Bungee's Tale

Part One

I saw them heading towards me. One of them, the manager of the pet store and the others being a man pushing a woman around in a chair with wheels. I looked at the device and at the woman. What was wrong with her? I have seen lots of girls and women here all of the time, but they all use their legs to get around. This woman wasn't. Was something the matter with her legs? Never have I seen such a device quite like that special chair with wheels. The humans stopped, so did the wheelchair.

"Here are our rabbits." The manager said. "Take all of the time you need. Tell an employee when you guys are ready. I'll leave you to it." He then left.

"See any rabbits that you like?" The husband asked his wife in the wheelchair. The woman in the chair looked at all of us rabbits in our cages.

"They all look so cute." She complimented. "It's so hard to choose."

"I know." Her husband agreed. "And unfortunately none of them looks like the Jade Rabbit from that story that Fei Fei loves so much."

"She won't care about that. All she'll care about is that its a gift from her loving Ma Ma."

"Don't forget about me, her Ba Ba."

"Yes, dear. But I'm the sick one, remember?"

"Yes and I promise I'll look after her when you are gone."

"I know." They both looked back at all of the cages. "Wheel my chair closer to their cages. I want a good look at them all."

"Yes, dear." He wheeled her to the first cage.

The last cage that they looked at was my own. I hopped right up to them and looked at them. Well? What are you people waiting for? Are you going to pick me or not?

"I like this rabbit." She says. "She's cute."

"I thought you said that they were all cute."

"They are, but this one seems special to me. I believe this is a perfect little bunny rabbit for our daughter. I believe this little furry animal will be what the Jade Rabbit is to Chang'e."

"A companion to have and to help her through the pain." The husband agreed. "I know I will be there to help ease her pain too, but knowing this is a gift from you will make it that much special." Ma Ma frowned.

"I wish this wasn't happening to me, but it is, and since it is and I can't help it, I want the very best for Fei Fei." She looked at her husband. "For you too."

"Don't worry about us, dear. We'll get by. Although losing you, the love of my life and Fei Fei's sweet and loving mother will be truly heartbreaking, we'll move on and have great lives."

"That's all I want from you two."

"Now, don't you go anywhere, I'll go get an employee and tell them we're ready to make our purchase."

"Alright. I'll just keep looking at these cuties." And so that is what she did when her husband left.

I don't know what she meant by 'when I'm gone', but I didn't care. All I knew is that I was going to go live with her, her husband and this 'Fei Fei' person and I was glad because of it. I don't know who 'Fei Fei' is, but these people seem to be nice, so Fei Fei should be nice too. I trust their judgment.

I was in a cage on the wife's lap on the drive away from the pet husband had magically folded her wheelchair and put it in the backseat while we were next to him in front. The wife was holding onto the cage so it wouldn't slide off.

"How are you holding onto the rabbit?" The husband, who was driving, asked.

"Good." She replied. "I am not that weak yet."

"And hopefully you'll be strong enough a few days from now, longer would be better."

"Yeah, it would be, but who knows?"

"I know, honey. It's unfortunate what's happening to you. It's uncertain how long we have you here, but a loving husband and Ba Ba can only hope."

"Can we stop talking about my health? It's too tragic. Let just focus on happiness. You, me and our little Fei Fei."

"Sounds good to me."

When I got to my new house, the husband took me to a room and placed me up on a shelf.

"I'll come back for you when the time is right." He told me and left the room. I looked at my new surroundings. Should I be a good bunny and stay up here or go exploring? I wanted to explore so I don't have to be cooped up in here for who knows how long? I'm a long ways up and if I knock over the cage, I could seriously hurt myself or worse. Oh, what's a little bunny rabbit to do?

Oh, what the heck! I decided to kill off my boredom and just risk it. With determination, I bounded towards the front and rammed into the cage. It didn't budge, so I tried again and again. With each new ram, I felt the cage moving a little bit. Just a little more.

With all of my strength, I rammed into the cage door as hard as I could. It worked and fell right of the shelf with me still inside of it. Luckily, my cage landed on something soft so it didn't make a noise.

Anyways, as soon as the cage hit the floor, the cage door came open and I made my escape. I hopped all around.

When I was by the door, I heard voices. I couldn't get out so I laid flat next to the bottom of the door. I could make out the husband, wife in the wheelchair and a little girl. The wife had a sheet of paper in her hands.

"Ma Ma?" The little girl asked, concern in her little voice. "You're going to get better, right?" I could see on the parents' faces that they both didn't want to tell their daughter. So they just smiled.

