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Summary: Meet Naruto Uzumaki, an eccentric teen with a passion for the MOBA game League of Legend even though he sucked at it. His life was normal until he was introduced to the supernatural world and found out he had an irregular Sacred Gear. So, the problem? How should he fend off Amano Yuuma? With Lucian's relic pistols or Azir's sand soldiers? [GamerNaruto] [Triple Crossovers] [Harem]

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The League Summoner

Chapter 1

Fuck Yasuo and fuck all of his players.

No seriously, fuck all of them!

That was one of the many curses that went through Naruto Uzumaki's mind at that moment as he crawled on the ground, feeling his consciousness become fainter and fainter with each second passed.

Not having the strength to move anymore, the blond decided to stop and turned around to look at the sky.

"Fuck!" Naruto muttered as he looked at his hand, and saw nothing but red. His hand was covered in blood, and it was none other than his blood, from the wound on his chest.

All it had taken was a moment of hesitation.

Just like in a rank game.

Why did he have to die?

"God damn it!" The blond cursed as his hand fell in a dull thud beside him. So this was the end. Naruto then turned his head a bit, or was it his head that turned on itself because he was close to death? Naruto didn't know but this way, he could see the other boy, the infamous Breast Lover of Kuoh, the school that he also went to, in a similar position as he was on the ground a few feet away from him in a pool of his own blood. He had tried to save that kid, but he had paid a price for it...

"Fuck..." The blond cursed one last time. His vision had gotten even more blurred than before.

Without hesitation, he blurted out his last words, his one reject in life:

"At least let me get out of bronze before I die..."

Guess it was an unreachable goal now... but he really wanted it! He really wanted to get out of bronze! If it wasn't for that fucking Yasuo one trick then...

"Ara, what a strong desire, over an online game no less. Akeno, can you check on the other boy for me?" He then heard a soft and melodic voice before losing consciousness "You didn't summon me here but... Let me see what I can do for you. I won't let you die here, Naruto Uzumaki-kun."


The school that he went to, Kuoh Academy, was a private school. Due to the fact that it used to be an all-girls private school, Consequently, the number of girls was still far greater than that of boys even though that over time the number of boys had increased, with a ratio of 8 to 2. In short, it was where male students could not do what they wanted, but many still tried and did their best to get into it because of the number of girls and how short their skirts were, even though the entrance exam was one of the most difficult ever.

But even in the normal student body, Naruto Uzumaki stood out as a loner. Many had deduced that because he was a transfer student, who had recently moved into town with his family about a month ago he couldn't make that many friends so quickly, but in truth, no one had ever seen him talk or associate with anyone but the teachers who asked him to answer their questions. Even during break times, the blond could be seen sitting in the back either with his studies, or his phone.

It's not that Naruto Uzumaki wasn't good looking or repulsive or anything like that at school, far from it in fact. Many girls in the school had started to consider Naruto to be the most handsome second year that they wouldn't mind having a relationship with even more so than the Prince of Kuoh Kiba Yuuto. However, even when some of the more beautiful girls of Kuoh came to talk to him, Naruto just left them to themselves and minded his own business.

However, his bad boy attitude allowed him to remain on the radar of many female students of the school and his fame only continued to grow with each day at school. It also helped that Naruto was also the top ranked student in the school; having achieved top marks in every single subject even though he never looked like he was trying the hardest in classes.

But there was a side to Uzumaki Naruto that none of his classmates knew about...

'Man, I can't wait anymore...' Muttered Naruto in his mind as he grabbed his stuff and stood up to leave his class, much to the shock of his classmates because it was only a short break time and not the end of school. The blond was dressed in his usual school uniform, which consisted of a black blazer with white accents over a white, long-sleeved button-down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar and matching colored pants. However, his uniform differed in the fact that he wore a black and orange sneakers in place of the usual brown dress shoes. It was obvious that Naruto's uniform had seen better days, but he couldn't care less about it at the moment as he ran out of the new school building, avoiding Momo Hanakai of the Student Council, who shouted after the blond to tell him to stop.

But of course, a white hair big titted beauty was the least of his worries at the moment.

"Ara... there goes our new transfer student." Sitting in her clubroom, Rias Gremory said with a small smile on her face as she leaned one elbow on the window frame and looked out at the schoolyard, where Naruto Uzumaki was running toward the school gate while being chased by Momo of the Student Council. For a girl that was seventeen year of age, she had an hourglass body that surpassed even that of a top class super model, with a large bust catching the eye of most hormonal teenagers. Her blue-green eyes were like the most beautiful crystals that had stolen many feeble hearts, but above everything else about her, her beautiful, flowing crimson hair that covered her back like a curtain of red silk, was no doubt her most beautiful and noticeable feature.

