Summary: Meet Naruto Uzumaki, an eccentric teen with a passion for the MOBA game League of Legend even though he sucked at it. His life was normal until he was introduced to the supernatural world and found out he had an irregular Sacred Gear. So, the problem? How should he fend off Amano Yuuma? With Lucian's relic pistols or Azir's sand soldiers? [Gamer Naruto] [Triple Crossovers] [Harem]

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The League Summoner

Chapter 51


Akali asked in surprise, when she saw her fellow champion from the void dashed across the street and shot down every remaining dark elves and Draugr of the group she had been fighting, blasting the flying enemies off the air with her blasters before opening her wings and unleashing a barrage of plasma missiles upon the enemies below.

"Good timing. But what are you doing here?" The Rogue Assassin asked, yanking out a kunai impaled on the wall of the building next to her and ran over to Kai'sa as the daughter of the void jumped down and landed in front of her, both of them lowering their mask down to talk to each other while looking around the battlefield cautiously "Where is Naruto? Weren't you fighting with him?"

"He went to help the Noxians. He sent me to let you guys know that they are currently facing the sons of that monster." Kai'sa answered, gesturing her head to Fenrir.

The god slaying wolf was currently being bounded by Gleipnir, magical chains that were forged by the dwarves to restrain the creature, as it laid in the center of an open area, being kept docile and seemingly asleep by Ahri and Evelynn, who combined their charm magic with Kuroka who is amplifying the effect, while Le Fay and her older brother Arthur worked to break Loki's control over it and subjugate Fenrir under their control instead with the older Pendragon's Excalibur sword.

At the same time, Yasuo, Gwen, Sona and Blitzcrank, the other tenants at Uzumaki Residence alongside Akali herself, were all fighting to guard the group from the waves of dark elves and Draugr, keeping them from reaching Fenrir.

Both Yasuo and Gwen proved themselves to be two of the most skilled and formidable frontline fighters on the battlefield, with Sona and Blitzcrank providing them all the necessary supports that they needed while keeping a close eye on the group that were trying to subjugate Fenrir.

With his speed and deadly technique, Yasuo was dashing swiftly from one enemy to another and cutting them down with quick, lightning fast sword strikes, the gleam of the sun against his katana being the last thing that they saw before their lives were taken from them. Once that the wave of ground enemies he had been fighting had been taken care of, Yasuo stopped and slashed the air in front of him, unleashing a giant tornado that sucked in the dark elves flying above him and hurled them all away, giving him the opening that he needed to leap into the air and strike them down in midair, with Sona creating a path for him to step on using her magical music.

Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress, on the other hand, was utilizing her hallowed mist to dodge every blast of magic and other projectiles that were fired at her from afar by the dark elves, who got utterly confused by the blue-haired doll-like girl's strange ability. Before they could figure out what to do, Gwen hurled giant needles created from the glowing blue mist around her at the elves, piercing their chests and sending them flying back until they either fell dead on the ground, or got impaled against the walls of the buildings behind them.

For the mindless Draugr that ran into her hallowed mist to attack her, Gwen did not waste any time and seemingly had very little problem taking them out with her giant scissors, wielding it like a giant sword as she slashed and stabbed at the enemies she was facing. Occasionally, she would use the scissors like the sewing equipment that it was, using both hands to open it and snipping and literally cutting a couple of dark elves and Draugr in half with her weapon.

"You mean the wolves that chased the sun and moon?" Akali couldn't help but ask, remembering the story about Skoll and Hati Rossweisse had told them when the Valkyrie warned her and everyone about them. "I am still wondering how that works… I mean, how do you chase the sun and moon?"

"We will have time to wonder about that later." Was the only thing that Kai'sa said to her assassin friend before she raised her left blaster and shot down a dark elf attempting to charge at her and Akali from above, making it drop down just before her feet. At the same time, sensing something coming from behind them, Akali wasted no time to twirl around and throw her five point shuriken at a bulky Draugr that tried to sneak up on them with a large mace, shattering its head instantly "How much longer are they going to need to tame that wolf?"