"Why don't you, me and Ba Ba go to the lake together?" The wife asked. "It's such a beautiful night and I have a surprise for you." The little girl beamed with excitement.

"Really? What is it?"

"Well, if we tell you now, it would ruin the surprise."

"Okay I can wait, but at the same time I can't wait!" Both parents grinned at this.

"I'll be right back." The husband explained, "I have to get it first." I saw him coming my way. Uh-oh! I was in trouble. I quickly looked for a place to hide and found it. I hopped under a long rectangular thing and peeked out.

The husband came and was in shock at the open cage on the floor. He knelt down on his arms and legs and looked for me.

"Little bunny!" He called. "Little bunny; where are you?" Not wanting to hide anymore, I hopped out of my hiding place and was now in front of him. He looked at me. "Oh, there you are. A little troublemaker, are we? We're going to have to fix your cage later, but for now…." He picked up a little box and placed me inside. "This will have to do." He shut the lid and carried me away. I don't know what happened next, but I heard the humans' voices talking and lots of it.

Next thing I heard was singing. I could tell that it was the mom and it was nice. The box lid then opened so I poked my head out and saw the little girl. She was shocked to see me and grabbed me gently. She looked at her parents, not believing that I was now hers. She then hugged her mom. Her mother was singing through out this whole exchange.

A few days went by and one day Fei Fei opened up her door. I looked up at her. Tears were streaming down her face.

"Ma Ma!" She cried out. This got me worried. Uh oh! Something bad must have happened. Was that why I heard water falling and the booming sky outside? Fei Fei shut her door, plopped down onto her bed and just let her sobs out. I hopped closer to her. Fei Fei saw me, but still was crying. "Oh, Bungee, why did she have to go? Why did she have to get sick and die like this leaving me, Ba Ba and you? It's not fair! She was nice and loving! She was my Ma Ma. Now what are we suppose to do without her?" I felt sad myself. Poor Fei Fei. Although I never experienced death before, it must be one of the really saddest things ever if Fei Fei was this upset. I hopped away as soon as the door opened. It was her Ba Ba. He sat on the edge of the bed. Fei Fei looked up at him. She threw herself onto him and resumed crying on his lap as he comforted her.

"I'm going to miss her too." Ba Ba said to her. "But she was sick for quite some time. We knew this day was coming."

"Yeah, Ba Ba, but it still hurts!"

"I know it does and it will for quite some time. But life moves on. Now it's just you, me and Bungee for now." She looked up at him, confused.

"For now? Ba Ba, you know no one can replace Ma Ma."

"And they never will. Your Ma Ma was an amazing woman. She would want us to be happy." She laid back onto his lap.

"I don't feel happy now."

"I don't either. Just give it time. Change is hard and scary for everyone, but changes are a must in life."

That night, we were by the lake again. It was the same lake where I was given to Fei Fei. Both Fei Fei and her dad were dressed all in black. I saw the two as they put a lotus in the lake and watched it float away. Now I understood. I understood why I was given to Fei Fei. Her Ma Ma wanted to give her daughter something before she was gone. But not any something, a bunny rabbit. Me. I looked out at the bright moon.

I don't know if you can hear this, Fei Fei's mother, I told the moon thinking she might be there like Chang'e was. But I promise I'll be there for Fei Fei. I'll be the absolute best furry little playmate and companion that she ever had. I'll look after her and your husband. You can count on me. I won't let you down. I looked back at Fei Fei and her dad. They were still watching the flower in the lake. I'll give them some time.

"Fei Fei!" Her dad said in shock when he found out that she had cut her own hair in the bathroom. "Why did you cut your hair?" Fei Fei looked at him.

"Ma Ma's hair wasn't long." She told him. "It was short, so mine should be too." He frowned.

"If that's what you want, but you know it'll just grow back."

"Then I'll cut it again. It's no big deal." He sighed.

"Okay. You do you." He stood up and left us in the bathroom.

A couple days later, they left me home alone. I overheard Fei Fei's Ba Ba said they were going to Ma Ma's funeral. I just stayed in the house and didn't cause a ruckus. They were still in mourning I know. I didn't want to add to that stress, so I just stayed put like a good little bunny.

Time went by. I grew into an adult bunny. Fei Fei grew up too, but she wasn't an adult yet. Huh, who knew? I guess bunnies grow faster than humans. Fei Fei emerged from the doorway, singing to a picture frame of her deceased mother. She knelt down by the frame and placed a mooncake on a plate by the picture frame and then some flowers. I hopped up to her and she picked me up briefly before I hopped away again.

I then accompanied her as she helped Ba Ba roll out the dough for this year's Moon Festival.