Her name was Rias Gremory, and she was the most beautiful girl in Kuoh Academy. The most famous idol of the school, and the other half of 'The Two Great Onee-sama's'.

"Ara ara, isn't this his third time just this week alone?" Her best friend and the vice president of the Occult Research Club, a beautiful with an incredible voluptuous body and very long black hair with violet eyes, Akeno Himejima, said with an amused smile on her face as she leaned forward and looked out of the window to see Naruto vaulting over the school fence, using the wall next to it as a mount to launch himself over the obstacle. "Ara?" The first two moves were better than perfect, but the third one, however, caused his left foot to trip over one of the 'arrowheads' above the fence, making him lose his balance and fall down on his back "Is he okay?" She asked, concerned in her voice. However, from their positions, the two beautiful third year could see him wasting no time to get back onto his feet, and run away before Momo could make it to the school gate to check on him.

"Not bad, for a game addict." Rias said in amusement before taking another drink from her tea and turning her attention back to her book. Like her best friend, she knew where Naruto Uzumaki was running off to.

Running over three blocks in less than five minutes, it didn't take it long for Naruto to arrive at his destination, the best Internet Café in town, where he then ran into one of the available booths left and took his seat, smiling for the first time since morning as he leaned back and made himself comfortable. Turning on his PC, he then waited a few seconds for it to boost, before he started to log in with his account.

"Yo! What's up Uzumaki. You're back again?!" One of the newly arrived customers asked when he walked into the café and saw a familiar mop of blonde hair, chuckling humorously to his friends who also recognized Naruto "So, how will it be today? 20 games losing streak before being demoted to Iron?"

"Not in the mood today Takeshi. Leave me alone." Said Naruto as he looked up from behind the screen, but Takeshi gave him the middle finger before walking away with the rest of his four friends. Ordering a bowl of ramen and a bottle of water, Naruto then did the thing that he had wanted to do since morning.

Logging into his League of Legend account, the game that he's been playing since the moment it came out.

While not as famous as it was in Korea or China, League of Legend was still one of the most famous MOBA games here in Japan. It was an online video game that was developed and published by Riot Games. In the game, There were two teams of five, dubbed summoners, dwelling in and defending their own half of the map. Each of these 'summoners' controlled a character, known as a Champion, who had unique abilities and differing styles of play. The main goal of the League in its main mode, Summoner's Rift, was to defeat the enemies, attack their base and destroy their nexus, a large structure that spawned minions and was protected by eleven towers.

"Here goes..." Naruto grinned as he cracked his knuckles and turned his head from side to side before creating a rank lobby and queuing up. He did not have to wait long for his ramen and water to arrive, being served by a beautiful waitress who took a long second to try to start a conversation with the handsome blond, but his attention was focused on the game.

Exactly 1 minute 27 seconds later, he found his game...

... where he was assigned to the support role on the second slot.

"What the...!?" Naruto asked in disbelief, a tick mark on his forehead as he looked at the role he was assigned to even though he had set his desired roles to mid and adc "Not again, Riot!" Cursing that out so loud the whole café heard him, Naruto then grabbed his keyboard and started sending his message to the other players of his team.

SeventhShadow9 (his ingame name):Can I have mid please?

MrHot2210: Hold it, are you the real SeventhShadow9?

Rose is love: Holy shit! I think it's him dude. I met this guy yesterday and he got smashed 0/12 in lane alone.

Pendragon chan: Someone dodge please! S1 and I are in our promo!

BlackCat1123: Eh?! Why do I have to give you my role nya?

SeventhShadow9: Because I have no idea how to support.

Actually, he did know how to play support, but it wasn't his best role and he was not the best when it came down to relying on others.

"Your name and the way you talk is just like a cat, so go play Yuumi or something nya." Naruto said it out loudly before typing it down, trying to be as polite as he possibly could. The blond then waited and waited, and waited, and then smiled in satisfaction when BlackCat1123 picked Nautilus Support for Pendragon's Kaisa. It was obvious to him that his botlaners were a duo, so they would do better in bot lane than him and the adc.

With the mid role vacant and no one willing to dodge, Naruto was free to pick one of his best champions, Lucian The Purifier with a level 5 mastery. Looking at the enemy team, it was easy for him to tell that he would lane against the enemy midlaner's Akali, which was one of the better matchups for him, so he was confident that he could win. His team comp wasn't bad at all, so this should be an easy win.

