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Chapter Two

Panorakai had stopped counting how many days had passed. She mostly laid on her small cot towards the back of the small ship. Her memories plagued her, they were all bittersweet. She wished she could control time, she would go back and save her people. But when she thought that, she could hear Elder Vanarika scolding her. She knew that she couldn't do that to them. She saw the outcomes of her people. If she saved them then someone far worse could have happened and she wouldn't put them through that.

So she laid in bed and reminisced about her life on Nabos, all 134 years of it. Though she supposed she was older now, since she had been traveling for awhile now. The stars were constantly changing and if she was correct and the wear and tear was right then she had been traveling for almost one hundred years. And if she was correct then her people had been dead for almost 5 years now.

She fiddled with a small bracelet she had found in a drawer a few months into her trip. She had put it on once but once she saw what it did, she took it off and hadn't put it back on. She had taken to fiddling with it constantly. When she put the bracelet on, her pale blue skinned faded into a pale pink and her blue hair lightened into an almost white-blonde color. She knew that the People of Earth didn't look like she did but she wasn't ready to say goodbye to one more thing. So she fiddled with it instead.

It was when the ship shook enough to throw her from her cot that she ran to the front and sat in the control seat. She glanced out the window to see a blue and green planet below her and flames beginning to appear around her ship. She buckled in and her breathe quickened as the ship shook more as she fell to the planet below. A scream or two escaped her as they ship began to shake more and the ground began to approach quickly.

She sat up and began to press buttons frantically when the ship did not begin to slow. Then, with a large crash, Panorakai finally landed and she was almost ripped from her restraints. She couldn't help the smile that crossed her face as black spots entered her vision and pain spread through her body.


March 24, 1916

Panorakai's eyes slowly blinked open and her eyes widened to find herself inside a small home. At least she thought it was a home. It looked much different than her own on Nabos but the belongings gins that littered the small area and the fire burning not too far away told her that someone probably lived here. A being walked in and Panorakai couldn't help but scoot back on the large cot that she was on. The being held up their hands and smiled, which looked strange on their pale face.

"Hello, I'm happy to see that you are awake."

The words sounded strange to Panorakai but they weren't completely unlike her own language.

"Where am I?"

The being smiled, "You are in Farringham. I found you unconscious in your ship three days ago."

"You found me?"

She smiled, "Yes, I found you. I am a nurse so I was able to fix your injuries, though you weren't very hurt. Just a cut on your head."

"A nurse?"

"A healer."

"Oh, well I appreciate the care that you have given me."

There was silence before Panorakai stood up and placed her left hand over her chest and bowed, "My name is Panorakai."

The being gave a wide smile and stepped forward, "Hello Panorakai, my name is Joan."


August 14, 1916

Panorakai had been kept in Joan's small cottage for months. They mostly didn't talk to one another but something about Joan gave Panorakai the idea that she knew she was coming. Panorakai had found that the bracelet on a shelf a few days after waking and had eventually decided to put it on. She now looked like a normal human, with pink skin and light blonde hair that Joan had taken to braiding and pinning up for her. She had always kept her hair down so she didn't really know what to do with it. And the bracelet seemed to only come off when she took it off.

The clothing was something that she still hadn't gotten used to. Her clothing from home was loose and comfortable but the clothing she had to wear now was tight and itchy. It was a little hard for her to breath at first but she had slowly gotten used to it. But one thing that had changed was that she hadn't had any dreams since she had gotten here. Her dreams were silent.

Joan was a very nice human, which Panorakai was grateful. She didn't ask too many questions and would just sit with Panorakai outside, sometimes they both just stared at the sky.

"You have been very kind to me, Joan."

Joan pat Panorakai's hand that rested near hers, "Think nothing of it. I will always be here for you, Panorakai."

Panorakai couldn't help the giggle that escaped her lips. While they both spoke the same language, there were some words that Joan used that Panorakai couldn't understand and it went both ways. But Joan could never pronounce her name correctly. She didn't know why it was funny, but it was.

"I have been thinking that perhaps I should adopt a new name?"

