Summary: Meet Naruto Uzumaki, an eccentric teen with a passion for the MOBA game League of Legend even though he sucked at it. His life was normal until he was introduced to the supernatural world and found out he had an irregular Sacred Gear. So, the problem? How should he fend off Amano Yuuma? With Lucian's relic pistols or Azir's sand soldiers? [GamerNaruto] [Triple Crossovers] [Harem]

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The Toxic Summoner

Chapter 2

"Konoha Gaming has overcome every challenge!" The caster screamed as Naruto, controlling Zed the Master of Shadows, held up the two remaining enemies in their fountain so his teammates could rush in with their minions and destroy the last turret, leading to an unavoidable destruction of the nexus itself "They are the undisputed, best team in the world. The KG's reign will continue. They win their fourth consecutive world championship!"

And as fireworks shot up into the sky, Naruto left his seat to celebrate with his teammates and coaches.

He then held up the Summoner Cup above his head as a stadium of 150000 spectators cheered for him. He had won it four times now, so its weight wasn't something unfamiliar to him anymore.

Even the Unkillable Demon King himself, his idol, Faker came to shake his hand as he received his medal.

He had become the best player in the world.

But of course, it was all just a dream, since it was too good to be true.

A dream he didn't want to wake up from, unlike the previous one where he died.

As hard to believe as it was, he wanted a part of it to be real...

Just how cool was the power to create and use the weapons and abilities of his most favorite champions from the game? He could hardly imagine what it would feel like to have Zed's master control over shadow, or be able to fire wave after wave of mystic shots with Ezreal's Gauntlet...

Golden sunlight poured into the room through the dark orange curtains, as a crisp, gentle morning breeze blew in from the spacious balcony, stirring the pleasant but unfamiliar aromatic presences of roses and lavender as he woke up to see the familiar white ceiling of his room.

Out of instinct, Naruto lifted his hand to rub his chest and found that there was no wound. There was not even a scratch or scar, but he did feel a bit fuzzy and tired.

"So it was a dream... man..." Muttered the teen as he tried to reach his hand up to rub his face... but found that for some reason he couldn't move his left arm... at all... as if there was something holding onto it.

Naruto turned his head to look and was utterly shocked to see some strands of beautiful crimson hair sticking out from under the blanket. There was a weight leaning onto his arm, and it began to move along with a large part of the blanket. The blond instantly sat up on the bed and was even more shocked when he saw that he was as naked as he was when he was born. His attention then turned to the hump under his blanket as it started to slowly sit up.

"Mmmmm ... is it morning yet?" asked the girl as she rubbed her eyes next to him. Naruto felt his jaw drop as he sat motionlessly on his bed.

"W-What the hell?!" Naruto knew who she was, having seen her a couple of times before. Her name was Rias Gremory, and she was the most famous girl at his school, for several good reasons that he was having the chance to witness for the first time. "R-Rias Gremory-senpai?!"

Rias smiled at the shocked look on Naruto's face as she sat up. "Ah yes, that's my name." The crimson haired beauty then looked at herself for a second before turning her eyes back at him, who was doing his best to look away, smiling mischievously as she continued "If you want to look, go ahead. I don't care."

"E-Even as you said that senpai..."

"Is your chest feeling fine now?" Rias suddenly asked, concern in her voice as she looked down at his chest. "You were stabbed yesterday after all."

- Wait... stabbed?

"So it wasn't a dream?" Naruto couldn't help but ask, to which Rias nodded her head in confirmation.

"You look awfully excited for someone who has just found out he was on the verge of death not even twenty four hour ago." Rias commented when she saw the smile that made it to his face "Nevertheless, I healed you. It was critical but I was able to heal you in one night."

"Oh by the way, I am a devil and I have made you one as well."

Smiling casually, she told him with a smile. It was as if it was the most obvious thing to tell someone that she woke up to in the morning, naked.

As if fate wasn't troubling him enough... the door of his room was suddenly opened...

