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The League Summoner

Chapter 48

"And this stormy eyed man here is Susanoo, the Shinto god of storms." Thor spoke in a lighthearted, humorous tone, as he pointed his finger to the photo of a man wearing a dark colored yukata in the album that he had been showing Naruto. The two of them were currently sitting at one of the tables inside a spacious carriage that was being drawn by the legendary, eight-legged warhorse of Odin, Sleipnir as it crossed the starry night sky.

At the same time, Rias and the rest of the occult research club plus Ahri were currently sitting at the other tables, hanging out with each other while keeping their eye on things, serving as personal bodyguards for Thor and Odin, who was sitting in his own seat at the far end of the carriage, as the two traveled to their scheduled meeting place with the Shinto gods. Likewise, Baraquiel and Azazel were currently flying just a short distance behind them, having decided to be outside to keep their eyes on their surroundings and make sure that Khaos Brigade would not try to ambush them or anything funny that night, despite the fact that they had Thor with them.

"He was the one who defeated the Yamata no Orochi, right?" Naruto asked, remembering the stories he had read about the Kusanagi, also known as the sword of the gathering clouds of heaven, one of the most powerful legendary holy swords in the world.

"That's right. Defeating the that eight headed serpent was no small feat even for us gods, but Susanoo was able to pull it off by himself. He later gave the sword that he got from the serpent's corpse to Amaterasu as a reconciliatory gift, but I am sure that as a Japanese you are even more well-versed in this story than I do." Thor answered, and Naruto nodded his head in response "Well, been a while that I have met him, but we sparred against each other a couple of times in the past. He was wild and impetuous, so you probably won't want to mess with him."

"Noted." Naruto said, chuckling somewhat nervously to himself as he looked at the photo of Susanoo, who indeed had a wild look on his face and looked like he was about to beat the shit out of everyone that dared to look at him. Because Thor wanted Naruto to be his bodyguard, he would be taggling along with the Norse god of thunder as he and his father attended the meeting with the Shinto gods, Naruto had no doubt that he would have to meet Susanoo if the Shinto god of storms was among the delegation of the Shinto pantheon alongside their leader, Amaterasu herself.

"Don't worry. If he tries to pick a fight with you, rest assured that I will back you up." Thor laughed humorously before he reached his hand out and patted Naruto on his shoulder with a wide grin on his face, looking quite carefree.

"Yeah, let's not talk about fighting gods now, shall we?" was the only thing Naruto could say before he turned back to the album, wanting to change the subject.

It's hard for the blond to believe that it was just a few months ago that he was still a relatively normal high school student who was addicted to the online MOBA game League of Legends, yet here he was sitting with the powerful Norse god of thunder, Thor himself, talking about the possibility of having to fight another god who was on the same league as he was, but wilder and more repulsive like the domain that he governed over. It's really crazy how fast things could change, though Naruto highly doubted that he was ready to face off against a god, even if Thor said that he would back him up (something that he had no idea if he was really serious with how carefree he looked).

"Thor-san, who is this?" Naruto then asked, gesturing his hand to the beautiful woman with shoulder length black hair and dressed in the traditional white and red shrine maiden outfit in the photo next to Susanoo's.

Looking at the photo for a second, the Norse god of thunder then answered Naruto's question while smiling a little. "Ah, that is Inari Okami, the goddess of foxes and many principal aspects. She's the patron goddess of the kitsune youkai clan in Kyoto. You know their leader, the nine tailed fox Yasaka, don't you?"

"Yes. My champion Ahri has been staying with her and her clan in Kyoto. It appears that they have also been teaching her the ways of the kitsune youkai, after acknowledging her to be one of them." Naruto said, making Thor nod his head in understanding before he glanced over to Ahri, who saw her summoner looking at her and flashed him a beautiful smile along with a wave of her hand. The blond couldn't help but smile back at her in response, as his hand came up from under the table to return the wave Ahri had given him, making Thor turn his head to take a quick look at the black haired, white tailed Gumiho before looking back at Naruto with a knowing grin on his face.

"Well well well, looks like you have finally made your move on your fox champion already, haven't you?" He asked, making Naruto look at him before patting him on the shoulder again with a laugh and a thumb up "Good job. I expect nothing less."

"Uh… thanks, I guess." Naruto chuckled, unsure of what was proper to say to Thor in return.

