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It was finally Saturday in the Loud house, but because of that, many were slow to awake. At the moment, only Rita, Luna, and Leni, who decided to remain for the rest of the weekend, were the only ones awake, preparing some breakfast for the younger residents, or in Lisa's case, a lot. Leni looked around the living room and dining room, realizing someone was missing.

"Say, have anyone seen dad. I know he left last night but shouldn't he be back by now?" she asked. Despite his behavior last night, the man was still her father, so of course, she was concerned.

"Honestly sweetie, I'm not sure, but right now, I prefer he stays away for a while. His attitude is really making me have questionable thoughts that I rather not get into right now." Rita explained, letting her frustrations with her husband be known.

"The old man will come around eventually. He can't hold a grudge that long." Luna stepped in, placing a hand on her mother's shoulder. "Regardless though, this doesn't look like a breakfast meal," she said, curious what the matriarch was preparing.

"Well as you already know, Lincoln and Lisa plan to go to the woods. I honestly wish they wouldn't though." Rita explains, not going further on why. "But I just want to make sure they have any prepared meals in case it take longer."

Luna put her hand to her chin in thought. "You know, considering Lincoln's workout regiment, I'm surprised he hasn't rushed downstairs yet." she pondered out loud.

"He might still be asleep, I'll go check on him! Oh and Lisa too while I'm at it!" her older sister exclaimed in excitement, leaving the kitchen to head upstairs.

Meanwhile, in Lincoln's room, the teen was still sound asleep, his facial features very peaceful, but after feeling a familiar sensation, he would soon slowly awaken, feeling a bit groggy as he tries to make himself more awake. Memories of last night would flashback in his mind, which made him smile, very happy he was able to place Lisa in such a state. Soon he would feel himself slowly slipping in and out between awakeness and sleepiness before that sensation from before becomes stronger. For a while, he wouldn't be sure what's happening at all before becoming more familiar with the sensation. Looking to his left, he noticed Lisa was no longer next to him in bed and had a slight panic as he looked around the room.

Looking down at his covers, he'd see a shape, moving up and down right between his legs, followed by quiet moans and subtle slurping. Lifting the covers, he'd see the cause of the sensations. Still bare nude from last night, Lisa was indulging herself to her second mouthful of his length. Briefly looking up at him, initially with a slight squint due to not wearing her glasses, her eyes would bring his face into better focus. Her expression shifted to that of a pleasured one as she focused back on indulging herself, now knowing he wasn't gonna stop her. Her moaning becoming a little louder as she repositioned herself a little so she can take him deeper as Lincoln continued to observe her, doing his best to stay quiet assuming someone would be right out the door.

Fate had other ideas though. Without knocking, Leni would barge into the room, causing Lincoln to place the covers back down in an attempt to hide what is going on,

"Hiiii Lincy! Just wanted to check in on you and Lisa and, hey where is Lisa?" she said, asking for the young genius.

Lincoln was going to answer, until Lisa continued going, much to his dismay, nervous that they would get caught. Stifling a moan, he made the poor decision to try to speak with a straight tone.

"OH Lisa, uh...GHK! ah..ha... I think she's in her b-bAH! Bunker! OOO!" he tried to speak, but Lisa's action made it difficult to speak.

Feeling concerned for her brother, Leni entered the room, attempting to approach him wondering if he was okay only for Lincoln to tell her to stop.

"No noOOOO! ahem, No I'm fine, just getting some slight jitters about today is all. Who knows what we'll LEEEEARN!~" Now feeling embarrassed, he would harshly bop the spot where the shape of Lisa's head is at, but that proved to have been a mistake. Growling in annoyance, she proceeded to go even faster, intentionally riling him up in an effort to embarrass him even more, his voice becoming more guttural in response.

"Well as long as you're sure you're fine. But just to let you know, breakfast is ready. So come down whenever you're ready." Leni beamed, her naivety to the situation very obvious, despite all the obvious actions happening, she didn't even bother to do a double-take once noticing Lincoln's and Lisa's clothing scattered over the floor.

"Oh I'm coming alright!" replied Lincoln, his eyes becoming crossed as he began biting his bottom lip.

"Well alright then, see you downstairs!" once Leni retreated out the room, she would hear Lincoln shout loudly in bliss but didn't even think anything of it, simply shrugging at what she heard before continuing down.

Back in the room, Lincoln was laying back, panting hard, as he slowly sat up, giving Lisa a very angry glare. "WHAT THE HECK LISA!?"

The girl would simply emerge from under the covers, a thin trail of his seed leaking from the corner of her mouth, down to the bottom of her chin. She'd swish the fluid around in her mouth before swallowing it with an audible gulp

"Highly pleasant taste and a very nice consistency," she said in a very elated tone, before giving the teen a glare of her own. "And that was for hitting me on the top of my head. Christ, I'd figured you would have enjoyed such a risky situation!" she argued, angry he resorted to that, ruining her fun.

"But despite that, how was it?" she asked, her glare changing to a more hopeful expression.

The white-haired teen simply observed the younger girl, before laying back once more, a goofy grin forming on his face. "Wonderful..." he said, his tone dazed and satisfied.

Lisa would use her finger to wipe up the trail from her chin to her mouth before licking it clean. "Mmmm, Excellent, honestly, I feel I will be enjoying that a lot, granted without my glasses, I can't properly admire your penis as much," she said a matter of factually, feeling his penis slowly deflate in her hand, thus she won't be able to observe its full length just yet.

"There will be plenty more chances for you to admire it, you have my word. As far as I'm concerned, it's all yours." Lincoln said, still panting in the afterglow as he openly welcomed her to his genitalia anytime she wanted.

"Bold of you to assume that I needed permission, especially after you bonked me on the noggin!, but duly noted." She said, emphasizing how she helped herself to his dick without his permission, which admittedly excited her even more at the time, knowing deep down there's no way he would be against waking up to having his penis sucked.

"Hehe, yeah, sorry..." The boy apologized in embarrassment, leaning forward to give her lots of kisses atop her head.

"I suppose all is forgiven now." She added, blushing and feeling quite warm inside from his affection.

"Anyways, we should get ready. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can uncover the answers you seek." He added as he hopped off of the bed, and proceeded to gather up his clothes.

Lisa meanwhile, had to search through her clothes before finally finding her glasses in her shirt and putting them on, glancing over at Lincoln as he got dressed. The sight of his bare, white, freckled ass got her very excited, but even better was when he turned around, his semi-flaccid cock flopping around in the open. She felt so enamored by the sight, even though she missed out on seeing his full size, in a way it further added to the excitement, as she still had so much more to look forward to with it.