Joan looked off into the distance and a small smile played on her lips, "Yes, perhaps you should. Have you thought of one?"

"I do not know many names from Earth."

"Then I shall help you, as long as you don't mind."

"I heard a lovely name in town this morning that you may like. A kind young lady named Ora helped me pick out some flowers for Ms Finnegan."

"Ora?" It sounded like a part of her own name. A smile spread across her face as she nodded, "Yes, I do like the name Ora."

"Well then, Ora," Joan said as she stood up and brushed off her dress. "Why don't you come inside and help me with dinner?"

Panorakai stood and smiled, "I would like that."


February 17, 1925

Ora knocked as she entered the cabin of Joan Barnham. Joan had been introduced to Arthur Barnham just four years ago and they had been married for almost a year.


"Ah! Ora! How are you?" Arthur walked from the bedroom and greeted Ora with a large smile.

"I'm wonderful! I just heard the great news!" Ora reached over and hugged the 'older' man.

"Word spreads too fast in this town!" Joan came from the bedroom and gave Ora a large hug.

"You didn't tell me!"

"The doctor was just over and his assistant must've started talking as soon as they reached town!"

Ora gave Joan another hug, "I am so happy for you! For you both!"

The happy couple hugged each other and looked at Ora, "We're both very happy! We just didn't think this was going to be a possibility! I am well over the age of child bearing, but the doctor thinks I may be able to have a healthy baby as long as I take it easy."

"So no working for me beautiful wife until our miracle is born." Arthur gave his wife a kiss on the cheek and then smiled at Ora, "Now, how is my lovely wife's sister today?"

"You wouldn't believe the news I've heard!"


December 18, 1935

Ora ran with a flurry of her skirt towards Joan's house. She had been traveling and had just received word of her health. She burst through the front door and looked to see a bed set up in the living room and on that bed was a woman that resembled Joan, but she was so emaciated that it couldn't be.


"My sister, make room."

Tears came to Ora's eyes as she moved past Arthur and little Charlotte, their beautiful little girl.

"Joan, what happened?"

"She was fine and then she just fainted one day. It has been downhill since then." Arthur kissed his wife's forehead and discreetly wiped away his tears.

Ora sat next to Joan, the woman who had become her sister in her nineteen years on Earth. "You were supposed to great me at the door once I got back home."

Joan smiled weakly and grabbed Ora's hand, "I didn't want to take you away from your travels."

"I can take all the time I want to travel, but you are important to me. So I would rather be here right now than anywhere else in the universe."

"I need you to listen to me, Ora."

A tear slid down her face, "What do you need to tell me?"

"You can't stay here. You've been here too long and you look the same."

"I can't leave! Arthur and Charlotte will need me!" Ora shook her head as she looked at Arthur, but he didn't seem surprised. Joan had spoken to him about this.

"They will be fine, I won't have this town start a witch hunt when I'm gone. Promise me that you will leave once I am gone. That you will continue to travel."

Ora wiped her face and nodded, "I promise. But I won't stop checking on your little girl."

Joan smiled and closed her eyes, "I'd never dream of asking you that. You will see me again, Panorakai." And Joan closed her eyes and fell asleep.


February 9, 1936

Arthur, Charlotte, and Ora stood at the grave of Joan Barnham. Charlotte was softly crying as Arthur held her close and Ora stood stoically as she looked at the name carved upon the stone. Joan was her first friend on Earth, a friend who had become family. And she seemed to keep losing her family.

She stood up straighter and turned to Arthur who was already looking at her, "Go." He said with a sad smile. "I saw how some of them were looking at you. You need to go. Lottie and I will be fine, so don't you worry about us!"

Ora knelt down in front of Charlotte, "Hello, my little dove."

"You're leaving," Her small voice whispered as she clung to her father.

"Yes, I am. But you will see me again someday. Maybe when you have family of your own. I love you, little Lottie. You take care of your father for me."

"I will, I promise. I love you, Auntie Ora."

"I love you too." Ora gave the small girl a big hug before she stood up and have Arthur a hug. She took one more glance at the headstone before she walked away.

