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It was the middle of the night at the Loud Residence. Everyone in the house was fast asleep, everyone that is, except for Lisa. It was a big relief to learn about her origins, and even the day itself went smoother than expected, minus the lingering stench of the burnt roast from dinner time. However, despite all this, now that she laid alone in her bed, the negative thoughts began to flood her mind in full force.

"Gah... If there's one thing I wish I could safely create, it'd be a memory eraser, but with such genius at potential risk, it wouldn't be worth it... *Sigh*, it seems this is the new reality I have to live with..." Lisa lamented, whispering to herself as she stared at the ceiling in deep thought.

She felt an oncoming feeling of incredible sadness. The feeling of being unwanted was setting in, which had already sparked up as a result of realizing her adoptive father resenting the very sight of her, but now even her biological family didn't want her either. She knew she was part of some project, but she didn't know the details of it yet, since she still had to recover the corrupted data from her ship's computer system. As such, she couldn't help but speculate the real reason, and regardless of the case, the fact of knowing she was sent away broke her heart. In her moment of grief, everything felt like a lie. She felt she'd lived a false life for far too long. Her thoughts wouldn't stop racing, and it only made her more upset and stressed.

She chose not to wake Lincoln, however, as she wanted time to herself to cope and think about things. Eventually, she cried herself to sleep as the weight of her thoughts got the best of her. When morning rolled around, Lincoln and the rest of the siblings were already awake and starting their day, but he couldn't help but notice that Lisa wasn't present. He headed back up to their room to find that she was still in a deep sleep.

"Lisa? It's time to get up, sleepyhead." He said in a warm tone, nudging her so that she didn't sleep the day away.

Lisa grumbled, rubbing her red eyes before reaching for her glasses. She looked straight at Lincoln but felt so many conflicting emotions. She wanted to express joy and embrace him, but she was still deep in her thoughts and wasn't in the mood, and merely exited the room after awkwardly avoiding eye contact after her initial glance. Lincoln was immediately concerned, and though he had a strong hunch as to why, he strongly felt something else was bothering her too.

Lisa went downstairs after her morning bathroom routine, heading into the kitchen for breakfast. To her surprise, while she was in the bathroom, Lincoln had already bolted downstairs and prepared her a PB&J sandwich, with no crusts. Though she still didn't have much to say, it did help her crack a smile finally.

"Well, I was already cooking a nice breakfast for you, but seems there's a bit of a Jam!" Luan said, giggling at her pun as she brought in a big breakfast that she had prepared for everyone.

"Suits me just fine, I was hoping we could have a second breakfast," Lisa said, actually quite eager to chow down again, as her appetite was otherworldly.

"Tch, not only do you look like a hobbit, but now you sound like one too." Scoffed Lynn, even managing to turn Lisa's accidental movie quote against her as some sort of jab.

Lisa could tell that Lynn was more hostile acting than usual, but she couldn't ascertain why. Nonetheless, she consumed her breakfast at an inhuman pace, much to the shock of everyone around her, minus Luan who cheered it on as a sign of a successful meal. Though once she stopped stuffing her face, Lisa's sadness began to show more, as others began to notice.

"Say, why the long face? " Luan asked, her usual demeanor shifting to one of concern.

Lynn merely turned her head away, grinning, as she felt a sense of satisfaction seeing Lisa in that state. Lola refused to speak at all, knowing it'd be impossible for her to avoid saying the wrong thing and getting in trouble. The other siblings tried their best to get her to talk, or at the very least trying to cheer her up, either verbally or physically.

"I could tell you some great science puns, but it'd be very Periodic! Hey, here's a tip, never trust an atom, because they make up everything. Get it?" Luan couldn't help but laugh at her jokes.

Lisa felt herself cringing on the inside at the forced science jokes, but in a way, she found it endearing that her older sister was making an effort to get her to crack a smile. Lana had offered a shoulder rub, as Lincoln went to the kitchen to make a couple more sandwiches, hoping that satisfying her appetite would solve the issue.

"If you have any dark secrets, or for that matter, someone you need disposing of... Feel free to confide in me." Said Lucy, which came across more haunting than anything else, since she said it was such a serious tone.

"She's just using you all for pity and attention, all we ever hear is 'Lisa this' and 'Lisa that', Lisa Lisa Lisa! Puh-lease!" Lynn said, feeling annoyed at Lisa getting so much attention. "...What's with the stares...?" She asked, suddenly feeling as if everyone had daggers in their eyes as they glared at her, minus Lola who wore a smirk on her face. "Ugh, fine... whatever." She added, feeling fed up trying to reason with them, proceeding to finish her breakfast and leave the table.

"What's her problem?" Lana wondered, getting really irritated at Lynn's prodding.

"Here, Lisa, I made you some more sandwiches. I would've made more, but we have to wait until mom gets home because that was the last of that loaf of bread," he said, placing a plate stacked with a veritable mountain of crustless PB&Js on it whilst Lisa already began woofing down all the sandwiches.

"Hmm, speaking of mom, I hope she gets back soon. I feel like she can help figure this out and cheer her up." Luna said.

"Delicious as always." Lisa said with a brief smile aimed at Lincoln, which quickly faded as she fell back into her depressive mode. Right then the door would soon open.

"Hi kids, I'm home early! I picked up some new cereals I thought some of you might like while I was grocery shopping. I also picked up another roast. It may have bested me last time, but this time, I will be the victor!" Rita greeted everyone, having entered the front door carrying some grocery bags, hoping that the food and her silliness would make her kids smile like it used to.

Ironically, only Luna and Luan were affected, as Luan found her announcement amusing, but both of them were eager to try out the new cereals, especially since it was still breakfast time. It didn't take long for the both of them to grab the boxes out of the bags and dive in, much to Rita's delight, although it felt a little awkward that the young ones seemed unphased. Though Rita had already dealt with the reality of 2 of her daughters moving away so far, it still felt somber to realize the rest are growing up so quickly, too. Nonetheless, her gaze soon fixed on Lisa, who wore a stoic expression, but her eyes were filled with longing and sadness. Rita sat the rest of the bags down on the floor and held her arms out, giving a warm smile to Lisa.

As her eyes began to water, she hopped down from her seat at the table and dived into her adoptive mother's arms, sobbing.

"There, there. Mommy's here now..." Rita said in a comforting tone as she held Lisa, stroking her hair. She then carried her off to her own room for some privacy to gauge what was wrong with her daughter.

"Isn't she a little old to be doing that?" Lola finally spoke up.

"Remember a few months ago where you peed yourself just before a big pageant because you were nervous, then ran crying to mom much the same way?" Lana reminded her twin.

"...You told me you'd never bring that up again! UGH!" Lola stormed off to her room, her face red as a tomato in embarrassment, as only Rita and Lana were aware of that situation.

"Seems Lola is really pissed off! Get it?" Luan laughed, which the others couldn't help but snort at the pun.

Meanwhile, in Rita's room, she and Lisa sat on the bed and began to chat together, as Lisa still struggled to cope with her revelations as Madoo, as well as wanting to know more about the truth behind her past as Lisa Loud. They shared plenty of affection with one another and discussed the situation, but there was one subject that still bothered her especially.

"So, mother... Can you please tell me about what happened before I was found on that fateful day?" Lisa asked.

Rita immediately froze, her speech became stuttered, and nervously tried to talk her way out of the subject. "S-Some things are just best left in the past, sweetie. All you need to know is we were driving along and we saw you on the side of the road. It what turned the worst day of my life, into a blessed day." She explained, though felt frustrated that she may have already said too much.

"I see, very well then, we shall not pursue the subject any further, for now..." Lisa said, though it wasn't a satisfying answer at all, it was becoming more apparent that whatever had happened on that day, clearly was traumatic for Rita, and she couldn't stand to see her beloved mother feel that way.

Lisa wiped her eyes dry and nestled against her mother, hugging her tightly, as Rita returned the affection, the two females locked in a state of blissful comfort, which they both so desperately needed. Wanting to perk things back up as well as change the subject, Lisa had an idea.

"Would you like to go out and do anything together, mother? Just so we can clear our minds and have some time together to relax." Lisa asked.

