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It was early morning in the Loud House, and everyone was crowding the halls, all in concern for the resident genius who made a shocking discovery. All the current siblings talking amongst themselves as they continue to assist the young girl. Despite gradually becoming more adjusted to her new tail, Lisa still struggled a bit to keep her balance as she walked into the hallway using her tail in a vain attempt to walk straight, being caught by Lynn and Lana as she stumbles forward.

"Thanks." She said, short-spoken as can be as she is still both very confused and embarrassed.

"Come on, let's get you benched so you can get your bearings," Lynn said, lifting up Lisa onto her back and carrying her to her shared room, setting her on the bed. Lana soon followed behind due to a mix of fascination and concern with Lucy entering behind the blond.

After Lisa was hauled away, Luna soon began to follow before feeling herself being yanked by the wrist.

"Hooooold it right there, Luna," Lincoln said, in a rather serious tone, which was unusual for her to hear.

"What's up, dude? We need to go check on Lisa." She responded, sweating nervously as she feels he caught onto her implications that quickly.

"I couldn't help but notice your subtle hints as if you secretly know what's going on," Lincoln said, letting go of her wrist.

"Look Linc, I know you're worried but please just wait for a bit. I can't explain in full, not yet at least." Luna defended herself, wanting her brother to remain calm and level-headed. The white-haired boy could only respond with a scowl, not liking the fact Luna is being more secretive about something that is clearly big news.

Meanwhile in Lynn's and Lucy's shared room, the former was further assisting Lisa, instructing her to lay face first on her bed, and to remain still. Though Lisa was quite uncomfortable, and it wasn't because of her tail.

"Lynn..." she began, lifting her head up, revealing her face had become a greenish hue. "Please tell me you wash these sheets.." the bespectacled girl muttered, looking legitimately ill, Lynn's unbearable scent causing her to become very dizzy and nauseous.

"HEY! I don't smell that bad...do I?" the sporty teen said, offended at first but now self-conscious.

"Sigh...no offense Lynn but sometimes there are times I wish I'd bunk with Lincoln." Lucy input.

"And sometimes he doesn't shower all the time since he's generally forgetful," Lana said, joining the conversation. Though once saying that, Lisa sent a glare towards the tomboy which made her recoil a bit once realizing what she said was very hypocritical since she barely bathes at all.

We skip to a moment later where a now content Lisa is lying face first in Lucy's bed, enjoying the lilac scent of her bedsheets. All the while Lucy was sporting a smug toothy grin on her face while Lynn had a shameful scowl with the added blush that would put her oldest sister to shame during the times she'd fart in front of them.

"So what the point of this again?" Lana asked, curious what Lynn is up to.

Getting over her shame, she looked towards Lisa before finally explaining her intentions. "Well, my coach always said that laying still and face first can help with imbalance especially since it evens the blood flow throughout the body."

"It honestly sounds like a placebo but, it seems to work, on account I've seen you walk fine even with a concussion," Lisa said, rather skeptical of this action.

"C'mon sis have faith in me for once." Truth be told, Lynn really is eager to help, and if it works for her, it can work for Lisa.

"Well while she does that, I'm gonna take a closer look at this tail. For all, we know it because of her weird experiments again." Lana said, lifting up Lisa's nightshirt then pulling down her PJ bottoms to get a better look.

"Hey, don't I get a say-OMF!?" agitated that her personal space was being invaded before Lynn shoved her head back onto the bed.

"Sorry Lis but it best you keep your head down," Lynn said with a strict tone, much to Lisa's dismay, while Lana and Lucy examine her tail.

"Heh, you know, Lola wasn't exaggerating, your butt really is big." amused that Lola was right about something, Lucy couldn't stop herself from giggling about it.

"Please suppress your perverted opinions!" came Lisa's muffled yet bashful response. While they couldn't see it, her face was a deep red.

The young tomboy proceeded to give it a few tugs, causing Lisa a lot of pain. But once realizing it wasn't coming off at all, Lana ceased her tugging. Carefully now once realizing how much discomfort she just caused, she got a better feel of the appendage, noting how the fur feels and the subtle twitching of the muscle underneath.

"Wow, there is even a patch of fur at the base. Yeah, I can say for certain that this is a monkey tail. HEY, maybe you're the daughter of a monkey person!" Lana said, excited at the idea, only for Lynn and Lucy to glare at her in response. At least she thinks Lucy is glaring at her. Lana quickly realized her mistake at that point.

"OH, Crap sorry Lisa. Guess I got too excited about this." she apologized, before going back to examining her tail, though her eyes were beginning to focus elsewhere. "So can you move it?" She asked, trying to distract herself from staring at her sister's large rear.

"No, it's fine, this is still such a big shock to me. As for this tail..." Lisa concentrated hard and was able to waggle her tail around, having better control over it. "Seems so, granted I still wish I didn't have it," she said, pulling up her PJ bottoms, to Lana's dismay, and sitting up. Before Lynn could protest, Lisa quickly interrupted her.

"Sorry Lynn, but I don't think it's working. All I can think to do is analyze this thing to figure out what's going on."

"We could always ask mom and dad," suggested Lucy, knowing that would be the fastest way. Though Lisa wasn't on board with the idea, her silence being very concerning. Before the three older girls could question what's wrong, they heard Lincoln in the halls shouting at Luna. The four listened in on their conversation, filled with shock and worry, never hearing Lincoln snap like that.