BlackCat1123: Please don't int our game Mr. Shadow nya! We're still new to this game.

Pendragon chan: Yes, we are girls so please do your best.

"Like hell I'd believe that. I know you both have dicks." Naruto sent them that response just before the game started, chuckling in satisfaction and leaned back on his chair, waiting for the game to connect all ten players to start eating his ramen, which had been his favorite foods for as long as he could remember.

There's truly nothing better than teammates who listened to him and a delicious bowl of miso ramen just before a rank game...

... which then ended only 15 minutes later with five surrender votes.

With him ending with a KDA (Kill/Death/Assist) of 0/7/1

"Aw man, GG guys. Sorry, I tried my best." Sending that message in the chat, The blond let out a heavy sigh and stumbled back into his chair as his team's nexus exploded. It was definitely not the best way to start off a day of LP grinding and rank climbing, at least, not the way he had imagined it to be.

Honoring BlackCat1123 for giving him mid lane, Naruto wasted very little time to return to his lobby and started queuing up again for another game, without caring that his teammates all wanted to report him for inting, and his enemies casually thanked him for the free LP.

After all, he had gotten used to it, since he was the infamous SeventhShadow9, who had been stuck in Bronze for the past eleven seasons of the game. It was so bad that every bronze player who had come and gone, called him Bronze I Gatekeeper, for he was the one who guarded the road to Silver in the worst way possible.


After another seven hours at the Internet Café, ending with a score of 7 victories and 9 defeats, which actually wasn't all that bad and allowed him to get into promo for Silver for the third time that month, Naruto finally packed up his things and headed back home. The café was quite far from his home, so it took him an hour by bus to get back to his house.

"I'm home!" announced the blond loudly as he took his shoes off and placed them on the rack.

A beautiful woman in her mid-thirties with red hair walked up to him from the kitchen, smiling at him. "Welcome home Naruto-kun. What took you so long today?" This woman was Uzumaki Kushina, the mother of Naruto and a housewife who took care of her family with love.

Naruto grinned and answered with his usual excuse, knowing that unless Momo Hanakai herself tried to show up at his house like how she did a week ago, his parents would never doubt him with how well he had been doing at Kuoh, which was a perfect cover for him to chase after his passion for LOL: "Sorry Kaa-san, but I had a group study at school, there is an important test coming soon."

"Don't worry about him so much, honey." Said a voice from the Dining Room as the mother and son walked in. "He's seventeen already." This man was Uzumaki Minato, Naruto's father, a businessman of a local computer company, which was where Naruto had gotten his first PC from and with it he was introduced to League of Legend. Like his mother, Minato didn't look a bit Japanese, with his messy blond hair that Naruto took after.

"Go take a shower, dinner will be ready in a moment honey." His mother told him and Naruto nodded before doing what he was told, wanting to finish dinner as quickly as possible so that he could go to his room and finish his silver promo.


"Ah, don't you think Uzumaki-san is in a bad mood today?"

"I think so... but he still looks so cool."

"I wonder what is the reason."

"Probably one of those perverts who spread bad rumors about him."

As if fate was mocking Naruto, he had failed his Silver Promo the previous night, and because of what he hated the most no less: a Yasuo player who had fed the enemy toplaner even more than he did in that game. To make matters even worse, today his day at school was even more boring than usual. Earlier the teacher had decided that it was time for them to review their past lessons before the BIG exam, just as what he had told his mother the night before, but Naruto just found it to be useless.

At the moment, the blond was sitting at his desk with a book in front of him, covering his phone that he was using to check on the stats of pro-gamers from all over the world, watching their highlights and gameplays in the hope of improving his own. Naruto had never been one to believe that his skills and understandings of the game were actually that bad, but he had never hesitated to admit that pros like Faker, Caps, Perks, Reckless, Nuguri... were all better than him and had so much for him to learn from. Since his dream was to be accepted into the LJL Pro league and become the best player in the world like his idol Faker.

After six hours, the day was finally over, and Naruto took a second to take in a nice breath of fresh air before he then proceeded to leave school. According to a news he had read on the LOL website earlier in class, he knew that there was a scheduled server maintenance today so as much as he had wanted to get back in the game and do his best to return to his silver promo, making a mental note to ban Yasuo as soon as it was his turn to ban, there was no other choice for him but to return home soon. It has been a while since he went home right after school after all.

But just as fate would have it, Naruto heard a scream coming from a local park...