"Hmm, just the two of us? I think that'd be wonderful, dear. In fact..." Rita said as she reached over for her purse, fishing around in it before pulling out some coupons. "Your father and I were going to have a spa day soon, but... Circumstances have changed, and I think the two of us need them more right now." She added.

"A spa? For real? Oh, how I've always wanted to go to one!" Lisa expressed joyfully, though there was a concern she had. "But won't fa- ...Won't he be even more upset with me, if I use his ticket?" She wondered.

"Nah, it'll be fine. Spas are meant to relax the body and mind, so don't squander it by worrying about him. Pssh, I'm sure wherever he is right now is a sauna from him steaming so much." Rita said, trying to ease Lisa's mind with some humor.

The young girl chuckled at her mother's mental image, then agreed to join her for a relaxing spa day. She kissed her mother on the cheek before exiting the room, heading up to her own to change out of her pajamas, and into her regular clothes. Rita got herself ready as well, after which she put the coupons back in her purse and exited the room. Right on time, Lisa and Rita met at the same time as they both finished getting ready.

"Hey, Luna? Mind if I borrow your car again for a bit longer? I'm gonna take Lisa out with me someplace to help her with her stress issues." Rita explained.

"Sure thing mom! You two have a blast, alright?" She said before tossing the keys to her mom, wholesomely wishing them the best of times.

Lincoln, Lana, and Luan were also pleased, knowing it would do her well, however, Lola watched on with fury from behind the couch, as she had secretly been eavesdropping on her mother's room prior. She was not only furious at the jabs made at her father but even more at the fact that Lisa of all people gets to go to a spa. Lynn was also unimpressed, feeling that Lisa was just being coddled after attention-seeking.

"Bye kids, we should be back around lunchtime! If it takes too long, I'll be sure to pick up something to bring home to you all for lunch." Rita said as she waved goodbye, walking alongside Lisa.

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out..." Lynn scoffed to herself, though Rita did not hear as she was already outside by this point.

After the door shut, the kids all began to disperse in their own directions, but Lincoln stopped Lynn in her tracks to confront her. "Alright, what's the deal with you and Lisa suddenly?" He questioned.

Lynn just growled in frustration and ignored him, walking past him and proceeding to do her own things. In the process, he had seen Lola sprinting from behind the sofa and back upstairs again, which filled him with more frustration as he facepalmed, not knowing how to handle these two anymore. He decided it was best to just let it slide for now, as he didn't wanna potentially incite a civil war between siblings, especially since he wanted to try to keep things calm and orderly alongside Luna for when Rita and Lisa returned later. So with that in mind, he retreated to his room to relax and focus on his video games.

Meanwhile, the mother and daughter were traveling to the local spa. Though Rita had been a few times before, it was Lisa's first time, and she was both excited because of it, along with getting to spend time with her mother. After they arrive, they enter the building and Rita gives her name to the receptionist, who promptly invited her back into the spa area since she already had an appointment set up.

"Right this way, Mrs. Loud." the receptionist said, at that moment the mother and daughter took in the amazing sight, the central area of which looked like a Japanese zen garden for group meditations. Various hallways led into other sections of the building, such as saunas, mudbaths, massage rooms, and so forth.

"Sweet Einstein, it's like we just traveled across the world in an instant!" Lisa said, quite enamored by the aesthetic of the place, excited to receive her first spa treatment.

After some more walking, they arrived at the sauna area. Rita stepped into a changing room and closed the curtain. Lisa stood and looked around, not really sure what's going on, but she was eager to get started.

"Wait, should I have brought along a bathing suit?" She wondered.

"No sweetie, you don't need a swimsuit, just your birthday suit. We're gonna sweat out all those impurities and the towel will absorb them!" Rita said as she emerged wearing nothing but a towel around her body, and another wrapped over her hair.

Lisa was a bit flustered by the visual reveal and slightly nervous about getting naked herself in public, but she nodded and went into the changing room next. Rita had already walked into the sauna, and Lisa soon followed, now naked with her towel wrapped around her. She froze upon seeing a couple of awkward stares before Rita rushed over to her.

"Is something the matter, mother?" Lisa wondered, standing casually with the towel around her waist, leaving her torso fully exposed.

"Here, I'll fix that for you. It goes up and around your whole torso." Rita said as she adjusted the towel. She soon realized though why Lisa had initially wore it that way though.

"And now you realize my dilemma..." The young girl said in embarrassment, as her butt was now fully exposed instead, due to the base of her tail lifting the towel, desperately tugging down the towel to keep her tail and genitals hidden from public view.

"Maybe an adult-sized towel will do better..." The mother says, taking the one from her hair and holding it in front of Lisa, blocking her from being seen by anyone else as she removes her smaller, youth-sized towel and is wrapped in the much larger one, now covering her whole body with only her head, arms, shoulders, and feet exposed.

Lisa thanked her, though still a bit embarrassed by the awkward moment. The feeling soon faded however as the two females enjoyed the sauna together, sweating intensely as the impurities left their bodies, leaving them feeling relaxed and refreshed by the time they were finished. Next up were mud baths, as the two walked from the sauna area over to where the mud baths were at. This time it was just the two of them, they had the bath all to themselves. Lisa dipped her toes into the mudbath, finding the sensation to be cooling and unique. Just as she did that she caught a glimpse of her mother dropping her towel completely and stepping into the bath.

"Whoa... Wait, wha..?" She questioned as she noticed her tail was standing erect out through the opening in the back of her towel, after seeing her naked mother. If she did not know any better, but she was really convinced that her tail has a mind of its own.

Rita had already gotten herself comfy and gestured for Lisa to join her. "Don't be shy, sweetie. It feels great, you'll love it!" she said as she lounged.

Lisa nodded and took off her towel too, stepping into the bath along with her mother. The cool sensation enveloped her body, and she immediately felt relaxed as she shut her eyes to take in the moment. Though every time she opened her eyes to look at her mother, the faint visuals of her in the nude were making the young girl quite flustered.

"Does it feel weird seeing your mommy naked? It's okay, I'm sure you'll get used to me being nude the more we do it." Rita said, very casually referring to how she intends to do more spa dates like this in the future to help herself and her daughter's physical and mental health.

"Y-yeah! Definitely!" Lisa nodded, though her mind immediately began racing. "What did she mean by that?" She wondered, blushing at what the implications could be, along with the sheer fact of sitting naked with her most favorite person in the world. "This is supposed to be calming, but I'm more stressed now than before I got in!" she continued to think.

She did eventually get adjusted, however, and the two relaxed in the mudbath for a while, just chatting idly about whatever came to mind. Though many thoughts weighed heavy on Lisa's mind, she was enjoying the chance to relax and let her worries melt away for the time being.

"So, how're you liking your first spa day?" Rita asked, as a female employee showed up behind her and began applying a facial cream, along with cucumbers over her eyes.

"It's fantastic, I knew it'd be relaxing, but I never anticipated it'd be this heavenly," she replied, getting the same facial treatment from another employee.

Things soon went quiet as the two females relaxed in the mudbath, even taking small naps before waking back up. Finally, it was time for the part they most looked forward to, the full-body massages. After exiting the mud bath, they headed to the showers to rinse off, then proceeded to a room with two massage tables readied, with two female spa workers awaiting them. Rita casually entered the room and rested herself face down on the table, while Lisa had a bit of a bi panic.

"Oh no... They're hot." She thought to herself, seeing the pretty women who were gonna be massaging her body. Maintaining her composure though, she entered the room and laid down on her table.

"This is the best part of every spa trip, sweetie. Just lay there and let the professionals melt your stress and anxiety away." Rita said, resting her face through the hole in the table as her masseuse gets to work on her.

Lisa was very excited, getting herself nice and comfortable as the spa worker oiled up her hands "Let me know if you feel any discomfort dear. And don't worry I'll be mindful of your tail." the masseuse said, surprising the girl who, just that quickly, forgot her tail was on full display.

"Dear, I've seen it all, many beast-folks and hybrids from all over come here from time to time. I won't judge you one bit." she continued and began her massage.