"Come on, I might not be Thor god of love," Naruto couldn't help but snort a little at the sound of that "but I am pretty sure that I know a thing or two about it. Having been keeping my eye on you, I can see that lots of other girls like you as well. Not to mention that us men talk a lot when we are drunk. Azazel blurted out quite a bit of your state of relationships when I treated him to this fine mortal drink that I have been keeping around." Thor explained, as he reached his hand out to the side of the table to tap his finger on the side of the half full beer mug that he had been drinking.

"Oh, did he now?" Naruto asked, making a mental note to give Azazel a piece of his mind later about the matter.

"Quite an interesting subject, to be honest. Although, I am pretty sure that understandably not all of us enjoyed it the way that I did." Naruto nodded his head in understanding, knowing well who the Norse god of thunder was referring to.

The blond then looked over to Akeno, and noticed that despite looking fine, she wasn't in the best of mood as she sat there talking with Rias and the others. Having learnt of the tragedy that befell her family in the past from Azazel, it's hard for him to imagine what was going on in her mind at the moment, knowing the man who she believed to be responsible for her mother's death was just outside. It was also the reason why Baraquiel wasn't in the carriage with them, as he had chosen to give his daughter her personal space and followed Azazel outside to keep watch on the sky.

Naruto wondered if he could talk to Akeno about it later once the meeting between the Norse and Shinto gods were over. He wasn't sure if he could help them, but it never hurt to try even if Akeno might end up telling him that it's not his business.

"Odin-sama!" Before he and Thor could continue with their conversation about the Shinto gods and who they were, Rossweisse's voice caused them to turn their heads to look at her as she stood at Odin's table with her hands on her hips. It appeared that even though she no longer worked for him as his personal bodyguard, she still considered it her job to keep the old man in line "You are almost at the meeting with the gods of Japan, so please stop thinking that you are on a casual vacation. You will get yelled at by everyone if you keep this act up."

"Sheesh, so even after becoming a devil you still don't know how to lighten up, aren't ya?" Odin retorted with a snort, making Rossweisse fume in annoyance. "I thought when you became a devil you would learn how to relax a little since they are famous for having harem and open relationships. This is exactly why you can't even get a single man."

Rossweisse threw her fists in the air frustratedly as her eyes teared up. "Being a devil has nothing to do with my love life! It's not that I want to remain single in an environment like this in the first place!"

"Uh… should we do anything about it?" Naruto couldn't help but ask, but Thor simply answered with a shake of his head and an amused chuckle. Being Odin's son, of course the god of thunder would be more used to this scene than any of them.


"What was that?!" Naruto asked in surprise, standing up almost at the same time as Thor and Odin when he heard that screeching noise of Sleipnir before the entire carriage suddenly came to a sudden halt as they landed on the ground without warning, causing everyone who wasn't hanging onto something to loose their balance and almost fall to the floor.

Without a pause, everyone then rushed to the windows closet to them and looked outside, with Naruto widening his eyes when he saw Baraquiel holding onto the side of the carriage, appearing to be the one slowing down their fall as Slepinir got hit by something with his own strength alongside Azazel, who was on the other side. It was quite fortunate that they weren't flying so high up in the sky, or else it would have been difficult for the two to catch the carriage in time and slow it down.

"Baraquiel-san, what's going on?" Naruto asked hurriedly, as he jumped outside without hesitation "Are we under attack?"

"I don't know, but something hit Slepinir and caused him to lose his strength." The fallen angel cadre answered, as Naruto turned around to look at the eight legged horse, which was lying on the ground breathing heavily in exhaustion. It did not look injured, but just like Baraquiel had said it looked like it had lost all of its strength.

"Guys. I think I know what hit Slepinir."

Before Naruto could say anything, Azazel called out to them in a serious tone as he stood a few feet ahead of them looking up at something on the sky. As everyone got out of the carriage, being led by Odin and Thor, Naruto looked up and widened his eyes when he saw a man with long light blue-silver hair standing in the air above them. He was dressed in a pure white robe that was similar to the one that Odin was wearing, but lacking the ornaments.

"Loki." Thor growled distastefully as he looked up at the man in the sky, while Rossweisse widened her eyes in shock. Even Odin had a serious look about him. Around the area, with the only exceptions being Naruto, Ahri and Irina, the devils of the Occult research club seemed to have already recognized the man.

"That's Loki?" Naruto asked in surprise.

"Yes." Baraquiel nodded his head in confirmation "The evil god of mischief from Norse mythology."

"Loki, what business do you have with us? Why did you attack Slepinir?" Thor asked, as thunder rumbled on the sky above them.

"I simply took his strength away, Thor. I have no intention of hurting one of my creations." Loki answered simply in a calm and collected tone "And also, before you bring down your lightning upon me, I will tell you a little secret."

