Chapter 2

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No One's POV

Several days and late-night practices with Piper later, Annabeth found herself sitting in the auditorium next to Piper at the auditions for Romeo & Juliet. Several people were sitting in the seats, clutching scripts and sheet music and rereading their lines quietly to themselves.

"Are you ready for this, Beth?" Piper asked, nudging her friend.


"You sure? You don't sound ready." Piper fretted and Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"It's like a test. I am always ready for tests." Annabeth pointed out and Piper shook her head.

"Don't make it sound like school, Beth. It's going to be fun!" Piper promised and Annabeth nodded.

They whispered to each other as the doors opened and in walked Percy Jackson, the captain of the swim team, and his girlfriend, Rachel Dare, resident mean girl.

"What in the holy mother of gods is Percy Jackson doing here?" Annabeth growled as she spotted him.

"Rachel's making him audition for Romeo since she's going for Juliet." Piper said, leaning back in her chair. Annabeth's eyes narrowed and Piper chuckled, flipping through Annabeth's script, which was covered with neat notes in between scenes, indifferently.

The students in the auditorium quieted down when a tall, lanky woman wearing diamond-rimmed cat glasses and a floral printed shirt messily tucked into a lightly polka-dotted skirt appeared on the stage. A smaller boy who wore a hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts scurried up behind her, holding a clipboard and a stack of papers.

"What is going on with that outfit!" Piper gasped and Annabeth gave a soft laugh.

"Welcome!" the woman said, pausing dramatically as she spread her arms grandly. Her voice was high-pitched and sugary. "To Goode High School's theatre production! My name is Miss Bree, the drama teacher here at Goode. I am so incredibly elated to have you all here to be my theatre children!" she continued. She gestured to the boy behind her. "This is my assistant, Levi."

Levi waved timidly and Miss Bree pinched his cheek gently before turning back to the students.

"He looks so done with her." Piper whispered, making Annabeth laugh again.

"Now, this year's production is of Romeo and Juliet, one of my absolute favorites! And acting it out is no small feat, my friends. It is a big deal and I expect each and every single one of you to be committed and dedicated to this play as I am." Miss Bree said, clasping her hands together. "However, we shall all have a joyous time!"

Everyone applauded her speech and she smiled at the kids as she hopped down from the stage.

"Let's begin with the auditions! I hope everyone turned in their packets yesterday… And paid the fees." Miss Bree said sternly as she stared at everybody and most of them nodded meekly.

Miss Bree's expression turned cheerful once again. "Wonderful! Alrighty dighty then… Let's start!"

Most of the people who auditioned were pretty good. Annabeth sat up, stiffening, as Percy walked up onto stage. Piper looked over at her in concern, but the blonde was focused on the stage.


"Percy. Uh, Percy Jackson." he waited while Levi tried to find his name on the checklist. "My mom signed the papers so she probably used Perseus Jackson?"

"He never did things on his own." Annabeth said snidely and Piper nudged her.

"Be nice, Beth."

"Ah, here." Levi murmured, highlighting his name and showing it to Miss Bree. She signaled for him to do his audition and he did.

"If I profane with my unworthiest hand... This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this…" Percy recited and he was actually really good. Annabeth tuned him out and pretty soon, Piper was nudging her again, her eyes wide as Percy sang with a strong voice.

"Did he always have this good of a voice?" Piper asked with surprise laced in her tone.

"I don't rem-I'm not sure." Annabeth replied softly, catching her choice of words, and Piper patted her arm comfortingly.

"Magnifique! Just magnifique, Percy Jackson!" Miss Bree exclaimed loudly. Levi was scribbling notes on his clipboard as the teacher gushed about Percy's performance.

"Thanks, Miss Bree." Percy grinned as he sat back down with Rachel who gave him several kisses on his cheek.

Several more people auditioned and Annabeth and Piper fake-gagged as Rachel sang a slightly suggestive song and was overly dramatic with her scene. Miss Bree blinked a few times and whispered to Levi, who wrote down whatever she was saying.

