~It shall be on the day that what's shrouded is revealed~

deaths chosen one shall be reunited with family

the truth about the light lord shall be revealed

~and balance restored~

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I was sitting on my bed, in my room at the Dursleys. When I noticed a black regal looking hawk, carrying a letter with the Gringotts seal. Why did Gringotts send me a letter, I haven't gotten one before. I opened the window letting the hawk in, and grabbed the letter. Hopefully this is about good news. I opened the letter and began to read:

Dear Mr. Harry James Potter,

At 12 pm on August 22nd, the will of Sirius Orion Black. Shall be read, you are mentioned in the will. If you don't show up your inheritance from Sirius Orion Black, shall go to Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore as you previously requested. Attached to this letter is a Kurt shaped portkey, say gold and the port key shall take you to the will reading.


Account manager of the most noble and ancient

house black

I quickly cast a tempus "11:50", crap! I only have ten minutes to get to Gringotts. I quickly grab krut, and say the activation word. Immediately I feel the pull that is the port key transporting me. I appear in a room with white marble floors, gold decorations. There is a goblin guard waiting for me.

"Follow me mr. potter." He orders. I follow him through a maze of hallways, when finally we arrive at the Will reading. As I enter the room, I am shocked to see who is all there: the Malfoy's, Bellatrix, Snape, Tonks, the Weasleys, Hermione, Susan bone and her aunt, Fleur Delacour, Dumbledore, a lady with green skin and red hair dressed in black, and a lady wearing a black form fitting dress who looked like a queen. When everyone saw me they were shocked or surprised. I wonder who the green skin lady and the lady dressed like a queen is.

"Harry, You shouldn't be here, it's not safe for you." Dumbledore remarked, annoyed. I looked at him, and glared at him bitterly. I have a right to be here, since Sirius was my godfather.

"I have a right to be here, sir. Also because I am concerned about my financial situation, I was informed by letter that you were going to receive my inheritance. Which I don't remember ever giving you permission to do." I answered annoyed. Everyone looked at me shocked, Mr. Malfoy looked intrigued by my answer. I sat down by Bellatrix except the two lady's dressed in black, everyone was shocked by my choice. She nodded to me and I acknowledged her. A goblin walked into the room carrying a crystal ball, everyone looked at him. He placed the ball down and a projection of Sirius appeared.

"I, Sirius Orion Black promise that I am sound of mind and body. When making this will, first off I would like to say I know you are probably surprised by who I am going to mention in my will. They are all here for one reason, which shall be revealed later."

"To the Weasleys, I leave 10,000 galleons each for Fred, George, Ron, and Arthur weasley. As my way of saying thank you for being there for Harry." The mentioned Weasley's all started smiling, Mrs. Weasley and Ginny were angry. "Molly and Ginny, I leave you both nothing because you have been feeding Harry love potions as well as magic dampening potions."

"Dumbledore, I hereby call a blood war with house Dumbledore for illegally taking guardianship of Harry James Potter. Creating an illegal marriage contract for Harry, having Ginny and Molly Weasley feed Harry potions, and for making a deal with the Dark one that affects Harry!. Finally for also wiping the memories of all of his godfamily, the family he should've grown up with instead of Dursley's." Everyone gasped in shock, I glared at Dumbledore. I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw it was Snape, he was glaring at Dumbledore as well.

"To Hermione, I leave the black family library the half that can be viewed by non-black family members. As well as 20,000 galleon trust vaults that shall be refilled every year until you marry." Ron groaned, once he heard that. Hermione smiled excited at the chance of reading all of those books.

"Finally, I leave my godson Harry James Potter with 6,000,000 galleons. The lordship of house black, a pre-paid inheritance test, and finally the family you deserve. I, lord Sirius Orion Black hereby call upon the black family magic to give back the memories that have been lost and heal the bonds that have been broken!" Everyone except the two lady's in black gasped in shock, they were either glaring at Dumbledore or looking at me with tears.

"The will reading of Sirius Orion has now ended, this room is now yours for the next 1 hour." Bloodfang announced. I was looking at everyone confused, what happened to them?.

"Why did you do it Albus?" Snape asked, bitterly.

