasn't the best way to do it."

"No kidding," Annabeth murmured under her breath. "But the picture… I saw it."

"It wasn't for you," Percy said immediately, and somehow Annabeth knew he was being honest. "It was for my friend Magnus. His girlfriend was cheating on him, with someone that looked like me."

Annabeth's heart restarted, but then it was constricting in her chest.

He had broken up with her because he was scared she didn't return his feelings.

He broke up with her because he didn't know if she returned his feelings.

That was only in the books. That only happened in those corny romance movies and books that Piper was always pushing Annabeth to read.

Why was it happening to her?

Her eyes met with Percy's, and all of a sudden, she realized it, too.

She loved him.

Even when they were in middle school and he was stealing her pencils and tugging on her braids, she loved him.

And when they were dating (the first time) and he gave her flowers and dropped her off at her door after a date and did all the little things that first boyfriends did, she loved him.

And now, when he had remembered everything about her and how he'd listen patiently when she went on one of her tangents, she loved him.

She loved Percy Jackson, in all of his dumb glory.

"Annabeth?" He was shaking her shoulder.

"You okay? You totally just spaced off."

Annabeth let out a choked noise. "Um, I have to go."

Instead of facing the revelation of new feelings, she ran.

Far, far away from where Percy Jackson's eyes could sear even more into her heart.