Summary: Meet Naruto Uzumaki, an eccentric teen with a passion for the MOBA game League of Legend even though he sucked at it. His life was normal until he was introduced to the supernatural world and found out he had an irregular Sacred Gear. So, the problem? How should he fend off Amano Yuuma? With Lucian's relic pistols or Azir's sand soldiers? [Gamer Naruto] [Triple Crossovers] [Harem]

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The League Summoner

Chapter 52

"Hey, summoner, I know that you are busy, but we can really use your help here!"

"I am on my way!"

Naruto spoke to Rakan through the telepathic link between them, at the same time nodding his head to Garen and Lux, having only just finished aiding the Demacians and a battalion of angels defeated a massive wave of enemies before he heard his Ionian champion requesting his assistance.

Without wasting even a second, the blond took off and flew as fast as he could to the north of Kuoh, breaking the sound barrier several times as he traversed the sky of his home town once again, having been moving from one location to another to aid his champions and the forces of the Three Factions in holding back Loki's army from breaching their defenses and flooding into town.

It was during times like this that Naruto wished he could create clones of himself to be at multiple places and doing multiple things at the same time.

Recently, Evelynn had been cooking up a sex joke and telling it to everyone. It was about how she believed he would need the ability to create corporeal and actual clones of himself if he wanted to handle the increasing number of girls in his harem every night.

Although a sleeping arrangement was currently being made by Ravel and it would be upheld by none other than Grayfia herself to make sure that he would still have time to sleep properly every night, Naruto knew that he had to tone down his bedroom activities with the girls himself or else he would be in serious trouble.

Regardless, as ridiculously lewd as Evelynn had always tried to make the clone idea to be, Naruto knew that there were some actual benefits to the ability to create clones of himself, especially in battles like this one. His summoning ability made him a one man army, but while each of his champion could fight really well being the finest warriors of Runeterra, they needed him to be around to remove their universal limits and unlock their full potential, using his own demonic power as the fuel for their multiversal forms after they had merged with him.

Naruto had no idea if there were any clone technique out there that would allow him to create corporeal copies of himself with all of the abilities of his Sacred Gear, but if there was, he would love nothing more than to learn it… so that he could help his allies win large scale battles like this easier, and not use it for sex like what Evelynn had been suggesting.

"There he is!"

Rakan, the Charmer, shouted in relief when he heard a sonic boom and looked up just as Naruto landed on the ground beside him and his lover Xayah, the Rebel, skidding his feet on the ground as he crashed into a small army of Draugr and dark elves surrounding the two Vastayan champions like a meteor with his entire body emitting the fire of Ornn.

The moment that he stopped, Naruto instantly swung his left wing to the side and unleashed a barrage of icy feathers at the Draugr charging at him and his two champions, killing them all almost instantly. Gathering the divine lightning of Volibear into the palm of his right hand, Naruto then slammed it into the ground beneath him and unleashed a mini lightning storm into the ground, blowing an area in front of him and annihilating a group of dark elves before summoning a massive bolt of lightning down to strike a giant war beast of the dark elves, killing it instantly before generating an explosion powerful enough to send all those nearby flying.

From above, a group of six dark elves then fired energy mines from the tips of their spears at Naruto, making the blond raise both of his cryophoenix wings in front of him to block them.

Before his wings could fully close and form a shield, however, Rakan had already flown to Naruto and used his golden wing like cloak to generate a shield around them both, protecting his young summoner from the bursts of blinding energy generated from the mines when they detonated.

The moment that the explosions ended, Xayah leaped over the two and rapidly threw her feather daggers at them, killing three dark elves on the spot. The other three were able to dodge, but the moment that they turned their attention to the female Vastayan, Xayah recalled her feather daggers, causing them to stop in midair and flying back to her, piercing the dark elves through their chests before returning to their owner.

Gracefully catching her weapons in her hands, Xayah opened her wings and unleashed even more feather daggers in rapid succession into the air, bringing down another group of dark elves that came flying at them with their weapons at the ready while leaving the ones on the ground to Naruto and Rakan as they joined her in pushing back the rest of the enemies from the area, the three of them not stopping until it was clear.

"You guys alright?" Naruto asked hurriedly while looking around "Where are the others? Did you guys get separated?"

"Not unwillingly. We noticed this group trying to sneak past the perimeter so we separated ourselves from the others to deal with them. Turns out they were more than a handful for us. These mindless creatures are more organized than we anticipated." Xayah answered after she had recalled her feathers, making Naruto nod his head in understanding, not feeling surprised by her decision to split up from the other Ionians, especially when Zed was among them. "Plus, you know we work better together, and not with anyone else."

"And we are fine, thank you for coming." Rakan grinned, giving Naruto a thumbs up.

Before the blond could say anything to the two Lhotlan Vastayans, the ground beneath his feet shook violently, as if the entire town was being hit by an earthquake, or something huge were tearing through the earth and traveling toward the center of the town.

"What the heck is that!?" Rakan exclaimed in surprise and almost dramatically when a gigantic snake-like dragon, the first clone of Midgardsormr, emerged hundreds of meters into the air at the area near the hotel where the meeting between the Norse and Shinto gods were taking place.

