His research was progressing steadily, Eri's blood was exactly the catalyst he needed, already he had made a breakthrough in doubling the duration of the drug, now that he understood the process and the countermeasures of stabilizing it he'd need only a few more months before it was finished. After all, someone didn't need to be quirkless forever, just the rest of their life. Sixty years should do, and in eighteen more iterations, the drug would last exactly that long.

It was a shame Eri only had so much blood to give.

Kai reclined into his sofa and glared up at the clock. Still, even with his speed, he was running out of time. It would seem that the Amagi still had fangs and already all of his trigger distributors out in their territory had been whipped out. And more around the city were vanishing by the day. To say it was impressive, would be an understatement.

"I may have to actually deal with them," Kai glared at the clock as it slowly ticked away. From what he had heard of the Amagi was that they were little more than glorified businessmen that ran a casino and a fight club. They were in power because people, especially the police liked them in power. With that hag, Hanabi out of the way they, as well as the rest of their elders, shouldn't have been able to act this effectively.

After all their only real threat that wasn't a fossil had been a man called Tanaka. And it was no secret that planning and thinking, in general, wasn't something Tanaka did. There were rumors about his quirk simply being too stupid to die.

Kai glanced at his hand and hummed softly. Someone who has a quirk that makes it so they can't lose in a fight. How exactly did that work? What would happen if he touched Tanaka? Would his quirk even work? Or would his ability to rewrite the structure of something overpower Tanaka's quirk? Perhaps Tanaka would simply reform over and over again until he won.

Or maybe Kai would be spelling his own doom as every particle of Tanaka's former being would begin to plot his downfall.

Such musings were for people that didn't have a quirkless drug.

Still, it may be more beneficial to simply dismantle the Amagi and take in Tanaka as a stray dog a few years down the line.

Good muscle was easy to find, but Tanaka's brand of muscle was exceptionally rare.

"Overhaul!" Toya Setsuno came scrambling into his private chamber with a crazed look in his eye, his mask nearly falling from his face. The lanky man always kept his blond hair obnoxiously long but his devotion and ability to control the other two made that slight annoyance worthwhile. "The police are here."

"So?" Kai leaned forward and clapped his gloved hands together. "If they don't have a warrant, send them away, if they do let them investigate the house, they won't find the entrance."

"About that uhh Overhaul sir," Toya bowed his head twice and kept his hands at his side. "You see, they brought heroes, sir."

Ahh, looks like time was running out.

Kai stood and smiled behind his mask. Was this also the Amagi's doing? "We prepared for this, didn't we Toya?"

Toya nodded. "I'm ready to throw my life on the line Overhaul, sir."

"Good, tell the others."


"Sir, for the last time we're going to have to ask you to leave this could get dangerous."

"I'm just walking my dog!"

"That's not a dog."

Every one of the heroes that Sir Nighteye had gathered for the raid turned and looked down the street where a large red man that looked exactly like an Oni trying to pose as a Yakuza member. At his side was a six-legged creature that appeared to be oozing a glowing red liquid from its mouth, but looked so happy that it couldn't not be considered the most adorable creature on this side of the world. Well, second only to Nejire when she was being extra Nejire.

"Hey! It's his quirk! He can't help it, isn't that right Hisashi?"

With a voice that sounded like two boulders grinding against each other the living hunk of charcoal gave a small hap and let out a "yip!" that was so cute it actually hurt.

Ryuko sighed as she put the pieces together of what was happening. If Tanaka was here then she'd imagine that this wasn't going to go as smoothly as even the most realistic among them were hoping. She glanced over towards Nighteye who gave her a small nod.

Right, she just had to look.

It was a good thing both her sister and her had inherited their father's resting bitch face. She sighed and walked over towards him, making sure to carry herself as a hero should and maintain eye contact with the Amagi's biggest stick.

"You're not even using a leash!"

"He's well trained, besides, he is made of fire so like, I can't exactly leash him. And watch!" Tanaka leaned down and pulled a storm drain grate out of its hole with one hand and then placed it on Hisashi's body.

To her amusement and lack of surprise, the massive hunk iron passed right through Hisashi like he was made of little more than jello.

"Oooh, he looks like fun," Nejire announced that she had elected to follow Ryuko towards Tanaka. "Like, I just want to touch him and pinch his cheeks."

That level of cuteness could destroy the world.

Ryuko felt her cheeks burn and then coughed, right, she needed to be serious, and in control of this. She stopped just to the side of the two officers that were panicking in Tanaka's general vicinity and gave a slight cough. "Tanaka, could you please put that back."