"Naruto-kun, it's time to wake up!" called a cheerful Kushina, who wore a yellow apron around her waist, as she walked into her son's room. It took her a second to finally absorb the whole situation...

"GET READY SOON!" Telling them that in a mechanical but extremely loud voice, Kushina slammed the door shut and after a brief moment, Naruto could hear the loud sound of his mother's footsteps as she literally ran down the stairs.

"M-M-Mi... MINATO!"

"What's wrong Kushina?" He heard his father asked from downstairs, as Rias stood up and walked over to start dressing up. Her action allowed him to catch a generous view of her amazing buttocks, which rivaled even her enormous firm breasts before he forced himself to look away "It looks like you saw a ghost."

"Se- Se- Se- Se- Sex! Naruto-kun did it... With a foreigner!"

"Now now, calm down and tell me what you saw!"

Naruto could only let out a heavy sigh, something that he always did whenever he lost a rank game with the worst KDA possible for a solo laner. What excuse was he going to make to explain something like this to his parents?

But if that wasn't a dream, then that meant...


"So what did you mean when you said we're devils?" Naruto asked loudly as he and Rias headed towards the direction of their school. It was after breakfast with his family, which had been strange because when his mother asked if she was her son's girlfriend, Rias had told her that they were close friends and doing something like that naked with each other was really how teenagers interact these days... as shocking and hard to believe as it was, Minato and Kushina both actually didn't seem to think much of it. Even after that, the conversation between the two and the crimson haired senior student had turned out to be nothing like he had thought it would, and they had actually gotten along quite well

Rias, who was walking ahead and heard his question, smiled with a wink as she turned her head back to tell him: "I meant it, Naruto. Your wound was fatal, and the only chance for me to save your life was to share my demonic power with you, but your body wouldn't accept it if you were still a human, so I had no choice but to reincarnate you into a devil like me." She then paused for a second before continuing to tell him with a small smile "I know you won't believe me until I show you some decisive proofs, but not here and not now. We're in public."

Naruto said nothing as he continued to follow Rias with his hands in his pocket. "Back in the house, you did something to my parents, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did." Rias nodded her head in confirmation "I used a spell on them so they won't trouble you with the unnecessary detail of our healing session."

"What about Issei Hyoudou? Did he..."

"Don't worry about him. He's alive." Rias answered before Naruto could make the conclusion "I had my friend taken him to his house and heal him. His wound wasn't as bad as yours so a normal healing technique should be more than enough to revive him. Oh, since you two are in the same class don't feel surprised if he looks like he doesn't remember anything. His memories were altered."

"And the woman that almost killed us, who was she?"

"She's called Amano Yuuma, but her real name is Raynare. She's a Fallen Angel, Naruto." Rias answered "When Issei was on the ground, he wished really bad to die in a girl's arms with his face buried in her breasts." Naruto almost stumbled and fell over, trusting the Breast Beast of Kuoh to want something like that in his last moment. But then again, he wanted to get out of silver before he died, so he would not judge "He had one of my flyers in his pocket at the time, so his wish summoned me. Since you were on the verge of death, I decided to revive you."

"Thank you... I guess..."

"Ah, don't be." Rias shook her head and moved a strand of her crimson hair behind her ear as she continued "I actually wanted to revive Issei Hyoudou-kun as a devil, not you, since we felt that he possessed a great power inside him. However, you were on death bed and I couldn't just turn a blind eye to someone who I had the power to save either..."

Her eyes then turned sad for a brief second, but Naruto was able to catch it. Hours and hours that he had wasted looking at messy LOL combats wasn't for nothing.

"I hope you are worth it, Naruto... no, I know that you are worth the choice that I made."

"You can't do it again? Reincarnate someone into a devil, I mean?" The blond couldn't help but ask when he saw that the smile had returned to her face.

"Not in the way that I did to you, Naruto. But I think that's enough for now..." Rias suddenly said.