She finally got off the bed, doing some nice early morning stretches to loosen up her body. In the process, she realized her legs felt a bit weird, as they were practically coated in what felt like a film, due to all the orgasms from the night before drying up on her inner thighs.

"Ah shoot, I better rinse off real quick, or else this is going to drive me crazy." She said, slipping back into her scattered clothes and grabbing an additional fresh pair of panties to change into, as she headed to the bathroom to clean herself off.

"Alright, I'll see you at breakfast! I'd clean off too, but I kinda wanna enjoy it a bit longer." He said, looking down to admire how his penis glistened from the coating of Lisa's saliva all over it, enjoying how the open-air feels against it.

As Lisa washed up and changed clothes, and Lincoln finished getting himself ready, the two would eventually meet up downstairs and have breakfast. As the boy ate his meal of pancakes, eggs, and sausage, Lisa practically annihilated her plate, even asking for seconds. Fortunately for her, there was plenty of extras, as her already massive appetite was further heightened due to the night before, as so many orgasms worked up an appetite.

"I should call Clyde to make sure he's ready," Lincoln said as he got out his phone to call his best friend, having finished up his breakfast.

Meanwhile, Lisa was focused on her meal until a thought came to her. Looking around the table, she took one of the sausage links on her plate and began to suck on it when no one else but Lincoln was looking. Her alluring eyes and sensual oral work on it, from bobbing her head back and forth on it, even lapping at the end with the tip of her tongue before swirling it around made him very flustered, especially after the way his morning started out. Just then, Clyde had finally picked up the phone, right as the young girl lifted her shirt to massage her chest whilst shoving the sausage into her mouth. The young teen could no longer take it anymore.

"Please, stop! ...Oh, sorry Clyde, not you..." He said, feeling embarrassed as Lisa quickly put her shirt back down to resume eating, smiling cutely and innocently, as everyone else, including Clyde, was suddenly confused about what Lincoln was so worked up about. Looking right at Lincoln, she mouthed the words "That was for earlier", the male's eye twitching in frustration. He adores her, but god damn is she an expert at riling people up at the wrong time.

"...A-anyways, I wanted to be sure that you're ready to head out? ... Yeah, the woods. ... Hm? ... Clyde, werewolves aren't real, plus we aren't staying until nighttime anyway... ... Maybe just bring a small weapon, just in case. ... Oh right, your dads won't let you use anything sharp. ... NO, I'm not saying there will be trouble, it's just to be prepared. ... Look, just pack as if you were going camping, and bring the extra walkie-talkies. ... Yeah, okay, see you soon. ... Bye."

After Lincoln hung up, he went to put his dishes away. Lisa had finally finished as well, leaving no leftovers whatsoever.

"Alright kids, I've packed lots of food and drinks for your little expedition. Are you sure you want to do this?" Rita asked, feeling a bit anxious, but ultimately still supportive of their goal.

"Yes, mother. It's something I must do if I'm ever to truly understand who I am." Lisa responded, making it clear she intends to go through with it, no matter what revelations were to come.

"Hope you don't mind me tagging along, I just really am eager to get out of the house. Lola has been insufferable lately." Lana mentioned, having already gotten herself heavily prepared. Given her experience with the outdoors, she would be a vital member of the search party. And plus she needs to regain her sanity after sharing a room with her twin for the past few days.

"Alright dudes, you all let me know when you're ready to get On the Road Again, cause I'll drive you out to where you need to go." Luna offered, twirling the car keys on her index finger.

"We will once Clyde arrives," Lisa said before addressing the others who are still present. "Anyone else wishes to come along?" she asked mostly addressing Lucy and Luan but neither responded.

"Yeah I figured as much," she said, weaving her tail through the loops of her pants as she walked into the living room, sitting on the sofa as she waited for the 5th member of their expedition group.

At last, there was a knock at the door. "Oh, finally," Lincoln said as he sprung up to go answer the door for Clyde, greeting him with a hug. The years have been quite kind to Clyde, being just a head taller than Lincoln and having a good physique. Despite that, the young African-American teen is still a major softie. His attire remains the same, though he has been debating on getting rid of his glasses in favor of contact lenses.

With everyone assembled, Lisa, Lincoln, Lana, and Clyde, followed Luna out to her car and hopped in, fastening their safety belts as she backed out of the driveaway.

"Alright dudes, better hang on! I'll have us there in a jiffy!" Luna said, revving the engine.

"Wait wha- AAH!" Lincoln screamed as the car took off.

"Can you PLEASE slow down? I was eager to learn about my past, but I'd still like to have a future to look forward to, you maniac!" Lisa protested, not feeling comfortable at all traveling so quickly.

"Come on sis, you know I Can't Drive 55, I'm only doing 70." Luna defended herself, although she seemed blissfully ignorant of the fact the speed limit was only 45.

Clyde was hyperventilating into a brown paper bag, as everyone else seemingly held on for dear life, all except for Lana of course, who was enjoying the thrill of speed. Fortunately what would've normally taken over a 30-minute ride, took less than 20 at the pace she was going. Although that meant little to those on board, as the trip felt like an eternity with her maniacal driving. Finally, she pulled up right next to the woods as was marked on her phone's GPS.

"We're here, dudes! See, that wasn't so bad now, was it?" Luna said with a smug grin.

"How have you not been arrested yet..." Lisa asked before exiting the vehicle with the others.

Lincoln walked around to the other side of the car to open the door, then scooped Clyde out into his arms, setting him on the side of the road to wake him up. After he finally came to, he was relieved the trip was over. Luna popped the trunk of the car and let them all grab their backpacks and gear from it. After getting themselves prepared, and Lisa mentally bracing herself for what lies ahead, the four were now prepared to head off, as Luna opted to stay behind to watch the car. Just as they were about to leave, however, Lincoln realized he forgot something.

"Aw shoot, I think we left the knives at home..." He said in frustration, unable to find his knife. The others weren't able to find theirs either.

"Don't worry, I got you guys covered," Luna said, opening up the glovebox to her and opening up a case full of sharp knives. "Take whatever you want, just be sure to bring it back, or you'll owe me." She added.

Lincoln breathed a sigh of relief as he picked out a knife to use. Lisa was curious as to why Luna just happened to carry around a case full of knives on her car, but Luna insisted they were simply for self-defense as well. Not feeling like questioning it further, she and the rest of them grabbed their knives and the protective cases that go over the blade, then venture off into the woods.

"You all be safe now! Let me know over the walkie-talkie if you need anything." She said, waving at them as they left. Afterward, she flopped back into the seat, turning on the stereo, and relaxed. "Phew, that really sucked, but with all the talk of secrets and identities lately, I couldn't have them asking questions if I was fully abiding by the law," Luna muttered to herself as if she had yet more secrets that she didn't want to tell the others.