Naruto's eyes widened when he heard the painful scream, and wasted no time to run toward that direction. The blond made it into the park, and found out the scream came from a small area near a large fountain. Much to Naruto's shock, he saw Hyoudou Issei, one the infamous Pervert Trio of Kuoh Academy and his classmate, lying in a pool of his own blood, while a black haired young woman was standing over him with her hand on her hip. Her outfit consisted of black leather that encircled around and under her breasts, a thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps, gloves that ran right up her arms with small lengths of chains hanging from them, shoulder guard-like objects on her shoulders with three large spikes sprouting from her right shoulder, and black thigh-high heel boots.

However, what shocked him the most, was a pair of black feathery wings on her back... like that of Morgana.

"Ara, if it isn't Naruto Uzumaki-kun from class 2B." The woman turned her head to look at him. "I doubt you remember me, but I'm Amano Yuuma, this idiot's girlfriend." Naruto found himself utterly speechless, because in Yuuma's hand was some sort of spear made of dark purple light. It was obviously the weapon that she used to attack Issei Hyoudou.

"W-What... who are you?" He asked while staring at her, but it wasn't because of how revealing her outfit was. For some reason, he knew those wings on her back weren't cosmetic accessories "What are you?"

"Should I tell you? No, I don't think so." The woman smiled as she started walking toward him. "Sorry Naruto-kun, my schedule is a bit tight or else I would let you have some fun with me before killing you..." Yuuma flew at him, confirming that her wings were real. The woman was so fast that in his eyes, she was nothing but a blur, but he wasted no time to drop onto his ass and roll to the side just in time to dodge the light weapon which threatened to pierce his heart. "Oh, good reflex but..." With that, she slashed the weapon down.

'Is this how I die?' Naruto thought bitterly in his mind as he stared at the weapon that came closer and closer to him with each passing millisecond. During that instance, the faces of his family flashed into Naruto's mind, and forced him to wonder what his family would feel if he died...

It made him feel bad knowing that his beloved parents would cry a lot.

But then he remembered the emblem of LOL's bronze division.

How could he die if he didn't even make it out of bronze yet?

That question filled with an unprecedented surge of strength and motivation. No matter, he had to survive so he could go back to his family. He had to survive to show those fools in rank that he could make it to silver. Then, as he raised his hand, at that very second, Naruto felt an unfamiliar feeling surging through his body. It was unlike anything he had felt before.

Just before the light weapon reached him, a powerful light erupted from Naruto's fist. Clang! There was a metallic sound, like something smashing into a hard, metal surface, before the blond realized that above him was a massive dark red shield with gold lining and a ring with several long spikes resembling the sun. It was so heavy that he could barely hold it above him with both arms.

"Eh, you have a Sacred Gear?" Yuuma asked in surprise, looking at the shield in his hand for a second before she realized that she couldn't recognize it "But what is..."

Before she could finish, the two sides of the shield snapped back into the main body, generating a golden shockwave that blasted through the area and knocked Yuuma back, sending her tumbling on the ground.

Naruto, who was gasping in shock, soon felt the need to crawl out from under the shield before he was crushed to death by the sheer weight of it, so he did that without wasting another second, leaving the shield on the ground as he rolled to the side and got up on his hands and knees to look at it.

"No, fucking way..." The blond muttered as he looked at the shield on the ground, recognizing its design.

It was the Shield of Daybreak.

Leona's shield.

But how did it happen?

Did he summon that shield?

From the game?

Or from somewhere else.

"That hurt..." Yuuma growled in anger as she looked at the burn on her hand, before flying at Naruto who instantly ran over to the shield and tried to use it to defend himself again, knowing that he would have time to think of what just happened later only if he was still alive.

With every fiber of his being, Naruto tried to pick the shield up, and he did, but because it was so heavy, the blond was only able to get it up so far to properly defend himself. Without a proper footing, he was knocked back when Raynare slammed hard into the shield before flipping to the side faster than his eyes could blink and thrust a dagger at his chest..

"Gahh!" Naruto cried out as he felt down. The blond could feel that his lungs had been punctured, and blood was rapidly seeping into his windpipe as indescribable pain coursed through his body.

"What is this Sacred Gear even?" Yuuma wondered as she looked at the shield that had fallen from Naruto's hands. It looked oddly familiar, but she couldn't tell where she had seen it before. The shield continued to remain in her hand for several seconds before it started fading away before she could pick it up. "What a waste of time! Sorry Naruto-kun, you are just at the wrong place at a wrong time."

And with that, she flared out her wings and flew into the darkening sky, leaving a number of her dark her black feathers to hover down to the ground.

And that was how he died.

And started his new life as a devil, a summoner of Runeterra Champions.

End of Chapter 1

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