She walked for miles before she fell to the ground and let out a loud sob which shook her body. She cried for hours, letting the pain consume.


January 21, 1941

Sirens blared throughout London as Ora ran through the street. Planes were passing overhead and she could hear explosions in the distance. She pumped her legs as fast as she could and tried to ignore the other people that were trying to run for cover.

"You have to run, Florence!" A mans voice reached Ora's ears.

"I can't run much more. Samuel. Just leave me! Find the children!"

"No, where you go, I go! Perhaps one of the buildings are unlocked!"

Ora heard doors shaking and then a groan of frustration. She sighed and then ran towards the couple.

She found an elderly couple leaning against a wall, both breathing hard and the female was grasping at her ankle.

"Are you two okay?"

"We're fine, you need to find cover, child!"

Ora almost laughed because she was older than both of them, but she schooled her face and shook her head, "I'm not going anywhere without the two of you. I will help carry her." Ora ran over and put the females arm around her shoulders, "Come on, we need to move."

The man ran over and put the womans other arm around his own shoulders. "We can do this, Florence."

The sirens seemed to blare louder as the ran and the planes began to fly closer.

"Where ever you were headed, I don't think we'll make it. We need to find cover now." Ora let go of the woman named Florence and started pulling at the doors but nothing was happening. Ora screamed and kicked the door.

"We're never going to find cover in time," Florence said as she fell to the ground.

"No, dear, we have to keep going! We'll make it somewhere safe." Samuel said as he stroked her hair. "Thank you for helping us, child, but you need to leave us behind."

"I'm sorry, sir, but I will not be leaving you behind. Now, if we can go a little further then maybe we can make it into a building. Or maybe some homes. I don't think we're too far away from the homes. Not that we're much safer in buildings but ti would be better than being out in the open."

"Our son is home with his cousin, they're all alone." Florence said as tears flooded her eyes.

"They will be fine, dear. They're adult men, they will get in the shelter."

An explosion went off not too far away and they all three screamed as they ducked.

"We need to move now!" Ora said as she stood up and looked around, but it was too late.

They all three heard a whistling sound and looked up to see a bomb heading straight for them. In a split second, Ora looked back to see Samuel and Florence with their eyes shut tightly as they held onto one another. And it took just a split second for Ora to realize that she wasn't ready to die and she wasn't about to let this nice old couple die.

The bomb got closer and Ora instinctively threw out her hands and blew sparks flew from her fingers and encased the three of them in a blue, shimmering bubble. Ora watched with wide eyes as the bomb struck the bubble, it waved underneath the force but it did not shatter.

Blue blood fell from Ora's nose as the barrier fell and black spots filled her vision. "What just happened?" She whispered as she looked at her hands and then collapsed onto the ground.


January 29, 1941

Cobalt blue eyes blinked open as Ora sat up on a bed in a house she didn't recognize.

"Oh, you're awake!" Ora looked over to see Florence with some laundry in her hands, walking into the room. "I am so sorry that I didn't catch your name before, dear."

Ora gasped as she felt something she hadn't felt in almost thirty years, something in her mind reaching out adn she felt happiness at the other end, though they weren't reaching out. She had connected with two humans! Ora knew it had to have happened when she did whatever she did in the street.


Ora looked up to see Florence looking at her and then remembered the question. "My name... My name is Dora."

Perhaps she shouldn't use the same name, but a version of it wasn't a bad idea.

"Well it is lovely to officially meet you, Dora. My name is Florence and my husband is Samuel. Our son, Robert, is around here somewhere." She sat the laundry down at the end of the bed and smiled, "We're not sure exactly what you did but we are both extremely grateful. You saved our lived that day and we don't know what we could do to repay you."

"You don't need to repay me. To be completely honest, I'm not exactly sure what it was that I did."

"No matter, if you ever need anything then please let us know. I have brought you a clean change of clothes."

Ora, now Dora, stood up as Florence turned around. Dora shimmied out of the nightgown she was in and put on the loose close that Florence had given her. They hung loose on her but she wasn't upset about it.