Meanwhile, during the expedition, Lisa suddenly fell to her knees, trembling. Lincoln and Lana were in a panic, rushing to her side as Clyde kept watch on their surroundings. They did their best to comfort her and continued to ask if she was alright.

"I'm fine, I guess... Sorry about that, I underestimated my anxiety level before coming out here." She said, still sounding jittery in her voice.

"Just as I thought. Don't worry Lisa, we're here for you. Again, no matter what we find out, I'll always be here for you." Lincoln said as he lovingly embraced her, which filled her with a warm sense of comfort.

Lana grunted as she watched them embrace, but shook off her jealous emotions as she knew Lisa's well-being was far more important. "Same here, Lis." She said as she joined in on the hug, further putting Lisa at ease.

"Thanks, you two," Lisa said as she took some deep breaths to relax. "I'm alright now, let's keep moving." She added, progressing forward alongside the other three.

The group slowly progressed through the varying terrain of the forest, climbing over downed trees, wading through shallow creeks, and scaling inclines. After realizing just how massive the woods are, Lincoln offered to fly up and scout around easier.

"OW!" He shouted in pain, bumping his head onto a branch before falling back down, barely landing onto his feet.

"Ahem, first of all, karma. Second of all, these woods are far too dense to be flown around in. I'd recommend you stay grounded for the duration of this search." Lisa suggested as Lincoln agreed, rubbing the top of his head to ease the pain.

After progressing a bit more, they decided now was the best time to split off into teams of two.

"Alright, Lisa and Lana can check the Northeastern area, and none other than Clincoln McCloud will check the Southwest." Clyde announced, attempt to take charge, doing his best "grown-up voice" only for it to have a slight crack.

"YES!" Lana said in celebration, finally getting some alone time with Lisa as she grabs her sister's hand, guiding her off the Northeast.

"Uhh... Alright then." Lisa said, a bit confused by Lana's strange behavior. It felt as though there were constantly new questions arising lately for her, but she just decided to head along with her, as Lana's nature skills would come along incredibly handy to her.

"Clincoln McCloud is back in business!" Lincoln and Clyde said in unison, fist-bumping one another.

"Let's go and solve this mystery. With Clincoln McCloud on the case, we're sure to find the answer Lisa seeks!" Clyde adds as they headed in their respective direction.

A few moments later, however.

"We're lost!" Clyde said in a panic, unable to even tell which direction is which anymore, as Lincoln sported a very unamused expression, tugging him by the collar of his shirt as they continued forward.

Over on Lisa and Lana's end, Lana was darting around through the woods like some sort of canine, sniffing around for anything out of the ordinary. Lisa also took advantage of her hypersensitive sense of smell, trying to spot any subtle differences in the air. Meanwhile, back at the car, Luna was scrolling through her phone, looking up any news articles she could find concerning the area. She'd eventually stumbled across a report about a meteor sighting, which just so happened to occur eight years ago. Searching further about this incident, revealed that attempts to find it by enthusiasts proved futile due to a powerful sense of uneasiness in the area surrounding it, which actually caused hikers to become quite ill. Nature would eventually overtake it, leaving a bizarrely shaped mound in the middle of the forest, unable to be seen from the sky.

After this discovery, Luna was in deep thought about the article before grabbing her walkie-talkie to relay what she discovered.

"Hey sis, you're not gonna believe what I just found out," she said, which Lisa replied back asking what she had learned. Luna then went on to explain everything she just read to Lisa.

"Huh, so there was a meteor that landed here just before I showed up? How curious. Could it be...? No, it couldn't... Maybe I was part of a search group and accidentally got left behind, or I was scared away by the impact." She theorized, unable to comprehend the one reality she feared the most. Despite this, she didn't rule it out completely and knew this was clearly a breakthrough in the search.

Luna explained the closest location of the crash based on the coordinates, as mentioned in the articles, which just so happened to be about 2 miles away from Lisa. Feeling that this whole thing is a massive red flag though, she got out of her car and dashed into the woods to attempt to catch up with Lisa, feeling concerned for her and the others.

Meanwhile, Lincoln and Clyde were nerding out over Lisa's potential origins, discussing how she could really be an alien, or some other kind of creature, perhaps a Beast-Hybrid. Though when talking about it through the walkie-talkies, Lisa got frustrated and asked them to be quiet, as all the talk of being an alien was becoming more of a reality for her by the second, and she didn't want it rubbed in her face. The boys quieted down and figured it was best to turn around and head towards the Northeastern end to try to meet up with Lisa and Lana since it appeared they were on the right track.

Meanwhile, Lisa had sat down on a log, feeling extremely anxious at what they were about to uncover, now just a mile away from the supposed location. Lana could see how vulnerable her sister was, as she sat down next to her and put an arm around her, pulling her close. Lana could feel Lisa shaking, and did her best to try to comfort her.

"Hey, don't worry, okay? You've got me here with you. And the other 3 are on their way towards us as we speak. We're all here for you, and we'll see you through this no matter what happens, okay?" Lana said.

Lisa shook her head in acknowledgment, taking some deep breaths to calm down. Lana simply smiled, giving a gentle kiss atop Lisa's head. The familiar affection made her blush, and it came from someone she least expected, too. It began to open her eyes as to just how supportive Lana has been as well, which she had neglected to realize sooner, due to her fixation on Lincoln. While on one hand, this made her more at ease, while on the other, she began to feel anxious in a different way, as Lana gave another gentle kiss, and pulled her into a tight hug. She wasn't sure how to process these emotions coming from another female, though she made no effort to reject them either.

"Th-Thank you, I... I'll keep that in mind." She stuttered, having a gay panic as she embraces her adoptive sister.

"No problem. I love you, Lisa, so I wanna be there for you too... Just like Lincoln..." She said, sighing a bit in envy, knowing full well she's still fixated primarily on him. She smiled soon after though, realizing that seeing Lisa happy is still good enough for her either way.

Lisa was a bit flustered, she didn't truly know how to take the sentiment. It wasn't uncommon for love to be used in a platonic manner, especially since they were raised as siblings. But what if she meant it romantically? Those are the thoughts that fluttered through her mind as she began to sport her signature awkward grin, fantasizing about the possibilities.

"Lisa? ...Lisa? LISA!" Lana shouted, trying to get her attention as she had entered a daze.

"OH! Forgive me... My thoughts got a little carried away." She said, resting her head on Lana's shoulder.

Though this made Lana blush, seeing that it is possible that she may be able to win or at least share Lisa's heart, after all, there was still other matters at hand. "It's fine, but Lincoln has been freaking out over the walkie-talkie. He keeps losing signal, and I think Clyde is enabling his anxiety yet again..." she explains.