"For the greater good, he needs to be ready for what is to come." Dumbledore answered, with his grandfather-like smile. "Harry is just a child, I am only doing what is best for him."

"Harry is a child, he shouldn't be exposed to such darkness it was better if he remained oblivious to everything going on." Molly answered. As she glared at Bellatrix and the Malfoys.

"The Dursley's treated me like I was their servant. You knew what they were doing, because my hogwarts letter was addressed to the cupboard under the stairs!" I yelled at both of them. Everyone gasped in shock, I glared at both of them. What have I done, they now know about how the Dursleys treated me. "Everyone goes except for the Malfoy's, Bellatrix, the bones, Tonks, Fleur, Snape, the two lady's in black."

Everyone left the room, they all looked at me furiously. I noticed that Bellatrix actually looked sane for once. The Malfoy's looked like they were thinking about something. Mrs. Weasley and Ginny have been grooming me to become a part of their family. Dumbledore has been ignoring me and making sure my magic is weak after the Triwizard tournament. Now all of a sudden he is caring about again.

"What did Sirius mean by 'the family he deserves'?" I asked, confused.

"Harry, Sirius wasn't your only godparent. Your parents were close with all of us in school, but Dumbledore didn't approve of us being close with them. So he changed our memories so that we forget about our history with your parents." Mrs. Malfoy explained, sadly.

"What are you saying?" I asked, still confused.

"Harry, your father was a pureblood and your mother was actually a pureblood from an old and powerful line. They knew you were going to be powerful so they asked their closest and most trusted friends to become your godparents. However Dumbledore was afraid of someone being stronger than him, so he changed all of our memories." Susan's aunt explained. Wait, that means that…

"That means we are all your godfathers and godmothers, everyone else is your god siblings. However, Tonks, Fleur, Regina, and Zelena have a different connection to you." Snape explained. Dumbledore has been controlling my life from the moment I was born. "Which we will explain later."

"Harry, I know that it's a lot to take but know that we are all here for you. If anyone tries to do anything to you, they won't be able to hurt you." Mr. Malfoy promises me. Everyone nods in agreement to Mr. Malfoy's promise.

"I would like to do the inheritance test, then talk about this more" I ask. Bloodfang enters the room holding a piece of paper and a dragger. He places it on the table, I notice the paper is blank.

"3 drops of blood on the paper." He says as he hands me the dragger, I cut the palm of my hand and let three drops hit the paper. Susan's aunt cast Episkey on my palm. He hands me the results, I gasp in shock.

Inheritance test of: Harry James Potter

Full name: Harrison James Corvus Potter Black Mills

Parents: James Potter(father: Dead), Lillian Potter née Evans(mother: dead), and Cora Mills(mother because of Albus Dumbledore's deal with dark one: dead)

Godfather: Sirius Black(dead), Lucius Malfoy, and Severus Snape,

Godmother: Bellatrix lestrange née Black, Narcissa Malfoy née Black, and Amelia bones

God siblings: Draco Malfoy and Susan Bones

Siblings: Regina Mills and Zelena Mills

Soulmates: Fleur delacour and Nymphadora Tonks

Heir to houses: Black, Potter, Le Fay, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Peverell, and Hades

Titles: the dark prince, lord Hogwarts, God of death, king of hearts


Magic core blocked 80% by Albus dumbledore

Dark magic affinity blocked by Albus dumbledore

Shadow magic blocked



Natural Legilimens

Natural Occlumens

"Harry, what do the results say?" Bellatrix askes concerned. I hesitantly hand her the results, her eyes widen in shock as he reads them. She looks at me, and hugs me while crying.

"Bella, what do the results say?" Mr. Malfoy askes concerned. She looks at him and , her eyes filled with anger.

"Dumbledore is going to regret messing with our godson. Harry isn't just a potter, his full name is Harrison James Corvus Potter Black Mills." Bellatrix reveals. Everyone gasps in shock, my life is never normal. "He has the titles: the dark prince, lord Hogwarts, God of death, and king of hearts."

"What?!" The two lady's in black yelled shocked. I faint from shock of the results.

Let me know what you think so far, The couple of chapters will explain the reason behind some of his titles.