The next day, I was excited. I was going on a trip to deliver mooncakes with Fei Fei. Okay, so Fei Fei was going to deliver them while I stayed in the basket that was attached to her bike. I love bike riding with Fei Fei. The wind in my fur. The adrenaline rush when we go down a hill. All of the friendly faces along the way. All of the sights and smells. Aw, I loved it! I would go bike riding with Fei Fei every day if I could. As soon as Ba Ba asked about me, I hopped right in, ready to go. After Fei Fei and Ba Ba talked about what they needed to talk about, we were on our way.

When we got back we were surprised that a newcomer was cooking with Ba Ba. Ba Ba introduced her as Mrs. Zhong. Ba Ba asked Fei Fei to give a tour to Mrs. Zhong. Fei Fei denied this and said that she had homework to do. But I know Fei Fei. I knew that she wasn't thrilled with Mrs. Zhong. Fei Fei took me into the shop.

We then met Chin, a little boy who wanted to play leapfrog with Fei Fei. Fei Fei denied his offer so then he let his pet frog, Croak (I know, very original) loose hopping all over the place. He even hopped on my head as I was trying to prevent it from happening, but it did. When Fei Fei caught Croak, she set him by me on the table. The frog looked at me.

"I'm Croak." He introduced himself.

"I know." I told him. "I heard. I also know that's your human, Chin."

"He's a bit rambunctious at times and can be a bit much, but he means well. Overall he's a good kid. What about yours?"

"Fei Fei is nice. She's never a bit much and that's what I like about her."

"You never said your name."

"I'm Bungee."

"Interesting name. Far better than Croak."

"You hate your name too?"

"Yeah, but that's what you get when a little kid names you."

"Well, Fei Fei was littler when she named me, and my name is way better then yours, no offense."

"No offense taken. As mentioned before, I despise my name,"

We would've talked longer, but that is when Chin decided to show off his 'superpower'. He backed up as we all watched.

"Watch this." Croak said to me. "It'll blow you mind."

"If you say so." I said with uncertainty. Chin rammed into a wall. He didn't seem phased by it at all, just his happy self. I didn't get it. My mind wasn't blown. I was just worried about his safety and if this kid was okay and if he should be checked out or not. I don't know much on humans, but I knew one shouldn't run into walls on purpose. I could tell Fei Fei wasn't amused by it either. Chin went on and on about how cool he thought it was which it totally wasn't. Fei Fei grabbed me slowly and we slowly went inside.

Fei Fei talked to her dad briefly. He suggested Fei Fei talked to Mrs. Zhong. They then chatted about loneliness and that is when Ba Ba said there was something important he needed to talk about with her.

"You know how since…" He began, but was interrupted by people at the door.

The people were Fei Fei's aunts. They were both happy to see her and complimented on how big she's gotten.

It was time for the feast. All of the smells smelled so good. I hopped up on the chair, ready to devour them all.

"No rabbits at the table." Fei Fei scolded me. I hopped to the ground, disappointed. "You know what Ma Ma said." Yeah, yeah! I know, but it's not like she's coming back."Besides, that's my chair." I hopped off as she sat down at the red spinning table with the rest of her family, Mrs. Zhong and Chin.

I hopped over to where Croak was.

"Can't sit at the table either, huh?" He questioned out loud.

"Yeah." I said to him. "But that's life sometimes for a family pet. You don't get what you want. Your owner tells you what to do, half of them you don't understand. You are loved though so that's a plus."

"It is." He agreed. "About the table thing though, whenever I am on the table or Chin brings me to the table, Mrs. Zhong always yells."

"That's how Fei Fei's Ma Ma was. She hated it when I was at the table."

"Hated?" I sighed.

"Sadly, she's no longer with us which understandably made Fei Fei and her dad real sad. She died. She was weak and used a wheelchair with the aid of Ba Ba and Fei Fei to get around." I then thought of something and had to ask, "What happened to Mr. Zhong, Chin's dad?"

"Don't know. All I know is that when Chin got me from the pet store, his father was already out of the picture." I then grew sad.

"It must have been hard on them too. Poor Chin. Poor Mrs. Zhong."

"They seem alright with it."

"Yeah, you could've said the same for Fei Fei. But I know her better then anyone. I know, deep down, she was still emotionally upset and I can tell she is to this very day. I know you can't help these things, but it makes me upset to see her that way. I wish I can do something for her other than provide her comfort, you know?"

"I suppose, but we are just the pets. What are we to do?" I sighed in agreement.

"Yeah." I thought of something else. "Wait, you don't think…?" He looked at me.


"You know."

"I literally don't. You have to explain it to me."