"No idea. I have not been able to talk to any of them for a while now." Akali answered with a shrug of her shoulders "But I know for sure these guys are trying to wake it up. The chains are apparently strong enough to hold the wolf back even if it starts struggling, but Le Fay and her brother won't be able to free it from Loki's control if it is awake and tries to resist them, so Ahri and Evelynn have to be there."

"Then let's buy them as much time as they need."

"Don't have to tell me twice, Kai." With that said, the two champions redonned their masks and joined their fellow champions against the next wave of enemies, taking advantage of their already great speed being enhanced even further by Sona's Song of Celerity to take down enemies in quick succession.

High above the hotel where the summit of the gods were taking place, the fight to defense the building against the seemingly endless horde of dark elves grew more and more intense with every passing minute. Akeno and Rossweisse had joined Xenovia, Kiba and Irina in the air while Rias, Koneko, a Yuumi fused Asia and Gasper continued to support them from below, working together to push back the enemies and destroy them even before they managed to get close to the barrier around the building.

Baraquiel's immensely powerful holy lightning easily destroyed any enemies that tried to pass through the portal high above the sky, but soon enemies with stronger defenses began to arrive and pushed through the bolts of holy lightning by sheer number and sacrificing their own soldiers.

Grayfia was also providing them with all the offensive and defensive powers that they needed, though being the one sustaining both the Reykjavik barrier device and even the barrier around the hotel with her immense demonic power, there was also only so much she could do to help them without exhausting herself.

Fortunately for them, it did not take long for Gabriel to rejoin the battle, lending the Gremory group her strength to push back their enemies after ensuring them that Naruto was alright after being knocked out of the sky earlier. As much as they had tried to rush to his side when he fell, the dark elves did not even give them a moment to breathe, and the ten winged archangel was the only one fast enough to go after him, so hearing the news from Gabriel sure made them all feel a bit better.

"Akeno, watch your right!" Rias shouted as she held up Senna's mist cannon and fired a blast of piercing dark mist imbued with her power of destruction to form a shield around Akeno, causing the magic projectile coming at her to disappear the moment it came into contact with the black red shield, before annihilating the dark elf that tried to blindside her and erasing him from existence.

Giving her best friend a graceful nod in response, the black haired queen did not waste any time to return to the fight, maneuvering through the enemies in the air before blasting them off the sky with her holy lightning.

"Kiba! Xenovia!"

Noticing the enemies on the street, Rias did not waste any time to call out to her Knights, making them both look at her while sidestepping to dodge the tip of a spear that was aimed at her chest. Instantly, Rias lowered her cannon and thrusted her palm forward to fire a mini, but highly dense orb of destruction at the elf that tried to attack her, blowing his head clean off before kicking his headless body off the rooftop to continue giving her servants their orders.

"I need you two to take care of the Draugr on the streets. They are trying to break through the barrier!"

"We are on it, Buchou!" Kiba answered as he summoned another Blade of the Betrayal to duel-wielding, having been fighting with a single sword while in the air to put more strength into his swings and cleave through the strong armors that the dark elves were wearing. The Draugr, meanwhile, did not seem to have the same protections, even though they appeared to be extremely resilient to blunt forces.

"Go! We will be fine here!" Irina spoke quickly to Xenovia, making the blue haired swordswoman nod her head to the angel friend in understand before she and Kiba flew down to fight the Draugr on the ground, with Koneko joining them by jumping off the building and unleashing blasts of ki from her palm to clear a spot for them to land.

"Rias one-sama, watch out!" Asia cried out when she detected dangers coming with Yuumi's heightening senses, turning around to see Rias collapsing to one knee trying to catch her breath while sweating heavily while a group of dark elves closed in on her from above, their weapons at the ready.