"What secret?"

"At this very moment, an army of Jotnar are attacking Asgard with the intention of wiping it from the map of the Nine Realms." Loki revealed with his arms outstretched to the side, causing everyone to widen their eyes in shock "If you hurry up and head over there now, then maybe you will be able to save your kingdom from being completely annihilated. I cut the communication, so that's why you haven't heard anything from them."

"You…" Thor gritted in disbelief, a powerful, electrifying aura flaring around him as he stared up at Loki, who simply looked down at his with a smug smile on his face. "Father…"

"Go. Asgard needs you." Odin spoke immediately in a serious tone with a nod his head seriously to his son, who brought his hand out and summoned Mjolnir, making it fly into his hand from inside the carriage in the form of the umbrella before transforming back into its true form, crackling with powerful arcs of lightning that Naruto could feel even while standing several meters away from it.

The Norse god of thunder then raised his hammer above his head and called down a massive bolt of lightning, which struck him and engulfed his whole body in a blinding last of light. Naruto raised his arms to shield his eyes away from the light, but as Thor teleported himself to Asgard, he could see the Norse god of thunder giving him a firm, encouraging nod of his head, making the blond return the gesture wit his own he turned back to glare up at Loki after Thor had disappeared, leaving only a large burnt mark on the ground.

"Now that the one with the short temper is out of the way and won't be able to interfere with our business any time soon, allow me to properly introduce myself." Loki then spoke up loudly and dramatically, gesturing a hand to himself as he continued "My name is Loki. I am, as you people have called me, the evil Norse god of mischief and the reason I have come before you all tonight is because our chief-god left to make contact with the gods of another pantheon, something that I cannot tolerate."

"Can't say that I am surprised. Among us Norse gods, you are probably the only ones who think it's a bad idea to open our arms to another Pantheon for the sake of peace." Odin replied in a somewhat humorous tone.

"Quite arrogant for you to say that to our face as well, Loki-sama." Azazel said in a mocking tone, but Loki did not seem to be offended by it. He looked quite amused.

"As expected of the governor of the fallen angels. Always the one with no far and dry humor in every situation, even in the presence of a superior being." Loki laughed before looking down at them "It's not in my intention to meet you, Baraquiel and the devils tonight, but I guess it can't be helped. You shall receive my punishment along with Odin."

"Are you with Khaos Brigade, Loki?" Then the fallen snorted. "Cause quite frankly, your actions thus far has proven you to be in the same bed with them. To think that the mighty god of mischief himself has sunk so low and become a terrorist just because he doesn't like something."

"Don't you dare compare me to those foolish flies, Azazel." Loki shot back with a deadly calm tone "I came here on my own free will."

"Loki-sama." Rossweisse raised her voice as she stepped forward, her formal, cheap suit that she bought from a local store had transformed into her Valkyrie armor. "Please rethink what you are doing. To raise your arms against our chief god, it is unforgivable!"

"Hmmm, I have heard many things about you, little Valkyrie." Loki began, turning his gaze finally to Rossweisse for the first time "You are an excellent Valkyrie by your peer's standards, but a mere battle maiden shouldn't speak so casually in front of us gods." He finished, a dangerous, deadly aura about him that caused Rosseweisse to step back instantly.

After this, Loki turned his attention back to Odin and asked "Now, Odin, do you still plan to involve yourself with matters outside Asgard and Valhalla?"

"Why yes, I am." Odin replied without hesitation and gave a casual shrug of his shoulders. "Meeting with the Three Factions, talking to them, watching their games, hanging out with them are a million times more interesting to me than having to deal with you. I also want to know more about the Japanese gods, who have shown interest in forming an alliance with us. I have every intention of following the Three Factions' example and making friends with other pantheons, so that we can grow strong together and exchange our cultures in peace."

Upon Odin's answers, Loki only smirked as he slowly unleashed his divine aura, having fully expected the chief god of the North to say it. The aura was almost as powerful as that of Thor, but at the same time it also had a malicious feel to it, making the devils look up at him nervously. "It appears that small talk won't bring you out of your foolish plans. Very well then, let's have a showdown right here to decide the fate of the divine world."

"I take that this is your declaration of battle?" Azazel asked, as Baraquiel took off his cloak and prepared himself to act, holy lightning crackling around his fists.

"Take it as however you want it to be." As soon as Loki finished saying those words, the god was hit by a wave of holy aura, which exploded violently and generated a powerful shockwave that caused even the larger trees to move.