"I was gonna," Tanak grabbed the grate out from under Hisashi and placed it back into its hole. "Wait," Tanaka turned to look at her. "You know who I am?"

"Yeah," Ryuko nodded. "We were kind of briefed on you since you might show up." She smiled softly and watched as Tanaka's eyes widened. "I'm also Sae's sister."

"Oh! I see that!" A large red finger was pointed right at her face.

"Right, well, Tanaka," Ryuko coughed and put on her hero's face. "Why are you here."

"Uhh, I'm walking my dog," Tanaka repeated himself and pointed towards Hisashi who let out another adorable yip.

"Uh-huh," Ryuko tried not to groan. "Why are you really here? Are you here to help the Shei Hassakai?"

"No way, I'm here to make sure that you guys don't get in over your head!" Tanaka flailed his arms and gestured towards the building. "Oh! And I'm here to make sure that no one escapes!" He pounded on his chest and beamed with pride. "Today, I'm on your guys' side." He started to fiddle with his shirt. "I even made a costume like yous guys do."

Tanaka burst open his dress shirt and revealed what looked like a simple black T-Shirt that had a large red T etched into it.

"See? My hero name is Tanaka!"

"Woah!" Nejire bounced over. "That's great! My hero name is Nejire-chan!"

"Woah is your real name Nejire?" Tanaka asked.

"Yeah!" Nejire held up her hand. "High five!"

"Yeah!" Tanaka held his hand up high enough that Nejire had to jump and use her quirk to reach it.

Why? Just. Why?

"Look, Tanaka, you know you're not supposed to be here right."

"Yes, I am. Izuku said."

"But you're not allowed."


She felt her eye twitch.

"Hey!" Tanaka let out a loud noise and clapped his hand. "I just realized! My quirk means that I never lose right? So do you think that applies to arguments and stuff?"

Ryuko could feel herself losing brain cells. How was her sister still sane?

"Oooh! That sounds like it could be true!" Nejire clapped her hands. "Wait, if you never lose what happens when you play the lottery?"

"Oh! I think it only works with fights and stuff, not like luck and stuff, but I think I'm pretty lucky." Tanaka pounded on his chest, I have some great friends and—"

The front gate to the Shei Hassakai burst open as a large villain wearing a beaked mask came charging out into the police.

"Talk later! Smash first!"

Ryuko could do little but watch as Tanaka grabbed Hisashi by the tail, the creature's non-newtonian form shifting into a large shield that half-covered Tanaka's arm.

And then to top things off Tanaka pulled a Katana out of Hisashi's mouth that left a trail of shadows like a wet brush to paper through the air.

"Wait! You're not allowed to—"

The fighting hadn't even started and she already felt defeated.

At least they'd probably win.



It was a gamble with no risk. Heroes would always go out of their way to save people, it was just who they were. It was why they were weak. This hero, this Lemillion could have beaten him easily. He had the skill, and he had a quirk that made him all but invincible.

But only himself.

That's why he shot at Eri.

Even as she was frightened and going through a rebellious phase she was still being a useful tool.

Kai groaned and tapped the bruise on his side. That glasses-wearing hero, Sir Nighteye, had gotten a few good hits. But, nothing too damaging. The only question was whether or not it was worth the pain of healing himself with his quirk.

"All you heroes are the same." Kai laughed and kept his gun trained on Lemillion, the bloodstain on the hero's leg growing wider by the moment. "You so carelessly throw your lives away to save some little girl who will only do harm if she's taken from me. Don't you see, her quirk is dangerous, only I can control her."

The defiant look on Lemillion's face was so irritating. But the surprise that followed was so satisfying.

"My quirk?" Lemillion asked.

"Ahh, I thought for sure you all knew," Kai laughed and looked at his gun. He only had one of the quirk erasing bullets prepared. "I've been making a quirk erasing drug, and that bullet you so kindly took, was laced with it."

The fear on the hero's face vanished, replaced with a disgusting look of resolve. Even with a bullet in his leg and no quirk he was still intent on defying him.

"Quirk or no, I won't let you take her!"

Kai groaned and tapped his finger to his palm, pain flashed through his body, nearly enough to make him scream, but he had gotten used to the pain long enough and was able to suppress all but a groan. In a moment his body was restored to perfect condition, removing the bruise he had gotten from the fight and even his fatigue was removed.