Seeing that a prowling projectile wouldn't be strong or fast enough to take that many of them out in time, Asia allowed Yuumi to separate from her body and fly over on Book to magically attach herself to Rias, forming a protective shield around her that repelled back the dark elves and their weapons.

The enemies did not relent, however, and went on to continue attacking repeatedly to break the defense down and get to Rias, with the magical cat getting more and more nervous as the cracks started to form on the surface of her shield.

Asia and a very nervous and scared Gasper both tried to help, but now that the blonde had lost her offensive power that she got from fusing herself with Yuumi, and Gasper himself had run out of time bombs and were fighting solely with his vampiric power, none of them was able to make it far before they were both forced to take cover behind Grayfia, who had also been tasked to protect their healer if the worse happen.

"Yuumi, get back. I will blast them off!" Rias called to her boyfriend's familiar as she raised her mist cannon, channeling her demonic power into the weapon to power it up despite Senna telling her to stop in her mind, as she had already exhausted herself from attacking and protecting her allies at the same time to the point her vision had begun to get blurry.

Before Rias could pull the trigger, or Grayfia could throw the ice spear that she had created in her hand at the dark elves around Rias to give her an opening, a certain masked, feminine figure with long black hair, the same woman who had helped her and everyone saves Naruto from Rhaast's corruption during the battle against the Diodora and the old Maou Faction, appeared in a swirl of leaves and kicked away the dark elves in front of Rias, breaking their skulls and sending them crashing into two of their comrades before all of them were thrown off the rooftop.

Caught off guard, the other dark elves barely had any time to react when the black haired woman pulled out a pair of kunai from the pouch strapped to her right thighs and threw them at the two standing behind Rias, precisely hitting their eyes through the gaps in their helmets before dealing with the last enemy of the group with a straight punch.

"You…" Rias gasped while she and Yuumi stared in shock at the black haired woman who then walked up to offer her a hand. While her face was hidden behind that fox mask she was wearing, Rias couldn't help but have a strange feeling that the woman was giving her warm, encouraging smile, which made her instinctively reach out and take her hand to allow the black haired woman to pull her to her feet.

"You don't mind if we pitch in and help, do you?" She asked, before Rias felt a surge of energy rushing through her whole body, returning Rias back to full strength and clearing her vision.

"Wha… how do you…" Becoming even more shocked than before, Rias couldn't help but ask, but her attention was interrupted when she saw a flash of yellow from the corner of her eyes, before the body of a decapitated dark elf fell down and landed behind her.

Looking up, Rias and Yuumi widened their eyes even further when they saw the woman's white haired companion, the one who wore the white coat with a flame motif appearing and disappearing repeatedly in the air, leaving behind nothing but a yellow flash and the dead bodies of the dark elf, as he killed them so quickly everyone, even Baraquiel, Gabriel and Grayfia, had trouble keeping up with him and his speed.

Once that he had clear the air above the hotel to give the Alliance a moment to catch their breath and regroup, the white haired man appeared on the ground and continued taking out the enemies Kiba, Xenovia and Koneko had been fighting, leaving them to watch on in amazement as he dashed across the battlefield and killed the Draugr faster than their eyes could follow. Giving one another a nod of understanding, the three quickly returned to the fight, now aiding the mysterious man as he continued to carve a path of destruction across Kuoh, with Kiba being the only one who could somewhat keep up with him with his superior speed whenever he wasn't using his seemingly teleporting ability.

"Yes, let's fight together!" Despite having so many questions and most of all the need to find out who these two people truly were, Rias knew very well that it wasn't the place or time for questions and answers, speaking hurriedly to the masked woman nodding her head to her in response before they joined force in battle.

"Woahhh!" Akali, who was fighting nearby, couldn't stop herself from whistling in amazement as she watched the mysterious man fight, having seen him showing up before everyone else did. Like Rias, she couldn't help but wonder who he was, having realized the fact that he and his female companion had to be some kind of superpowered ninjas like her former master Shen, but decided to leave the question for later and continue fighting alongside Kai'sa, who was just as impressed as she was by the man's skills and powers in battle.