"Victory comes to the one who makes the first move." The blue-haired knight said as she held Durandal in her hands. "…Though it appears that my attack doesn't work. As expected from a God." As she finished acknowledging the fact, the smoke cleared and revealed an unscratched Loki, who continued to simply stand there in the air with a small smile on his face.

"So, the holy sword Durandal huh?" He asked, glancing dismissively at the blue claymore in Xenovia's hands "Indeed it has impressive power, but it's not enough to harm a god yet. That attack earlier is no different than a gentle breeze."

As he said that, he then looked over to Kiba and Irina, who proceeded to bring out their own weapons, a holy-demonic sword and a sword of light, and prepared themselves to face off against the evil god. Loki himself simply laughed in amusement at the spectacle before he asked in a mocking tone "Oh well, I guess the rest of you are welcome to try and see if you can really scratch me with those fancy weapons of yours, but first…"

Loki then raised his hand, causing a rift to appear in the air between him and the party standing on the ground. From it, a giant, majestic looking wolf with ashen colored fur crawled its way out, standing at 10 meters tall and peering down upon them with an overwhelming presence, causing even Azazel and Baraquiel to take a step back in caution at the sight of it. Naruto, meanwhile, couldn't stop himself from sweating nervously at the sight of such a creature, instantly knowing that he had to be very careful as he fought against it while feeling as if the wolf would tear him to pieces the second he looked away.

"F-Fenrir." Ravel stuttered in shock, but at the same time the word seemed to have slipped from her mouth as she lost control of her body to fear for a brief moment when the creature turned its deadly gaze at her. Naruto widened his eyes in shock at that, having read about the god slaying wolf that were prophesied to kill Odin during Ragnarok.

"This is bad…" Rias muttered nervously as she stood protectively in front of the Phenex girl, feeling a cold chill running down her spine as she remembered what the wolf was capable of.

"Everyone, no matter what you do, keep your distance from that thing." Azazel spoke up loudly as he held a hand up to signal his students to back off when the wolf took its first step forward to start slowly approaching them like a predator preying upon its prey.

"That's right. You children should be careful." Loki said smugly as he lowered himself down and stood beside his pet, his hand reaching up to pat it "Fenrir is among the most powerful monsters that I have created. Its fangs are something that can kill any god. I haven't tried it just yet, but I am sure that they should also be effective against gods from other religions, so don't feel surprised if it can even inflict mortal wounds upon you devils, angels and fallen angels."

"I honestly didn't want to use Fenrir's fangs on those who are not worthy to be killed by it, but I believe for the sake of experience I can let him taste a new blood." The evil Norse god then turned his gaze towards Rias, who flinched slightly when she realized that he was referring to her "The blood relative of Lucifer. Should be a delicate treat for Fenrir to get him ready for Ragnarok."

"…Kill her." With that order from Loki, Fenrir let out an earthshaking howl before disappearing from sight as it rushed toward Rias, who couldn't react in time to the insane speed of the wolf.

Naruto, however, was able to do it. His body reacted faster than his mind could, almost instinctively at the life threatening danger Rias was facing, shooting forward with his right foot stomping into the ground so hard that a small chunk of earth was blown up. In a flash of light, the shield of daybreak appeared in his hand, and Naruto used it to shield himself as he slammed into Fenrir, knocking it off balance before using the momentum to flip around in the air.

"Naruto, watch out!" He heard Azazel shout, and the moment his feet touched the ground, Fenrir was right in front of him, its jaw opening widely to bite down into the flesh of his body. Instantly, the gauntlet of Ne'zuk appeared on his left wrist, allowing Naruto to arcane shift to the side to dodge the wolf's jaw before it could sink its god-killing fangs into his flesh, leaving the shield of daybreak where he was. To his shock but at the same time expectation, the sturdy shield of Leona shattered instantly upon being bit by Fenrir, as it snarled angrily and turned its attention over to the blond.

"No, Ahri! Do not transform. It's too dangerous!" Naruto shouted to his fox champion and lover before she could use transform into her nine tailed fox form as Rias, Akeno, Rossweisse rushed to his side and pushed Fenrir back with a barrage of combined demonic power and Valkyrie magic, slowing it down just a little.

As an all-out battle between Baraquiel, Azazel and Loki behind them, the Occult Research Club faced off against Fenrir to protect Odin from its maw. Naruto put his hand on the ground and summoned another champion of his, Morgana the Fallen, and shouted as he used his own runic magic to limit the wolf's movement while Rias and the others continued to bombard it with their magic. "Morgana, help me bind the wolf. Gasper, help me slow it down."

