Chapter 1

"Well isn't this deja vu" The Doctor groaned as he pulled himself up from a large sand-dune, shacking the grains that had gathered in his scruffy brown locks away. Dusting off his coat, the Doctor spun in a circle and took in his surroundings. Yep, desert planet, no London bus in sight this time though.

"Brilliant…" the Doctor groaned, looking up at the twin suns above him. Why did she always do this to him! This time she had to go one step further than normal, the TARDIS didn't just bring him to another planet, but actually teleported him without her! One minute he was on New Mecca repairing one of the Old Girls broken circuits when Bam! Here he was!

"Why didn't she just take me here herself?" he frowned, having another look around before pulling out his sunglasses and using his sonic screwdriver to tint the glass so he could look around without the suns in his eyes. Glancing back up at the clear sky the Doctor took in the distance between the two suns and their orbit "Their orbiting around each other… so there must be a third sun, a larger one, that this solar system revolves around" he concluded, looking down at the coarse sand beneath his tennis shoes "Three suns, a desert planet. I can't be back on San Helios again, can I?"

'One way to find out' he grimaced, swooping down and scooping up a handful of sand before pinching a bit between his fingers and quickly dropping it on his tongue.

"Eh!… Nope, not San Helios" the Doctor confirmed, spitting the granules out of his mouth and back to where it belonged. It was just sand, no residue of the dead in its compound "Well at least that leaves me with the hope of a settlement" There's no way the TARDIS would strand him on an inhospitable planet with no way of getting back to her.

He was then suddenly brought out of his musings by a slight whistling in the air. "Huh?" he blinked, adjusting his glasses as he looked up at the sound. Just as he caught sight of something in the sky the Time Lord was knocked right off his feet by a shock-wave as it entered the planet's atmosphere.

"Good Lord!" he gasped at what looked like a part of a ship plummeting down towards the sand below, not a hundred meters away. Scrambling to his feet, the Doctor sprinted towards the crash site. Thank the Eternals for all his running practice!

Arriving quickly at the crash, the Doctor found that it wasn't just any old part of a space ship but the cargo hold "A purge" he realized, estimating the depth of the crater "Let's see. From the depth, direction and velocity, the main cabin must have landed approximately 5 miles… - in that direction!" he grinned, looking to the sunset on his right before turning his attention back to the cargo hold, there might be something useful inside after all.

The beast was restless, Riddick could feel it inside; something new was coming. Something powerful, like a storm, an oncoming storm. And the beast inside was pleased for some reason, it made him want to slip the chains even more than he did before, wanted to rip away the mouth-piece and sink his teeth into the flesh of this unknown being. The feeling made him desperate enough to even hurt himself to get out and that's exactly what he was going to do.

Slowly reaching his arms back, Riddick rotated them higher till a sickening 'POP' of his shoulder joints caused him to groan painfully as his arms dislocating from his shoulders, but that didn't stop him from finishing their rotation over his head and back into place. Slipping the cuffs-links through a gape in the metal beam he had been bound to. Now he was free and ready to hunt.

Looking up at the rising blue sun behind him, the Doctor grinned smugly to himself; he loved being right. The third sun really was beautiful, it made everything almost shine like diamonds, kind of like the planet Midnight. Now there was something he never wanted to experience again.

At least he'd made a good decision to raid the cargo hold; it had been full of supplies, both medical and food. From the universal sign for hospital on the crates, a green moon, he guessed they were originally heading to a charity-hospital. Donations. But that didn't stop him from scooping up as many bottles of water into his coat pockets as he could. Luckily they were bigger on the inside!

Taking a swig of the water, the Doctor savoured the taste. He may be a Time Lord that could stand the heat better than humans with an internal body temperature of only 16 degrees, but even walking miles through a desert could still dehydrate him. He'd been walking beside the drag-scar in the sand for a good couple of hours now, ignoring the pungent smell of burnt flesh as he passed scattered and scorched cryo-pods. At least there seemed to be one survivor if the footprints he was following meant anything.

He was about to take another drink when he heard it; the sound of a laser-pistol blast and a scream echoed across the dunes.

Dropping the bottle, the Doctor began to run straight towards the source of the sound. Guns meant people and people meant survivors. And if the Doctor knew one thing above all else was that when people got desperate they would fight for their lives, even if that meant attacking each other!