"JUST WHAT LUNA!? Dad's been getting more and more hostile towards Lisa, she's AFRAID of him. You weren't there when she was freaking out about it. He clearly did something to her that none of us but you knows about!" stopping to breathe a bit, he continued on. " And then she goes and grows a tail, and your reactions make it seem like you were prepared for it, but it happened too soon. I want answers right now!"

Luna was becoming nervous now as she began to stutter, trying to think of something to say out of panic. She deduced that the best way to explain herself is to try to calm down her brother first. Taking a big breath she addressed him to cool the air.

"Chill bro, the truth will come out soon, but for now we need to-" Luna said before being interrupted.

"Truth? What truth...?" Lisa said, having clumsily walked back out into the hall, much to Lynn's dismay, who was trying to use her skills of tending to athletes to see if it'd assist in Lisa's stability.

"Uuuuh..." Luna became even more nervous now, suddenly all the attention was on her. And she knew why, she had let it slip that she knew all along what was going on, but wouldn't tell anyone.

"Can. You. PLEASE! Just tell me what's going on?" Lisa shouted, clearly visibly stressed and frantic, all the implications and stress weighing on her so heavily to the point her body discharged a heft amount of electricity to the point it was briefly visible, causing all the lights in the house to flicker off and on.

"Hey, look Lis, please relax! It'll be fine, I promise. It's just better if Mom and Dad explain. It's not my place, plus they need to take responsibility for once." Luna said.

Lana approached to try to coax Lisa back into the bedroom, overhearing the conversation. "Whatever the secret may be, and tail, or no tail, you're still our Lisa. We've got your back!" she said, trying to comfort her sister.

"I'm not getting anywhere near her for now, in case it's contagious," Lola said, as everyone mutually scolded her.


"What? I'm just being honest... Ugh, fine. Yeah, we've got your back."

"Sigh... It's fine, siblings. I don't even know what to think of my own self either. I just want answers." Lisa said, getting impatient, although the support did help her feel a bit better about herself.

"Then I guess it's time..." Luna stated, feeling a bit nervous, knowing how their father can be, and hoping things don't go badly. "Hey, mom! Pops!" she shouted as they all went downstairs to confront the parents at last.

"How many times have I told you, kids, to NEVER to wake us up this early?" Lynn Sr. said as he met them at the bottom of the steps.

Rita soon followed, rubbing her eyes and feeling a bit groggy, having just woken up. "Honey, can you please calm down. Maybe it's something importa- ...Oh no..." Rita said, growing visibly shocked noticing that Lisa had a tail. "Uuh, honey?" she spoke as she directed her husband's attention to Lisa.

"Why did I know it would have something to do with you... And why are you parading around in some silly Halloween prop." Lynn Sr. scoffed, even more annoyed, although growing visibly nervous as his eyes met with Luna's, as it's clear he was about to be exposed.

"Pops, you've got a LOT of explaining to do. This morning has been total chaos, and Lisa is having the most stressful day of her life. I think it's time you owned up." She said, giving it to him straight, forcing him to speak up now that all the siblings were curious about what was being hidden from them.

"Luna, if you use that tone on me again, you'll be sorry. You're not too old to be grounded, or have your instruments taken away." Lynn Sr. threatened.

"But I AM old enough to leave this tyrannical hellhole you've subjected us all to. You don't scare me, and keep in mind, I'm not the one hiding things and lying to my whole family just to save face." Luna argued in retaliation.

"Ooooooh!" the siblings said, although quickly shut up as their father glared at them.

Lots of arguing and bickering occurred, failing to address the elephant in the room at every turn. The lights in the house flickered rapidly as Lisa's stress hit an all-time high, eventually tripping the circuit breaker completely.

"Dangit that's IT, I've had enough of dealing with you. You're not even my daughter, we just found you in the woods, and damn was that a mistake on my part. If you hadn't been such a softy, we could've just left her on the side of the road." Lynn raged on.

Lisa gasped and felt her heart sink, it's as if though a bomb had dropped on her spirit, the harsh reality coming to light that she was adopted. Though in a way it did not surprise her, the heat of the moment and her adoptive father's tone spiraled her into such a state of anxious grief, that she passed out flat on the floor.

All of the siblings were shocked, except for Luna who was already aware of the situation and grew even more frantic when they saw her fall to the floor so quickly.

"MY BABY!" Rita shouted frantically as she ran to check on Lisa. Luckily by checking her pulse, she was alive, just overwhelmed. "You... Don't you DARE ever treat our children like this ever again. I've about HAD IT with this behavior of yours," she added.

"No problem, she's not my child anyway, so I can say whatever I please." he retorted, although the daggers in his wife's eyes managed to make him crack a bit.

"Not to mention OUR sister," Lincoln spoke up, stepping forward, much to the anger of his father, who happened to notice the glares of his entire family piercing him.

"...Fine, you wanna deal with her? Do it on your own. I'm going to turn the breaker back on. You deal with this mess." he said before storming off into the basement.

Rita was sobbing a bit, out of concern for Lisa, as well as the sense of heartbreak seeing how bad off her husband has gotten. After gaining her composure, she carries Lisa back up to her bed once more.

"How many times are we going to have to keep carrying her to her bed?" Lynn Jr asked. Though a rather aggressive glare from Lincoln and Lana shut her up. "I was just asking..."