'OH KAMI!" And out of nowhere, cried a random girl as the usual 'crowd of Rias Gremory' gathered in front of the school. "AND NARUTO-KUN IS WALKING TOGETHER WITH RIAS-ONEESAMA TOO?!"

Naruto honestly didn't realize that the two of them had arrived at the school already, and to be honest he actually didn't care all that much now. He might not look like it, but there had been bad rumors of him floating around the school as it was.

"Oh my... the two of them look so cute together!"

"Yeah, Naruto-kun looks so much cooler walking next to Rias-senpai!"

"Doesn't Rias-senpai look content? Must be because she has found a boyfriend in Naruto-kun!"

"Kyaaaa~!" and then all the girls cooed in excitement. Naruto was quite positive that by lunch time, everyone in the school would start saying that he started dating Rias Gremory.

"Do take care of yourself Naruto-kun, and try not to skip class today." Rias told him with a sweet smile. "I'll send someone over to retrieve you. We will meet after school." And with that, she turned on her heel and walked toward the old school building. Naruto, meanwhile, was mesmerized by the beautiful crimson curtain that was her hair, and so he stood there, looking at her for a second before he felt someone grabbed and pulled on his ear, making him cry out in pain.

Even before he saw her, Naruto knew who it was.

"Ouch ouch, Momo-chan, please let go of my ear!" Naruto turned his head and saw a fuming Momo Hanakai of the Student Council as she looked up at him. This white haired beauty with an amazing figure had been chasing him around Kuoh Academy since the moment he snuck out of his classroom for the first time. The blond had no idea how she did it, but she had always been there to scream at him that he wasn't allowed to skip class, and chase after him whenever he made a run for it. School was boring to him, so the two of them had done the cat and mouse game almost on a weekly basis...

... so much that there weren't even rumors about the two of them anymore, since everyone had seen Naruto and Momo with each other so much that they didn't even bother to make rumors about them anymore.

Nevertheless, they all found it amusing to watch whenever Momo was able to catch him.

"Come with me to see Sona-Kaichou!" Momo said as she pulled him toward the Student Council office with amazing strength for a girl her frame. Naruto, who knew that he had no chance to escape now, had no choice but to follow her, fearing for his ear if he decided to do otherwise "You're not gonna skip school today as well, Naruto-kun!"


"There!" After sneaking out of school that day, Naruto Uzumaki found himself sitting at a local river bank, the least crowded area of the town at this time of the day, working on a training dummy he had been making for the past ten minutes with several tree branches and thin wire. He was making the dummy look like it was holding onto a stick or from his point of view, a blowgun, and then stood up to walk closer to the river to stab the end stick down to the ground to make it stand.

Returning to his backpack that he left where he had sat, the blond then took out a Teemo's hat, a green beanie with a pair of red goggles and two small animal ears sticking out on the top, and walked back to place it on the dummy head, smiling as he looked at the thing. It was far from the best, but no one could deny that it was an accurate real-life version of the game's infamous practice tool.

"Alright, let's start with something simple." Naruto said and then opened a notebook with a list that he had made while he was still in his classroom. The first of course, being none other than Lucian's Relic Pistols.

If Yesterday wasn't a dream, then let's see if he could do it again...

Sitting down in seiza on the ground, Naruto then concentrated, recalling the feeling that he had the day before while thinking hard about Lucian's Dual Pistols. He still had no idea how his power worked, but...

In a blinding flash of light, Naruto felt something heavy materialize in his hands and looked to see Lucian's pistols, which were almost as long as his arm and incredibly heavy too.

"YES!" Naruto cheered out in excitement and stood up to celebrate, causing the pistols to slip from his hands and one of them to fall on his foot, making him fall back down on his ass but even as rolled on the ground holding his foot in pain, the smile never left his face.

After the pain had left him, Naruto hobbled over to the guns and picked them up, holding them in his hands. Although for some reason the two weren't as heavy as he thought they would be. "Okay, let's see what these babies can..."