"Oh drat, how could I have forgotten! Lincoln?" She said through the walkie-talkie, standing up with Lana as they continued to trek forward as they communicated with Lincoln.

"I've been worried about you! Is everything alright?" Lincoln asked.

"It's only been 10 minutes... But yes, I am fine. I have Lana here to look after me, so I'm in good hands." She replied, which made Lana smile as she overheard that statement.

On the other side of the woods, Luna was pushing through, trying to get to the others. She admired the area, feeling quite at peace with herself as she explored deeper, in the direction she's sure Lisa and Lana are at. Eventually, she had to stop once hearing some rustling. Pulling out her knife she stood her on guard, ready to face whatever will emerge from the bush. But to her horror, it was a black bear.

What horrified Luna is the fact the bear wasn't as large and stocky as most bears would be, which means it was starving. She readied her knife as she attempted to coax it away.

"C'mon big guy, I know you're more afraid of me than I am of you. So just back away.." The bear continued approaching, thick slime-like saliva whipping back and forth from its lower jaw as it continued walking towards her.

Sighing with disappointment, knowing she has to harm an innocent animal just trying to survive, she closed her eyes for a moment, before opening them again, her dark blue eyes now having a bright cerulean glow to them. She continued staring the bear down, the animal refusing to back away, desperate for the meal in front of it before entering a sprint towards the woman.

Back with Lisa and Lana, the two were trekking up a hill before Lisa looked to the side in the distance once hearing thunder. Whilst she didn't see a single cloud in sight, she figured her sensitive hearing picked up a storm in the far distance.

"Something's wrong Lis?" Lana asked as she noticed her sister staring out into the distance.

Lisa continued looking out in the distance before turning to address Lana. "Sorry, I just heard what I assumed was thunder, but I guess it is one of those strange phenomena." She said before pressing forward. "Come on, let's press on. It is already past noon."

The two continued onwards, getting closer to their destination, enjoying nature as they continue up the path before stopping at a creek. Much to Lisa's amazement, she couldn't help but noticed how unusually clean and pristine the water appears. Getting a better look, she further confirmed that the creek is actually a natural spring. This excited Lana as she dunked her head into the water to get a long refreshing drink.

"WHOO! That's the stuff!" the girl said, clearly thirsty since she drank much of her water prior. Once dunking her head in once more to get more to drink, she urged Lisa to take a drink, only for the younger girl to reveal she still has a full canteen.

"Whoa, you haven't even taken a sip. How do you do it? I mean we were out here for 3 hours now."

"Honestly, I'm not sure at all," Lisa said, finally taking a sip of her water.

At this point, the two decided to take a short break, sitting down next to the creek, and making themselves comfortable.

"Aah, always satisfying to explore the world, especially when nature has all this to offer," Lana said in comfort.

"Indeed, I can see why you're an outdoors girl. Even I have an appreciation for nature now thanks to this spirit trip." Lisa responded, looking towards the distance once more, getting a better view of the woods due to their elevation.

The two remained silent for a few minutes, enjoying the ambiance of the stream and the birds in the trees. Upon being offered it, Lana decided to drink from Lisa's canteen, so as not to get her hair and hat wet again.

"So" Lana started as she chooses her words carefully. "How are things with you and Lincoln. I mean you two have been sharing a room for 3 days now. He's not being annoying is he?"

Lisa could only frown at that statement but nonetheless, she responded. "Well, there has been much placi-I mean quite calming. He's not annoying in the slightest, and even tends to put me before him." She said, her expression befitting that of a love-stricken person.

"There is just the issue of privacy, but we'll find a way to deal with that eventually." she continued. The truth is she's very much aware of Lana's feelings towards her and decided to do a quick downplay, as the answer did seem satisfying to the young tomboy.

"Well good, cos if he ever does any funny business, I'll-" Lana soon found Lisa's index and thumb pinching her mouth closed.

"Shhh, don't ruin the moment," Lisa whispered as the two once more remained silent to enjoy the sounds of nature.

After 5 more minutes passed, they continued on their way, trekking further up the hill along a winding path before going further deep through a thick cluster of trees. Just as they were walking along though, they became too comfortable with their path that they failed to notice a steep slope nearby. "Anyways, I think we're getting closer now to the area we need to b- LANA!" Lisa shouts.

Lana had lost her footing and slipped down the slope, though luckily for her, Lisa reacted with inhuman speeds to grab onto her hand tightly, preventing her fall. Lana looked down the steep hill, which made her panic a bit before looking back up at Lisa. The girl's unnaturally violet eyes had entrapped her, gazing warmly into them as they held hands, Lisa returning a wholesome, caring smile as she looked down at her.

"Thanks, Lis. I thought I was a goner..." She said gratefully, though their sense of relief was cut short, as the ground caved out from under Lisa's feet, sending both girls tumbling down the hill. "DAMMIT! NOT LIKE THIS!" Lisa shouted out in a panic.

At this point, Lincoln was overtaken by a sensation of dread, so panicked about what was possibly going on, to the point even Clyde was feeling a bit frustrated.

"Look, I get it, but would it be possible for you to chill out a bit?" He said, with a look of powerful indifference, but deep down he's just as panicked as Lincoln.

"Sorry... You're right. I'm sure they're fine." He said, taking a sigh of relief, only to immediately try contacting them again, to which Clyde put his hand on his, lowering it down as if to restrain him from caving into anxious tendencies.

Meanwhile, the girls were taking quite the tumble down the slope. However amidst her emotional high from before, and now facing even stronger emotions of uncertainty as she tumbles to an unknown outcome, Lisa's body seemingly takes control and slows their tumble significantly. This was a massive relief for the two, given that they had been constantly accelerating downward, with a dense line of trees near the bottom which would've spelled their demise.

Lana still enduring the adrenaline rush, opened her eyes after feeling herself slow to a stop. Still clinging helplessly to Lisa's hand, she looked up to see Lisa floating above the ground, with a look of pure shock on her face. She was relieved as could be, especially after looking ahead and seeing they were only a couple of yards away from slamming into the trees, some of which had some pretty jagged branches which would have pierced them. Both girls endured a few scrapes and bruises, not to mention an emotional roller coaster ride, but they had survived relatively unharmed.

Lisa descended to the very bottom of the slope, where the ground had finally evened out, setting Lana down before landing back on her feet again. Lisa was clearly shaken up still, the near-death experience, as well as narrowly losing Lana, was a real eye-opener. She had become somewhat aware of the strange happenings around the house and deduced that she is capable of manipulating her own bio-electricity, but was still reckless herself. It made her realize that she really needs to hone her skills to prevent such incidents from happening again, and to prevent harm from befalling those she cares about.