A little while later, Lisa finally awoke. By then, the lights in the house were all back on, and Lynn Sr was off to himself pouting and stewing in his own anger.

"Sweet Einstein, what happened... I barely can remember." Lisa said, rubbing the back of her head where she fell.

"You passed out, no thanks to... anyways, you passed out, from too much stress no doubt. So we carried you up here so you could relax." Rita said, avoiding bringing up her husband.

"Right..." the young girl muttered as it all came back almost instantly. "So, turns out I'm not one of the family after all, huh. I guess that explains a lot." Lisa said, lamenting about her being adopted. So many conflicting emotions were going through her head. Who was she really? why was she abandoned in the first place? Why does she have a tail? And did her family ever care about her in the first place? All these questions echoed in her thoughts, and she wanted answers.

"Oh, sweetie... We've always seen you as part of the family. And we're all still here for you, aren't we?" Rita said, stroking Lisa's hair.

Lisa grabbed her hand and set it aside away from her head. "Enough. I want you to tell me what you know about me. Why has this been kept from me for so long?" Lisa asked.

"We found you alongside the road one day with no trace of where you came from, so we brought you into our family and raised you as one of our own. To be honest, we've always seen you as our daughter, so at times it was hard, even for me to admit we adopted you." Rita explained.

"I see, I suppose I'll buy that explanation. So, nothing is known about me. How very existential..." Lisa said staring off into space, becoming more filled with dread the more she thought about it.

"All we knew was where we found you. It was kind of hard to miss a baby with a long tail on the side of the road." Rita added. "I'm sorry, that's really all I know. Everything else is a mystery to me."

"Great, I thought this conversation would ease my thoughts, but now I have more questions than before. I wonder where I could have come from. Could I be a misfit hybrid, could I have gotten lost, so many speculations..." Lisa pondered.

Rita had started tearing up again, she felt so bad for leading her daughter astray for so long, made worse by the fact her husband refuses to cooperate anymore with her, or her children.

"Man, this whole day has been going off the rails on a crazy train. I was afraid this would happen once she found out the truth." Luna said, feeling bummed out at all the drama that had erupted on what had begun as a peaceful, ordinary day.

"So this is what you were referring to earlier, wasn't it Luna?" Lynn asked.

"Luna, how could you have known all this and willingly kept it from your sister, let along the rest of your sisters and me?" Lincoln added as the rest of the siblings began to wonder as well.

"Look dudes, I know this is a land of confusion right now, but hear me out. Lori knew, Leni knew, and I knew. The others were all way too young to remember the situation when Lisa was brought home, or just didn't pay much attention." Luna explained. "We were asked not to alienate you by bringing it up, and besides, at this point, I felt it was time the old man took responsibility for a change, so I left it on him." she continued.

Everyone nodded and understood, and didn't blame her one bit. In fact, they were amused in hindsight at just how much he broke under pressure. If anything, it even showed Lisa that despite his authority, he is a very weak and sensitive man, which gave her a chuckle.

"I'm so sorry you all had to find out this way, especially you, Lisa. I never wanted things to come to this. Sometimes your father... I don't even feel like I know him anymore half of the time." Rita added, still feeling quite upset.

"Save the waterworks, mother. For now, it's important to me to get to the bottom of what happened on that fateful day. I must know more about my origin." Lisa said, ruffling her hair, one of her nervous tics she does in a vain attempt to keep herself from worrying so much.

"I understand, do what you have to do sweetie. I hope you can forgive me someday." Rita responded, wiping away her tears.

"I suppose I do owe you gratitude for rescuing me, as well as having the courage to face me, unlike a certain someone," Lisa said, expressing some gratefulness to her mother, although she was still trying to take in the whole situation.

"Oh, and one more thing... You said I had a tail when you found me. Why is it I no longer had one, up until now?" Lisa wondered.

"Oh, uh... We had it removed from you." Rita responded in embarrassment though she was blunt about it despite it.

"And you didn't keep it? Why?.." Lana said kinda miffed about it the more she thought about it.

"Well, we just wanted her to have a normal life without people treating her differently. Besides it wasn't easy you know." Rita attempted to defend herself, lifting her nightshirt showing off a peculiar mark on her stomach. "This what happened during the attempt."

Lucy was very perplexed at what her mother's birthmark have to do with it, though Luna would wince at the sight of it. But before the goth can question it, Rita would beat her to the punch.

"No, it's not a birthmark. I use to say it was so no one questions but. But the truth is that Lisa kicked me there during the effort. You really have some powerful legs, sweetie, even as a little baby."

Lisa's disturbed expression said it all. "Eesh, forget I asked. I don't even want to know what that procedure was like." She said in slight discomfort knowing Rita been sporting that scar this entire time, and knowing she's the cause of it. It painted a grim picture of just how incredibly painful that procedure must have been to the brunette to be able to kick a grown woman that hard in the stomach.

"No kidding seems like it's a hard ordeal to stomach! Get it?" Luan said, causing everyone to groan, especially Rita. "What? I'm just trying to lighten the mood, sheesh..."

"Sweetie... she ruptured my liver, I was in the hospital for a week." Rita went on to explain, putting her nightshirt back down. Luan began to felt bad at making such a joke. "Despite that, I never stopped loving you regardless." she finished, with a satisfied smile.

"In any case, there's still a lot of questions that need answering. I for one volunteer to help out in the search. I could get Clyde to come to help us out as well!" Lincoln said, showing his determination to help.