Normally, the proud fallen angel wouldn't comply with his order that easily, even though she had acknowledged him as her summoner just like her twin sister Kayle. But hearing the seriousness in his tone, and recognizing the danger that Fenrir possessed just by looking at it, the fallen summoned dark magic chains from her body and sent them at the wolf, wrapping it around the monster's body and its very soul, if it had one, to restrain its movement.

Combined with Naruto's rune prison spell, Gasper's time bombs that was able to freeze Fenrir in place for a brief second, and another magic of her Dark Binding, the three of them were able to restrain the monster and hold it down, keeping it from making any move.

"Everyone, give it everything you got!" Rias shouted, leading the magic assault with her power of destruction. She was soon joined by Ravel, who used her phoenix fire to aid Rias, while Rossweisse unleashed the full might of her Valkyrie magic and Akeno summoned bolt after bolt of holy lightning upon Fenrir. Even close range fighter like Kiba and Xenovia joined in their assault, with the knight of Rias Gremory summoned a wave of swords, and Xenovia unleashed powerful slashes of holy power at the giant monster.

"Whatever you are trying to do, summoner, you gotta do it now. I can't hold it down for much longer." Morgana said through gritted teeth while Fenrir was struggling violently against her dark magic chains, looking like it would break out at any second now with the pain it was feeling causing it to become even more aggressive. Naruto, who had been gathering a tremendous amount of magic power into a condensed orb of fox fire with Ahri, unleashed the attack at the monster alongside his fox champion, who for a brief second assumed her Spirit Blossom form to turn her magic into spiritual magic.

The result was a devastating explosion of raw demonic power and spirit fox fire, blasting Fenrir away almost at the same time that it was able to break free from Morgana's chain, sending it flying several feet into the air with the side of its body being badly burnt and damaged. Everyone else, including Loki, who sent both Baraquiel and Azazel away with a blast of his magic before catching his wolf with a magic circle, had to cover their eyes to shield themselves away from the intense heat and shockwave of the attack.

"I see… so this is the power of the hero of Reykjavik." Loki spoke with a small smirk as he gazed down at Naruto, while reaching a hand behind him to stop his wolf from trying to attack them again "No wonder why Thor is so interested in you. Even my precious Fenrir was badly injured after that attack of yours." He said, laughing as if he was truly enjoying the moment.

"You better watch out, asshole." Naruto scoffed at Loki as he stepped forward with Thunder God Ornn's hammer crackling dangerously in his hand, giving an impression of Mjolnir itself "Thor might not be here, but that doesn't mean I cannot smash your face in the same way that he would."

"What are you going to do now, Loki?" Odin asked, a smug grin on his face as he stepped forward and asked the god of mischief "Your trump card is almost out of commission now. I know that you have others with you as well. Are you willing to summon them here as well and let them face these youngsters? You saw what they did to your precious Fenrir. Imagine what they are going to do to the others."

"Our reinforcements are coming, by the way." Azazel said smugly as he tried to rest one arm on Morgana's shoulder while standing close to her, but the fallen angel from Runeterra simply shrugged him off with a 'what the fuck' look before raising a hand to silently tell him to back off, making Azazel continue to speak to Loki while laughing forcefully "I know a certain someone who will be absolutely delight to be able to face off against a god like you, Loki."

"Hmmm, the vanishing dragon, no doubt." Loki said, despite having his smile wiped entirely from his face. Finally, after a moment, he spoke loudly "Very well, it appears that I will have to give you guys the satisfaction of victory tonight. I merely came here tonight to make my intention clear and declare the start of Ragnarok only, after all."

"However, on the day where the Norse and Shinto gods will meet in this country, I shall return with the full might of my army!" Loki declared, loud and clear "Odin, the next time we meet, Fenrir will definitely devour you whole and eliminate you from this world with his god slaying fangs!"

With that declaration, Loki summoned a space distortion and disappeared into it with Fenrir, who gave Naruto and Ahri one last murderous glare before following its creator. After the two had left, the group finally allowed themselves to breath out a sigh of relief, with Naruto looking over to Rias and seeing her giving him an appreciated smile for saving her life. Rossweisse and Odin, meanwhile, wasted no time to try and contact Asgard, knowing that their people there were currently at war with the Giants of Jotunheim.

"Ragnarok, huh?" Azazel spoke up finally with a small chuckle, breaking the uncomfortable silence that had befallen the party as he turned his attention over to Naruto and everyone else, asking them with a small smile "So, which one of you is ready to face the end of the world?"

It's hard for Naruto to believe that just a moment ago he was still wondering if he was ready to face off against a god.

End of Chapter 48

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