Her skillful hands felt blissful to the young girl, who couldn't help but let out soft moans of pleasure from it. From her shoulders, all the way down to her feet, every inch of her body was given thorough attention, leaving her muscles as relaxed as they could be. As she basked in the heavenly sensations, she couldn't help but close her eyes and let her mind wander, imagining that it was Lincoln doing this to her, which only made her feel even more at peace.

Eventually, Lisa felt a series of pops and cracks in her left leg once the masseuse began to focus on her legs now, folding it back, allowing the build-up of pressure bubbles in the fluids to loudly pop, doing the same to the other. This made the young girl even more relaxed now, her legs feeling much looser which placed her in a serene state to the point of nodding off, prompting the masseuse to laugh it off.

"I take it this is her first time Mrs. Loud?" she said in jest much to Rita's amusement.

"It is. Things were a bit awkward at first but seeing her so relaxed was very worth it." Rita said, glad that her daughter clearly isn't distressed anymore like she was earlier.

Focusing on the girl's lower back, the masseuse made sure to avoid her tail but couldn't help but make a comment as she addressed Rita.

"Honestly, I'm fascinated that you were able to produce a Perfect-Hybrid,"

"A what now?" the mother was confused, having not heard that term before.

"Well, you know what hybrids are right?"

"Who doesn't, even Royal Woods have a few of them,"

"Well, a Perfect-Hybrid happens when the offspring have little to no bestial features. Maybe just ears or a tail, even unusual eyes." the masseuse continued as she focuses on Lisa's shoulders. "Your daughter only has a tail and nothing else. It's also a sign that the bestial parent is quite an impressive individual. You must have quite the husband." It was obvious that the masseuse never saw her husband before, considering how often Rita shows up on her own.

Unexpectedly, Rita began laughing hysterically. She laughed and laughed as if she heard the most hilarious joke ever to the point her masseuse became unsettled and ceased her work for a bit.

"I-I'm sorry! ahem," sitting up to better compose herself, Rita continued.

"Yeah, he's pretty impressive. 'Impressively a massive annoyance and manchild' " she said, the last part she muttered softly.

Her masseuse giggled a bit, suddenly finding it amusing since Rita's comment implied a pretty healthy sexual relationship, but the masseuse tending to Lisa had other implications and decided to dodge the topic.

"Interesting I must say, either way, you should feel proud. Perfect-Hybrids are pretty strong, even as children."

Hearing this, Rita began to think about what the woman said as she laid back down for her massage to resume. The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea that was coming to mind. Perhaps it'll be a better excuse to tell everyone that she's a hybrid. Lisa wouldn't be treated differently if that excuse was used. She might even be praised, but she'd still have to do her own research for a while before she tells Lisa about the idea.

After a good while of having their bodies massaged, the session soon came to a close, much to their dismay. Though as much as they wished it would've lasted way longer, their bodies felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated than ever before. Even their mental state had improved, even though there were still lingering thoughts in the back of their minds, they felt too good to let those thoughts ruin the moment. Though there was one thing that Lisa was confused about.

"Wait, so they don't do the happy endings here?" Lisa sincerely wondered.

"...The happy what now?" Rita asked in confusion.

"Wait so that's not a normal thing that masseuses do? Curses, deceived once again by misleading videos, I should realize by now those are all fake..." Lisa said in slight disappointment.

"What kind of videos, Lisa?" Rita asked in a somewhat stern tone.

"Uh, n-nothing, mother! Don't worry about it! ...I'm gonna go get dressed now, see you there!" Lisa responded before promptly toweling up and sprinting out of the room, sensing her mother glaring at her in the process.

Rita sighed and shook her head, but then simply laughed it off, especially since she didn't want to ruin the relaxing day by scolding her. Lisa sat down on a soft bench at the front of the building, waiting for her mother follow aft they'd both gotten dressed again, as Rita finished paying for the treatment. Though she had coupons, it was still a bit costly due to the additional treatment that wasn't covered by the coupons, it was money well spent to rid them of their stress, and leave them both in a serene state of mind. After that was done, they hopped back into the car.

"Hey, wanna grab a milkshake on the way home?" Rita asked as she started the car and began to exit the parking lot.

"As if you need to ask!" Lisa responded, feeling excited to get something delicious and sweet after such a relaxing time.

After leaving the parking lot, Rita drove across town to Auntie Pam's Parlor, a local ice cream shop that even sold milkshakes. The two had settled on getting chocolate milkshakes, so Rita walked up to the front window to place her order. A couple of minutes later and Rita arrived back at the car with a cup holder with two larger milkshakes in it, along with some straws and spoons. She passed Lisa's milkshake to her and grabbed her own as they began indulging in the frosty goodness. The cool, sweet, chocolatey treat further put their souls at ease, like the cherry on top of a relaxing time out. For better or for worse, however, it was time to head home finally, as they rode home sipping on their shakes.

After pulling into the driveway, Lisa is a little nervous, as she's afraid things will go back to being hectic again when they enter the house and didn't want the relaxing mood to fade so quickly. Rita could tell that she was visibly nervous, and placed her hand on hers.

"Hey, don't worry sweetie, no matter what happens from here on out, you've got my full support. And yes, that even includes your relationship with Lincoln," said Rita, a knowing smile present on her face.

Lisa's face became pale at what she heard, her heart skipping a beat. "W-wha..."

Rita quickly raised her hand to interrupt her. "You can't fool me, sweetie, I've seen the way you behave around him, how calm and happy you tend to be, along with how Lincoln behaves as well. I put two and two together and realized you two have a thing. That and I remember seeing him flying you home the other day." She said, her tone becoming a teasing one at the last thing she said, adoring Lisa's blank expression. It's the crimson hue of the young girl's face that amused the mother of 11.

"Not to mention I have seen him return home with him carrying you bridal style. So I gave it some thought, and well before I wasn't keen on the idea for many reasons but I no longer have any issues with it. You two really need each other, and I want my kids to be happy, so..." Rita continued, trailing off before Lisa leaped into her arms giving her a big hug.

"Thank you, mother! It means a lot. I won't ever turn my back on you, or keep secrets from you again. In fact, it'd be very helpful if we could have a deep talk together, mother and daughter. Just to further clear the air, if you will." Lisa responded.

Though Rita was a bit apprehensive, she nodded and smiled. "I agree, no more secrets. Tell you what, once we get inside we'll do just that, okay? Perhaps over a game of chess?" she said, as Lisa nodded in acknowledgment before they both exited the vehicle.

Once they enter the house, they're both immediately greeted by Luna and Lincoln. Lincoln takes Lisa into his arms, hugging her and spinning her around before setting her back on her feet.

"You sure seem happy!" The white-haired boy said to his lover.

"Duh, I'm in your arms! Of course, I'd be happy." Lisa replied with a smile.

Lincoln wanted to kiss her but froze himself because his mother was right there. Though Rita could tell how happy they were to see each other and gave an approving nod before walking into the other room.

"I'll go ahead and set up the chess table," Rita said as she walked away. Though she had given her approval, it'd still take some adjusting to see her babies grow up so fast. Not to mention the fact she raised them as siblings for so long, even if they weren't biologically related. So for now she chose to pass on that visual until she's better adjusted.

Lincoln looked very confused, he felt awkward as if Rita knew what was going on, but Lisa pulled his face back towards her and planted a kiss on his lips, which lasted for about a minute.

"That's the spirit, dudes! You're really coming out of your shells!" Luna cheered as they openly expressed their affection. "So Lis, how'd it go today? See any cute young ladies at the spa?" She asked.

"Oh, plenty... I do think I have an interest in females for sure now after that trip." Lisa replied, hands to her cheeks as she blushed a bright red. Her mind picturing herself surrounded by the same women who tended to her earlier, only now each of them are nude. Her tail began swaying wildly in a wagging motion as her mind became lewder much to Luna's amusement.

"Oooh, better watch out Lincoln! We got a lady magnet with us!" Luna teased.