"Oh, me too! I can track things like a bloodhound!" Lana said, jumping out and down with excitement at the thought of going on an adventure in the woods with her siblings.

The genius brunette would smile in comfort at that. "Thanks, you guys. Say, one more thing. Do you happen to recall any unusual details from around the time I showed up?" she asked her mother.

"Hmm, well, the day before we found you, there was a loud explosion heard from those woods. Some people claim they saw a meteor crashing there, but I don't think anyone ever went to check for some reason." Rita explained.

"Hmm, well that is a pretty large area, now that I check the satellite view on my phone. Too bad we can't see much from above due to all the trees, and whatever it was may be buried by now. But it's certainly a start, given the bizarre circumstances and timing." Lisa thought out loud.

"Maybe you used to live in the woods, and the meteor scared you away from your family." Lana pondered.

"Or perhaps you came in on the meteor itself," Lucy stated.

"Eww, alien cooties!" Lola said in disgust, backing away.

"I always knew she was an out-of-this-world sibling! Get it?" Luan laughed out loud at her joke, even though nobody else was.

"Lola, you share a room with Lana but yet you're afraid of cooties suddenly?" Lynn questioned.

"HEY!" Lana shouted in response.

"Enough now, the only way we'll know for sure is if we check it out ourselves. I won't deny, I am a little bit nervous." Lisa stated, feeling a bit anxious as to what she may discover if anything.

"Don't worry Lisa. Lana, Clyde, and I will have your back through the whole journey!" Lincoln said encouragingly in support. Lisa couldn't help but blush at the sentiment.

"There is just something on my mind though. How is it you didn't know you were adopted when you're always collecting DNA samples." Lucy questioned, being very curious about that.

Lisa thought about it and realized, how is it she never did find out on her own. "Honestly, I just never bothered to check.," the blunt response made the whole room erupt in laugher, with the young scientist joining in on the laughter.

After the whole ordeal began to wind down, the siblings and their mother soon dispersed. Though it was still earlier than they usually get up, it was best to just stay up and get themselves ready early. Though a predicament soon struck Lisa. She realized that going to school with a tail so suddenly would just make her a prime target for bullying, which is something she definitely was not in the mood for dealing with.

"Excuse me, mother," Lisa said as she got Rita's attention.

"What is it, sweetie?" Rita asked.

"It's about school... It may tarnish my record slightly, but would it be possible for me to call in sick today? Because of, well... you know." Lisa said, clearly expressing a bit of reluctance.

"Are you sure that's what you want? I would've thought you'd have wanted some time away from the house, after everything that's happened." Rita said, try to see if this is what Lisa truly wants.

"...Skipping out on my education, even if it is the usual mindless elementary stuff, is still an important stepping stone. And plus, Darcy will be there. Perhaps that'll do me good." Lisa pondered out loud.

"That's the spirit. and tell you what, wait right there." Rita stepped away, before coming back with a girdle in hand. "You can use this if you'd like, to help keep your tail tucked against you under your clothing." She said as she handed it to Lisa.

"That seems terribly uncomfortable given how sensitive this thing seems. But it's worth a shot. Also, why exactly do you have one of those anyhow?" Lisa asked.

"Do you honestly think I could retain this figure after giving birth to 10 kids and raising 11 total?" Rita said with a chuckle.

"Touché," Lisa said, grabbing the girdle and heading back upstairs.

After entering the bedroom, she began her usual morning routine finally. She'd brushed her teeth, had breakfast, and fully changed into her usual daytime attire. However, when it came time to put on the girdle, she found herself at a standstill.

"Ugh, this blasted thing, how am I expected to put it on. Fact aside it's too big, this thing will take up my whole torso. But I guess that's kind of the point in this situation." Lisa thought out loud. Suddenly she realized what she could do. "Uuh, Lincoln?"

"Yeah, Lisa?" Lincoln responded, walking towards her.

"I need you to do something for me." She said.

"Sure, what is it?" he wondered.

Before he realized what was going on, Lisa had turned away from him, and took off her sweater, tossing it aside and nervously hiding her chest, even though he couldn't see, she still felt nervous for a multitude of reasons.

"Whoa, whoa... I'm not so sure I should be-" Lincoln spoke before being interrupted.

"Look, don't make this more awkward than it needs to be." She reached down to grab the girdle and placed it on the front of her torso, pressing it in such a way to give Lincoln access to the ends of it from behind. "Just tie this on for me to help hide my tail, will ya? And make it quick..." she said nervously.

"Right... Uuuh, let's see. I assume it goes like this." He said, fiddling with the girdle as he fits it onto her. "Hang on, gotta make sure the tail is tucked in, so it doesn't stick out over your collar," he added, gently grabbing the tip of her tail to help move it into place.

"GYAAAAAH! Ooooh..." Lisa trembled, and let out an embarrassingly loud gasping moan as soon as the tip of her tail was grabbed. Immediately after, her face turned blood red in embarrassment. "WHATEVER YOU JUST DID, DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN!" she shouted, feeling extremely flustered at what just happened, and in the presence of Lincoln no less.

"I'm so sorry! I hope I didn't hurt you... Uuh, anyways I think that'll handle it. You should be good to go, I guess." Lincoln said, feeling a bit awkward himself, not really sure what just happened. He grabbed her sweater and handed it to her before exiting the room.

