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This will feature a female Itachi (Izumi). Naruto will be strong, but he won't be a Jutsu-throwing, Rinnegan-wielding, super ninja at the age of 6.

This is going to be slightly AU, so there will be some changes in the Timeline and some backstories. I'll mention them in appropriate chapters or notes.

At the beginning, the ages will be as follows:

Izumi: 5 years

Naruto: 6 years

Natsumi: 0

Sasuke: 2.5 months

Minato: 26


What is a Shinobi?

People ask themselves this question, and the answer is almost never the same. Some may say a shinobi is a perfect killing machine, a monster who would never question his superior's orders and should kill without any mercy. Others would object. they would say a shinobi is he who protects the weak and the innocent without caring for his own life.

There are infinite unique definitions and opinions. However, none of them are wrong or right. A shinobi cannot be defined in simple ways.

A shinobi uses the energy known as chakra. Chakra has existed for a long time in the world. It originated, if one is to believe the legends, when a princess named Otsusuki Kaguya ate the forbidden fruit from the Shinju Tree, with intentions to stop all the wars, and became a goddess.

Her sons Hagoromo and Hamura inherited her power and when the princess' mind became warped with power, they sealed her in the moon after a long battle.

Otsusuki Hagoromo was considered a god himself, people called him 'The sage of six paths'. The powers were then passed on to their children and in their lineage. The sage spread his teachings on chakra, known as Ninshu, which helped people understand each other and minimized the need for violence. However, ironically his teachings were then perverted by people into Ninjutsu, which was almost always used to cause violence.

After an era when clans warred against each other, the first hidden village was formed by the rival clans Uchiha and Senju. Many other clans followed and the village was named Konohagakure, The Village hidden in the Leaves. After that, four other main villages were established, thus forming the five great nations.

There have been Three Great Ninja Wars till now. The First Great Ninja War ended with an armistice treaty, but also left the Five Great Countries seriously wounded. The treaty led to a period of peace, but after about twenty years, the economic disparity between the countries had become a serious problem. The nations began to form factions, and under the pretext of expending fair rights, the countries started using military force to expand their territories. Thus, the Second Great War started.

The conflict flowed from the second war to the third war, almost without a pause, which had ended not more than a year ago.

Namikaze Minato was a tall, blond-haired man. He stood in silence as he watched the beast destroy his village. In his arms, he carried a small bundle, 'My Child'.

Minato was a war hero. He played a very major part in ending the third war, almost singlehandedly. Minato was named the Fourth Hokage after The third retired near the end of the third war, almost a year ago.

He was supposed to be the strongest man in the village. The Hokage had a duty to protect his village. But as a father and a husband, he couldn't be sure if he could save his family tonight.

He watched the monst-no, the Beast causing wanton destruction, and noticed that it suddenly stopped moving, with golden chains binding it's massive 300 metre tall frame.

The beast was crushed to the ground, glaring in front of itself. Kushina.

His wife was not even close to giving up, despite just having given birth to their child, as she looked fiercely in the beast's eyes.

They were attacked just after she gave birth to their beautiful daughter. A man wearing a yellow mask had appeared in a distortion, and taken their child hostage.

"Step away from the Jinchuriki, or the child will die." the man had said. He was clearly an Uchiha, his sharingan eye blazing through the mask hole.

Minato managed to save his child, but his wife was taken by the man and the Kyuubi inside of her was forcefully brought out. Usually, when the tailed beast is extracted, it's Jinchuriki dies instantly. But because of her Uzumaki vitality and sheer will power, she was still alive, but barely.

"The Uchiha are a part of the leaf village, Why attack your own home? What do you aim to achieve!?"

"That," the man chuckled in a deep voice, "is none of your business Fourth Hokage. And it won't even matter to you, because you will die today. That, I promise you."

The man used a strange teleporting ability, and Minato had a hard time connecting his attacks. But one attack was all he needed to injure the man.

Enough to make him retreat.

"As expected of the Yellow Flash, you really are the fastest. You may have defeated me, but the Kyuubi will be mine one day!"

And then he was gone.

Minato teleported to his wife, breaking out of his shock. "Kushina! Are you okay!?"

"Minato! I cant hold it back much longer." She was breathing heavily. "We need to seal it back inside of me. I'm already dying, I'll take this bastard with me."

Minato's face was grim, he knew it was a bad idea.

"Even if it works, the Kyuubi will just reform in a few years. Konoha will lose its possession, and the balance of power would be greatly disturbed. More over, we can not allow it to fall in that masked man's hands." He told his wife and she snapped her neck to glare at him.