"Uh, fabulous job, Rachel!" Miss Bree complemented and the red-head curtsied before flouncing back to her seat.

"Next up! Annabeth Chase." Levi called and Piper gave her best friend a thumbs-up.

"You got this!" she mouthed as Annabeth walked up to the stage. She stood under the spotlight and smiled at Miss Bree.

"Oh! You are such a belle, aren't you! Gorgeous. Go ahead."

Annabeth spoke her lines, confident and with flair, just as she and Piper had rehearsed. When it came to the singing part, she closed her eyes and sang her best, letting the music drift through her. When she was done, she opened her eyes and was shocked to see everyone on their feet, clapping. The only people who weren't standing were Percy and Rachel, the former looking in awe and the latter looked furious.

"Wow! Just wow! That was the star factor right there, Miss Annabeth Chase! Levi, write this down." Miss Bree tapped the desk with her pen excitedly. "Wonderfully done, Annabeth."

Annabeth gave a tiny bow and she returned to her seat next to Piper, who beamed at her.

"I told you that you got this." Piper said happily and they did their quick handshake they had made up in fifth grade.

"Yeah, I did, didn't I?"

"And you totally pissed Rachel off. Awesome!" Piper added, giving her a high-five.

Annabeth settled back into the chair as the auditions continued, listening to Piper talk animatedly about her ideas for the costumes, not noticing Percy Jackson giving her several glances during the rest of the hour.

‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣

Audition results were posted the next day and Piper eagerly dragged Annabeth to the bulletin board where other students were crowded around the pink paper thumbtacked to the wall.

"You got Juliet!" Piper squealed loudly after reading the list and she turned to hug Annabeth tightly. Annabeth smiled as she returned the hug. A few people strode up to them with big smiles on their faces.

"Congratulations! I'm Will and this is Nico. I'm playing Friar Laurence. And Nico is working behind the scenes." the tall blonde said.

"You two know Jason, huh?" Piper remarked and the two boys nodded.

"Congrats! I'm Hazel Levesque. I… I'm playing Juliet's nurse." a timid, dark-skinned girl said shyly and Annabeth chuckled.

"Thanks. I'm Annabeth Chase and this is Piper McLean."

"Oh! I'm so excited! You got Juliet!" Piper exclaimed again as she shook Annabeth with enthusiasm and Hazel gave a soft laugh as Annabeth tried to get Piper to calm down. The small group clamored excitedly as they talked about their upcoming roles.

"You got what?!" a shrill voice shrieked and the others turned around to face Rachel Dare and Percy, the former scratching the back of his neck nervously.

"There has to be a mistake. Your audition was terrible!" Rachel huffed as she shoved Hazel aside to peer at the list better. Piper caught the smaller girl, who looked terrified, and Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"If her audition was terrible, then what the heck was yours?" Nico questioned and he and Will fist-bumped as Piper cackled at the retort.

"Ugh! I can't believe I'm Rosaline." Rachel said with disgust.

"At least you're in the play." Hazel offered and Rachel harrumphed snootily.

"I'm Romeo!" Percy grinned as he finished reading the list (he was dyslexic) and Annabeth's mouth dropped open.

"You're who now?"

"Romeo. Oh, wait, you're Juliet." Percy's eyes widened at the realization and suddenly, Rachel grabbed his arm.

"Come on! I need to talk to Miss Bree. I can't just be a background character." she huffed as she dragged Percy away.

"He's Romeo? And you didn't tell me!?" Annabeth said loudly, turning towards Piper. Hazel, Will, and Nico gave each other confused glances.

"Beth, chill! It's just a play, nothing more. It'll be done within like two months." Piper placated and Annabeth sighed.

"Fine. I have to get to the library, but we're not done with this conversation." Annabeth muttered as she left in the opposite direction Percy and Rachel went.

"What was that all about?" Hazel asked and Piper shook her head.

"She and Percy have history," Piper paused and then she smiled lightly. "Very long history."