Soon after, the walkie-talkies had rolled down near them, Lana rushing over to pick them up as Lisa was still in her trance-like state. "Hey, Linc, you there? We're fine, okay? We just took a tumble, but Lisa saved us before it got too bad. She can actually float and stuff!" she explained, with lots of excitement in her voice.

"Oh thank goodness..." He responded, breathing a sigh of relief.

"See, I told you not to worry..." Clyde said. "Now come on buddy, let's get you back over to her so you can calm down." He added, putting an arm over Lincoln's shoulder and helping escort him through the woods. He tried to play it off, but as we all know.

'I am quite shitting myself, what was I thinking coming out here' his thoughts racing but the desire to help out his honorary brother far outweighed the negatives.

Lana then walked back over to where Lisa was standing to give her walkie-talkie back. She noticed, however, that Lisa was still fixated straight forward, waving her hand in front of the girl's face to see if she would respond at all. "Hello? Lisa?" Lana asked. At first, she thought Lisa was still in shock from the incident, until she glanced through the opening in the trees to see a rather large open area, with a very unnatural-looking but small mound in the center of it all. She felt eerie vibes wash over her body, as it felt surreal knowing that they were already there, as well as the uncertainty of what lies under that mound.

Lisa was in shock, as she took in the sight. It was exactly as it was rumored to look like. Everything was building up to this moment, and she was equally terrified as to what she may learn, as she was about potentially not finding anything at all. "We've found it..." She muttered softly, as she boldly began inching forward through the trees and into the field. The area felt strange, but she couldn't explain why. It had a completely different vibe from everywhere else in the woods, it felt mysterious and uncomfortable, though it didn't necessarily seem to be radiation as they had feared, or at least not one that was of any immediate harm to them. For Lana, the feeling caused a tingling sensation across her body, and not a pleasant one, but she calmed her nerves as she joined Lisa.

While the sensation was overall uncomfortable, it was affecting Lisa much less before she felt a static-like tingle at the back of her neck. Yelping loudly, she instinctively slapped at the spot, suddenly freaked out that a large insect may have landed on her but soon the sensation became more intense. In fact, the more she thought about it the more the feeling was beginning to feel very familiar now, one she hasn't felt for a few years now when she caused an electrical explosion in her bunker that knocked out all the power in the local area.

"It couldn't be..." she said out loud, alerting Lana, who was very curious now. Lifting the hand from her neck, she stretched her hand out only for both girls to suddenly hear a loud high pitch buzzing. Closing her hand into a fist, the sound that seems to emanate from nowhere became lower-pitched. Opening her hand once more, the sound became high-pitched.

"So What's going on?" Lana asked, getting freaked out by the noise.

Lisa's expression became very unsettled as she realized whats going on, looking towards the hill. "This area of the woods is rather humid, so much that there is an exceptionally powerful static field. The source of which.." She simply pointed towards the hill and right away, Lana understood whats going on.

"Be extremely careful Lana. The wrong move could trigger what can only be described as an electrical bomb that could leave this entire area into a quarter-mile wide crater more than 15 meters deep." She was quick to explain.

"We approach this as carefully and slowly as possible." she further warned.

Lana nodded, feeling rather anxious as she gulped, inching forward with Lisa as the buzzing sound grew more intense the closer they got, along with the sensations becoming far more unpleasant. "Oh man, I don't feel so good..." Lana muttered, clutching her stomach as she began to feel nauseous.

"Hang in there, we're this close. If you need to stay behind, then do so. I'm going forward." Lisa replied, not letting down despite how increasingly dangerous the situation was becoming. "In fact, just head back into the woods, if this thing goes off, I don't want it to take you out too." She added.

Lana took a deep breath, sucking up her nauseous feelings and putting on a brave face.

"No, I've come this far with you, and I'm not going to turn back on you now. Whatever happens, we face it together!" she said.

As much as Lisa wanted her to be safe, she couldn't help but feel a sense of comfort from her words.

"Right, let's be careful then and get this over with. If we're lucky, we can sort this out before the others get in the vicinity," she said.

As the two pressed on, the buzzing had reached its peak as they had arrived at the mound finally, gazing upon it with uncertainty. This was it, the moment Lisa had waited for, although she expressed some hesitation, Lana nudged her and motioned for her to approach it first since whatever it was, it was safest for Lisa to handle it. The young girl stood before the strange mound and began brushing away the dirt and moss that had covered it. After breaking through the thin outer layer, she was shocked to see a shiny, metallic surface underneath it all. Realizing there was no immediate threat from touching it, Lana joined in as they cleaned off the metallic object, as Lisa grew more in disbelief by the second. After a few minutes, the debris and foliage were gone, and now before them sat a strange metallic pod, spherical in shape. On one side, a small window jutted out from the pod, though the years of buildup made it hard to see inside of.

"Unbelievable... There's no way..." Lisa said, utterly blown away by what she was seeing. "Guys, I've found something... Something major." She said through the walkie-talkie, in a somewhat jittery tone.

On the other end, her message was barely legible, due to the overwhelming amount of electromagnetic radiation interfering with the signal. This prompted the others to hurry to her location. Meanwhile, Lisa examines the strange sphere, gently knocking on it clues her in on the fact that it's hollow inside, as she continued to examine what appeared to be the front of the strange object, searching for a way to open it safely. Lana was doing her best to maintain her composure amidst the electromagnetic radiation making her feel ill, but she refused to leave Lisa's side. Lisa tries to peer into the window but to no avail.

"I wonder..." She muttered to herself as she placed her hand on the front of the sphere. To her and Lana's surprise, the object began to creak and move, coming to life as it made a loud hissing sound as it depressurized, opening up to reveal the small interior inside.

"Sweet Einstein, it really is a craft of some sort..."

"No way... So does that like, mean you're an a-" before she could finish, Lisa held out her hand to silence her.

"Do you feel that?" Lisa asked, taking note of the dramatic difference in atmosphere.

"Hey, that strange feeling is gone now! So it was this thing doing it all along, and it didn't blow up as you said. At least not yet." Lana added.

"We're in no danger of explosions anymore. It would seem as though the craft was still holding in residual electricity. Which is actually a good thing, if there's any machinery inside, it should have helped preserve it." Lisa speculated.

"Maybe it was your bio-whatever?" Lana asked.

"Bio-electricity. And at this point, given that this thing opened up in response to my handprint... It's looking to be quite likely." The young girl side in response. Lisa then climbed into the strange pod, sitting down in what appeared to be the cockpit seat. As soon as the craft recognized her handprints on the inside, a strange electronic voice became audible.