Lincoln took it in stride and laughed, frankly the thought didn't bother him that much, so long as he still got to be Lisa's lover. Regardless, understanding that Lisa and Rita were aiming to spend some time playing chess, he and Luna soon went their own ways, retreating to their rooms, but not before comically dragging Lola from behind the couch, then up the stairs by the back of her top, the garment somehow staying wrapped around her chest despite all the thrashing from her protests.

Lisa walked over to the dining room where Rita had just finished setting up their chessboard. Both mother and daughter took a seat as they prepared to play. Once the game started, not much was said for a few turns, other than announcing their moves, as both of them were too nervous to break the ice. With Rita having much to hide, however, she realized it was her duty as Lisa's mother to be strong and confess what she was hiding from her this entire time.

"So... You wanted to talk with me about some things, did you?" Rita said upon clearing her throat.

"...Yes, in fact. Though the spa trip was immensely relaxing, I've still had the same nagging thoughts in my head since even before we went there. It's been paining me so much to the point I could barely sleep last night." Lisa said.

"Oh, sweetie. Please, tell me all about it. I can't let my girl carry such feelings around alone." Rita said, assuring her that it's okay to speak up, as the two continue to play chess.

"So, long story short... It has to do with my father. My real father, to be precise. He is a man named Solan, a scientist from my home planet who had sent me to earth as part of some important project my species was taking part in." Lisa explained.

"Right, he does sound like a very impressive individual. Even here on earth, I don't think we've reached that level of space travel yet." Rita conversed.

"They could if they'd take my suggestions more seriously despite my age, but now's not the time for humble bragging. Regardless, I've just felt so miserable. First, my earth father hates my guts and rejects my existence, then I find out my biological father had sent me all the way to another planet as a baby. It seems no matter where I go, I'm not wanted..." Lisa said, starting to feel a bit saddened by the reality of the situation again.

"I'm sure he had a good reason for that. Could you hear his voice? Did he sound sad at all?" Rita wondered.

"Honestly the message was so fuzzy it was hard to hear the emotion in his voice, but there was a subtle conflict. But still, the sheer fact he sent me away as a baby, a helpless infant left to fend for myself... Why would he do that?" Lisa lamented.

"I can't speak for him, but no parent makes tough decisions without a very good reason behind their actions. If it was for a project as he says, then perhaps it means he saw potential in you to be the best candidate for the task. Regardless, I'm sure he misses you dearly." Rita said in an attempt to comfort her daughter.

"Sigh, I suppose you could be right. Mother's always correct, as they say. For now, I guess that's the best thing I can do is remind myself that it may not be as malicious as I first assumed. Maybe he does care about me after all." Lisa said, feeling more relieved now after hearing her mother's words. "Thank you." She added.

"You're welcome, sweetie. Also, checkmate!" Rita said, crossing her arms with a smug grin.

"Wait, how the? Well, I'll be..." Lisa was shocked to see that she was beaten at chess by her mother, though she was impressed all the same.

"What, didn't know your momma was a chess master? Where you'd think Lincoln got it from," Rita bragged playfully.

"Why don't we put that to the test? You and I are having a rematch!" Lisa grinned and became competitive, clearly feeling much better than she did moments before.

"You're on!" Rita agreed as they reset the board and began to play again.

All the while they remained unaware that Lynn Jr was watching from afar, eavesdropping on them and observing their actions. Luna and Lincoln arrive back down to check on things only to catch her in the act and question her actions.

"Care to explain what you're doing here?" Lincoln asked his sister.

"Buzz off, it's none of your business, either of you." Lynn Jr replied.

"My respect for you has been dropping like a rock lately, dude. Why are you so fixated on her anyway?" Luna asks.

"I said it's none of your business! And I don't care what you think, you both can hate my guts for all I care, it won't change a thing." Lynn Jr responded.

Shrugging, they weren't in the mood for arguments, nor did they wanna get physical with her, so they figured it was best to leave her be and let the situation sort itself out.

"Ha, checkmate!" Lisa bragged as she wore a smug grin after besting her mother at chess.

"Big talk for someone who just tied." Rita teased, noting how they both each won a single game against each other.

"Then let's do one more!" Lisa insisted.

"I'd love to, but it's nearing dinner time, and I want to redeem myself from yesterday's roast incident," Rita said as she got up from the table.

"Fair enough, but don't think I'll be so merciful next time!" Lisa said jokingly as the two of them laughed, as she then began packing up the chess game. She then proceeded to assist her mother in the kitchen, merely for the sake of getting to spend more time with her.

"Um... So, where's Luan?" Lana timidly asked as she wandered into the kitchen, looking around.

"Beats me, besides I'm handling dinner tonight, so no worries." Rita said to reassure her daughter.

"Oh, thank goodness. I still haven't recovered from the mashed potato incident..." Lana said, shivering as she recalled bad memories before leaving the kitchen.

"I've heard that Luan isn't cooking tonight, is that true?" Lucy wandered in soon after, asking the same question.

"Yup, just me and Lisa." Rita replied.

"Phew, I was hoping I wouldn't have to endure another one of her meatloaf 'surprises' again..." She shuddered before leaving.

Suddenly the cabinet door slammed shut, with a cutting board being angrily placed on the counter.

"Sheesh, I was gonna offer to cut the veggies, but it seems I don't meat everyone's expectations... Yes, that was a food pun, no I don't care if it made you laugh. Hmmph." Luan stormed out of the kitchen, feeling offended after hearing the others' comments whilst she was rooting through the lower cabinets out of view.

"Do you think we were too hard on her?" Rita asked.

"Trust me, you don't want to experience the knife tricks she learned from her clown courses... Her aim is fine, but sometimes I wonder about her sanity when she handles sharp objects..."

"Note to self...have Luan see a psychiatrist.." Rita quietly mumbled to herself.

Lisa simply faced the viewers, shaking her head in the negative to signify that this isn't some epic foreshadowing before continuing to help out with the cooking. Though over time it was becoming harder and harder to focus, what with all the delicious food in front of her. All she'd really need now to complete it is delicious-

"Nope, off-limits, you're too young for alcoholic drinks." Rita quickly interjected, snatching the liquor bottle from the young girl, much to her dismay. Grumbling to herself, Lisa simply walked out of the kitchen to join her siblings in the dining room.

It wasn't long before Rita entered the dining room with a nice roast, this time having cooked it successfully, rather than turning it into charcoal. Along with it were a variety of vegetables as sides.

"Phew, managed to not burn it this time. You can thank Lisa too for lending a hand!" Rita said.

"Please, mother, I really didn't do much." Lisa said modestly since she felt she didn't do much.

"Sounds about right, getting praised for doing nothing. What else is new..." Lynn Jr remarked.

Lisa was a bit off-put by her statement but shrugged it off as she began eating her food. The rest of the family also began to eat, but Lynn continued to throw shade at her adoptive younger sister.

"What, you think because you're the so-called 'star child' that you don't have to talk to a lowly commoner like me, is that it?" Lynn asked aggressively.

"No, but if you'd analyze your attitude you'd have the proper answer to your question," Lisa remarked swiftly as she continued to eat, unphased, which angered the older sibling.

"You better watch your mouth, twerp, before I put you in your place." Lynn taunted, smacking her fist into the palm of her opposite hand.

"I would advise you not to do so unless you wish to writhe in pain for the next few weeks." Lisa snapped back, maintaining her calm, passive-aggressive demeanor.

Lynn grew more and more agitated, Lola could only smile as she was eager to witness a brawl. Unfortunately for them both, Rita stepped in and scolded Lynn, putting an abrupt stop to her aggressions for the time being. Lynn didn't take this kindly however and continued to glare at Lisa in rage before finally taking the time to eat her food.

Once dinner finally concluded, things had relatively cooled off, and everyone dispersed in their own directions, as Rita handled with cleanup, much to her dismay as nobody seemed interested in lending a hand after all her hard work. Lisa had retreated to her bedroom, as Lincoln was already seated and playing a video game. She sat on her bed briefly before hopping down and leaving the room, much to Lincoln's concern.

"Where are ya going, Lisa?" Lincoln asked.

"I'm just going to walk around for a bit, I need time to myself to think some more, I'll be fine, don't worry." She said, reassuring him, but making it clear she wanted to be left alone.