But it was at that moment, he noticed it.

Both guns had no triggers.

"Uh... am I missing something?" The blond asked in confusion, before he started waving the two pistols around, looking for a way to fire them but no matter what he tried nothing seemed to work, and made him feel more and more like an idiot with each second. To the onlookers randomly walking on the street above him, they probably thought that he was a child playing with a pair of fake guns, or a cosplayer practicing for an upcoming fan-fest.

"Ugh, this isn't working." The blond muttered as the dual pistols faded away from his hands. Of course, he didn't think that the pistols were anything more than a pair of normal constructed models, with how Leona's Shield of Daybreak had sent out that shockwave like her W ability, Eclipse, the previous day. It was obvious that he couldn't fire them like a normal gun...

Normal gun...

"Okay, let's try out something with a trigger." Making a mental note to reread Lucian's Lore to find out the problem later on, Naruto walked back to his notebook to cross Lucian's relic pistols from his list, and then stood back up to construct another favorite gun of his.

The Whisper!

Of course, after he had been able to understand the basics of how his power, or Sacred Gear as Raynare had called it, worked it was rather easy for him to do it the fourth time. In a flash, Jhin's iconic weapon, The Whisper, materialized in his hand but it wasn't the only one, as a rifle barrel attachment, manifested and attracted itself to an ammunition belt around his hips.

"Cool." The blond exclaimed, but he still had no idea how his Sacred Gear worked. He didn't think about the rifle barrel attachment or the ammunition belt, but they still manifested with the pistol. "Okay, let's see it..." He turned the Whisper at the dummy...

... and then pulled the trigger.

The first shop was as powerful as he had seen it to be in the game, and the sound it made was far from 'a whisper'. Almost as soon as the bullet left the barrel, Naruto felt the exhausted force knocked into his face, causing his front hair to sweep back. The recoil was so powerful that if he hadn't taken a firm stance, then he would have been knocked onto his back. The shot itself was also devastating, as the entire head of the Teemo Training Dummy was blown off, sending the hat into the air before falling back down in a dull thud.

"Holy shit..."

The blond muttered in amazement. However, he felt numb in the arm after that.

If that was the first shot, then what of the fourth one? Jhin's Passive, Innate – Death in 4 Acts, made it so that he had to reload after every 4 shots of basic attacks, but the final round would critical strike and deal the target's missing health as bonus damage. While he doubted that it would work the same here in the real world with the whole bonus thing, there was a chance that the forth shot would no doubt be the most powerful.

"Let's find out." Double checking to make sure that no one was around, Naruto then fired the next two shots into the river. It was as devastating and crazy as the first one, but almost as soon as the third bullet had left the gun, a faint aura started to radiate from the bullet chamber of the Whisper, and the gun itself was vibrating as if it was asking him to fire, showing that the Whisper indeed worked just like how it was in the game.

"Okay, let's not fire that now." Naruto muttered nervously as he sat down and reloaded, testing how fast he could do it. After a few tries, he was able to reduce the time down to 5 second, which was double the time Jhin could in the game, but he had no complaints.

"Okay, but how does this work?" He then removed the rifle barrel from his belt and tried to connect it with the pistol to create Jhin's ultimate ability, Curtain Call, which let him snipe down enemies from afar. After a few minutes of examining and trying, Naruto was able to fuse the two with each other, creating a sniper rifle that, in all honesty, looked more like a cannon.

After he was satisfied with Jhin's Pistol and decided that it was useful, the blond let it fade away and went to his notebook to start doing some real tests.

After three and a half hours, he had come to several conclusions.

Weapons with simple activation mechanisms, like Jhin's Pistol or Tristana's rocket/cannon launcher The Boomer, were easy enough for him to use. The melee class, like Yasuo's sword (blessed his sword for thinking about summoning that) or Leona's Zenith Blade, was also not that difficult. However, he didn't have an idea how to use their abilities.