"I have breakfast on the table downstairs if you are hungry."

"Thank you, Florence. Breakfast sounds lovely."

Dora followed Florence downstairs into the kitchen where Samuel was sitting with a younger man who looked remarkably like the older man sitting next to him. While Samuel had salt and pepper hair and was a little bigger then his son, their faces were almost identical.

"Robert, dear, this is Dora. She is the reason your father and I are here today."

"No, Florence! I did nothing..."

The way that both Samuel and Florence looked at her told her to be quiet and just eat her food. They weren't going to argue. So Dora ate her food in silence, and she had to admit that it was very delicious. She had been on the road for a few years now, mostly living off what she could find in the outdoors. This was the first real mean she had eaten since Joan had passed away.

"Florence this is delicious."

Florence seemed to glow under the praise, "Well eat up dear, you're skin and bones! Where are your parents?"

Dora stopped eating and looked at her plate, she wasn't sure how old she looked to them but she knew that some kids in this world can get put into homes if they don't have parents. She shook her head, she was not a child.

"I don't have any parents. My family has been gone for a long time now. It's just been me since my.. sister passed away."

"Oh, I am so sorry, dear! When was that?"

"She passed in 1936."

Florence leaned over and pat her hand, "I am so sorry. My own family has been gone for years. its just the three of us now. Unless you count Samuel's sister, but she's in and out of the hospital. Her husband and son live in America, so we don't see them often."

"I'm glad you have one another, life is lonely without someone to share it with." Dora picked at her food before Samuel cleared his throat.

"We have an extra room. If you need some place to stay then you are more than welcome to stay here."

Her newly formed bond was screaming at her to stay. They were just human so the couldn't connect with her so they didn't realize that she was getting the barest hints at their emotions. Robert was curious about her, Samuel was filled with thankfulness, and Florence was filled with hope.

"Alright then, I'll stay."


May 29, 1953

Dora stood in a light pink dress that fell to her ankles, two inch heels were strapped to her feet and her hair was wrapped in a beautiful braid on top of her head. Robert had just gotten married to his childhood sweetheart. Helen was a wonderful woman with honey blonde hair that perfectly curled and bounced around her shoulders as she danced in the middle of a beautifully decorated room. The silvers and whites that littered the room complimented each other as the bride twirled around in her tornado of happiness.

"You look beautiful tonight, dear."

Dora smiled as Florence sat down next to her, "Nowhere near as beautiful as Helen looks today. They're so happy."

"One usually is when they find their soulmate."

"Do you truly believe in that?"

Florence smiled and looked at Samuel, "I do. My life wouldn't be the same if I didn't have my Samuel. I was made to make him happy and he was made for me. I couldn't imagine my life without him."

"I don't think I do have a soulmate. You know how I came here." Dora had broken down not even a year after she had met the wonderful family who invited her to live with them. Had taken off her bracelet and told them of her origins and the spontaneous bond she had accidentally created with their family. They had been shocked, of course, but this wonderful family had eventually come to terms with what she had shared with them and accepted her wholly.

"No matter where you come from, I believe that everyone has someone out there that they are meant to love."

Dora smiled as she took a sip of her champagne. "Is Robert still upset with me?"

"What? That you're planning on traveling to America and leaving us behind?"

"All you had to do was say that you'd miss me, Florence."

Florence smiled and gave Dora a playful shove, "We won't miss you that much. You're too much trouble."

Dora rolled her eyes and gave a small smile and she looked over and saw Robert and Helen dancing with one another. But had to look away as she coughed and pain flooded her body.

"Are you alright?" Florence sat closer to Dora and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm fine, Florence, just a cough."

"In the twelve years I have known you, you have never coughed, never been sick. Now do not lie to me, are you alright?"

Dora grimaced, "My people weren't made to be alone. I've told you of the connection and we need that to survive. It helps that I accidentally created a connection to your family but it is only one sided. Eventually my body won't be able to take a one way connection."

"I wish we could help you."

"It's fine. Everything has it's time, if I am meant to die, then I will. But I will be fine for a long time. There's three of you helping me, so I don't want you to worry. Okay?"