Before Naruto could wonder what Midgardsormr was doing there, unaware of the fact that it was a clone of the world serpent created by Loki, his eyes widened in surprise when he saw it fighting Kai'sa, who bombarded the creature with her plasma missiles before she was joined by the other champions.

Another series of explosions were then heard, sending the entire Kuoh town rumbling once again, and it was then that the league summoner saw a red and white armored figures, Issei and Vali, falling from the sky and landing on the street not too far from where his friends were, with Loki emerging from the cloud sooner after as he floated down to face the allied force.

"Go, summoner!" Xayah spoke hurriedly to Naruto, who gritted his teeth when he realized that their plan to keep Loki busy with the combined powers of two heavenly dragons until Ahri and her team finished breaking his control over Fenrir had failed, as his Gumiho champion had yet to inform him of their success "We will be fine here. Go!"

Nodding, Naruto shot into the air just in time to see four more identical Midgardsormr emerging from the portals that appeared around Loki. Guessing that they were clones of the original Midgardsormr, Naruto wasted no more time to fly there while trying to think of the best way to defeat them. He could try to ask Aurelion Sol for another fragment of his powers, but he doubted he would have enough time before those five Midgardsormr started to cause some serious, irreversible damage.

The idea, however, came to him when his eyes caught a glimpse of a certain half Vastayan champion casually smashing a group of Draugr with his bare knuckles not too far from him

"Sett, get ready!"

What, kid?! I am busy here!

Speaking to his champion through the telepathic link between them, Naruto wasted no time to summon Sett and donned him in his mecha kingdom skin, giving him a robotic appearance before immediately activating his Balance Breaker – Multiverse Transcendences.

After the Avalon had grown to his full size, Naruto wasted no time to climb into the control cockpit and activated the two rocket thrusters on his back, launching the 150 feet tall mech into the air when he jumped and dropping down in front of Rias and the others while using the thrusters to reduce the force of his landing before standing straight up, standing protectively in front of his friends and allies while facing Loki and his mini world serpents.

"Evelynn, Akali! I need you two to take over for me."

"You got it, bro!"

"Don't lose!"

Emerging from the shadow beside Naruto and replacing him on the control pedestal of MK Sett, Evelynn called after her summoner as he flew out of the Avalon at full speed and launched himself at Loki, whose godly reaction allowed him to create a shield and block his lightning punch just before it could come in contact with his face.

"Ah yes, the league summoner himself." Loki said smugly as he knocked the blond back by pushing his shield outwards. "I was wondering where you had run off to, considering your tendency to stick your nose in other people's businesses."

With that said, he summoned a vast amount of magic circles, surrounding Naruto with them before the blond could react. At once, he activated them all, sending blasts of elemental magic at the blond, who was forced to maneuver as fast as he could in the air to dodge them.

At the same time, a great battle broke out between the allied force and the five world serpents. Controlling Mecha Kingdom Sett, Evelynn and Akali were able to fend off two Midgardsormr at the same time, acting as a giant shield in front of the hotel while the other champions of the League, tenants of the Uzumaki Household such as Gwen and Yasuo, fought against one themselves, leaving the last two to Rias and the others, who joined force to send everything that they got at the clones of the dragon king Midgardsormr.

"Two Heavenly Dragons… devils…. Angels…. Fallen angels… beings from another world and their summoner… This era sure has gotten complicated." Loki said, increasing the number of magic circles around Naruto, giving him no chance to make a counter attack at him as he gathered his magic power "No matter. This is Ragnarok. It is time to end this."

With that said, a giant magic circle appeared on the sky and spread out across the entire town, causing a tremendous pressure to fall upon every individual currently fighting inside Kuoh as a powerful bluish aura flared around Loki's body.

"That spell! No! If he unleashes that spell, then this whole town will be…" Rossweisse shouted before looking at her allies, who wasted no time to start setting up their defensive spell "Everyone! Protect yourself! Loki is going to unleash his strongest attack!"

"Gwen!" Naruto shouted, ignoring the blast of magic that hit his back when he turned around to shout at the Hallowed Seamstress, who nodded her head to him in understanding. Quickly running over to where Fenrir was being restrained, the blue haired doll girl unleashed a tremendous amount of hallowed mist from her body, and engulfed the giant wolf along with Ahri and the group working to break Loki's control over the beast within it, preventing the incoming spell from hitting them as they continued their works.

"Too late!" Loki shouted victoriously before Naruto could reach him, unleashing the spell he had been preparing from the start while holding up his other hand to fire a blast of magic at Naruto at point blank range.

Knowing that he would not be able to dodge in time, Naruto kept on pushing forward, hoping to stop Loki before he could fully unleash his spell even though he also knew that it was too late. His eyes then widened in surprise, but not because of the giant blue meteor emerging from the giant magic circle on the sky above him, but because of the tri pronged kunai that then flew past his head.

