Summary: Meet Naruto Uzumaki, an eccentric teen with a passion for the MOBA game League of Legend even though he sucked at it. His life was normal until he was introduced to the supernatural world and found out he had an irregular Sacred Gear. So, the problem? How should he fend off Amano Yuuma? With Lucian's relic pistols or Azir's sand soldiers? [GamerNaruto] [Triple Crossovers] [Harem]

[Naruto x Harem]

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The League Summoner

Chapter 50

"Naruto-san, behind you!"

But it was too late. The moment that Naruto turned his head back when he heard that warning from Gabriel, who was fighting in the air next to him, the blond found himself facing a glowing object, which then exploded violently like a flashbang, blinding his vision.

Although he was fast enough to react instinctively when his inner alarm kicked in and alerted him of an incoming danger that came right after the flashbang, Naruto could not see what it was due to his damaged vision, thus making him unable to fully prepare for the impact. It slammed into him like a full speed train, and the next thing he knew he was flung downwards through the air, slamming into the ground hard enough to make it feel like every bone in his body had been cracked, before rolling around and crashing through something that felt like glass – the window of a nearby clothing store, no doubt.

Fortunately enough for the Summoner of the league, he was not just fusing with Kai'sa but also with Anivia, whose phoenix physiology allowed him to heal from even the most fatal of damages. As the blond tried to pick himself up from the stack of knocked over clothing racks, he could feel his wounds sizzling before closing up, and his eyesight being fixed soon after, letting him see clearly again.

As Naruto looked around and came to the realization of how far he had been knocked away from the hotel, a hulking figure then landed on the street just outside the shop Naruto had crashed into and growled at the blond as the ground beneath him cracked at the force of his landing, appearing to be a dark elf who was dressed in heavy armor and wielded a large, glowing spear. The other, small but no less intimated looking dark elves soon arrived to aid him, hovering in the air above and behind their captain with their spears glowing with the same light that had blinded Naruto's eyes earlier.

With a battle cry, the captain of the dark elf signaled his troop to begin the assault, firing blasts of energy at Naruto from the tips of their weapons. Instantly, the blond raised a wall of ice to shield himself from the energy projectiles, buying himself some time to plan his next move.

As the wall of ice began to crack, Naruto prepared himself. Though, before he could do anything, Gabriel beat him to it, as she shot down from above in a streak of golden light and stopped suddenly with her wings flapping strongly behind her to send a powerful kick at the dark elf captain, sending him away crashing into a nearby building with so much force the whole thing collapsed into a pile of rubbles.

"Are you alright, Naruto-san!?" The archangel asked as she twirled around and threw one of her swords of light at one of the dark elves flying around the air, ending his life in a blink of an eye with the weapon impaling through his chest.

"I am alright. Don't worry about me." Saying that, Naruto then flew out of the building with Kai'sa emerging at his side, joining Gabriel in fending off the troop of dark elves as they began to bombard the ten winged archangel with the energy projectiles firing from their spears, as the all-out air battle above them became more intense with more dark elves emerging from the portal Loki had created, while the god of mischief himself engaged the two heavenly dragon possessors in combat.

"We need to get back to the hotel now!" Gabriel said and Naruto nodded his head in agreement, raising his hand to summon a hail of ice that rained down upon their enemies, breaking their battle formation before bringing his wings of ice together to unleash a giant glowing sphere of true ice at them, freezing everything all those who were in its path before exploding, stunning the ones who were able to get out of the way in time.

"Yeah, I can do that too, asshole." Naruto said before nodding his head to the female champion standing at his side, who needed no more than that to dash forward, opening up her wings to unleash a swarm of plasma missiles at the stunned enemies, killing them instantly.

For those who were able to defense themselves from the direct explosion impacts of her Icathian Rain, each one of them soon noticed a large portion of their armor and weapons began to melt away due to the caustic nature of Kai'sa bioorganic plasma, causing them to hurriedly remove them from their body before the plasma could start melting into their flesh as well, giving Gabriel and Naruto the opening that the two needed to quickly deal with them, striking them down as quickly as they could before moving onto the next.

It did not take it long, however, for the dark elf captain Gabriel had kicked away earlier to return to the battle, as he emerged from the building that had collapsed upon him seemingly unscratched and then chased after them, charging at Naruto and slamming into the blond with a shoulder tackle.

Naruto however, chose to stand his ground, having seen the charging elf coming at him from a mile away. Spinning around, Naruto braced himself for the impact, and grabbed onto the dark elf the moment that he crashed into him, holding onto him firmly while getting pushed back, his feet skidding on the ground for a few meters before eventually coming to a stop, making the elf widen his eyes slightly in shock as he found himself being stopped and held back by a much smaller devil, who then shot into the air and kneeled him in the face hard enough to crack his skull and launch his massive body off of the ground.