"Fine, but it gets worse in America then you need to come home, we Tylers stick together."

"That you do, Florence. That you do."


March 16, 1970

"I NEED MORE TOWELS!" Dora screamed over the dozens of others screaming out in pain. She wore a green nurses uniform and she tried to hold down the man in front of her. The poor man had stepped on a mine and what was left of his leg was mangled. "Gibson!"

"Yes ma'am?" An older woman ran over with towels in her hand.

"Put one of the towels in his mouth and hold him down, this is going to hurt." Dora picked up a saw and begin to saw and began to cut away what was left of his leg. He screamed into the towel until he passed out. It took minutes before the leg was removed. Dora quickly grabbed the towels and bandages and wrapped the stump up as best as she could.

Gun fire was heard outside and Dora quickly looked up and began shouting orders, "We need to move these men now!"

Bullets rained down into the tent the handful of nurses were occupying with their wounded soldiers. Dora quickly ran to the man she had just helped and covered him as the bullets flew by. She screamed as one hit the left side of her chest and she looked down to see the blue blood quickly staining her uniform.

"Ma'am! We need to go now!"

The nurses were picking up guns and returning fire as best as they could but they were being out-numbered. The men that were usually guarding the perimeter where nowhere to be seen.

"We're not going to die here, ladies!" Dora said as she picked up a gun lying near her and began to return fire. She wasn't sure how long they stayed in the tent, protecting the men they had vowed to save. It seemed like years before their enemy retreated into the woods.

"Gibson, is the radio dead?" Dora asked as she ran to the patients and began to look the over. They had only lost two in the gunfight.

"No ma'am!"

"Radio for a chopper! We need to get out of here now! Before they come back. Hall! Young! Reed! Check these men over and make sure they will be stable enough for transport. I'm going to see if anyone survived."

Gibson stood next to Dora as she grabbed a gun, "Ma'am, it's not safe out there."

"It's not safe in here, Gibson. We need to check and see is anyone survived."

"Then I will come with you."

It had taken the ladies months to respect Dora. She being 'English' while everyone else was from various places in America. But she had been with these ladies for almost three years. They had been constantly on the move and wound up having each other backs more than once. They had lost of of their own when the opposing troops had invaded their camp. They were lucky it was only one but it still shook them to the core.

Dora and Gibson slowly made their way out of the tent and began to check the bodies of the fallen soldiers, hoping for at least one survivor. But after an hour of checking, the returned to the tent empty handed.

"Ma'am, now that we are back in the tent, we need to check your injury."

"I'm fine, Gibson." She knew that she wasn't fine. But she healed fast so she just needed to get the bullet out and she'd be fine. Though it hurt a hell of a lot more than she thought it would.

"Ma'am, I have seen your blood before. Please just let me help you." Gibson was looking into her eyes and Dora could only sigh and nod.

She didn't think she would ever scream so loud. She tried to bite down on a towel to quiet herself, but as Gibson dug around in the bullet hole trying to pull it out, she couldn't help but scream. It felt like it was hours later and she laid on a cot and Gibson put the bullet in the metal pan.

"You scream like a girl," Gibson said with a smile on her face.

Dora rolled her eyes, "I'll try to sound more manly next time you dig a bullet out of my chest."

"There better not be a next time, ma'am. If you get shot again then I'm going to leave the damn thing in."

Dora could only laugh as the sounds of a helicopter grew closer.


October 17, 1983

Dora collapsed onto the couch and gave a large sigh.

"No." Came a loud voice from the kitchen.

"Oh, come on Pete! Return of the Jedi is playing in the theater! I want to go see it!"

"Then you can go alone! I told you that I have a date tonight!"

"She can come too!"

A man came out of the kitchen, running his hand through his short blonde hair as his brown eyes looked anywhere but at her.

"You wanted me to move into your flat with you! 'I don't want you to be alone Auntie Dora' but look at you! You've been with her everyday for the last month! I just want a few hours to enjoy a movie with my favorite Tyler!"

"I heard you call dad your favorite Tyler yesterday."