"Don't worry, that drug I gave you will only last half a day or so. But, I guess for you that's the rest of your life isn't it?" These hero types always pissed him off, but this one was particularly irritating. So much time wasted because of these fools. He'd have to set up a new lab and even a power base now that this base was compromised. As long as he had Eri things would be fine. But this obnoxious fucker didn't care about that, he just wanted to save Eri because she wasn't happy.

"Let's see how long you keep this up hero!" Kai slammed his hands to the ground reforming the room so that it would cause sharp jagged bits of rocks to shoot towards Lemillion. To Kai's continued annoyance the hero's combat skills were not diminished by his lack of quirk. Instead, it seemed like the desperation to survive was making his extraordinary abilities stand out all the more.

He blocked, destroyed, and evaded every single attack Kai sent at him.

Until the wound on his leg got the better of him.

A pillar of stone shot into Lemillion's right shoulder puncturing it clear to the other side.

With a scream of defiance, the hero shattered the spear and glared onward. Even that wouldn't be enough to take him down.

"As much as your conviction annoys and irritates me, I must say that it is admirable Lemillion." Kai laughed and tapped the ground again. Three spears shot out from the ground this time and Lemillion took one but broke the other two with his remaining arm. "But you can't keep this up forever!"

With the sound of thunder that left the entire room silent in its aftermath the large steel door that locked this room shut was sent flying clear to the other side with enough force to embed it into the wall like it was designed to be there. Electricity filled the air as a tall man with a muscular build and messy green hair strode into the room.

"Pardon me for the intrusion." The man commented, paying more attention to his shirt cuffs as he slowly undid the buttons. He took his time, walking forward, never glancing at any of them. With a toss so casual that this battlefield might be little more than his bedroom the man removed his jacket and began to work on his shirt.

"You!" Lemillion gave a shocked gasp.

"Sorry for the interruption ," The man finally looked towards someone and smiled softly. "But I'll be taking over from here." A shadow leapt from the man's figure, taking the form of a cat covered in stars and space. "Don't worry though, Shade will take you out of the building."

"Like hell!" Kai attempted another attack, but as the shadow creature reached Lemillion and Eri he found that his attack passed right through their now ethereal forms. More bullshit quirks?

"Hold on tight." the man nodded, Kai could do little beyond watch as the large feline creature whisked away Lemillion and Eri, phasing through walls like it was nothing.

"Who the hell are you?" Kai asked, glaring at the new threat.

"Oh, you know who I am." The man said slowly, the tattoos on his chest being revealed button by button. There were crows on his neck. "You know why I'm here." The tattoos were moving. "And you know I will have no mercy."

The man fully removed his shirt revealing the complex tattoos covering his chest that didn't just seem to move, they actually were. A large white ape leapt from the man's chest and landed in the room with the same sound of thunder that had destroyed the door. But it was the tattoo on the man's chest, right where his heart was that gave Kai a clue on who this man was.


Blue flames billowed out from the man as a pair of great flaming wings emerged from his body, living flames that looked like they were made of stylized ink highlighted by puffs of brilliant oranges. The creature's fearsome beak was a bright yellow that despite being living flame looked more than sharp enough to harm and the red flames it had for eyes showed the same sense of defiance the woman it represented once had.

"But, in case you need a hint," The man held his arms out wide. "I'm Izuku Midoriya, and because of you I'm the boss of the Amagi."

With that, the Ape charged, its massive arm was several times the size of Kai's entire body and extended far back into a powerful haymaker. Despite its impressive size, the ape moved with as much speed as Lemillion had. What's more, is that the lightning around the beast was making the hair on Kai's entire body stand on edge.

Kai ducked forward, whether or not his Overhaul would work on the summoned creature of a quirk was seemingly random. But the odds were in his favor. He lunged forward a single finger extended towards the beast as a mighty punch came billowing down while he made sure his other hand was ready to restore his body if things turned poorly.

Kai touched the beast, electricity numbing his arm, but the ape exploded into a fine white and blue mist that hung in the air for a few moments.

On the other side, he saw Izuku wince in pain. Ahh, so he shared damage with his creatures. That was unfortunate for him. "You talked a big game but let me—"

The mist he had left the ape reformed in the blink of an eye. The fist drawn back again.

A blue glow so intense shined from the creature's eyes that it drowned out all of its other features and gave Kai a sense of doom that he hadn't felt before.

Thunderstruck and Kai found his body rag dolling across the floor, he had to restore himself twice before he landed to survive the attack.

"Oh, don't worry Kai," Izuku's green eyes reflected the same brutal intent that the ape did. "We're nowhere near done."

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