"You better not be planning to do what I think you are. I'll never forgive you if you burden our child with this! Not after my son-" She stopped herself abruptly in the middle upon seeing the hurt on Minato's face.

Their first child, a beautiful boy, died hours after he was born. They were devastated and never truly recovered from their son's death. However, they wanted to try again but it doesn't seem like fate would ever let them spend more than a few hours with either of their children.

She was angry, frustrated and just very sad. Jinchuriki were almost always treated with scorn by the people. It was something parents could not burden their child with. But deep down, Kushina knew her husband was right. They had no choice but to trust that their daughter would be strong enough to push through it.

Her face was wet with sweat and tears, and her legs were getting wobbly, but she did not let the chains binding the beast loose.

Minato looked into her eyes and pleaded. "He was my son as well... I loved him too! I do not want to do this any more than you do, but this is the only way and you know it too. Turning your back on your village and country is just as bad as abandoning your child, Kushina.. you should understand… your saw your own country fall apart. Have a little faith. She is our daughter after all!"

Kushina looked defeated. She looked at the bundle in his arms. "Just… Just let me hold her once more. I want to gaze at her face once more before I die."

Minato brought his gaze to the crying baby and nodded silently.

As soon as she held her, the baby stopped crying, almost as if knowing she was in her mother's embrace and smiled brightly. Pale face with six whisker marks on her face, red hair and blue eyes. She had her mother's hair but her father's eyes.

Kushina laughed too, gently, crying all the while. Minato looked solemnly at the scene and then glared at the beast, which was beginning to stand up.

'Summoning Jutsu!'

A gigantic toad, carrying a tanto and smoking a pipe appeared in a big cloud of smoke and crashed upon the giant fox.

"Gamabunta! Stop the beast from getting up while I prepare to seal it."

Gamabunta, for once, looked at the scene and did not question anything.

The Hokage summoned an altar, and Kushina gently placed the child on it, which started crying again upon noticing the lack of her mother, and drew a symbol on her stomach.

"I will use Shiki Fujin to seal half of the Kyuubi within myself, and half in Natsumi, using the Eight-trigrams sealing formula."

"Minato! He's too strong for me, Hurry up!" The fox roared and thrashed, and Gamabunta was thrown off.

The Nine-Tailed fox, fury in its eyes, looked at the baby and the symbol, and realized that it was going to be sealed again.


A giant claw moved towards the baby to kill it, but it was stopped.

Kushina and Minato were standing in the way, a claw all the way through their guts, blood dripping from their mouths. The baby stopped crying and looked at them curiously, blinking.

They smiled down at her, even though they couldn't feel their legs anymore.

"I will seal our remaining chakra in the Eight Trigrams seal too.. so we won't be seeing her for awhile…Let's tell her what we want to say to her…"

"Natsumi…don't be a picky eater, eat a lot and grow big and strong! Take your bath every day… go to bed early and sleep well. Study hard on your ninjutsu… I was never good at it...maybe you will be.. and if things don't go so well.. don't get depressed. Make friends... doesn't matter how many.. just make sure the few you have you can really trust.

"Regarding the three prohibitions, be careful when you loan or borrow money… make sure to save some of your mission pay… and no drinking until you are 20… too much sake is harmful for your body.. And for boys…don't go around chasing strange ones… find someone… just like your father… oh and.. watch out for Jiraiya sensei…"

She paused to wince, "Natsumi.. there are going to be hard and painful times ahead… take good care of yourself. There's so much… so much I want to tell you… teach you.. I want to stay with you longer... but I've made your big brother wait more than enough… I love you…. Minato… Sorry I took all your time too…"

Minato grinned painfully.

"Natsumi... My words to you as your father… is ditto to your motormouth mother…"

The Kyuubi was sealed once again. When people arrived at the battlefield all they found were The Fourth Hokage and his wife's corpse with a baby crying in an altar. The only one who knew about the child's lineage was Hiruzen Sarutobi, The Third Hokage. He realized what had happened and cursed himself.

The day will be remembered by the current and coming generations as a day to mourn for their losses and rejoice for their Hokage's victory. Konoha lost countless civilians and shinobi, among whom was the man hailed and feared throughout the world as The Yellow Flash of Konoha. He died leaving his legacy to his child, his daughter Uzumaki Natsumi.

However, he left another legacy that neither he nor the Third Hokage knew about