"Thanks, Linc- ...Sigh, well that was an awkward way to start things off. I hope the rest of the day isn't this strange." She thought out loud. "Interesting, though. To think the tip of my tail is so sensitive. It practically had the same sensation as stimulating my-" before she could finish her thoughts, Rita shouted up from downstairs.

"Kids! It's time to head to school, the bus will be here any minute!" She shouted, much to the dismay of many of the siblings, who were not looking forward to school very much, after being awoken so early.

Lisa was especially nervous, as while she didn't usually have too much trouble at school, she feels as though if her new secret got out, it'd stir up a lot of talk and attention, something she didn't desire. She feared getting bullied, and even worse, being alienated from her friends. But it was the start of a new chapter in her life, so the only way to keep moving forward was to dive in headfirst... Albeit with a few precautions, given that she opted to keep her tail hidden. She headed downstairs, then before long she was already on the bus, enduring the long ride to school.

"Lisa!" Shouted a dark-skinned female, in the most excited and purest of tones.

"Darcy!" Lisa smiled, scooting over to let her best friend sit next to her. "Oof! A little less, tight, please," she added, as Darcy had immediately wrapped Lisa in a big, tight hug right after sitting down.

"I brought my mom's famous chocolate chip cookies today! She packed extra so I could share them!" Darcy said.

"Oh, fantastic! I could really use one of those delicious morsels. I didn't know they were so famous, though!" Lisa said, feeling excited, as next to Lincoln's PB&J's, Darcy's cookies were among her favorite things to eat.

"Well, I told her how much you like them, and to us, you liking them is enough to make them famous!" Darcy said, emphasizing how much she values Lisa's input on things, especially now that a few years have passed, and she'd grown to understand Lisa's quirkiness a bit better, as well as appreciate her intellect.

"Aww, shucks. You flatter me, Darcy." Lisa said, blushing a little bit. "Goodness knows I sure need this positivity after the morning I've had..." She thought quietly to herself.

The two chatted as normal during the bus ride without any interruptions, although sitting in the hard bus seat with a tail flattened against her backside wasn't the most comfortable sensation ever. She soon got off the bus as everyone entered the school and did their usual routines before heading to class.

Lisa approached her locker to put away some things. As she closed it and began to walk away again, she realized something she hadn't noticed until now. She had walked effortlessly this whole time throughout the school without losing her balance. This surprised her, given her difficulties walking earlier that morning.

"Hmm, fascinating. AH! Of course, I should have known! This tail was affecting my center of balance, but now that it's constricted against my backside, my center of gravity is back to normal again. Thank goodness for that, I'd rather not be faceplanting constantly in school, or I'd never hear the end of it." she thought to herself before heading to class.

All proceeded as normal throughout the school day, including lunchtime, where her voracious appetite was ready to throw down some groceries.

"Well if it isn't my biggest fan! I made an extra batch of sloppy joes today, so eat as much as you like!" said Ms. Cheri, a rather portly woman who was the resident lunch lady in Royal Woods Elementary.

"Music to my ears! Load me up, Ms. Cheri!" Lisa said, holding out her tray as she got a generous amount of sloppy joe sandwiches. "Thank you kindly, I may or may not be back for seconds!" said Lisa, prompting them both to laugh, as she went to go sit down with her friends as usual.

At the table with Lisa, sat her best friend Darcy, along with fellow nerd David, and a few other friends as they enjoyed their meals. The group talked about random subjects as they always did, from technology to video games, science, cats, and so forth. Though, they couldn't help but notice Lisa was a lot more voracious than usual.

"Wow Lisa, you're reeaally hungry today!" Darcy giggled, finding it amusing how animalistic Lisa was eating.

"It would seem as though your appetite has been amplified to greater heights than usual today, I see," David said, noticing how Lisa had already downed 4 sandwiches while the rest of them were only halfway done with one.

"Buuuurp! Ehe, excuse me, folks, I don't know what's gotten into me today, I feel like I haven't eaten in weeks." Lisa said, feeling a bit embarrassed, yet secretly proud of her long belch. "What HAS gotten into me today... Could it be associated with my tail?" she thought quietly to herself.

"Maybe she really just loves sloppy joes. I know when my dad makes his famous tater tot casserole, I can keep eating it until I'm too stuffed to me!" said the young black female with puffy pigtails.

"Or my mom's homemade ramen noodles, she makes the noodles from scratch even!" added the black-haired Asian girl.

"Man, suddenly I don't think one sandwich is enough for myself, as much as you guys are talking about delicious food makes me hungry!" added the blonde-haired white boy.

The group all continued to chat about food as they ate, as Lisa had now downed all 6 of her sandwiches. Before anyone noticed, she had darted back up to the lunch counter to get a refill. Another 6 sandwiches, bumping it up to 12 total.

Back at the table, the group had begun discussing the topic of hybrids and mutant beings.

"Say, have you guys heard about that one guy in the big city who they say is part man, part mouse?" Said the Asian girl.

"Yo, that dude is crazy. I heard he has supersonic hearing and all the traits of a mouse you'd expect!" Replied the black girl.

Lisa had finally arrived back at the table, mid-conversation.

"Hmm, well you guys are aware that anthropomorphic beings do exist. They may not be very common in these parts, but they do exist. So it's highly plausible that cross-breeding can occur."