For example, abilities like Yasuo's Q, Steel Tempest. It was an ability that when he thrust the sword forward fast enough and hit something twice, a whirlwind would be generated from the sword, allowing him to send it out at his next attack and knock enemies in the air. His second ability, Wind Wall, however, wasn't created when he slashed his word on the ground horizontally like how The Unforgiven did it in the game. He also couldn't dash the same way Yasuo did with his third ability and blink to an 'airborne enemy' to slash them multiple times like how Yasuo did without running at them first.

If the abilities were straightforward enough and came from the weapons themselves, then he could use it with no problem. Like Jayce's Hextech Hammer, had buttons on the handles that allowed him to switch between canon form and hammer form as well as choose which abilities he wanted to use, so blessed the Defender of Tomorrow for doing something like that.

But otherwise, if the abilities themselves were something that the champions acquired in the lore, he had no idea how to use it. There was no button for him to press and activate them manually like how he did it in the game.

Which took him to the problem with the 'Mages', those who used actual magic. For example, he could actually construct Ahri's Orb, but all that he could do with it was bouncing it around. It did return to him if he threw it away like a boomerang after traveling a small distance, but aside from that, he had no idea how to use Ahri's other abilities with it, since they didn't come from the ball but Ahri herself. Charms, Fox Fires and even her ultimate Spirit Rush itself was Ahri's natural powers, something that even if he could use, he would have zero idea on how to use them.

Which led him to the next question, could he summon the champions themselves and would they behave just like how they were in the game if he could? He would love to be able to summon someone like Evelyn or Miss Fortune but... that was out of context.

Also, as cool as it had been for him to run tests on his Sacred Gear, would there be anything useful for him to use them on or...

Before he could test out his theory of the Champions Summoning, however...

"So this is where you have been all day." He then heard a voice and looked up to see Rias Gremory standing above looking down at him with a nonchalant expression on her face as she had her arms crossed under her breasts, and a bat-like creature rested on her shoulder.

Standing next to her, meanwhile, was someone that made his face pale.

"Rias-senpai... Sona-kaichou?"

"So he's your new servant, hm Rias?" Sona Shitori, the President of the Student Council, asked stoically as she looked at her crimson haired friend "You know, at least he's not at the Internet Café downtown."


"And this, Naruto, is our base of operation." Rias introduced as she led Naruto into her clubroom, located on the second floor of the Old School Building. It was the famous Occult Research Club that consisted of the most famous and best looking students at Kuoh, a wood-paneled room with Victorian couches and chairs along the walls. It also had a bathtub, for whatever reason he decided not to ask.

Sitting on one of the couches was a petite girl with white hair and abnormal yellow eyes. The front of her hair had two long bangs going past her shoulders and several loose bangs that hung over her forehead, while the back had a short bob cut, with a black cat hair clip on both sides of her hair. She wore the girls uniform but seemed to have discarded the shoulder cape.

He knew her. Her name was Koneko Toujou, a first year student and the cute mascot of Kuoh Academy.

The next person that was in the room, was a handsome young man dressed in the standard version of Kuoh Academy's uniform for male students. He had short blond hair, blue eyes and a mole underneath his left eye. His name was Yuuto Kiba, and he was the second most handsome second year of Kuoh who was adored by many female students and hated by other male students... kinda like him.

The last, was the other half of Kuoh Academy's Two Great Onee-sama, Akeno Himejima, a beautiful woman with an extremely voluptuous figure that rivaled even that of Rias Gremory herself. She had very long black hair, and violet eyes. Her hair was tied in a long ponytail, reaching all the way down to her ankles with two strands sticking out from the top, with an orange ribbon holding it at the back of her head. Like the other two girls, she wore the girl's uniform with black knee-length socks.

"I take it that you know everyone in this room?" Rias asked, turning over to look at him as she came to stand at her Queen's side while her servants took turns introducing themselves to Naruto, who then looked around for a second before nodding his head at them "So I'll be frank with you here... we are all devils."

