Summary: Meet Naruto Uzumaki, an eccentric teen with a passion for the MOBA game League of Legend even though he sucked at it. His life was normal until he was introduced to the supernatural world and found out he had an irregular Sacred Gear. So, the problem? How should he fend off Amano Yuuma? With Lucian's relic pistols or Azir's sand soldiers? [GamerNaruto] [Triple Crossovers] [Harem]

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The League Summoner

Chapter 22

"What's up!" When Naruto, Rias, Asia and Ravel walked into their clubroom that morning a few days after the Peace Conference between the Three Factions, the first one to greet them was none other than the Governor of Grigori Azazel himself, who was sitting comfortably on the seat normally reserved for Rias as if it was his, drinking the tea that was being served to him by a reluctant Akeno. Moreover, he wasn't the only one, as there was also Irina Shidou, who was standing with Xenovia, giving off a 'holy' feeling that Naruto had only felt once before from the archangels Michael and Gabriel.

"Azazel, what are you doing here?" Rias asked the governor in surprise, a cold gleam in her eyes as she stared at the Governor of Grigori.

"Now, I don't think that's the way to talk to your teacher." Azazel had already declared with a cheeky smile, making Rias and those who had just arrived widen their eyes in surprise "You see, starting from today, I will be the club advisor to the occult research club, as well as a chemistry teacher of this school. It's a direct request from Sirzechs, so the sister of Leviathan made the arrangement for me. Please call me Azazel-sensei, but the governor is fine too." Rias looked like she wanted to oppose the idea, but when she heard her brother's name and that it was his idea, there was nothing she could say.

"So I figure you aren't just here to teach us chemistry, are you?" Naruto asked, as he kneeled down on the floor and opened his backpack for Yuumi to come out and then head over to her usual spot on Koneko's lap.

"Oh, yes. The condition for me to be here is that I work to help you guys improve your Sacred Gear, especially you Naruto, since I am quite knowledgeable in the matter and have a lot of time to spare." Azazel answered with a smile before his tone became somewhat serious "You guys have also heard about it, but we are now allies with a common enemy in Khaos Brigade. My job is to help you prepare for them when the time comes."

"Are you saying that they will attack this place again?" Rias questioned in curiosity as she took her seat on the couch across from Azazel with Naruto and Ravel.

"It is very unlikely, but possible. After all, from the information we have gathered, Khaos Brigade is an organization consisting of many different groups with their own agendas. Who knows what they might try to do. Though the whole world is on full alert now, Khaos Brigade would at least have to think twice before making their next moves, so you kids will have some time to prepare yourself when they come." Azazel replied with a shrug, saying so seriously "Also, don't forget about Vali, who has formed his own team with the likes of Bikou, the descendant of the original Monkey King, Sun Wukong. His rival, the Welsh Dragon, is here at Kuoh and he has also found a worthy opponent in your Pawn. It is very likely that he will show up in the near future to challenge you for a fight."

Everyone nodded their heads in understanding.

"Also, to strengthen the bond between the Three Factions, it has been decided that Irina Shidou, Heaven's representative and messenger, will be transferring to Kuoh Academy as a second year student next semester. For the time being though, she will be a member of the Gremory group." Azazel then introduced while gesturing his hand to Irina, who smiled brightly and struck a cute pose as a pair of white wings appeared on her back and a halo to form above her head, much to the surprise of everyone in the room.

"Please accept me and take care of me from now on!" Irina cheerfully said as everyone gave her a round of applause, with Asia and Xenovia being the ones who clapped their hands the loudest. Once the welcoming ended, Irina then made her wings disappear and walked over to Asia, grabbing her hands as she lowered her head "Asia-san! Sorry I called you a witch last time! I'm so sorry!"

Asia merely smiled and shook her head at the chestnut haired angel's apology, "I do not mind. I hope we can get along as we all love the same Lord."

"The same with me." Xenovia smiled as she walked over to the two girls "This was also my fault for acting without thinking. After all, I became a devil right away. But I'm glad we're together like this."

And with that, the three began to pray, with Asia and Xenovia suffering no consequence or whatsoever. On his request after the Peace Treaty was signed, Michael had done an adjustment to the holy system, allowing devils who still believed in God and his teachings like Asia and Xenovia to be able to pray without suffering a massive headache. It wasn't much, but that's the least he could do for Asia, knowing her habit of praying had been bringing her a lot of pain recently, even after learning that God was dead.

"So you are an angel now? Were you secretly an angel before?" Naruto couldn't help but ask as he and Rias sat down next to Koneko and Yuumi, his girlfriend not looking at all pleased that the duo-colored haired Governor didn't look like he would be removing himself from her usual seat anytime soon.

"Yea. I received Michael-sama's blessing and became a reincarnated angel. I heard that the Seraph used a technology based on that of the devils and fallen angels, making this possible."

"The evil piece system, you mean?" Azazel raised an eyebrow with clear interest in the topic. It had only been a few days, but it appeared that the alliance between the Three Great Powers had already advanced that far. Maybe it was because of the threat of Khaos Brigade and Ophis too. Since new angels could not be born because of the death of God, they were the weakest in number, giving them a massive disadvantage in the battles ahead.

"Yes. It's called the [Brave Saints]" Irina answered with a nod "Currently, the Four Great Seraphs are the only ones who have it, making four sets of 13 cards of the standard 52-card deck. Michael-sama is the Spade , Gabriel-sama has the suit of Heart , Raphael-sama with Club and Uriel-sama has the Diamond suit."

"So the King is the master, I assume." Azazel asked in interest. "Man, those angels really work fast. To be able to create something so interesting with the technologies we gave them."