"I was just thinking that since Fei Fei doesn't have a mom and Chin doesn't have a dad, that Mrs. Zhong and Ba Ba will get together and start living together, thus making all of us a family?"

"It's a possibility I suppose. Anything can happen. Honestly, I couldn't care less."

"True, but we made it work with just me, Fei Fei and Ba Ba. Having new faces join the picture might cause problems, no offense."

"You guys will have to get use to it. I did with Chin. I still say he's too much at times, but, I guess that's Chin for you."

"I guess we'll have to then."

"Sorry I hopped on your head earlier."

"Oh, that's okay. I mean, it wasn't fine when you did it, but it's okay now."

"Cool." Then to avoid the silence due to not having anything else to say, I told him the story of Chang'e, the Jade Rabbit and Houyi.

"And she still believes in that stuff?" I was shocked that he even said this and looked at him.

"What are you talking about? You think it's made up?"

"I didn't say that I didn't believe it. It could be real. I mean we're just pets as previously mentioned. What do we know? No one knows what is out there. I don't think the humans know either. Would be cool to go there."

"Yeah, it would. You're right about that."

Afterwards, Fei Fei carried me upstairs.

"It's you and me, Bungee." She said to me. "We're the last true believers." I agreed. I guess so. Something then hit her on the head. She yelped when she saw Chin hanging upside down. I couldn't believe it myself. How is this kid doing this?

They had a brief conversation before Chin dropped the bomb on us.

"Haven't you heard?" Chin asked. "We're going to be brother and sister!" Fei Fei and I were both shocked at this. I mean, sure, Croak may have suggested it, but I didn't think he was serious. I didn't think it was actually about to happen! It's perfect the way things are right now with Ba Ba, Fei Fei and I. I could tell that Fei Fei felt the same.

After Chin left, we were stopped on the stairs once again by Mrs. Zhong. Fei Fei turned to her and greeted her. And I once again could tell that she didn't want to see her, but had to be polite.

They talked about desserts and Chin being rambunctious at times and she just had to get used to him after a while (please lady, tell us something we don't know)! She then got called away for some Mahjong (whatever that was) Fei Fei resumed on upstairs now that everyone was done talking to us and we had no more interruptions.

Fei Fei opened her door, furious. I hopped in beside her.

"'Get used to him'?!" She fumed out loud. "I'll never get used to him! What's so special about your mooncakes?!" Yeah, you go, girl! I didn't know what she meant, but didn't care. My girl was on a roll here! "I just want the ways things were before." I completely agreed. I know what Croak said about change, but honestly, I don't want it to happen. When Fei Fei's mom died, that was a huge change and it was horrible. I don't want any more changes. She then called my name.

"Ma Ma." Fei Fei said when we were at the pond that night. "Why is this happening?" Before I knew it, she began to sing. She stopped. "I know Chang'e is up there. But how can I prove it? She's 384, 400 kilometers away. What am I supposed to do?" I wish I could answer her, yet I didn't know the answer to that either. Why is life so hard all of a sudden? Then we saw a crane wawaQzazfly off towards and under the moonlight. This must have gave Fei Fei an idea for she started singing yet again. "Fly away." I was confused. How were we supposed to accomplish that? Neither of us has wings, but Fei Fei knew that. I know my owner. She wasn't dumb. She had something planned inside of that head of hers. I wonder what it was. She then sang about building a rocket. Aw, yes. A rocket, that'll get us to the moon. Uh, what's a rocket? But I knew I could trust her judgement. This is Fei Fei that we are talking about. "Bungee, we're going to prove that's she's real!" Oh, yes we are, girl! We certainly will! I can feel it from my whiskers to my toes!

She continued singing as she took me on a nighttime bike ride, we went up a hill and then we climbed the steps up to one of the fancy towers this place is known for where she concluded her song on the top.

Then something happened that night. Something unexpected. The makeshift rocket ship that Fei Fei made and we were both strapped in with headgear and special suits seemed to be working at first, but it just stopped for some reason. I tried making it go myself by pushing my legs, hoping that'll work but alas it didn't. This 'experiment' was a bust. I could tell Fei Fei was sad. I was too. To have something you worked really hard on not working out the way that you wanted it to is very disappointing. All of that was for nothing. Fei Fei unbuckled me after she did herself and took me inside.

Boxes arrived the next day. Ba Ba was confused where they came from. Fei Fei took them and said they were for a 'science project', but I knew better. She then thanked them and she and I were off.

When we entered the house one day, Chin rushed up to Fei Fei. He was holding onto Croak. Mrs. Zhong stood by Ba Ba.