"Ara, he doesn't look that surprised." Akeno commented with a soft smile.

"Ah well, cause that's not the craziest thing for me today." Naruto answered with a chuckle as he closed the door and walked into the room.

"So you believe me?"

"I can't see how else that I am alive now but..." He then raised his hand "I have one question."

"Go ahead."

"Can you turn me back to a human?" He asked with a very straight face, making Rias and her club look at him in surprise. "I'm grateful that you decided to save my life senpai, even though it was never your intention... but I'd rather not become anyone devil servant and continue on normally with my life, thank you."

"Uhm... how do I say it... I don't think it works that way, Naruto." Rias shook her head as she told him. She had expected him to ask her that, since she turned him into a devil against his will. "Once you have become a devil, there is no turning back for you. The devices that I used to turn you into a devil, it has become parts of you now. I'm sorry Naruto but I can't turn you back."

"Ah, I see..."

"You don't have to worry about it, Naruto-kun." Kiba Yuuto said with a small smile "Buchou here is a devil who comes from a Devil Clan that is famous for their extraordinary affection for their servants, so in to her we are more like her family than anything else." Naruto then took a second to look around the clubroom, and saw that even the usual emotionless Koneko seemed to share the same feeling as Kiba.

"This is not a trick, right?" The blond asked, before nodding his head. At least it would give him a reason to use his Sacred Gear "Okay then, I guess I will stick around, but don't think I will start calling you mistress Rias or something like that."

"Ah, don't worry about it, Naruto." Rias said with a wave of her hand "The Occult Research Club is our façade, but it is also a hobby of mine and it works and functions like a normal club here in Kuoh, so I'm fine with everyone addressing me as Buchou (President) around here."

"Great, what about Sona Shitori-Kaichou? Is she a devil too?"

"Yes, she and the members of the Student Council are devils. Her real name is Sona Sitri, the heiress of The Sitri Clan." Rias nodded her head in confirmation.

So that meant Momo Hanakai was also a devil? No wonder why that girl had such ridiculous strength and could chase after him for so long. Naruto had noticed that, from lifting Leona's Shield of Daybreak earlier, he had become a lot stronger and faster after becoming a devil, so it wasn't so bad.

Rias then went to sit down on the couch next to Koneko, and took out a small document under the table before showing it to him. Naruto, who went over to sit down on the sofa on the other side of the table, looked at it and saw a picture of Amano Yuuma, or Raynare "Since you snuck out of school again today..." Naruto smiled sheepishly at that "You probably don't know that she had left your class and erased memories of her from your classmates' minds. As I said, her real name was Raynare, and she's a Fallen Angel."

"I take that you don't like Fallen Angel very much." Naruto asked. He felt kinda bad for that. It was just like how in the lore no one like Morgana because she was branded a 'Fallen Angel'. In game... well, her 'Black Shield' was troublesome to deal with as it blocked all crowd control effects.

Because Raynare was a Fallen Angel, no doubt that there was also Angel out there.

"Yes, the truth is that we, the devils, have been in a state of war against the Fallen Angels since ancient times. Devils form pacts with humans, receiving their sacrifices which increases our wealth and powers while the Fallen Angels, on the other hand, control humans to eliminate demons. In addition, there are the Angels, who come here by divine order to try to eliminate the two races. With that, we have the Three Biblical Factions. This has been going on since antiquity."

"Ah, so it's like Kayle and Morgana with an added Faction." Naruto nodded his head in understanding. If he put it that way then it was much easier for him to understand.

However, the look on Rias' face showed him that she had no idea what he was talking about.

"In League of Legend, Kayle is an angel while Morgana is a Fallen. The two are sisters and their relationship is like a real life Angel and Fallen Angel." That instance, Naruto swung his head to look at Koneko so fast that he almost dislocated his own neck, after he heard her explaining that to Rias in her emotionless tone.

