A grave.

Nothing felt quite so final as seeing his grandmother's name etched into the stone slab alongside all of his other family members. It was a simple engraving next to her mother's and father's, really, he didn't know who most of the people whose names were engraved here. Made sense since most of them were dead well before he was born.

Izuku knelt down and traced his finger along the near-flawless etching and smiled despite the tears escaping his eyes. Shame it wasn't raining, he'd have an excuse then. He placed down her favorite flower on top of the grave ever so gently.

"I'm going to miss you Grandma… we are all."

He smiled at her name one last time and looked towards the other etchings again. One stood out to him, the second most recent after his grandmother. Touya Todoroki, there was a small indication that signaled he was still a child when he died. Tragedy.

Izuku stood to his full height and glanced up to the warm summer sky and contemplated life for a moment.

There was a lot to do now. And he felt aimless. Aimless in a way his grandmother never seemed to be she had an answer and a snarky comment for everything including her own shitty advice.


Izuku glanced down the path to see a beautiful woman with white and red hair holding two tightly wrapped flowers in her arms. They were just like all the other flowers placed on the various graves he had passed on his way to his grandmother's. The white of her hair was a near-perfect match for Ori, while the red was nearly identical to Eva's. She was dressed in a simple summer dress.

The woman blushed for a moment before she gathered herself. "Sorry, I wasn't expecting to run into anyone else here."

"Yeah," Izuku smiled up at the sky and stretched his arms out. "It's a bit too nice of a day for mourning huh?"

"I suppose it is." She had a great smile that somehow made her glasses look all the cuter. She scrambled forward and glanced at the family grave. "I had heard that someone new had been added to the grave, I never met them, but I figured I should pay my respects, just in case no one else did."

"Thank you," Izuku nodded at her, "Though, I'm sure she'd be telling us both not to bother. I'm Izuku Midoriya by the way, she was my grandmother."

"Fuyumi Todoroki," She turned to look at him, and her eyes went to his neck where his tattooed flesh was on display. She gave a slight gasp and her eyes went wide, she nearly took a step back but held firm. "It's nice to meet you Izuku, though, I wish we met under happier circumstances."

Izuku could only shrug. "I—"

"What was she like?"

He was about to excuse himself, mostly because of her reactions to his tattoos.

But this was good also.

"Well, she was more full of life than anybody I ever met despite how often she complained about being old. Smart too, easily the most brilliant person I've ever met. And I really wish I met her sooner. I only knew her for a few months, but she changed my life in so many amazing ways." Izuku took in a deep breath and frowned, he should have taken Kai's life for what he did. But he guessed leaving him in the state he was in was good enough.

Besides, he wasn't much of a danger without his hands. And there were fates worse than death.

"She sounds amazing." Fuyumi kneeled down and placed both sets of flowers down. She traced the second name, Touya's, and smiled softly. "This was my older brother, he had a kind heart and wanted to be a hero…"

"It would have been nice to meet him," Izuku nodded, really he wanted to meet more of his family as well. "Sorry for asking, but who was your father?"

"Oh…" Fuyumi gave a light frown and bit her lip. She shook her head and nodded. "Enji Todoroki"

"Oh! You're Endeavour's daughter!"

She nodded.

"She was his aunt, I think, so I guess that makes us just cousins huh?" Izuku laughed and scratched the back of his head.

"I suppose so," Fuyumi gave a light chuckle, "Though when I asked him about it he seemed more agitated than usual."

"I think that might be because he got blamed for a lot of things she did."

She looked up at him confused. "Huh?"

"Do you remember Stain?"

"The hero killer my dad took out?"

"Well, kind of."

She raised an eyebrow.

"It was actually my grandma that took him out." He squatted down next to Fuyumi and touched his grandmother's name again. He probably shouldn't mention that it was because of revenge and the fact that Hanabi was a Yakuza Matriarch. "She had a fire quirk like your dad and ended up using it after we got attacked."

Fuyumi let out a light chuckle. "That's why he was so annoyed after that, he hates getting credit for things he didn't do."

When he discovered his grandmother his life had changed drastically, what would happen with this new connection to a family that he knew nothing about? "Do you have any other family? I remember seeing your little brother at the sports festival, uhh, Shoto right?"

"That's right, he's trying to be a hero, my dad won't stop talking about it though." She sighed and tapped Touya's name again. "But, yes, there's my other brother Natsou, he's in college working on his medical degree."

"And you?"

"I'm a primary school teacher, I just really like to work with kids." She gave a genuine smile and nodded. "I love it."

"Ha, a future hero, a future doctor, and a teacher, your side of the family sure does make me look bad." Izuku laughed and rested his hands on his knees. What was he going to say if she asked him about his job? He was basically a college dropout at this point, and Yakuza Crime Lord wasn't exactly something he wanted made public. Well, more public than it already was.

"And you?" Fuyumi asked, pushing a strand of her white hair behind her ear. God, she was cute.

It was a shame they were related.

And that he already had a girlfriend and a mistress.

But mostly the family part.

"Well, I'm uh, it's a bit hard to explain." He scratched the back of his head and sighed. "I'm in the entertainment business."

Technically true. Viewership went up whenever he went to the fight pit. Mostly because Ryujin brought in the views like no one else. Well, Eva was a close second, but that was because seeing a five-foot-nothing girl hurl around men that had at least a foot on her was comical gold.

"Really? So you're an actor?"

"No, more of a streamer."

"Oh, I see, Natusou tried to do that when he was in high school, I think he peaked at three views." Fuyumi let out a chuckle. "I was one of them."

"Ouch, that had to hurt his ego."