Not letting up, Naruto then raised his hand and called down a massive bolt of lightning that struck the dark elf directly in the chest with the power of Volibear, killing him in an explosion that destroyed a large area of the street that he was sent crashing into by the lightning bolt. The death of their captain caused several dark elves to lose morale and flee from the battle, but several others remained behind to continue fighting, giving Naruto no time to check to see if his friends were alright fighting on the rooftop of the hotel where the gods were having their meeting.

"Summoner! Kid! Can you hear me?!"

"Yes I can hear you, Draven. What's wrong?" Naruto asked, stopping as he dodged an energy projectile being fired at him by an enemy from above, who was then swiftly dealt with by Kai'sa as she dashed across the air to aid Gabriel. The archangel was now wielding in her hand a pair of light swords that appeared to be much denser than the weapons of light he had seen Irina or even Azazel conjured.

"I don't know about you, but we can really use some help like… right now!" Draven answered, and it was then that Naruto felt a tremendous amount of pressure in the air, making Naruto widen his eyes in surprise.

Gabriel also stopped and turned her head around to look at him after she had finished the last dark elves standing in their way. Nodding their heads to each other, Naruto and Gabriel wasted no time to fly up to the tallest nearest building in the area with Kai'sa following closely behind them and looked in the direction where his Noxian champions were defending with Sona and her peerage. There were currently fighting all over Kuoh. Explosions and collapsed buildings were basically everywhere as the Three Faction and Runeterra alliance's forces fought against Loki's army, keeping them from getting anywhere near the hotel where all the gods were.

As the battles raged on, it did not take it long for Naruto to see a pair of giant wolves with ashen gray fur fighting Sona and her servants, who flew above their heads and launched their magic at them, with the Sitri heiress herself summoning large dragons made of water to attack them. While their combined effort seemed to successfully slow Skoll and Hati down from their advancement, it made them a whole lot angrier and also more violence, their tails and claws carving a path of destructions around them as they tried to bite the flying devils off the air, not wasting any time to continue pushing forward to the Reykjavik barrier device the Noxians and Sona's peerage were guarding.

Before they could get anywhere near it, however, Morgana's dark purple chains of dark energy emerged from the buildings around them and wrapped around their bodies to hold them back. Naruto did not need to look at how violently the chains were shaking to know that they could snap at any moment.

"Are those…"

"Those wolves must be Skoll and Hati. Fenrir's children." Gabriel nodded her head to Naruto and explained to him "They are not as powerful as Fenrir, but they possess fangs that can kill gods just like his. Your champions and devil friends won't be able to fight both of them at the same time by themselves."

"Which is why I will be heading their way right now."

Naruto told Gabriel hurriedly, knowing very well that Loki was targeting the other three barrier devices around town. Even if Rias and his friends managed to protect the one on the rooftop of the hotel, the destructions of the rest would most likely allow Loki to bring his army directly into Kuoh, as he had proven himself to have the power to weaken the whole barrier down enough for his force to pass through.

Not to mention he was worried about his champions, Sona, Momo and everyone else of the Sitri peerage, as they had already begun to show signs of getting overwhelmed by the two god killing wolves.

"Gotta take them down where they are. We cannot let those wolves get anywhere near the hotel or their father as well. Everyone will be in a lot of trouble if they have to fight all three of them at the same time."

As Gabriel nodded her head in understanding, Naruto turned to Kai'sa and told her

"Kai'sa, go join Ahri and the others. You gotta let them know about those two wolves and tell Le Fay and Kuroka whatever they are trying to do to Fenrir, they better hurry up."

"I'm on it. Be careful, Summoner." As much as she did not want to leave him to face such dangerous threats alone, Kai'sa knew it's not the time to stand there and argue.

Without wasting any more time, the daughter of the void put on her mask, and dashed away in a streak of purple energy, avoiding all the obstacles in her path to get to her friends as soon as she could.

"I will head back to the hotel and make sure everyone knows about Skoll and Hati." Gabriel spoke with a nod of her head before Naruto could request her to do just that "Go help your champions. If you can defeat the wolves there, it will be two less things to worry about."

"I will beat them. Make sure everyone is okay."

"You have my word. Good luck, Naruto-san."

"You too, Gabriel-san." Naruto nodded his head to the blonde archangel and took off about the same time as she did, breaking the sound barrier as he flew as quickly as he could toward the two giant wolves. The distance to cover wasn't that long, so the moment Skoll, the slightly larger wolf with a lighter colored fur, was able to break free from Morgana's dark chain, Naruto slammed into it like a blazing meteor with a cloak of lightning and fire around his body, making the sun chasing wolf howl in pain as it was sent crashing through a nearby building.

With one less wolf to worry about, Morgana was able to focus her attention on Hati and hold it down with all of her soul shackling chains, allowing Sona and her servants to resume bombarding it with their magic.

"Naruto-kun!" Momo Hanakai shouted in relief at the sight of boyfriend.

"Now that is one hell of an entrance! Glad to see you joining us, kid!" Draven shouted from below while holding one of his spinning axes in the air to celebrate Naruto's arrival and using the other to tear through a horde of Draugr, undead warriors that Loki used as expendable foot soldiers, which Rossweisse had warned them the previous night, being one of the enemies that they possibly would have to face.

