Chapter 13

He didn't know why Riddick changed his mind about helping him, all the Doctor knew was that he was incredibly grateful since he wouldn't be able to save the others alone, not this time. But that still didn't stop it from stinging when they finally made it back to the cave and the first thing Jack said when she saw them was 'I never had a doubt'. if only the poor the girl knew that they'd both considered leaving her to die, even if for the Doctor it was only for a second.

But in the grand scheme of things it didn't really matter since they were now running again, back towards the settlement and as much as the Doctor loved running he couldn't help but feel put-out that neither Jack nor Imam asked about Fry even in passing. That they just assumed she was dead but not even caring to confirm it. Normally the Doctor would write it off as them being used to it by now, accept it as another amazing coping mechanism humans had developed under extreme circumstances, but regardless of her past miss-deeds, Fry had sacrificed herself for them. She deserved to be remembered.

Pushing that negative thought from his mind, the Doctor focused on keeping up with Riddick and making sure Jack was still between him and Imam. He'd lost three children during this disaster and he refused to lose the last one due to carelessness.

Just as the group was about to turn a corner Riddick skidded to a sudden stop, signalling for the rest of them to follow his lead as the echoing calls of Bioraptors could be heard over the rain in front of them.

From the sounds of crashing, the Doctor assumed that the monsters were fighting each other and they would have to make a run for it. His suspicion was confirmed when Riddick reached back to grab his hand before making a mad dash forwards, instinctively causing the Doctor to take Jack's hand as not to lose her.

The Doctor guessed that their lights and the sudden charge was what caused the Bioraptors to scatter, but he had no time to think on it more as seconds after they were busy trying to scale the steep rock bank that had taken Fry from them.

"Don't stop! Come on, move!" Riddick ordered as he practically dragged the Doctor up to the top while Imam did the same for Jack.

"Move, you know the way!" He barked, pushing them ahead of him.

"Riddick?!" the Doctor called back once he noticed that the convict had paused at the top of the ridge while the rest of them had continued to run.

"Get to them to the ship!" Riddick shouted back just as the Bioraptor that had scattered returned and landed behind him "Go!"

"Stay alive!" the Doctor ordered as he began to jog after the last to survivors "I'll come back for you!"

As soon as the Doctor made sure the other two were safely on the ship, he quickly took his coat back from Jack "I need this back for one quick tick!" he rambled, digging down into his deep pockets for his mobile before taking it apart along with one of the ships radio speakers.

"Doctor, what are you doing? We must go!" Imam pleaded.

"Not without Riddick" the Doctor growled, putting the finishing touches on the quickly crafted device before sprinting back out into the rain, following the sound of the man's screams "Riddick!"

Weaving his way through the maze of the buildings of the settlement the Time Lord finally spotted the convict trapped between two raptors, barely avoiding their slashing claws and snapping fangs.

"Oi!" the Doctor called out as he ran over, trying to get the Bioraptors attention away from Riddick "Ugly shark-heads!"

"Doc, don't!" Riddick grunted through his pain, covered in blood and cuts.

"Wanna know why you shouldn't attack a man with a sonic screwdriver if you only see with echo-location?" the Doctor smirked as he got close enough before holding out the device and sonic screwdriver "Because he can use a phone and speaker to amplify the sonic sound waves!"

With that, he put the screwdriver up to the microphone of the mobile causing the speaker to let out an ear-piercing sonic screech. The sound vibrating through the area violently causing the raptors to thrash around in pain, even making Riddick fall to his knees and cover his ringing ears.

As the Doctor got closer in hope to drive the Bioraptors away from the man, one of the monsters lashed out between it frantic thrashing at the source of the sound with its tail, hitting the Time Lord unexpectedly and sending him colliding with one of the buildings metal walls; knocking him out cold.

Gritting his teeth through the pain, Riddick growled at the sight of his Doc collapsed vulnerably on the ground as it sent him into a feral rage. Launching himself at the Bioraptor, Riddick began slicing its stomach open with his bone knife before delivering a powerhouse kick to its head, sending it flying away from his mate. Thankfully this distracted the other beastie by giving it an easy meal.

Wasting no time, Riddick rushed over to the unconscious man and picked him up easily, making sure to grab his precious screwdriver before making a break for the ship while the raptor was busy devouring its fallen brother.

"Is he okay?" Jack asked hurriedly at the sight of Riddick walking up the ramp into the ship cradling the Doctor in a bridal-style hold.

"Just a knock to the head" he grunted as he deposited the lithe man onto the bench next to Imam "Make sure he doesn't fall" he ordered the preacher with an unspoken threat before hastily climbing back into the pilot's seat and starting up the engines only to stop suddenly as a thought hit him. They couldn't leave like this. He needed to teach these fuckers a lesson.

"Riddick, what are you doing?" Jack asked in utter confusion as the convict powered down the engines until all the lights on the skiff went out "Can we just get the hell out of here now?" she whispered desperately as the sounds of Bioraptors climbing over the back of the ship began to echo through the metal hull.

"We can't leave…" he growled just as one of the monsters landed on the window in front of him, trying to claw its way through the screen "Without saying goodnight"

Blasting the thrusters into full power, Riddick burnt the gathered flock behind the ship into ash as he ploughed the skiff through the rest of them, forcing Imam to grab the Doctor's jacket to prevent him from falling off the bench at the sudden launch.

"Ugh, my head…" the Doctor grumbled, regaining consciousness just as the ship exited the planet's atmosphere "I'm never doing that again"

"You shouldn't have gotten so close in the first place" Riddick grumbled, not looking away from the controls as he steered the ship away from the planet.

"It was only a short-ranged amplifier. I needed to scare them off before it burnt-out" the Doctor shrugged while rubbing his sore head "Ohh, that's gonna bruise"

"Just thank Allah you're alive, Doctor" Imam stated gravely "There's sp much prayer to make up for, I scarcely know where to begin"

"I know where I'd start" Jack smiled weakly while handing the Doctor his coat before climbing into the co-pilot seat next to Riddick "There's going to be a lot of questions from whoever we run into… it could even be a merc-ship. So what the hell do we tell them about you?" she asked the convict nervously, not wanting her idol to end up back in prison.

"What's to tell?" the Doctor asked, surprising Jack as he suddenly leaned over her shoulder to flash them both a cheeky grin "Riddick died in the crash, right?"

"...Right" Jack grinned back after a moment of shocked silence. She shouldn't have doubted the Doctor, of cause he wouldn't betray Riddick like that.

"And here I thought you'd given up on me, Doc" Riddick smirked back at the Doctor's boyish grin.

"You may be a killer, Riddick, but I still see something in you worth saving," the Doctor told him softly just as their ship exited the M-344/G system, on course for New Mecca. The rays of sunlight from behind the eclipsing planet leaving him feeling hopeful. Life-giving.