"Your dad and my mom are going out to a fancy restaurant on a date." Chin announced to my owner. "So you have to babysit me." Fei Fei looked at her father.

"I have a lot of homework to do." She said. "Chin will only be a distraction."

"Well you're going to have to work around that." Ba Ba told her. "Maybe let him play with Bungee or let him watch TV while you do it or wait until his bedtime. Hey; I got it! Why don't you and Chin to get know each other better, ask some questions. I'm sure you'll find a way. We'll be back at ten."

"Be nice to Fei Fei." Mrs. Zhong told her son. "Be in bed no later than nine."

"Yes, Ma Ma." Chin said to her. "And don't you worry, Fei Fei and I are going to have a blast!" He looked at her. "Aren't we, Fei Fei?"

"Sure." She just said. I know she didn't mean that. I also know that she didn't want to babysit Chin, but knew she had no choice.

After Ba Ba and Mrs. Zhong left, Fei Fei went to the stairs with me. Chin went after us.

"So, what are we going to do?" He wanted to know.

"Did you hear what I said?" Fei-Fei said to him. "I have a lot of homework so I can't have any distractions." Chin looked disappointed,

"Oh. Well, can't you do it when I'm in bed like your Ba Ba suggested? I want to do something fun with you!"

"What?" Chin shrugged.

"I don't know, something fun." Fei Fei sighed.

"Sorry I can't, okay?"

"Please? You don't have to cook me anything. Ma Ma already made me supper before we came here."

"I'm not in the mood."


"I'm just not, okay?"

"Did something happen?"

"No. Why do you say that?"

"Because you're not in the mood. When something goes wrong for Ma Ma, she says she's not in the mood too."

"Look, homework is stressful for someone my age. When you go to secondary school, you'll understand."

"What time is it?"

"I don't know. Eight?"

"Then play with me for an hour, then you can do your homework and I promise I won't distract you because I'll be sleeping. Oh, please, please, please, please, please, pleeeeeaaaassssseeeee?" Fei Fei sighed again.

"Fine; we'll do something together first." Chin cheered. "What do you want to do?" I hopped onto the floor.

"Again, I don't know that." My owner did a loud groan. "But I'm sure if we each put our heads together, we can think of something. The sky's the limit!"

"So what were you doing with Fei Fei before you entered the house?" Croak asked me when he jumped by my side on the floor.

"Something that didn't go well." I told him.

"Oh? Mind telling me about it?"

"I don't see why not." I told him about Fei Fei's failed rocket launch to the moon from an earlier day and when we were out testing mini rockets today.

The next day, Fei Fei must have had an exciting day at school for she was in a very happy mood. She went to her desk to do some studying. Hmmm? She never got excited about homework before, unless that's not homework. I wonder what she was doing. I didn't know, but if it has my owner all in smiles, then I'm all for it. I woke up and saw that it wasn't homework that she was working on. It was something else entirely.

Once she was done with her new plan and I approved, she then carried me downstairs and outside.

I then watched her launch other rockets, her building a new one. Once all done, we both went inside of it. She was singing as she strapped me in, telling me to hold on.

"Hey, Chang'e," She sang. "I'm going to be there soon." She sang. "On my rocket to…..the moon!" She pulled on something long, we sped up and we blasted off. I was proud of my owner. She did it. She actually did it! We were on our way to the moon! Fei Fei was proud of herself too and cheered as well.

Suddenly, the whole thing powered down. Oh no! Not again! Again, I extended my legs and tried to make it work and once again to no avail. I don't get it. My owner is pretty smart at this kind of thing. What is she doing wrong?

Something else happened. We all began floating upwards. What was happening?!

"We're gonna die!"A familiar voice cried out. We saw that it was Chin. He greeted my owner. Another familiar voice greeted me as well. We saw Chin in the rocket with us. Croak was in his pocket. Is this why the rocket failed? Was it because Chin and Croak were here?

The humans screamed as we continued to float. So did Croak and I. Something white began to float with us. Fei Fei quickly grabbed it as Chin asked that it was 'Grandpa's diaper?'.

The rocket then made a thud sound. There were grunting, growling and screaming. Then it felt like something from outside pushed the rocket. We all screamed again.

When we woke up, we were being carried away by winged beasts. I looked at the ground, only it wasn't any ground that I was familiar with. .

"Bungee, where did your owner take us?" Croak wanted to know. "Where are these beasts taking us?" I looked all around. Nothing was familiar to me.

"I don't know." I admitted. "But if I have to make an educated guess, I'd say this is where Fei Fei wanted to go."

"And where's that?"

"I think we made it where Change'e is, Croak, I think that we are all on the moon."