James stood across the hall from his Opponent the hideous being that dared enter his home in an attempt to kill his Family, and James Potter was not gonna let that happen without a fight, Anger clouded his vision at the thought that he had been betrayed by someone he once held as a dear friend, and he swore that Pettigrew would rue the day he betrayed him.

James pointed his wand directly at the enemy, "You're going to regret coming here and trying to attack my Family tonight, Voldemort." The older (and uglier) man, (if he could even be called as such) smirked, "Such foolish Bravery Potter, you have no hope to defeat me, just step aside, all I'm after is the child, I have no need or want to waste such magical blood, especially that of an Ancient family such as yours, the House of Potter need not die out tonight.

James snarled, his wand flashing as his spell shot towards the Dark Lord, the battle raged on, spells flashing back and forth as the James Potter and the Dark Lord Voldemort danced back and forth, burn marks on the wall from all the spell fire glass was shattering everywhere. James knew he wouldn't be able to keep up for much longer, he just hoped he had stalled long enough for Lily to call back up, the battle had already gone on for twenty minutes and James could feel his energy slipping, it wouldn't be long now before he was defeated, and sure enough he felt the last of his energy leave him as his wand was blasted from his hand and a killing curse connected with his stomach lifting him off the ground, James Potter died before his body even hit the ground

Voldemort looked at the now dead man as he passed him. "Credit where credit is due Potter, you lasted longer than most." The Dark Lord made his way up the stairs and blasted the door off the hinges walking into the room of which Lily Potter and the Boy were hiding, it was nearly over in a few minutes the boy would be dead, and nothing would be able to stand in his way, but first he would have to take care of this annoying woman in front of him, his patience was starting to run out as he told the foolish girl to move aside and she would be spared, along with her husband, but she would not listen, and as such broke the promise he had made to one of his most Loyal servants, he killed the wretched mudblood, he stepped forward, and looked at the child that was destined to have a power that could kill him.

It was a rather strange thought to think that this Baby not even two years old was the one threat to his rule, but yes he could feel it, the magical potential the boy had was simply astonishing, he could feel how much magic this boy had even know, it was to put it simply insane, in all of his life he had never heard of a baby that had this much power. It was a shame the boy had to die, he would have made a fine apprentice, with that last thought, Voldemort raised his wand at the boy and whispered the words he had so many times before. "Avada Kedavra." The jet of emerald light left his wand and than everything went wrong, he watched as the light bounced off the boy and shot straight back at him, he didn't even have time to widen his eyes, as he felt his body be destroyed as what was left of his Soul hovered over the wreckage of the Potter home, with a scream of rage he fled the house, promising death against the boy that had defeated him, one day Lord Voldemort would return and he would Kill Harry Potter. The Boy-Who-Lived.