"Koneko-chan, I didn't know that you also play league?" Naruto asked with eyes sparkling in excitement "What rank are you?"

"I'm Diamond II, Seidō-senpai (bronze-senpai)."

His face fell and his shoulders slumped instantly after that. A dark cloud hovered over his head as Koneko then went on to mercilessly explain to everyone that Bronze was the second worst rank in the game. How did she know that even? Did she also know that he was also SeventhShadow9, the infamous gatekeeper of Bronze Division? If Rias and the others knew he had been going to that Internet Café downtown, then no doubt she would know that too.

"Ara ara..." It was Akeno who said that behind a hand covering her mouth, obviously.

"A-Anyway..." Rias chuckled forcefully as she continued, looking to change the subject to save her new servant some face "I believe the reason Raynare, who came to this school as Amano Yuuma and attended your class because she believed Issei Hyoudou-kun had a dangerous Sacred Gear inside him..."

"Ah about that, what is Sacred Gear anyway?" Naruto couldn't help but ask "Raynare mentioned that I had one too, but I didn't know what it was." Rias widened her eyes in surprise before turning her head to look at her servants for a moment before turning back to explain it to him.

"Well, Sacred Gear, also known as God's Artifacts, are items with powerful abilities bestowed upon humans by God of the Bible." Rias said "Several individuals with Sacred Gears have grown to become some of the most powerful and influential with their names etched into human history. Some like Einstein, Abraham Lincoln or Oda Nobunaga were all Sacred Gear possessors. Most Sacred Gears have characteristics that are only useful in human society but there are also exceptional powerful Sacred Gears that are a threat to us, Devils and Fallen Angels, like the one Issei has, so Raynare killed him because she perceived it as a threat." She then paused for a second before asking "How did Raynare know you have a Sacred Gear, Naruto? Akeno and I couldn't tell if you had one. Did you somehow awaken and summon it?" Even now, it was hard for her to tell if Naruto really had a Sacred Gear.

"I did." Naruto nodded his head. Suddenly feeling excited again.

"Can you show it to us?" Rias asked curiously. "In a place with so much demonic power like this room, it's easy for it to manifest itself."

"Sure. Uhm, which one should it be..." Naruto muttered, more to himself than to Rias before an idea came to him. Smirking evilly, Naruto stood up and raised one arm in the air.

In a flash, a blowgun manifested itself in his hand.

"This is my Sacred Gear!" He declared and raised the blowgun to his mouth before blowing out a small dart, which hit the door and created a small cloud of dark poison smoke which lasted for a second before fading.

Rias had an urge to face palm. A blowgun? That was his Sacred Gear? Aside from the fact that she had never seen or even heard of it before, how could a blowgun be considered a Sacred Gear? Around the clubroom, most of her servants seemed to be having the same thought as she was...

Koneko, on the other hand, seemed to be the only one having a different idea. She had been sweets from a dish since the moment he entered the room, but didn't do it anymore when she saw the blowgun and recognized its design.

"Recognize it, Koneko-chan?" Naruto asked, and tossed the blowgun over to Koneko, who caught it in one hand before nodding her head. A diamond like her shouldn't have that much of a problem recognizing one of the most iconic weapons of the game.

"It's Teemo's Blowgun."

"I can create his mushrooms too." Naruto cheered and created Teemo's ultimate ability, the most annoying trap of the game, Noxious Trap, in his hands before he started to juggle it as carefully as he possibly could while not looking "Wanna see what happened if I drop one of them?" He asked, making the white haired girl widen his eyes in shock. It was his first time seeing that look on her face.

It was then that Naruto tossed the mushrooms into the air, made them disappear along with the blowgun in Koneko's hand and then created Kayle's Starfire Spellblade in one hand before stabbing it down to the table between them, shocking everyone in the room with the intense power radiating from it.

With a confident smile on his face, he asked:

"So, wanna 1v1 me, Koneko-chan?"

It felt like he was in an incredible situation.

End of Chapter 2

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