Lincoln was a bit worried, but he knew the reason behind her decision and knew she needed to brood over things still. Lisa exited her room and went back down to the kitchen, hankering for something sweet after dinner. In the kitchen she noticed a rather bored-looking Rita, doing the dishes.

"Oh, hello again, mother... Do you need assistance?" Lisa asked.

Though the girl wanted some time to herself to think, her deep attachment to her mother prompted her to stay with her and assist instead, as she knew it'd help her state of mind much more significantly. She hated to view herself as clingy, but not only was she in need, but her mother was also feeling a bit down as well still.

However, the two were soon taken by surprise when they heard the front door shut, and footsteps leading into the kitchen. Rita turned around and gasps, narrowly dropping the plate she was washing. Lisa was confused why her mother reacted so harshly until she turned herself and saw "him" standing there.

"You..." Lisa muttered in a seething tone, gritting her teeth.

"Of course you two are side by side, as usual, that's just great..." Lynn Sr groaned, his mood souring the instant he sees Lisa standing next to his wife.

The tension in the air became thick, there was a brief awkward silence where nobody knew what to say, but Lisa remained at the ready in case he tried something stupid. Rita was visibly nervous, while Lynn Sr was growing more irritable by the second, before finally breaking the silence.

"Alright, answer me this. Why do you insist on spending so much time with that awful little mutant? She's not even your child, why do you care so much about a child someone else birthed?" He questioned quite aggressively.

Lisa was trying her hardest to maintain her composure, but his words hurt, regardless of the fact she holds zero respect for the man she used to call her father.

"She IS my child, she is both our child, you're just too hung up on the past to see it!" Rita retorted.

"Oh please, she is nothing of the sort. Whoever her real family is clearly didn't want her either, quite pretending to be a mother hen for her, when you have a house full of actual children of yours to care for." He added.

The words cut deep on Lisa, as she was still trying to cope with the news she had learned about her origins. The young girl was visibly starting to tear up, but she remained aggressive-looking as she gave him the coldest stare she could muster.

"As far as I'm concerned she was a miracle sent to me in a moment where I needed her most. Admit it, you don't even care about your own children unless they can be flaunted like trophies, that's all you care about." Rita responded angrily.

"How DARE you make such assumptions about me, you don't know the struggle I've dealt with in my mind ever since that day... All I see in this little pest is a constant reminder of what happened back then. She's an eyesore." Lynn said, expressing disgust for her.

"At this point, that's exactly how I feel about you. Look at me, and look at you. You watch yourself because I can do much better than you." Rita said, insulting his appearance, to which Lisa had to fight back the urge to snort at.

"Oh, attacking my looks now are we? Big talk from someone who laid down for me 11 times to spawn this house full of brats. Clearly, you couldn't get enough, like the bimbo you are. If anything I'm doing you a favor, rather than a house full of freeloaders, I was shaping them into something that could benefit us all." Lynn Sr replied, verbally attacking her in return.

The commotion had caused many of the younger siblings to come to see what was going on, as they stood past the doorway to more closely witness what was happening. Lola, who was the first to show up, began to grow increasingly appalled by what she was hearing. Even being a daddy's girl, she felt disgusted and used by him, and many of the others felt disgusted as well. Lily became very emotional and started to cry before Lucy picked her up and carried her away. Though she was curious about what would happen, she couldn't bear the thought of letting Lily witness the parental clash.

Meanwhile, Lisa's hatred for the man grew, but his words confused her. He specifically stated 11, but there were only 10 biological siblings that she knew of. She counted over and over, which further confirmed that his number was off. But she was too agitated by the rest of his words to be distracted by that for the time being. Just then, Rita let out a gasp as she's grabbed by the wrist rather roughly by her husband.

"Listen, this is how it's going to be. You either stop coddling that abomination and send her out of here immediately, and we go back to the way things used to be. Or, I'll be forced to kick the both of you out until the first demand is met." Lynn Sr stated very strictly, claiming full ownership of the house.

"NEVER! I refuse to give in to your petty demands! Lisa isn't going anywhere, and I'll be damned if I'll let you take her away from me! I-" She began to speak before flinching in fear.

Lynn Sr had pulled back his other arm and fully prepared himself to strike her. To Lisa, the moment practically played out in slow motion. Lynn Sr's body language and motions indicated that he wasn't faking it, he fully intends to assault Rita with full force. Within that very short window of time, the lights began to flicker rapidly before blacking out briefly.

"AAAAGH!" Screamed Lynn Sr who had instantly found himself in searing pain.

As the lights came back on, it was revealed that the man had been slammed straight into the wall, quite literally in fact, as the wall carried the distinct shape of his body on impact as he was sunk into it with great force. As debris filled the room, particles of electricity were visible in the air, radiating around the young girl who was forcefully pinning the male into the wall, seething with anger. Everyone gasped at what they just witnessed, and the rest of the family soon came running to see what the loud crash was that they heard.

Rita fell into a horrific panic, not only at the fact she was narrowly assaulted by her husband, but the fact now her daughter was out for blood. "Oh my god, she's going to kill him! Kids, please, help! We need to restrain her!" she shouted in fear.

As soon as she spoke, Lisa had already ragdolled him across the kitchen, slamming his face into the tiled floor, causing the ceramic to crack. Rita was terrified, as she felt helpless and feared the worst was yet to come. Lynn Sr, who was finally coming to realize what was happening to him, went from a wrathful expression to one of absolute horror as he couldn't free himself from her inhuman grasp. The man could no longer even speak, and even urinated himself in extreme terror, feeling his life was seconds away from ending.

Upon hearing Rita's cries, Lincoln, Luna, and Lynn Jr all came rushing into the room and tackled Lisa, doing everything in their power to restrain her. The effort managed to knock her off of him, which allowed Lynn Sr to free himself and back up against the wall, hyperventilating from what he just experienced. Lisa wasn't done yet, however. The girl was practically in a primal state, and no longer being able to hurt the man who threatened her mother, she was hissing in pure hatred, like some sort of demonic entity. She even began attempting to fight them, but their combined strength was enough to hold her down as they attempted to talk her down.

"Quick Lynn, leave immediately!" Rita shouted to her husband, who wasted no time at all bolting out of the house screaming like a little girl, the front of his pants soaking wet still.

Lisa however, was still blinded by her intense rage, the mere thought of harm befalling Rita was enough to turn her into a veritable demon, her glasses falling off giving everyone a clearer view of her now glowing hate-filled eyes. She fought harder and harder against her siblings to try to free herself, the task of which became increasingly difficult for the trio as she began to channel more of her power

"How the hell is she this strong!?" Luna shouted, in a panic-filled voice. Even having her full weight on top of the girl's back wasn't enough as Lisa continued to push herself up

"Don't care but she is NOT stronger than me!" Lynn shouted, though in her mind she too was getting nervous at how strong Lisa is. Not even having her in a headlock was enough.

"Lisa, sweetie, please calm down, he's gone now!" Rita began, as she placed a hand on the side of her head.

"Listen to mom Lis, dad is gone, we'll make sure he won't return for a while, just calm down." Lincoln chimed in, speaking to her as soothingly as he can.

Fortunately, their combined effort was enough to steadily calm her down. It took a few minutes, but she was slowly coming to, and eventually stopped struggling. The three siblings kept her restrained as her mother and Lincoln continued to talk to her, gradually easing her out of her enraged state. After finally calming down, they finally let her go, as she sat back against the fridge, holding her head in response to the sharp headache she was experiencing. Eventually, she finally was back to her senses once more.

"What the hell were you thinking, dude?" Luna asked, a hint of disappointment and disbelief in her voice.

"That seriously was uncalled for, Lisa... Even if our perception of him has soured, that doesn't justify attempting murder..." Lincoln chided, feeling a bit unnerved that she would go so far.

"Yeah, don't you dare start trying to murder our family! Things have gotten weird enough as is lately because of you, don't make it even worse for us, you demon." Lynn Jr said, lecturing her.

"What even set you off to do such a thing? It was like you were possessed or something..." Lincoln asked, sounding a bit more concerned now, clearly experiencing a wave of emotions himself.