The masked man who had been helping Rias and the others suddenly appeared above Naruto in a flash of yellow, grabbing him by his collar before teleporting him out of harm's way, dropping him on the ground beside his companion before disappearing again with the same insane speed that he had shown previously. At the same time, the giant meteor fully emerged from the magic circle and descended upon Kuoh town within a pillar of bluish energy, turning the whole sky white with the ground shaking violently under the pressure of its power.

Everyone waited and waited, but the impact never came.


Faster than the eyes could blink, the pressure disappeared along with the giant meteor on the sky, leaving everyone, including Loki himself, completely speechless.

"It… it vanished!" Akali said, gasping in shock at what she had just witnessed with Evelynn inside MK Sett.

"Woah!" Naruto could only gasp in amazement as the masked man reappeared in front of him and picked up the kunai that he had put on the ground in front of the blond. He did not know how – it had been too bright for him to see anything, but he knew that it was the masked man who had saved them all, teleporting the meteor away before it could even reach the town.

"You… what did you do?" Loki asked, snarling angrily as he looked down at them.

"I teleported your spell somewhere it would not be able to hurt anyone."

Calmly, the masked man replied, as his companion stepped forward and turned around to offer Naruto her hand. Grinning, the summoner of the league took it, allowing her to pull him to his feet while warm, a strange but pleasant feeling as he looked at the two of them, having the feeling that he knew them in person, but couldn't quite place his fingers around it.

Knowing that he would have time to think about that later, Naruto snapped his attention back to Loki, as the evil god of mischief prepared another spell to unleash upon them. This time, however, he did not have the time to do it, as the masked man reached his hand out and grabbed Naruto by his shoulder, teleporting them both behind Loki and allowing Naruto to send his flaming fist at the back of his head, sending him flying down toward the masked woman, who instantly shot her hand out and grabbed the evil god by his face before he could touch the ground to slam him down, head first, breaking the ground beneath her feet and leaving Loki in a giant crater.

The Midgardsormr clones slithered toward her, carving up trenches in their wakes as they came to aid their creator, who broke free from the woman's grip with a blast of magic and shot into the air. Before the world serpents could attack, Xenovia, Kiba, Gwen and Yasuo descended down upon them, stabbing their weapons into their scales, causing the giant monsters to roar in pain and anger and twist their bodies, throwing them all away but not before they had already done some serious damages, allowing the others to unleash another combined assault of magical power upon them, with Baraquiel and Akeno combining their holy lightning to strike down a serpent.

"Give up, Loki!" Naruto shouted as he punched Loki square in the face, sending the evil god crashing into an entire building before he could catch himself with an angry snarl. "Look around you! You are already losing!"

"Shut up! You think a mortal like you can actually best a god in battle?" Loki gritted his teeth in anger and unleashed another barrage of spells at Naruto, making him fly in a zigzag to dodge before gathering both fire and lightning of the two gods of Freljord around his fist as he shot toward Loki at full speed.

Even though Loki was able to react to his speed just like last time, the masked man teleported Naruto behind him before his spell could hit the blond, allowing Naruto to throw his empowered punch into his back before joining him with an orb of swirling energy. At once, the two powers collided, combining together to unleash a tornado of lightning and fire that sent Loki spinning while flying forward, crashing through an entire block of buildings before ending up crashing into the ground several meters away.

A Midgardsormr broke free from Gwen's needles and threads prison and slithered its way toward its creator, but Naruto had already summoned another champion of his onto the battlefield, whom then enlarged himself to the size of an entire building with his Fury of the Sands and struck the world serpent clone with his war axe, slamming it into the nearby building before beheading it with a roar.

Loki, who was crawling on the ground, could only gaze up in fear at the gigantic jackal-headed god warrior Nasus, whose appearance greatly resembled that of the Egyptian god of the death, Anubis himself, as he stood towering over him and casting an imposing shadow upon his helpless form, his battle axe radiating a purple aura.

His eyes then widened in shock and terror, when he heard the sound of thunder crackling in the sky and felt a tremendous amount of power. He snapped around and looked up, expecting to see Thor arriving and striking him down with Mjolnir, but his face was struck the full might of another lightning hammer instead, as Naruto descended upon him with the weapon of Thunder Lord Ornn in his hand.

A bolt of thunder then struck the evil god, blinding everyone on the battlefield and nearly deafening them all with a thunderous crash.

When it finally died out, Loki was left lying in a crater, unconscious with his body smoking and his face bleeding badly along with several of his teeth, which appeared to have been knocked out of his jaws when Naruto struck him with Ornn's lightning hammer.

"Yeah, I think I can." Naruto said, as the lightning hammer in his hand started to slowly revert back to its original flaming form.

The blond then looked at Nasus and nodded his head gratefully to the jackal headed ascended, who put a fist on his chest and lowered his head to Naruto before disappearing, returning to Runeterra. With Loki's defeat, it did not take long for Ahri and the other champions to inform him that Fenrir had been freed from its creator's control and the portals across the entire town had begun to close, as the enemies had started to retreat after the defeat of their commander.

And with that, Ragnarok was over.

End of Chapter 52

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