"Greetings, Madoo. I was beginning to think I would never see you again." The voice in the craft spoke, startling the two girls.

"Madoo... Who is Madoo? I think you have me confused, whatever you are because my name is Lisa Loud." she said.

"Maybe someone else is nearby that it's detecting?" Lana wondered, only to be corrected by the voice.

"Incorrect. Madoo is already present in the cockpit. The name Lisa Loud is unfamiliar to me. Though since it has been approximately 8 Earth-years since you last entered this cockpit, it is clear my data on you is currently incomplete. I am Iris, your personal A.I. assistant."

"Whoa, it responded!" Lana said as both girls were shocked by this.

"Iris, huh... Wait, so my real name is Madoo? How could that be? Do you know about my past? Like what happened 8 years ago?" Lisa nervously asked, already with a world of questions entering her mind upon seemingly learning her real name after so long.

"I know everything, at least, up until your departure from this pod. However, if you are just now finally seeking answers, I think it would be best for someone a bit more personal to you to explain the situation." Iris said as a holographic video display showed up in front of Lisa's face. Highly fascinated at the technological display but reluctant as well, she took a few moments to mentally prepare herself, before tapping what she assumed is the play button on the hologram.

"Greetings, Madoo. If you are seeing this message, then I trust that you have come seeking answers." A mysterious male figure wearing an elaborate labcoat-like garment had spoken, though the playback had, unfortunately, became somewhat corrupted over the years making it very difficult to make out the facial details of the figure, though it was clear he had black hair and a light skin tone.

"My name is Solan, I am a scientist from the planet Sadala, home of the Saiyan race. To be-" What followed was an audio disruption as the recording has seemingly skipped ahead.

"-ue to this, you and your 5 older siblings were all chosen as part of Sadala's Project Genesis. As such, you and your siblings, who have been dispatched to other planets in the system, are genetically modified to best suit your task, and to better defend yourselves with, being the lone member of your race on your respective planets."

"Wait, Siblings? Sadala? Saiyans? Genetically modified? What on earth kind of project were these people conducting..." She wondered, as she continued to watch the playback, once again hearing another disruption, the audio cutting briefly before the recording resumed.

" *sigh* I do hope that you house no ill will towards me, and understand that this was all done for the greater good, due to the crisis we were facing here on Sadala. For you, in particular, Madoo, you were sent to Earth as a mere baby. As such, you won't recognize me..." The voice said, in a bit of a somber tone, which Lisa noticed right away.

"But the positive is that you can live your new life, without carrying the weight of the past on your shoulders. I hope life on Earth finds you well. Do not worry about me, just enjoy your new life. Your duty will be fulfilled naturally in due time. Though we will never meet again, know that I will always carry you in my heart. Please take care, my daughter." he added before the playback ended leaving the girl completely stunned and silent. It took a while for the girl to find her voice.

"D-daughter? That was... that was my real father?..." Lisa said, shellshocked by the revelation that not only was she adopted, but was also indeed an alien of another race, from a planet light-years away. The fact that she had also just witnessed possibly the only glimpse of her true father that she'll ever see, the girl's soul was overtaken with a major existential crisis, suddenly feeling so lonely and isolated in the universe. She didn't know the true reason behind the project that sent her to this planet, or why she's the only one of her kind there. She felt bittersweet feelings towards her father, Solan, due to her uncertainty, but yet she still found herself replaying the video, over and over, becoming emotionally overwhelmed, tears forming in her eyes as she listened to her father's voice, taking in what little corrupted visual of him that was visible.

Lana stood silent outside of the craft, tears in her eyes as well, as it hurt to see Lisa, or rather, Madoo, feeling such a huge wave of emotions. She knew it was best not to intervene, however, as there was clearly so much for her to process, as well as the fact she had become fixated on the video of her father. As much as she wished to comfort her, it was too personal of a moment to get involved just yet.

At that moment, Lincoln was flying through the woods whilst carrying Clyde, now skillfully dodging trees after a bit of practice on the way over. Lisa eventually stopped replaying the video, and sat back into the seat in a catatonic state, her eyes unfocused and unblinking, as Lana tried to snap her out of it to no avail. She began to panic and called for the others to hurry up to their location.

"Guys, Lisa is acting very strange... She won't move or speak, heck I haven't even seen her blink in several minutes." Lana said, whimpering into the walkie-talkie.

"We're hurrying over there right now!" Lincoln said, feeling concerned about what happened, especially since it was clear that Lana was crying.

Meanwhile, Luna was frantically rushing through the woods herself, but could only navigate them so fast. She was panicked for her siblings, but she felt a sense of confidence knowing that Lincoln would soon arrive by the sounds of it. Sure enough, a few minutes later a flash of white light was seen bursting from the densely wooded area, as Lincoln emerged at high speed. He slowed to a stop in the field, setting Clyde down on his feet as Lincoln tried to catch his breath, not use to flying that fast.

"Not gonna lie buddy, that was impressive. It was like that scene in that movie, where they're racing through the woods where that tribe of teddy bears lived, what was that called again..." Clyde pondered, but then quickly snapped to, realizing now wasn't the time. "Oops, sorry."

Lincoln rushed over to the strange spherical pod-like craft in which Lisa sat, approaching her frantically and grabbing her by the shoulders, trying to shake her out of her catatonic state.

"Lisa? Lisa! It's me, snap out of it Lisa! Come on..." he says, which luckily does the trick, as hearing his voice helped snap her out of it.

Lisa had a groggy look on her face once she began moving again as if she was just physically and mentally exhausted feeling after all this. Luckily, Clyde came prepared as always, and pulled out a nice cold bottle of water, and gave it to Lisa. The young girl practically chugged it down in seconds, followed by a loud burp which certainly helped lighten the mood a bit. She rubbed her head and finally seemed to be coming to.

"My apologies that you all had to see me in that state." she apologized.

"It's okay, we're here now. Is everything okay?" Lincoln asked, helping her out of the pod before pulling her into his embrace.

Lisa wholesomely welcomed the much-needed affection, gently nodding against his chest.

"Yes, I'll be fine... Just a lot to think about. Once we meet back up with Luna, I'll explain everything." she said.

Soon after, Luna finally came running from the trees and into the field. "Oh, how convenient," Lisa said.

As soon as Luna reached the group, she was too out of breath to say much, but noticing that she was visibly concerned, Lisa headed off the subject and informed her that things were okay now, much to Luna's relief. With everyone assembled, she began to explain everything that she had just learned about herself. The group was in shock that their sister was an alien all along, though they also felt a sense of relief knowing she'd finally gotten some closure on her situation. And they all ensured her that her being an alien does not change their view on her at all, as they still love and appreciate her just the same as before, which was a huge weight off of her shoulders.