Lisa was irritated being lectured by everyone but brushed it off with annoyed grunts. When questioned about her motive, however, she simply pointed at Rita, who was busy tending to her bruised wrist. Suddenly, everyone's concern shifted, as due to the angle they were observing from, they never noticed that their father had injured their mother's wrist. Luna quickly stood up and rushed over to her to assist in her recovery. An awkward silence briefly washed over the family, as everyone was still trying to process the events that had just occurred. Lola had already ran upstairs to her room, afraid to be in the vicinity of Lisa after witnessing what she could do. Many of the others began assisting with cleaning up the debris and damages that were left from the assault. All except Lynn Jr, however, who was glaring at Lisa in disgust still as the younger girl stood to brushed her clothes off.

"So, have anything to say freak?" Lynn taunted. Lisa simply ignored her which only agitated the teen even more.

"WELL SAY SOMETHING! You nearly killed our dad over some stupid bullshit, and now you have nothing to say!"

Lisa began growling at what the teen said before Lincoln chimed in. "Are you serious right now? "Stupid bullshit"? Are you saying what happened to mom doesn't matter?"

"Well duh. Dad's right, all mom does is defend that creature. And look at what happened, she almost killed one of our parents. Keep defending her and she might kill us all."

"LYNN! Enough-" Rita began but was quickly interrupted.

"NO SHOVE IT!, How long till it'll before she snaps on all of us huh! I mean come on Lincoln, you share a room with her!, How long will it be til she snaps your neck in your sleep!"

Finally getting fed up with his sister, Lincoln was on the verge of jumping her before Lisa finally spoke up.

"What is your issue with me.." the young girl said, eerily calm. Lynn observed her for a moment before she decided to speak her mind.

"My issue is you, and what you are." the teen said darkly.

"What she is? What are you talking about?" Luan asked, getting disturbed by the whole situation.

"What you are, where you're from, it suddenly makes sense, you're just an inhuman mutant. It makes so much sense how you're so strong despite being such a lazy ass who does nothing but mess with chemicals and toys. From my perspective, you're just a cheater!"

Lisa was getting increasingly agitated now but began to question the logic behind her sister's words. Choosing her words carefully due to how volatile Lynn tends to be, she responded, her tone increasing due to her annoyance.

"So allow me to understand, your panties are twisted because I'm strong despite being lazy?" Right as she said that, the girl became exasperated.

"Are you KIDDING ME! So you went from being helpful and supportive to hostile for such an asinine reason?! Of ALL the dumb logic you come up with. It's not as bad as the "Bad Luck" Incident but for the love of Pythagoras, this is a good candidate for second."

Luan decided to chime in at that point upon remembering something from four years ago.

"Actually you forgot the babysitting incident."

"The bad school advice." Lincoln chided, conveniently not reacting to the mention of the incident from 5 years ago.

"The fact you shat yourself after that big game." said Luna, wishing she could forget that memory.

"And the-" Lucy was beginning to say but was interrupted.

"THIS ISN'T ABOUT ME!" Lynn screeched in fury.

Lisa's expression of irritation soon became a stoic one of absolute indifference as she proceeded to leave. "I'm done with this nonsense."

Before the girl could get far though, she was yanked back into the kitchen, by her tail no less, which caused severe discomfort, which was the final straw for Lisa.

"Get back in here! I'm not done with you!" Letting go of her tail, Lynn stood over the girl, reading to respond to any provocation.

Recovering from her discomfort, the girl hopped to her feet, eyeing Lynn with so much malice that if looks can kill, she'd quite literally murdered the teen 5 times over.

"FINE! You really want to do this!" Faster than Lynn could respond, the girl charged towards her landing a blow to her midsection. Her stomach exploded with intense pain, before shrugging it off and landing a strong blow to Lisa's chest, knocking the wind out of her.

Despite this, Lisa continued her offense, diving at the older teen and tackling her, both girls flying through the back door leaving a large hole in it as the two tumbled in the backyard.

"GIRLS STOP FIGHTING!" Rita attempted to approach them, only to be pulled back by Lincoln and Luna, the former telling her not to get involved.

"You need to remember, even Lincoln had to knock some sense into her." Luna said, remembering the fight they had before.

"Luna's right mom. Lynn is just too stubborn and the only way to get through to her is to knock her around."

Rita could only remain worried, seeing two of her daughters pummeling each other. The two continued going at each other, trying to top each other. Briefly, Lynn was successful and began landing several blows to Lisa's face, before the girl managed to contort herself, pulling her leg up from under herself and wrapping it around Lynn's neck, turning them both around, with Lisa on top now as she proceeded to throw several punches. Though Lynn saw them all coming and managed to dodge them despite her restrained position, the last punch digging into the ground resulted in Lisa's hand getting stuck. Seeing this as her chance, Lynn managed to slip from under her, putting some distance between them.

Lisa struggled for a moment before getting her hand free, staring down at her older sister for a moment. Suddenly the two began charging each other again, but right as they clashed, Lisa found herself getting knocked around quite easily as Lynn was the superior fighter. Her stance was sloppy and with every attack she threw, Lynn would block or dodge it, before counter-attacking. Eventually, the rest of the siblings (minus Lily) would come down to witness the fighting, many being appalled that Lynn is willing to harm a child half her age, Lola being the only one finding some amusement in seeing Lisa getting harmed, whereas Rita was becoming hysterical.

However as the fight continued, everyone noticed something different. Suddenly, the bruised girl was now dodging everything Lynn threw at her. Lynn would eventually get a solid blow to the young girl's jaw, but not only did Lisa not flinch, but she was also smiling with malicious glee. Lynn was initially creeped out but went for another attack, only this time, Lisa thrust her hand out, grabbing the teen's wrist. She went for another punch but Lisa caught that one too, crisscrossing her arms. Lynn, now feeling the searing pain of her wrist due to the young girl's grip, tried to struggle free before being jerked forward where Lisa delivered a headbutt to her face.

Lynn became very dazed from the blow, her nose pouring blood, and sloppily attempted to kick Lisa, who grabbed her leg before shoving her back and making the teen tumble backward.

"You're slipping Lynn! Come on and entertain me!" Lisa said in malicious joy as the other beings creeped out by her shift in personality

This only managed to infuriate Lynn more than it should have as she rushed the girl, but to everyone's shock, Lynn soon found herself on the receiving end of a merciless pummel. Try as she might, but Lynn couldn't even land a hit on the young girl. It was at this point it was clear to Lincoln and Luna that Lisa is just toying around with Lynn., but over time Lisa was steadily becoming frustrated with the fight, shoving Lynn face-first into the dirt.

"Stay down and don't make this harder Lynn." her voice cracking as she wanted the fight to end.


Lisa could only sigh as the stubborn teen got back up and began blindly rushing her. Once more, Lisa casually dodged everything Lynn threw at her, as Lynn became more angry and desperate. Finally getting fed up with it all, her emotions all over the place, the feeling of abandonment, and how her own Earth family is seemingly turning against her now. Tt was finally becoming too much for the girl that eventually she completely snapped, her face contorting to one of anguish. Lynn would attempt another blind rush but this time, Lisa would sidestep, leaving the teen completely vulnerable. Not showing any mercy, Lisa acted quickly, delivering a swift kick to Lynn's left arm, the sound of bone cracking causing everyone to painfully wince. The teen stood there in total shock for a moment, her arm limp and dangling as her brain slowly tried to register what just happened. Soon she was on her knees, feeling the most intense pain she ever felt as all she could do was scream.

Lisa could only stand there with an expression of apathy, as she watched her older sister writhe from the pain. She looks towards her now frightened family, seeing how Luna, Luan, Lucy, Lola, and even Lana, flinching once she turned her sight towards them, but both Lincoln and Rita saw the emotions in her eyes. The girl was clearly hurting on the inside more than she was earlier in the day. They both even noticed the tears streaking down her face. Lincoln was the first to approach her, giving her a gentle pat on the head.

"You did what you had to, so don't lose yourself to this." he said to her, his tone of voice suggesting pride, before walking towards Lynn.