Fuyumi nodded, "He started to take studying seriously after that though, so it wasn't all bad." she reached down towards the flowers and tugged at the stem of the one he had put there. "What kind of flower is this?"

"Well, it was one of her favorites. I actually took it from her garden earlier."

"What's its name? I'd love to bring her some."

"That's not a good idea."


Izuku chuckled and stood to his full height. "Well, it's a bit on the poisonous side."

Fuyumi gasped and dropped the step like it would burn her alive.

"And it's very illegal."

"Really?" She shrieked and looked down at the flower, her mouth falling open. "But, why?"

Izuku just shrugged. "It was her hobby."

"But, I." She stared at him for a second and then sighed. "Right, sorry, I shouldn't judge, still it was a pleasure meeting you Izuku."

"Likewise, it's been, nice meeting family." He smiled at her and reached for his phone. "Why don't we meet up some other time? I'd love to meet Shoto and Natsuo."


"It's all falling apart," Sho, gave a depressed sigh as he swiped through his tablet, his eyes scanning every single detail. "Most of the other families don't recognize you as the head yet, and without their elders and other leaders, they're close to infighting. Not only that, but many of the dockworkers are saying that they're seeing more Chinese at the docks."

"So?" Tanaka asked and crossed his massive red arms. His resting bitch face made it look like he was a statue meant to ward off small children. He turned towards Izuku and flexed, slapping one bicep and nodding. "Just point me at'em and I'll set them right."

From Izuku's right, Eva nodded and mirrored Tanaka's movements.

Once the adrenaline rush of becoming The Amagi leader had worn off and his desire for revenge had been sated, the truth about being a leader had made itself known, in that it was a giant headache. He rubbed his temple and looked at his small council, which consisted of Sho, Wakan, and Tanaka. Ita was included as well, but he was needed at the arena to make sure that it was running smoothly.

He still hadn't even talked to whoever was in charge of the casino, or the rest of the redlight district.

The network his grandmother had built had crumbled along with her and the rest of the elders.

"My grandmother didn't run The Amagi out of fear and neither will I." Izuku placed his palm on the ground and pictured a map of the area. Ever since he had nearly killed Hitoshi the Tokyo Clan hadn't so much as crossed the river that was the commonly accepted barrier between the two territories. Which was good, it meant he had one less thing to worry about.

Wakan gave a silent nod that told Izuku he was thinking about this the right way.

"Right now," Ori purred from his left, her hand gliding along his bare arm, her smile was filled with her usual brand of up to no good, "we should focus on consolidating power, what we did to the Shei Hassakai showed the police and heroes that we're not to be messed with, but, that wasn't made public. The other families that belong to the Amagi are likewise unaware, and the Chinese certainly aren't either."

He had offered Ori a place on his council, but she had refused, claiming that her spot was at his side. Or on top of him. Or under him. Or Inking him. Which basically just meant that she wanted the power but not the responsibility.

"Ori's right," Wakan nodded. "For once."


"Right now the best thing for you to do is to make yourself known to the rest of Amagi, reach out to the branches, and get them to swear loyalty to you." Wakan scratched his thick mane-like beard and growled. "Though, I must admit I'm unfamiliar with this new generation. All your youthful faces look the same to me."

Izuku nodded and looked to Sho again, the short orange-haired man gave a nod of acknowledgment. "Do you know where all the branches are?"

"Most," he admitted with a quick nod. "There's of course, us here at the main branch, we run the fighting pit and kind of act as the control room for the rest of the branches. Then there's the Casino. I know that Sarutobi was the head of that place for several decades and that Hanabi also helped. I imagine his grandson might be wanting to take over."

"Okay, we'll talk to him, and next?"

"There's the dock workers, they're in charge of our overseas imports and exports. From what I recall it had already been taken over by Asami, I doubt she'll be too much of a problem if we help her with her Chinese problem."

Tanaka punched his own palm and Eva mimicked him with a wide grin on her face.

Izuku scratched the back of his head and groaned. "Are we sure they're an actual problem? I mean, just because they're Chinese doesn't mean they're part of the Triads right?"

"I can find out," Sho gave a curt nod. "Shouldn't be too hard, the Triads tend to be more obvious than Tanaka."

Tanaka just shrugged, fully aware that he oozed 'Yakuza from hell.'

"There's also a few various families that act as muscle and protection for us, they shouldn't be a problem." Sho tapped his tablet and bit his lip. "There's also our tech department."

"Like, support items?" Izuku asked.

"No, like cyber attacks, data gathering, computer stuff." Sho corrected. "They're a bit… odd though…"

"Aren't we all," Izuku hummed, he really didn't know that the Amagi had people like that. "I honestly thought you handled all the tech stuff Sho."

Sho simply shrugged.

"Alright, well, can you make a list for me? With their addresses? I'd like to get started tomorrow." It was already too late for things like that. Well then again, they were Yakuza. Night-time deals were the norm. Wait. Izuku furrowed his brow as he thought about something. "Can you add the Hatsume junkyard to the list as well?"

"Otto? Sure, but why?"

Izuku scratched the back of his head and sighed. "I mean, it's just, their junkyard is in our territory and they're a—"

"Sir!" A disgruntled Amagi member came crashing into the room. His suit was completely disheveled and he had a panicked look on his face. "You need to see this!"

Izuku stood the coat that had been resting on his shoulders sliding to the side as he looked at the grunt. "What is it?"

"The news!" He shouted again and pointed towards the T.V. "Turn on the news!"

They didn't have to change the channel. Every single channel was broadcasting the same exact thing.

A massive fight between All Might and an unknown villain.

Intuition told him exactly how the villain was.

All for One.

As the fight raged on Izuku turned to Sho and nodded. "That's why."

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