"So which card are you Irina?" Rias asked curiously.

"I am an "Ace"!" The chestnut haired girl answered confidently as she showed them a symbol of the Ace of Spade on the back of her head, her eyes sparkling with excitement "Michael-sama's Ace, to be exact. I received a position of honor! Even if the Lord doesn't exist, I can continue to live like Michael-sama's Ace!" She then continued "Also, when he reincarnated me into an angel, Michael-sama said that he can imagine a special Rating Game between the [Evil Pieces] and the [Brave Saints] happening in the future! For the time being, only the Seraphs have them, but in the future, the high-level angel-sama, in addition to the Seraphs, could use the system, and he hopes we will be able to compete against each other in the Devils' Rating Games!" Everyone looked very surprised at the prospect, while Azazel looked very impressed.

"Oh, I get what Michael is thinking." Azazel smirked while rubbing his chin "We have been at Wars with each other for so long, that a common enemy and a few leaders coming together to sign a piece of paper is not going to change the way we view each other, so why not prepare for a representative war, where everyone could loosen up on the spirit of peace and sportsmanship."

"It would be like a World Cup or an Olympics in the human world." Rias finished, looking very excited at the idea of competing against the angels' Brave Saints.

"It won't happen anytime soon though, maybe… ten… or twenty years from now, but speaking of Rating Game," The Governor of Fallen Angels then turned his head over to look at Naruto, the corner of his lips curving up into a smirk before he continued "did you know that a game mode based on League is coming very soon?"

"W-wait… what? really? You serious?" Naruto spluttered, feeling his jaw hitting the ground as he gasped in shock, a feeling that was shared by everyone who knew about League, while Irina and Xenovia could only look at them in confusion. Still, beside the newest member of the club, they all knew that aside from the standard chest-game rules, there were many more special rules for the official Rating Games matches, from an all-out battle like One Day Long war game, to the objective-based games like Scramble Flag…

Naruto then spun his head over to look at Rias, who then smiled apologetically at him before saying, showing that she had known about this too.

"Sorry Naruto. My brother contacted me and told me about the new game rule earlier this morning. I want to tell you and everyone at the same time today. Still, Azazel is telling the truth-"

"It's Azazel-sensei for you, Rias…"

"Sorry, Azazel-sensei." Rias replied to him sarcastically before she turned back to Naruto "Anyway, Ajuka Beelzebub-sama, the creator of the Evil Piece system, has decided to add a special rule into the Rating Game and create a new objective-focus game mode based on League of Legends, with how popular it has become in the Underworld thanks to you." Naruto couldn't only look at his master in amazement. He did not know what to say "It will take some time for us to see it in an official tournament though, and the organizers need some time to work on the rules since many Peerages have more than 5 members including the Kings, but they have already started setting up the field for us."

"For us?"

"Yes!" Rias nodded at him with her eyes gleaming with excitement "In a month time, we will be participating in the Youth Devil Rating Game Tournament that is hosted by the Four Great Maou themselves to have the young Devil heirs compete against each other in order to increase our power as well serve to test the new game mode for the fans of official Rating Games Tournament."

To say that Naruto was shocked would be an understatement.

"O-Oh wow…" was the only thing that he could say.

"Ajuka-sama and the organizers of the Rating Game tournament will contact you soon I believe, since you are more or less the representative of the League in this world." Rias then continued with a declaration "But also because of it, we need to prepare the best we can for this tournament. That's why next week, we are heading to Reykjavík, Iceland to watch the 2021 League of Legends' Mid-season Invitational."

Naruto widened his eyes in surprise at that. So many things had happened recently that he had almost forgotten about the second largest League's event of the year, the MSI.

"Don't expect us to be the only ones there though… knowing Sona, Sairaorg and Seekvaira, they will probably try to get there as soon as possible to see League at the highest level to prepare for the tournament too."

"I… I see… wow…" Naruto could only nod his head and reply like that to his master/girlfriend, who continued to smile at him. "So once we are done with MSI, we will go to the Underworld for this tournament?"

"Yes, and also for everyone to meet my family too. I always come home at the start of summer vacation, so make sure to clear your schedule." Rias told him, making Naruto nod his head. Not that he had ever had anything to do beside going to that summer camp or staying at home playing League all days, so he would go anywhere Rias want him to "Thinking about it, it will also be Asia and Xenovia's first time too, right?"

Asia nodded at Rias' question.

"Y-Yes! I'm nervous about going to hell while I'm alive! II thought if I were to go there, it would be when I died!"

"Yea. I actually have been interested in the Underworld—in hell for quite a while now. Now that I am a devil, there must be zero chance for me to go to paradise now... I feel a certain irony in setting foot in the same world of those who went to hell for a divine punishment. Hell, huh. That suits an ex-believer turned devil."

"You two…" Naruto chuckled forcefully with a nervous sweat drop, as Irina began to start praying alongside them. Of course for believers like them, the Underworld would be the place that they wanted to go to least.

"We are going to spend the rest of the summer vacation there until around the 20th of August." Rias then said, before turning her head over to look at the angel of their group "Irina, you can tag along too if you want."

"Uh… I can go with everyone to Iceland, but after that… since it's Hell, I really don't want to go… but I don't want to be left behind too." Irina asked with her hands clapping in front of her chest "What should I do Michael-sama!? Please show me the way!"

"I think that's all for now." Rias said as she stood up from her seat and clapped a hand in front of her ""Let's start Irina's welcome party, shall we?"

"Yo!? What about me then!?"

"Right, Azazel-sensei too."

End of Chapter 22

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