Naruto, meanwhile, did not have any time to response to his champion or Momo, as he was forced to dodge the gigantic maw filled with razor sharp fangs of Skoll, which burst free from the debris of the collapsed building Naruto had crashed it into and lunged at the blond.

Dodging its tail when it tried to crush him against a building like a bug, Naruto then had to maneuver through the air to avoid the wolf's claws as it continuously and rapidly pounced at him, the monster itself proving to be capable of moving almost as fast as its father could despite its size. He then conjured a large chunk of true ice and hurled it at the monster's head from the side, sending it tumbling before using rune prison to lock Skoll in place for a brief second, just enough to give him a window to bring down a massive bolt of lightning upon it, generating an explosion that rocked the entire district and sent the Draugr fighting on the ground flying.

"Oi, you fucking punk! We are trying to keep the place from getting destroyed for you! Destroying it yourself is not helping!" Draven shouted in annoyance as he dodged behind the wall of a destroyed building, while the other Noxian champions except for Morgana, who easily shielded herself with a black shield, took cover near him.

"Sorry!" was the only thing Naruto could say before Skoll burst out of the smoke of the explosion and lunged at him again.

Feeling that he wouldn't make it in time this time, the blond encased himself in a huge chunk of true ice, strong enough to withstand the force of its jaw for a moment before cracks started to appear on the surface.

Down below, Sona Sitri and Momo did not waste any time to combine their magic, a water dragon with electric currents running through it, and blasted Skoll hard enough for it to let go of Naruto and drop him, allowing the blond to lower the defense around him to give them a graceful nod before taking off again, sending a powerful left hook with the combined divine powers of all three Freljord's gods into the wolf's jaw, knocking it several feet into the air with its body backflipping around before falling down.

"General!" Not wasting any time, Naruto turned his attention to the Hand of Noxus, who instantly charged toward the free falling Skoll and leaped into the air with his axe being raised above his head with both hands.

As he came down the god killing wolf and brought his weapon down in a powerful strike with all of his might and a battle cry, Naruto raised his hand and changed Darius' appearance, encasing the general in black armor, turning his hair white and his eyes red, and completed it with a dark aura taking the form of a black furred wolf around his body and his axe as Naruto activated his Balance Breaker and gave the appearance its meaning and story of God King Darius, turning his Noxian Guillotine into a powerful, devastating strike that shook the entire Kuoh, sending a shiver down everyone's spine including that of Loki himself, who could feel the death of one of his creations.

Hati howled angrily as its brother was decapitated, with its head falling down in a dull thud behind God King Darius as he landed on the ground and reverted back to normal form almost instantly, allowing Naruto to save his demonic power. With one god killing wolf dead, the whole group focused their attention on its younger brother, bringing everything they got upon it with Saji using his extra Vritra sacred gears, which were given to him by Azazel before the battle, to weaken it enough for them to start seriously damaging it, though it wasn't until Naruto used the Ornn's horn to summon the demigod's blazing elemental goat and had it slammed into Hati that the god killing wolf was knocked down and out, suffering too much damage to remain conscious.

"The battle is not over!" Darius shouted as he chopped the head of a Draugr off as more and more charged at him and the other Noxian champions "Fall back in formation and hold the enemies back, soldiers! There will be time for celebration later, if we all survive this!"

"Yes, general!" Sona and many of her servants instantly replied in unison, falling back into line around the barrier device that they had been assigned to protect. The Bishops and Rooks of the Sitri peerage, however, wasted no time to rush over to Hati's unconscious body to start sealing it away, with Katarina and Morgana being assigned to protect them as they worked to make sure that the wolf would remain unconscious and lock away for the rest of the battle.

"Heh, very inspirational, brother." Draven smirked as he started falling back with Samira fighting stylistically at his side, unleashing a spinning torrents of bullets from her weapons on every enemy around her with Inferno Trigger "You do realize that if we get seriously hurt, we will get sent back instead of dying straight up, right?" As expected, the hand of Noxus chose to ignore his brother's question.

"Can we do anything about those portals?" Naruto asked as he landed next to Sona and helped her defeat a group of Draugr with a gesture of his head toward the portals that the undead warriors were charging out from.

"Not at the moment, Uzumaki-kun. I have tried every dispel magic that I know whenever we were able to get close to them, but nothing worked." Sona answered while shaking her head, sounding quite frustrated despite having her usual calm demeanor. "We will keep on trying though. I am sure that we will figure something out."

"You will, kaichou." Naruto said, nodding his head encouragingly to her. "And when you do, make sure to let the other groups know how to disable them as well."

"I will, Uzumaki-kun."

"You should go help them now, Naruto-kun." Momo then spoke to him from the side as she and the other members of Sona Peerage finished setting up the sealing spells on Hati's body and got ready to activate them to seal it away for good "We will be fine here. Go!" She finished, with Sona nodding her head to him in agreement.

"Good luck!" Naruto nodded his head and shot into the air at maximum speed with his glacial wings.

End of Chapter 50

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