"...With all that said, I must have you all swear to never tell anyone of this outside of this group. No one except mother shall know, as I don't want anyone else making my life more difficult than it already is right now." She explained, after having filled them in on the details about herself.

"An alien...? Oh..." Clyde muttered in shock before fainting, being caught by Lincoln on his way down.

"Don't pay any attention to him, he still can't even watch ARGGH! without freaking out." Lincoln said. "Honestly I think it just makes that much more special, you're the only one of you're kind on Earth! ...OW!" he added before being elbowed by Lana.

"Yeah, that's exactly the issue..." Lisa said, the fact of the matter making her feel existential.

"Way to go, Romeo," Lana said to Lincoln sarcastically, much to the boy's embarrassment, as he didn't mean it that way.

"Look dude, regardless of all that, you're still our Lisa. You're one of the Loud family, and we've been here for you through your whole life. I mean sure, you have a real family out there somewhere, but at least we raised you and loved you, rather than sending you off to another planet." Luna gave her a pep talk to try to perk her up.

Lisa merely looked at each of them, still a bit of an emotional wreck. Though as she saw their smiling faces of support, and Clyde's sudden thumbs-up and half-smile...

"Lincoln, quit clowning around, geez!" Lana shouted as Lincoln had been using his hands to make Clyde seems supportive whilst passed out.

Lisa snorted as she started laughing, which broke the tension in the air. Seeing the goofy antics of them reminded her why she cared so much about them.

"It's true I have a biological family out there somewhere," she said, looking up at the sky.

"...But my real family is still right here." she looks back at them with a smile, feeling a lot better than she did before.

They were all relieved, it seemed as though their presence helped her feel a lot better. The group decided to hang around for a while, given that they had been venturing for a long time, they had worked up a huge appetite. Getting the food and supplies from their backpacks, they set up a picnic not far from the spacecraft and began stuffing their faces. It was a good chance to finally unwind after Lisa finally got some closure on her life. Though there were still many questions left unanswered, she was content enough for now, especially whilst gorging herself with food.

After finishing up their meal, they prepared to head back. Now with their backpacks freed up of a lot of space, Lisa emphasized how she wanted to dismantle the craft and take the parts back with her to the house, in order to study them. She was confident that given how corrupt some of the footage was, and that the craft had appeared to be operating in a low-energy mode, that, with some time and effort, she could gain access to the full message, and any additional information she could.

"Are you sure about this, Lisa? Er, or Madoo, I should say..." Lincoln asked.

"Please, just keep calling me Lisa. As for the craft, yes, I'm sure. There's no way this thing can fly due to the damage it sustained, and my guess was that it was programmed for a one-way trip anyways." She replied.

"Plus, it's probably not a good idea to leave something like this out in the open. The wrong person might see it and it could cause global hysteria." Lana mentioned as she agreed to help out.

"How very astute of you, Lana." Lisa complimented her adoptive sister.

"What can I say, I learned from the best," Lana responded, winking at Lisa.

Lisa and Lana then proceeded to dismantle the craft, piece by piece, making extra sure not to damage the AI system.

"Now, don't you worry, Iris, I have plans for you," she said, as she felt Iris not only was the key to figuring out more of her origins, but also that she could make a great personal assistant. Iris understood and proceeded to shut down for the time being, in order to avoid any complications. With their backpacks all full, and a lot heavy than when they came in, the group covered over the area where the craft had laid and made it look as natural as they could.

"There, that's about as good as it's gonna get. I'm sure it'll grow a bit more by the time anyone comes back here again." Lana said, brushing the dirt off of her hands.

"The extreme electromagnetic radiation is gone now, ever since I opened the craft. Now that it's been removed, the 'curse' on this forest as some call it has been lifted." Lisa explained. "So with that in mind, it'll look much more natural by the time anyone dares to try exploring this place again."

"So basically, no one will ever know. Which is probably a good thing." Lincoln says as he looks over at Clyde still passed out.

"Mass hysteria, dude. I don't think the world is ready for Space Oddities." Luna added.

Looking at the sky, Lana chimed in.

"I think we should start heading back now, if we're out here too long the sun may start to set, then we'll have a problem on our hands," she said.

"I mean, you could just talk to any creatures that harass us, couldn't you?" Lincoln asked.

"...If a homicidal maniac is charging at you, would you stop and politely ask them to stop?" Lana asked sarcastically. "Besides, I'm an animal expert, not a freak."

"Oooh, she done schooled you, bro!" Luna laughed, much to Lincoln's embarrassment.

Lincoln didn't have anything to say in response, not wanting to dig his grave further for the silly question. Though Lana could seemingly speak to animals, it was only the result of her skillfully training them, so wild animals, especially predators, were very were much an exception. It was clear they weren't prepared for dealing with predatory animals, as even though a few of them could most certainly deal with any threats, they highly preferred to avoid killing any wild animals, even if for self-defense. Best to avoid the situation altogether and return to the car as quickly as they could, which they did.

Along the walk back to the car, Clyde finally woke up. "Daddy? Is that you? You haven't held me like this in so long. It's so nice..." he muttered as Lincoln carried him, the barely-conscious teen confusing the situation as one of his fathers cradling him. However, in reality, this came across as very awkward to the others.

"Erm... Care to explain, dear?" Lisa questioned, glaring at him.

"Rock on! My lil bro's hitting it big with the dudes AND dudettes!" Cheered Luna at the implications.

Lana simply laughed at the situation. Lincoln blushed hard and shook his head frantically, trying his best to explain to them that it wasn't what it sounded like, that Clyde is easily confused upon waking up. Luna persisted on her stance, though in reality she was simply lightly teasing him for the fun of it.

"You've got my support, lil bro! I got a spare bi flag in my room if you wanna show your colors!" she said, causing Lincoln to sigh and give up on his explanation.

Clyde had finally woken up enough for his brain to register where he's at, having no recollection of what he said prior.

"Oh, hey guys! Uh, did I pass out or something?" he asked, as Lincoln sat him down on his feet finally.

"Thanks for carrying me, buddy. Sorry if it caused you any extra trouble," he added.

"You have no idea..." Lincoln said, much to Clyde's confusion as the group continued on their way to the car.

After finally making it back, sighing a collective sigh of relief to see civilization again, if you could call a stretch of road that, they tossed their gear into the trunk before piling into the car, as Luna proceeded to drive them back home at last, but not before making a detour by Clyde's house. Outside, the McBrides waited with open arms to welcome their son home from a successful adventure. Clyde waved goodbye, and the Louds soon made their way back home finally. The group was relieved, though, for Lisa, things had only just begun, as she still had to break the news to her mother. She was relieved to see that Vanzilla wasn't present in the driveway, so she didn't have to worry about her father being there at least.