"You really had to overdo it this time. I just hope you learn something this time from this." he said to Lynn who was still writhing, doing her best to compose herself through the pain but finding it exceptionally difficult.

Lisa would observe briefly before walking towards the house as her sisters rush past her to tend to Lynn, leaving her alone with Rita now. The mother was heartbroken to see one of her daughters writhing in pain, especially because she wasn't by her side, but while the rest of the siblings were all huddled around Lynn, nobody was looking after Lisa, who had stopped by the back door, looking at the damage caused before going inside, reality setting in at how once again she's damaged her home.

"Why... Why does this keep happening, what is wrong with me... Is it because of me? Why does everything I come in contact with always get ruined, even families..." Lisa muttered to herself before sobbing in hysterical sadness.

Rita felt sick to her stomach, the anxiety of a mother not only hearing the pained screams of one daughter, now witnessing the emotional breakdown of another. She realized this chaos had to stop, and though she was very disappointed in Lisa, she loathed to think of what would happen if the girl's favorite person in the world said those words to her, so she opted not to express it verbally.

"In my room, immediately. We need to talk. There's... something that you need to know, and should've been told from the start." Rita said in a somber voice, bracing herself for the conversation head.

Lisa said nothing, but merely followed her mother's orders and headed to her bedroom, being motioned by Rita to sit on the bed. After shutting and locking the door, she sat next to her and sighed deeply. She waited until Lisa had stopped crying so hard, managing to calm her down enough to talk to her.

"Alright, so... I'm sure you're well aware now from all the clues that there's more surrounding that day."

"Yep, you and 'him' made it abundantly clear that you were keeping secrets from me."

"How can I put this..."

"Spit it out, mother. I'm sorry, but please... I need to know."

"Very well... On the day that we found you, it was simultaneously the worst day of my life and the greatest. Finding you was what made it the greatest, but as for what made it the worst..." Rita spoke, sighing as tears begin to streak down her cheeks.

"Yes, go on..." Lisa said, starting to feel anxious, seeing her mother cry.

"The girl who would've been your sister, Layla Loud... She died... I had a miscarriage, the doctors did everything they possibly could, but it was no use. Just like that, 9 months of care and anticipation, your father and I were so excited for our new baby, but just like that... it all vanished..." Rita said, sobbing into the palms of her hands.

Lisa felt her stomach drop upon hearing the revelation. She couldn't even speak, there wasn't a single word or gesture that could heal those wounds her mother felt. She placed her hand on her mother's back, and laid her head against her shoulder, sighing as well.

"We never even got to meet her. She never saw her own mother's face, I barely got to hold her before she was taken away... As if that wasn't enough, we'd already bought her some clothes and toys, she had her own belongings, waiting at home for a girl who'd never get to arrive. That part hurt, because going home and seeing what would have been my baby girl's teddy bears and jammies, just destroyed my soul."

"I... I had no idea, mother... I'm so, so sorry..." Lisa said, though it was her first time hearing of this story, it pained her to no end. Thinking personally about how badly it'd hurt her if she lost someone she cared deeply about, gave her serious anxiety.

"Your father had to go into the house ahead of me and hid those belongings in a box so I didn't have to see them. He took such a long time there, way too long. He tried his best to be strong for me, but when he came back to the car, his face was blood red, he'd been crying hysterically."

Rita was finally starting to collect herself, but Lisa was bothered by that detail. She couldn't imagine that man being so emotional and loving to that extent. But learning of this already began to make the pieces fall into place in her mind.

"Since the kids were staying with my father for a little longer, the house was empty, so we decided to go back out and take a drive around Royal Woods, taking in the scenery, just getting away from it all and giving ourselves time to proceed things. That was when we saw you on the side of one of the back roads across town next to the woods." Rita said, a faint smile appearing amidst the tears falling down her face.

"It felt like a miracle, suddenly a cute baby girl in need of a family appeared in my life, at the time I needed her most. You saved me from that living hell, even though the pain was still there, I had a reason to feel joyful again. Your father, on the other hand, had mixed feelings..." She added.

This was the part Lisa was waiting for the most, as she could finally start to grasp the reasons behind why she's treated so badly by him. Even if it wouldn't justify his actions in her mind, it would at least help her to understand.

"From that day onward, especially as you began to grow, every little thing you did, his mind would be fixated on how it should've been Layla in your place. He was so attached to the memory of Layla that he has never let it go to this day. Unfortunately, it's why he began to treat you poorly, his frustration had boiled for years, and it wasn't your fault at all. If anything, it was mine..." Rita said, lamenting this fact.

"Your fault?" Lisa tilted her head in confusion, wondering how any of that was her mother's fault.

"I had been so deeply fixated on you because I felt a deep attachment to you like I've never felt for anyone before. You felt like an angel who'd arrived in my life, and being with you kept me sane, and helped hide the pain lingering inside of me. As such, I clung to you, just as you did to me. I feel as though I neglected him at the worst possible time, I took him for granted and gave all my attention to you, while he still dwelled in a never-ending misery."

"I see, it all makes sense now. Because of my coincidental arrival, and my role in this family, he felt pained that it was me here, rather than his beloved daughter. It wasn't so much that he hated me, per se, but rather saw me as a cheap replacement." Lisa thought out loud, finally grasping the reason behind her father's behavior.

"Correct. And as the years passed, it only got worse. I was naive and thought he'd feel better eventually, but because of how things were, it only grew and grew until he reached a breaking point. His pent-up sadness and anger came out in full force, and unfortunately, you were his target." Rita said, sighing and holding her forehead as she thought about her own failures.

"If that's so, then why did he try to attack you earlier?" Lisa wondered.

"I don't know, but based on his words, I think he finally had enough of seeing the two of us together and completely snapped. As much as it pains me to say, after that, it's going to be hard to face him the next time I see him, even though I know he's hurting like hell too."

"Understandable. If anything, it means we're in the same boat now. Though I sympathize, I can't say I forgive him just yet. But deep down, I sincerely hope we can all work through this mess eventually. Knowing the source of the issue, maybe we can all work towards the healing process, even if it will take a long time. For what it's worth, I'll do what I can do help." Lisa stated, with hopes that someday things could be normal.

As his adoptive daughter, she felt a sense of obligation towards bettering him, but she couldn't bring herself to look past the abuse and damage he caused towards her. The only thing she really cared about was helping her mother get her husband back someday, as well as for her siblings to get their father back.

"Thank you, sweetie." Rita said, giving her daughter a tight hug.

"You know, just so we don't end this story off on such a sad note, there is something else you should know. When we arrived back home the second time, my father had arrived with the rest of the kids, and they were excited to see their new sister. None of them knew what happened, but everyone was excited to see you."

"Hehe, is that so?" Lisa asked, smiling a bit.

"Luan, Lynn Jr, Lincoln, and Lucy were all very excited and begging to hold you. And wouldn't you know it, Lincoln was the very first one to do so. In fact, now that I think about it, it seemed as if you imprinted on us, would explain why you'd followed either me or him around." She added in a joking manner, which caused her daughter to blush immensely, causing the mother to giggle.

"The only ones who were confused were Lori, Leni, and Luna, along with Pop-Pop, to who we would eventually explain the situation, and we all opted to keep it as a secret. That's how Luna knew of the situation, but couldn't bring herself to tell you personally. But regardless, even they were all happy to see you. The youngest ones were very curious about your tail and kept wanting to play with it, but I told them not to since it made you agitated whenever they'd yank on it."

"Eesh, thank you for that, had that continued I may have snapped a lot sooner." The young girl said as the two awkwardly chuckled. Rita was honestly grateful that Lisa didn't bring up the moment they removed her tail.

"But yes, even though things may seem a bit cloudy now, you were very much loved when you arrived at the Loud residence for the very first time. And I can assure you we all still do, well, Lola I can't guarantee, but you get what I mean." Rita said, sparking laughter out of the younger girl, which is exactly what the mother hoped for to help further lighten Lisa's spirits.