Lisa was a bit surprised to suddenly hear such a topic, because not only did it get her thinking, but also made her a bit nervous. She quickly reached around towards the back of her neck to make sure her tail wasn't showing or anything, which it was not, much to her relief.

"Uh, hey guys, I just went to get some more sandwiches. Did I miss anything?" Lisa asked.

"Welcome back, Lisa! I was wondering where you went!" Darcy said in excitement for Lisa to be back.

"We were just talking about hybrid beings and such. Like that guy that was on TV who was part mouse. Crazy, huh?" The blonde boy said.

"I see... And what are your thoughts on such a being?" Lisa wondered.

"I had been giving my analysis on hybrids just before you had arrived, if you'd like I could reiterate," David said.

"No, no... I mean like, say if you were to meet such a person, how would you feel about them?" Lisa asked, nervously wondering what her friends actually think of such people. She had begun to wonder if she herself was the product of cross-breeding, making her a hybrid herself. Still being very anxious about her new secret, she at least wanted to gauge the feelings her friends had.

"I think it'd be really cute! As long as they're nice to me, I'd be anyone's friend!" Darcy said, in her usual joyous tone.

The instant Lisa heard Darcy of all people express positivity on the matter, she felt a huge weight off her shoulders.

"I would be curious to study them, otherwise I have no prejudices against anyone of the sort." David would add.

"What he said!"

"Yeah!" The others chimed in.

Lisa felt relieved, knowing her friends weren't prejudiced. With that out of the way, Lisa began to consume her food again as she joined in on the discussion. It wasn't long before Lisa devoured the 2nd batch of sandwiches, leaving herself quite stuffed.

The others were amazed at her sudden amplified appetite. Lisa was known for eating a lot, despite being a skinny girl, but it felt like something had changed with her and her eating mannerisms. Nonetheless, they all just shrugged it off, not thinking anything about it due to how appetites work sometimes.

It wasn't until later, well after lunch had ended, and the remaining classes for the day had been completed, when Lisa would find it increasingly difficult to keep her secret. Lisa and Darcy were in the bathroom washing up when she suddenly felt a bunch of tension loosens up off of her body.

"Oh dear..." She thought to herself, realizing the girdle was coming loose. "Confounded... I thought it was tied properly enough," she added, not realizing the reason it was coming loose, was due to the amount of food she ate earlier finally catching up to her.

"What's wrong, Lisa? Do you need help?" Darcy asked, approaching Lisa.

"N-no! I'm alright, don't worry about me! It's nothing I can't handle." She said, right as she was trying to fix the girdle, it came completely loose and slipped out from under her sweater, and onto the floor. "...Drat," she added in frustration.

"What's that? Don't worry, I'll get it for you!" Darcy said, reaching to grab it before Lisa manages to nab it up first.

"It's fine, like I said I can handle it!" Lisa said nervously, hiding the girdle behind her back, hoping Darcy hadn't noticed anything.

At that point, Lisa started to feel unstable, as she felt her balance slipping now that her center of balance was off again, due to her tail being set free. Darcy quickly rushed to grab her, helping stabilize her for the time being.

"Phew, thanks, Darcy... I almost took a tumble there." Lisa said in relief, although that relief wouldn't last for long, as she could feel Darcy's hand touching her tail through her sweater from where she caught her.

"Sure thing, Lisa! It seems you have something stuck in your shirt, I'll help you with it." Darcy said.

"No Darcy, don't do that!" Lisa shouted, but it was too late. Because as Darcy was pulling back the collar of Lisa's sweater, the tip of Lisa's tail sprung out into the open. "...Curses." She muttered in defeat.

"Gaaaaaasp! Is that a tail? I didn't know you liked cats so much as to cosplay as one!" Darcy said in excitement, thinking Lisa was simply dressing up for fun.

"I suppose I should be straight with you. No, it's not a cosplay. It's the real deal." Lisa sighed, lifting the back of her sweater to release her tail, letting it hang out for Darcy to see, moving it about the best she can, not used to moving it around that easily.

"Wooow! It's a real tail? I never knew you had a tail, Lisa! You're just like a kitty cat! Can I pet you?" Darcy asked, after letting out a big gasp of excitement.

"While your joy makes me feel relieved, I don't really know if that's an appropriate way to..." Lisa spoke before being interrupted by the sudden affection, as she felt Darcy's hand stroking the top of her head.

This motion made Lisa blush. She was quite relieved to know her dearest friend wasn't the least bit frightened or bothered by the fact she suddenly had a tail. Though nothing else about her implied anything about being feline in any way, Lisa still didn't even know for sure herself what she truly was yet. However, Darcy's affection gave her a sense of calming stress relief she'd longed for, so she welcomed it.

This continued on for over a minute before Lisa willed herself to gently grab Darcy's hand and place it to the girl's side.

"S-sorry... Look just listen." she began, being careful to choose her words carefully. "I welcome the affection especially with the chaotic morning I had, but please do not do that ever again...not in public at least..." she looked to the still smiling Darcy, the latter understanding.

"I just want no one to find out about this. No one." she began pacing a little, another nervous tic. "Only my family, and as of now, you, are the only ones who know, and until I get some answers, this will never get out. So please tell me you understand."

Darcy simply giggled a bit as she tapped her nose, signifying that she perfectly understood and will stay silent about it. That is until she broke the brief silence.