"You're all my favorite Tylers!"

A knock on the door interrupted them.

"That'll be her then." Dora said as she stood up and walked to the door. She opened the door with a smile on her face, as much as she wished that Pete would spend a little bit of time with her every now and again, she was happy he had found the lovely lady on the other side of the door. Dora knew he was head over heels for the blonde that was waiting.

"Oh, hello, Dora."

Dora's smile fell at the weak hello she received. No matter what she did, Jacqueline Prentice did not like her.

"Jacks!" Pete pushed past her and embraced the blonde with a big kiss.

"Are you ready to go?"

"Let me just grab my jacket and we'll be off." He reached into the closet and shrugged on his jacket and then looked at Dora. He walked over and gave her a hug and then kissed her forehead, "We'll go tomorrow, I promise. I'll love you for always though!"


November 14, 1987

Dora stood in black in the front row at the cemetery as the casket of Peter Tyler was lowered into the ground. She had felt it the moment it happened, felt the life drain from him as she could do nothing about it. She had been in Scotland, getting away from the angry stares of Jackie Tyler and the cries of little Rose.

That had been a momentous occasion, to feel the next Tyler breath their first breathe of life. Such a difference than what she was facing now. She hadn't been there and Pete had died, her best friend had died. It had all happened so fast and he was gone before anyone could reach him. Had been left alone in the middle of the road as the person who hit him drove away from the scene.

Tears rained down as Pete reached his final resting spot. Jackie stood up and grabbed a handful of dirt before dropping it into the hole. She quickly went back to her chair and grabbed Rose as she sat down. Robert and Helen dropped some dirt down into the hole holding their only child before clinging to each other in the embrace of despair.

Dora slowly walked over to where her best friend would forever rest, "I'll miss you for always, you stubborn man. Everything has it's time." She picked up a handful of dirt and slowly let it fall from her hand into the hole. then she walked back and collapsed into Roberts awaiting arm.

When the service was over, the four of them just sat there, staring at the hole until it was all covered and everyone else had left to go eat. Dora stood and brushed off her dress and then walked over to Jackie and Rose, both who were crying but for very different reasons.

"I'm so sorry, Jackie. If you need anything then please, let me know."

"I won't be needing anything from you." Jackie said as she wiped her face. "With Pete around, I tolerated you around my child. But I can't, I really can't. You're not even human."

There was silence as the three adults looked at Jackie in horror.

"That has never mattered to any of us," Helen said as she stepped in front of Dora.

"I'm sorry, Im so sorry. Just please leave us alone!" Jackie cried and she picked Rose up and walked away.

Dora stood there in shock as Pete's wife and daughter walked away from them.

"She's just stressed right now, she lost her husband," Robert said as he placed a hand on Dora's shoulder.

"And we lost our child! But we are not kicking Dora to the curb! She's family!"

Robert stepped froward and pulled Helen into his arms as she broke down, "Just give her some time. Jackie will realize that no matter what, Dora is a part of our lives."


January 1, 2005

"Happy New Year!"

A tipsy blonde stumbled over to the bar and ran into someone she hadn't seen. Causing both girls to spill their drinks on the floor.

"I am so sorry!" The tipsy blonde yelled over the music as she checked the other blonde to make sure none of the drink got on her clothes.

"That's okay! No harm! Are you okay?"

"Oh, I'm fine! No better way to ring in the new year, yeah?"

"I can think of a few better ways."

"Then why come to a bar?"

The other blondes nose scrunched up, "I'm not actually sure why I'm here. But I will probably leave soon. Some guy can't seem to take no for an answer and keeps buying me drinks."

The tipsy blonde began to look around, "Need me to punch 'em for ya?"

Laughter came from the blonde as she shook her head, "No, I can take care of myself, but thank you. My name is Penny! I was Dora until about ten minutes ago when a man seemed to drool out my name. Has a bad ring to it now."

"Well then, was Dora and is now Penny, my name is Rose, Rose Tyler!"

A grin spread on Penny's lips as her face lit up, "It is wonderful to meet you, Rose Tyler."