Everyone exit Luna's car, all heading to the trunk to grab their equipment, Lincoln grabbing his and Clyde's both, as he had offered to leave it behind until they unloaded all of the ship parts from it. Lisa informed Luna that she was going to tell Rita as soon as she could, though much to her surprise, Rita was already on the front porch, welcoming her children home. She was relieved that all of them made it back safely, especially once Lincoln explained that they dropped Clyde off on the way home, just so she didn't worry about why he wasn't present. Though as Lisa approached, Rita's joyous expression became one of mixed feelings. She was overjoyed to see her daughter, yet struck with anxiety over what her discovery was, as judging by their demeanor, it was clear their expedition was a success.

"Mother, I'll need you to meet me in the garage at the nearest opportunity. I'd like to discuss something with you in private." Lisa said.

"Sure thing, sweetie. I'll go wait for you now as you put your things away." Rita replied, feeling extra concerned now as any mother would in her situation.

"Here dude lemme take that for ya." Luna offered as she grabbed Lisa's backpack and took it inside. She gave Lisa a warm smile and a nod, encouraging her to go through with it as if to ensure her that everything will be fine.

"Thank you... Wait up, mother." She said, catching up to Rita as they both entered the garage, just missing the silhouette of a figure following them and lingering outside a window.

Inside the house, the others were curious why Lisa was absent, especially Lucy who was the first to ask. However, Luna ensured her that she's fine, that she just needed some alone time with her mother. She didn't elaborate on any reason why, but the response was suitable enough, as Lucy didn't suspect anything out of the ordinary. Meanwhile, out in the garage, Lisa explained her discoveries to Rita.

"Sigh... Well, mother, I've learned a lot today. Perhaps more than I ever should've known, but it really opened my eyes to who, or rather, what I am." Lisa said. "It turns out, we had discovered a spherical object in the woods where I was found. This object was in fact, a spaceship of some sort." She added.

Rita was shocked, as she could already see where this revelation was headed.

"...A spaceship? You mean like ali-" She began to say before stopping herself, realizing it may be a poor choice of words.

"Aliens, yes, which I happen to be one of. Inside of the pod, which by the way, only opened in response to my fingerprints, identified who I really was..." She paused before looking straight into Rita's eyes.

"My name is Madoo. I am what is known as a Saiyan, from a planet called Sadala." She revealed with a straight face.

Rita was shocked that her precious daughter was an alien all along, even more so upon hearing what her true identity was. Having an alien for a daughter didn't really phase Rita too much though, as it was still her little girl that she raised.

" I see... Madoo. So that's your real name, huh."

"Lisa. My name is Lisa-Marie Loud, as far as I'm concerned, and I will tell you why. That pod contained an AI system which not only was what identified me, but it also played a message from... My father. My real, biological father. I also learned that I have 5 other siblings out there, somewhere." she explained as she looked up, sighing.

"So, somewhere out there, you have a real family. Real parents, real siblings. And a real home..." Rita lamented, feeling rather somber at the fact she felt she was keeping her from her biological family all along, as well as the fear that her daughter may no longer wish to associate with the Loud family anymore. Though, what Lisa headed the revelation off with gave her some hope.

"Why do you still prefer your old name, though?" she asked.

"Simple. You raised me ever since I was a baby, you gave me love and affection, you gave me a home to live in, food to eat, and things to tinker with. All my other family seemingly has done was ship me off to another planet light-years away..." she sighed, as that fact pained her heart, even though she never met them, it still bothered her.

"So as far as I'm concerned, you are my real family, and this is my home."

"Aww, Lisa..." Rita smiled, getting rather teary-eyed as she kneeled down to hug her daughter.

"They aren't much of a family if they did all that without any reason. How could they send an innocent, defenseless baby to another planet all alone?!" she wondered, feeling outraged that anyone could do such a thing.

Lisa returned the hug, then continued to explain.

"The AI did mention I was chosen as a part of some project, though little information was given. We scrapped the ship and brought it back with us, so I'm hoping I can eventually get more information out of it."

"I see, well I don't see how any project is worth shipping a baby away, but that's just my motherly side speaking..." she added, though the more she thought about it, there must have been a justified reason behind it regardless if it wasn't a good decision.

"Maybe your family had a good reason for it, though. Perhaps that project was something special, so don't feel sad about it, okay?" she said, not wanting Lisa to feel sad thinking about her biological family.

"I suppose you may be correct, mother. Thank you, I really needed to hear that." Lisa said, giving her mother another hug, which lasted much longer this time.

The two conversed a bit more about it, before eventually shifting back into a more casual conversation. Though the bonding was cut short as Rita's phone began to ring. It was Luan calling, which was unusual, especially since she was right inside of the house.


"Yes, Luan? What is it?"

"You might wanna come back inside, I don't think this roast was supposed to get quite this dark..."

Immediately Rita's expression changed, fleeing into the house.

"NO! The roast!" she shouted, fleeing out of the garage and heading up through the front door, as loud smoke alarms sounded off from inside.

Lisa just smiled to herself, shaking her head. Even after all she had discovered about herself and her origins, she was more grateful than ever to be a member of the Loud family. As dysfunctional as they all are, Lisa felt that a misfit alien such as herself fitted in perfectly with them. Feeling so relieved and at ease, with much of her anxieties now behind her, she headed inside as well, as her nose was immediately met with the smell of burnt meat. Everyone was a bit bummed out, given dinner was ruined, though Lisa was still in a good mood.

"Why're you so happy, dweeb?" Lynn Jr. wondered.

"Oh, no reason." Lisa smiled, not even phased by Lynn's taunting for once. Lynn simply shrugged and moved on.

Meanwhile, Rita emerged from the smokey kitchen, fanning away the fumes as she told everyone to gather. "Alright kids, so obviously I kinda sort of overcooked dinner..."

"More like cremated it..." Lucy chimed in, causing the others to snicker.

"...So instead why don't we all go to the Burpin' Burger for dinner instead?"

"YEEEAAAH!" the family collectively cheered.

As they all crammed into Luna's car, Lisa once again savored the moment. One day, she'll learn more about the secrets of her past, as well as more about her biological family. But for the time being, despite all its ups and downs, she feels as though she's right where she belongs in the universe. And after the talk with her mother, she couldn't help but smile, knowing that it's possible that she was placed on this planet in order to accomplish great things in the future. That and she was just plain excited to unwind and stuff her face with a big greasy cheeseburger.

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