"Only on oooone condition," she said, intentionally dragging out the word. Lisa's expression of relief quickly dropped to a nervous expression. "Can you promise me, that one day, you'll dress as a kitty for me?" the brown-haired girl innocently requested.

The sudden pause was very deafening before Lisa gave a soft chuckle, Darcy following suit. Before long, both girls entered a giggle fit before laughing their heads off in amusement. For the first time since yesterday evening, Lisa's problems seem to have just vanished completely, as she shared a long laugh session with her best friend. Eventually, the two managed to calm down from the laughter as Darcy assisted Lisa in getting the girdle back on to once more compress her tail against her back to hold it still whilst keeping it hidden.

"Theeeere you go! That should do it." Darcy said gleefully, having just finished helping Lisa with her girdle.

"Hey, Darcy? Thanks... Thanks for everything." Lisa said gratefully, though she has difficulty expressing such emotions well, she was genuinely grateful for Darcy's friendship, as it was exactly the antidote she needed to ease her stress.

Darcy was glowing with happiness seeing her best friend feeling so much better. It was the most cheerful she'd seen Lisa in a while, so it meant the world to her. The two eventually headed out of the bathroom and began to walk their way home.

The two continued to converse as they walked home, taking in the sights more than usual. Lisa felt a sense of clarity for the time being, despite there still being many unanswered questions about herself. At the very least, knowing a bit more about her backstory, as well as gradually gaining acceptance as her new self, gave her quite a bit of closure to help her focus on whatever may lie ahead.

"Well, Darcy, this is my stop, so unfortunately we must part ways for the time being," Lisa said, though deep down she did not want to part from Darcy.

"Aw, maybe next time you can come to my place! Once things get a bit more sorted out." Darcy said in response.

"Certainly, I long for your mother's fresh-baked cookies, as well as a chance to get out of the house once in a while," Lisa added, waving as Darcy began to proceed on her way home.

"OH! And Lisa? Whatever happens from here on out, I'll be here for you. Okay? Anyways, bye Lisa!" Darcy said before heading home.

Lisa's heart felt warm from that notion. Darcy had such a way of piercing Lisa's sometimes cold exterior and bringing out the teddy bear of a personality that was tucked away inside of her. With a deep breath, she carried her heightened confidence and comfort from the day and proceeded into her home.

She chose not to make a big deal about her entrance, not wanting to draw too much attention. Luan and Luna were sitting on the couch watching television and promptly greeted her, as did her mother.

"Hello, everyone." She replied, before heading to the kitchen for a snack.

As she entered the kitchen, she didn't notice until it was too late, that her father was standing in the kitchen working on preparing a meal for dinner. Though she stopped dead in her tracks briefly, she figured she just brave it, as her appetite was starting to kick in again.

Lynn Sr. glanced over at her out of the corner of his eye but proceeded to ignore her. She flinched slightly at his gaze but was surprised by his passiveness. It was unusual, as typically he wouldn't miss a chance to hound on her about the slightest thing. In fact, as she approached the fridge, she could sense what felt like a sad aura surrounding him.

It didn't feel right, he was always such a hothead, so what made him so sad? She couldn't help but wonder. Upon opening the fridge, therein lied a crustless PB&J sandwich, her favorite, with a note on it. "To Lisa, from Lincoln :)" was written on it. She smiled, once more feeling a sense of comfort, despite standing next to her father. Without a word, she soon exited the kitchen, as Lynn Sr. stayed equally silent, with a look of sadness and anger in his eyes.

"Well, that was beyond awkward..." she thought to herself, as she carried her sandwich upstairs, and into the shared bedroom, where Lincoln was relaxing after school.

"Welcome home, Lisa! I see you found the sandwich I left for you. Hopefully, you didn't have to cross dad to get to it." Lincoln said as he greeted her.

"Actually, I did... But it was strange, he seemed overly passive and sad, didn't say a word to me." She replied.

"Huh, that's weird. Maybe mom chewed him out while we were all at school." Lincoln said.

"I suppose so... But I can't help but feel there's even more they're not telling us." Lisa expressed her concerns.

"Who cares, that's on them, and as far as I'm concerned, it's not your problem. He's caused you enough grief, so forget about him, okay?" Lincoln stated, trying to take her mind off of him.

"Very well. Mmm... Delicious!" she said as she bit into the sandwich. Something about the way Lincoln makes them always tastes better than any other PB&J.

As she ate, the two proceed to talk side by side, soon shifting focus to a show that Lincoln was watching on his laptop.

"What're you watching, Lincoln?" Lisa said as she munched on her food.

"Oh, it's this neat show about a boy who transforms, and is able to fight Kaiju." He replied.

"That sounds pretty exciting. I always was a bit curious about the whole kaiju trend. Mind if I watch?" She asked.

"Of course I don't mind!" He happily responded, inviting her to join him.

Lisa had just finished her sandwich, patting her hands clean of crumbs before scooting closer to Lincoln to watch. In trying to get a better view, she scooted close enough to where her head was resting against his shoulder. Lincoln immediately felt a little nervous. He wasn't opposed at all to it, but he was becoming a bit flustered nonetheless.

Lisa watched for a few moments before growing flustered herself, pulling away and sitting upright, sweating and blushing.

"Uuh, sorry about that. I'm still having trouble keeping my balance." She said, awkwardly playing off the situation.

"Oh uh, it's no big deal! I'll just uh, I can turn the laptop a bit so you can see it better!" He responded.