"Thank you, mother. I know this story was very hard for you to tell, and I feel a huge weight off my mind now that I know what happened. It's still a lot to process, just like everything else that's been going on lately, but I am grateful. But for now, I best let you go check on your other daughter. It pains me to recall what I did to her earlier..." Lisa said, regretting her actions, even if she was left with no choice.

"I really wished you hadn't done it, but everything happens for a reason, sweetie. I think it may do her good in the long run, as someone was bound to put her in her place eventually. Besides, if you think you feel bad, how do you think I feel right now as her mother, having neglected to be by her side?" Rita asked rhetorically.

"You make a fair point. Thank you for seeing me through this, mother. But please, go and check on LJ now, she needs you more at this point." Lisa said, nodding and smiling faintly to show she's feeling much better after their chat.

"One last thing, I know it's hard, but next time your father is around... Let's try to keep things civil." Rita said before unlocking the door, exiting the room to go tend to Lynn, who was being cared for by her siblings.

"I will try." Lisa responded reluctantly. She knew she couldn't guarantee there'd be no hostilities, but for the sake of her mother and siblings, she'd try her best.

After Rita left to go back outside, Lisa went up to her room, figuring it was best to isolate herself for a bit. Outside, Lincoln had already been tending to Lynn's arm, making a splint for it and a partial cast to keep it in place before finally helping her up.

"Let's get you back inside now." Lincoln said.

"I can still walk, I can go in on my own, thanks." Lynn said in a defeated tone, walking back inside and accompanied by her mother.

Lincoln stayed behind to clean up briefly, helping Lana with fixing up the door the best she can, before heading back in himself, along with all the others. By then, Lynn had already gone to bed, with Lucy volunteering to keep an eye on her recovery. Nodding in agreement, Lincoln told everyone he'd be going to bed as well and wished them all a good night. Though the damages to the house still served as a reminder, things were finally starting to calm down for the family. Once entering his shared bedroom, he saw Lisa laying on her side, watching tv.

"Hey." He greeted her but received no response initially. He then sat down on the bed alongside her and rubbed her head gently.

"So, you're just gonna ignore me now, or what? I'm not mad at you or anything." He added, reassuring his girlfriend.

"I don't really wanna talk about any of it. I just want to relax it off." She replied, sounding rather exhausted, but thankfully not upset.

The boy understood, responding by simply kissing the top of her head. The girl smiled and sat up finally, inching closer to him before being pulled onto his lap by him, now staring face to face.

"I was going to give you a reassuring speech after what happened, but I think this will be better." He said, embracing her tightly.

The two shared a very intimate hug, one lasting several long minutes. Initially, he could feel Lisa trembling, and a few tears hitting his shoulder through his shirt. He simply rubbed her back and kept her embraced until she loosened up a bit, though she still had one final concern on her mind that she wasn't able to shake.

"Lynn... Will she be okay? I haven't been able to stop worrying about her after what happened, but I couldn't bear to show my face near her and the others just yet." She asked as she pulled back from the hug, staring at him with a look of concern.

"Oh, she'll be fine. I was able to put her arm in a splint, and the others all helped as well. She had finally calmed down, and she seemed mellowed out, almost like she had a lot on her mind or something."

"Wait, since when can you do all that?"

"Don't you remember? I took all those first aid classes and passed with flying colors. If I wanna be a hero, stopping crimes and disasters is one thing, but I wanna be able to know I can save those who have already fallen victim to such things."

"You really are something, hehe." She said in pure admiration, her expression shifting to one of relief after hearing that Lynn would be okay once her arm heals.

"Everything will be okay, I promise. You'll get through this, and I'll be there every step of the way." He said.

Lisa then leaned in to kiss his lips, the two embracing each other lovingly as they locked lips. Lincoln held onto her tightly as he laid back on the bed, holding his lover on top of him as their kiss elevated to a makeout session. The lovers continued their warm embrace, sharing a deep moment of passion with one another, the final shreds of stress-melting from the girl's body as exhaustion from the long day began to set in.

Lincoln rubbed at Lisa's backside as she lounged on him, the young girl cooing in delight from the affection as she nuzzled against him. Excited by the makeout session, the white-haired teen grew rather ambitious in the moment, tugging at his lover's shirt as he began lifting it up.

"What are you doing?" Lisa asked, in a somewhat serious tone.

"Uh-uhm... S-sorry, I just was, uh..." Lincoln said, panicked thinking that he had messed up, quickly letting go of her shirt.

"You know, just because we're getting touchy-feely, doesn't mean it's time to get it on, right? Typical guy." She said in a lighthearted manner, teasing him.

"Y-yeah, I get that, I just was a little excited, and usually one thing leads to another, and w-" Lincoln was suddenly interrupted.

"Shhh, quiet you." She said, placing her finger to his lips to silence him. grinning as she sat up on her knees, looking at her nervous boyfriend.

The teen stared at her, blushing as she began to lift her shirt off herself, pulling it over her head and tossing it aside, exposing her bare torso to him.

"Is this what you wanted to see?" She asked, sensually rubbing her chest.

"Y-yes, I did!" He responded, his eyes fixated on her nipples.

"Hm, well? So where did all that eagerness go that you had just a moment ago?"

"I thought that I overstepped a bit, and was ju-" He responded before being interrupted again.

Lisa rolled her eyes, chuckling. "You seriously worry too much sometimes."

Lisa grabbed Lincoln's hands and placed one of them upon her bare chest. Feeling a bit more at ease now, he embraced the opportunity to fondle his lover's smooth chest, teasing one of her nipples. With his other hand still in her grasp, she raised it to her face and began to suck on his index and middle fingers, passionately swirling her tongue around them. The boy became increasingly flustered as her mouth worked his fingers so sensually, as he continued massaging her chest. As her excitement increased, she began to grind against his thigh, moaning softly around his fingers from the pleasureful sensations.

Lisa quickly grew lost in the moment, even with two layers of clothing between them, the sensations from grinding herself against his thighs were driving her wild, leading to her thrusting her hips even harder. A noticeable wet spot had formed in her pants, which had begun to moisten Lincoln's pant leg, indicating her elevating pleasure. The oral stimulation from his fingers, and his warm touch against her nipples, surprised her at just how blissful it all felt. Even the most softcore of sensual interactions could still deeply satisfy her, especially since it was Lincoln she shared them with, given all the comfort and adoration she feels for him, every little action meant the world to her.

At last, the girl released his fingers from her loving mouth, as she yelped out, leaning her head back and arching her back as a powerful orgasm rocked her body, trembling intensely upon his lap. Lincoln could tell by her reaction, and the faint hissing sound of her squirting into her pants, that she had reached quite the climax, which as usual filled him with pride. Knowing that such gentle interactions could have such a profound effect on his lover, was something he enjoyed. Seeing the blissfully pleasured look upon her cute face, was one of the best things he could ever lay eyes upon, and something he always wanted to give to her, especially in the present where it significantly helped control her stress levels.

After enduring her powerful orgasm which shook her body to the core, the girl laid upon Lincoln's chest, shivering in the heavenly afterglow with a big smile upon her face as she clung to him. To her, no pillow in the world could be comfier than her man's warm, clothed chest. Amidst her heavy breaths, she couldn't help but inhale his scent through his shirt, making quite a few audible sniffs, as the smell of him was one of pure comfort in her world.

Lincoln laid there with Lisa resting topless upon him, stroking her hair and down her backside as if he were petting her, causing her tail to sway with pure joy. Not a word was spoken, as the two shared such an intimate bonding session up until the girl eventually dozed off into a peaceful slumber. Though the action had him excited still, he was more than content with sitting things out this time, as her happiness and comfort were more important to him.

After she fell asleep, the boy stayed awake a few minutes longer, his mind wandering as he admired the girl resting upon his chest. Though she had expressed such scary tendencies earlier in the day when set off, he knew better than anyone that she was a teddy bear at heart. He knew with time, she'd learn to control her powers, and was willing to do anything to ensure her a happy life.

Lincoln reached over for a loose blanket that was laid on the bed and pulled it over them both to keep her warm and cozy. Eventually, he dozed off as well, still cuddling Lisa on top of him, as the two got a much-needed rest, preparing themselves for another hectic week of school ahead.

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