With the help of the two mysterious couple, the alliance finally got the advantage and started to slowly push the enemies back from the hotel, allowing Grayfia to focus her sole attention on keeping the barriers around the building and the entire town up. At the same time, the Pendragon siblings had also reached the final stage of breaking Loki's control over Fenrir, getting one step closer to being able to subjugate it under their will instead.

"Yes, at this rate, we are going to…" Before Gwen could finish her statement, the ground began to shake violently, as if the whole town was being hit by an earthquake.

Sensing that something was coming toward her from below as cracks started to appear, the hallowed seamstress did not waste any time to dash out of the way, just in time to avoid a giant snake like dragon that burst from the ground and emerged hundreds of meters into the air, breathing fire from its mouth as its roar drew the attention of everyone and caused all the windows in the area to shatter and break instantly. The serpentine dragon then unleashed a breathe of fire at Gwen, forcing the living doll to use her hallowed mist to avoid being burnt to ash.

"Wait, isn't this that Miðgarðsormr dragon who gave us information about Loki?" Akali couldn't help but ask, having eavesdropped the entire conversation Azazel and Naruto had had with the world serpent, known by all as one of the Five Dragon Kings. "Isn't he on our side?"

"We will have time to worry about that later, Akali." Kai'sa said as she maneuvered through Miðgarðsormr's fire breathes and leaped into the air to bombard it with her plasma missiles, sending the dragon reeling while roaring it pain but only for a moment.

Opening its mouth, the dragon prepared to unleash another fire breath at Kai'sa, but Blitzcrank had seen this coming and immediately fired his right hand at her, grabbing the daughter of the void in midair and pulling her toward him, getting her out of harm way before Miðgarðsormr's fire attack could reach her.

"Thanks, Blitz." Kai'sa said, nodding her head gratefully to the steam golem as he put her down, while Yasuo, Gwen and Akali charged toward Miðgarðsormr with the masked man.

Though, before any of them could land an attack on the dragon king, Kuoh town was once again shaken, this time by an explosion in the air that forced everyone to raise their arms to shield their faces from the shockwave. For those who were fighting on the street, it did not take it long for them to see a pair of red and white blurs falling out of the cloud of smoke in the air and dropping heavily onto the ground, creating two large holes upon impacts and soon revealing themselves to be Vali and Issei, who were both bleeding badly while their dragon armors were broken at several places.

"Fucking hell." Issei cursed as he wiped the blood dripping down from the corner of his mouth while trying to push himself to his feet.

"As expected from a god. Your power is truly on another level, god of mischief." Vali Lucifer murmured with a small smirk as he looked up and saw Loki descending down before Miðgarðsormr, looking relatively much better than both him and Issei even though he had a few wounds on his body.

"So this is the power of the two heavenly dragons of this generation." Loki spoke while gazing down at the people on the street "Such a disappointment."

"Well, sorry for disappointing you, but weren't you the one who just got his ass kicked around by us two as well?" Issei asked, smirking knowingly while gazing up at Loki.

"Believe it however you want, Sekiryuutei, but I am just getting started." With that said, Loki landed on top of a building and outstretched his arms to the side, causing several large portals to appear around him. From them, four more identical Miðgarðsormr emerged, backing their creator up along with the first one while the alliance fighters standing on the ground stared up at them in shock and bewilderment. "Ragnarok has only just begun!"

"Guess that answers your questions, doesn't it?" Kai'sa asked, glancing over to Akali to see the rogue assassin looking back at her in response, before they both readied their weapons along with everyone else as Loki sent the five identical, but smaller clones of the world serpent at them while smirking triumphantly…

… Until a giant Mecha Kingdom Sett mech, being piloted by a certain blond summoner, descended upon them.

End of Chapter 51

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