"Yeah... That will be fine." Lisa said.

As the two siblings watched the show, their focus was a bit lacking, as they couldn't shake the thoughts in their heads. "Damn it, I missed my chance..." they both thought, as their complicated feelings were consuming them, but both felt too awkward to speak up, thus mutually letting the situation simmer down on its own.

"Say, you know tomorrow is only a half-day of school at the high school, right?" Lincoln said, breaking the awkward silence.

"Oh yeah, that's right. I'd nearly forgotten. A bit of a relief, if you ask me. Especially since classes are canceled for me thanks to the teacher's conference" Lisa responded.

"Since we'll be free to do whatever we want for most of the day, why don't we just hang out? It might do us some good." Lincoln added.

"What exactly did you have in mind?" Lisa wondered, feeling a bit anxious, both due to her pent-up feelings, but also because she's still unsure about being in public with her tail yet.

"I was thinking we could just stay home. Lounge around and take it easy, if that's okay?" He asked with a smile.

"That would be grand, actually." She responded, feeling relieved, looking forward to spending the entire day with him after the short school day.

"Oh hey, here's my favorite part!" Lincoln said, shifting focus back to the show.

"I still find it strange that the short one is a male. It's rather amusing, to be honest." Lisa said, really getting into the action scene.

The two continued binging on shows together, before eventually having an ordinary dinner, albeit with Lynn Sr. still being eerily silent. Afterward, the usual evening time routines commenced. Showers, relaxing, getting ready for bedtime, and so forth. Lincoln and Lisa were in their room together, getting their beds prepared for a night of much-needed sleep, before eventually getting comfy.

"Goodnight, Lisa!" Lincoln said.

"Goodnight, Lincoln," Lisa replied, followed by clapping her hands to turn the lights off.

15 minutes had passed, Lisa was already tossing and turning in bed. Not only was she having to adjust her sleeping position to account for a tail moving around, moving the sheets around as a result, but she just generally could not get relaxed. She sat up and looked over to notice a faint blue light, as Lincoln was still awake, just browsing on his phone as he often did.

Lisa hopped out of her bed, carrying her pillow with her as she walked over to the side of Lincoln's bed. She felt nervous about asking, but took in a deep breath and tugged on his bedsheets to get his attention.

"Lincoln...?" Lisa whispered.

"Huh, what's wrong Lisa?" Lincoln asked, a bit concerned.

"I can't seem to get comfortable, because of this tail and all. And laying there alone has got my mind racing to the point I can't fall asleep." She explained.

"Oh... Don't worry, I'm right here in the room with you! You're not alone." He replied, though feeling a bit anxious, as he had a strong feeling of what she was going to ask him.

Lisa sighed and felt a bit annoyed at his dense comment, but pushed forward anyway.

"No, look... Can I just sleep in your bed with you? Just for tonight..." She added, nervously admitting her intentions.

"I mean, uh... Sure! Anything for you, Lisa." Lincoln said, with a bit of a nervous stutter.

Deep down, Lincoln was thrilled to be sharing a bed with her. He felt as if though they were really strengthening their bond, which is something he had longed for. At the same time, he was a bit flustered at the thought and still wasn't fully sure if Lisa felt the same way, leaving him uncertain as to how to act.

"Thank you." She said, crawling up into the bed next to him, placing her pillow down, and getting comfy under the sheets.

"No problem. Hopefully, this will help ease your mind a bit. Goodnight again, Lisa!" He said, turning over onto his side and closing his eyes, after having set his phone on the nightstand beside his bed.

"Oh, it certainly will. Sweet dreams, Lincoln." She said, laying on her side facing the opposite direction with a grin on her face.

Lisa indeed felt a strong sense of comfort just from being within proximity of Lincoln, let alone sharing a bed with him. The inner excitement was almost too much to bear, but she too was unsure still of how Lincoln truly felt, so she kept her feelings inside, for now, as she got comfortable enough to begin dozing off.

"Hey, Lisa..?" Lincoln muttered out in a bit of a jittery tone.

"...Huh?" She responded, confused about what was happening since she was already half asleep.

"I know you haven't had it for long, but could you maybe, you know... Mind your tail please?" He said, whimpering a bit as Lisa's tail had become straddled between Lincoln's upper thighs.

"OH sweet Einstein, I'm so sorry!" She said, completely embarrassed at what had happened, quickly moving her tail out of the way.

"It's no big deal, don't worry about it! You'll get the hang of it soon I'm sure. But if you need to turn over you can, I won't bite!" He chuckled, assuring Lisa that the incident wasn't an issue and that she needn't be so shy as to face away from him.

Lisa turned over onto her opposite side, facing toward Lincoln who had greeted her with a comforting smile. Even after everything that had happened in the past 24 hours, he was still as supportive as ever.

"You're right, this is much better," Lisa said, slowly feeling her embarrassment fade.

"Good, then, in that case, goodnight again, Lisa!" He said, getting nice and comfy under his sheets.

"Goodnight, Linc-" Before she could finish, Lincoln was already sound asleep, snoring softly.

She couldn't help but smile as she laid there briefly watching him sleep. She felt so grateful to have someone like him in her life, and as the day came to a close, she dozed off herself with a sense of warm comfort that she had greatly been needing. The two slept peacefully together, getting a much-needed rest after such a long day, and dreaming of what the next day would bring.

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