Summary: Meet Naruto Uzumaki, an eccentric teen with a passion for the MOBA game League of Legend even though he sucked at it. His life was normal until he was introduced to the supernatural world and found out he had an irregular Sacred Gear. So, the problem? How should he fend off Amano Yuuma? With Lucian's relic pistols or Azir's sand soldiers? [Gamer Naruto] [Triple Crossovers] [Harem]

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The League Summoner

Chapter 53

In a flash of light, Naruto summoned the neon Ducati Panigale V4 that belonged to K/DA all-out Akali before him.

"Bro, you gotta teach me how to ride this thing again soon." The rogue assassin herself whistled as she pushed past him to rush over to the bike and examine it in fascination, making Naruto sweat drop while chuckling nervously to himself.

The last time he tried to teach her how to drive just in case she ever needed to ride it for the K/DA's music videos, Akali had crashed it so hard into a wall that the safety measure of his Sacred Gear activated itself and sent her straight back to Runeterra. When asked why she did not jump off as she had the skill and not to mention more than enough reflex to do so, Akali told him it was too cool and fun for her to let go of the handlebars.

Her second attempt also did not end that much better, leaving the studio currently in charge of the band to use CGI to do her driving sequence in their music videos after Evelynn and Ahri both shut down the idea of her driving the bike.

"So you can crash yourself into a wall again?"

Before Naruto could do it, Ahri appeared and replied to Akali, making the rogue assassin roll her eyes while the summoner himself grinned and nodded his head to Ahri in agreement. If anything, he believed his nine tailed fox champion should be the one to drive. She and Evelynn were both good at it, although the demon diva seemed to be preferring cars over motorcycles, having a goal to fill up a garage with the fanciest sports cars in the whole world.

Considering her current paycheck, and all the modeling and advertising contracts she and the rest of the K/DA had been getting, the day that she got her first car was actually not that far away into the future. To think that a few months ago she was still borrowing his credit card to buy a dildo…

"Hey, it was not that bad." Akali reasoned, making Ahri giggle softly in amusement before handing Naruto the toolbox, allowing the blond to start removing the neon lights inside the wheels temporarily while his champions sat back and watched.

Although he was not an expert mechanic and nowhere near as good as the likes of Heimerdinger or even himself when merging with the Yordle professor, he had been playing around with machines and gears enough to have a basic knowledge of how to at least take things apart and put them back together.

Not that he would need to put the lights back into the wheels later because he could just resummon a brand-new bike. His Sacred Gear was just that awesome.

In the end, it still took Naruto twenty minutes to remove the front wheel from the whole frame so he could start taking off the neon lights inside, double checking to make sure he did not break it or miss anything before putting it back to do the same thing for the rear wheel, which he was able to do faster. Fortunately for the young summoner of the league, he made it just in time.

"Ara, there you are, Naruto-kun."

Just as Naruto returned from the bathroom after washing his hands, he saw Akeno standing near the bike and chatting with Ahri and Akali while waiting for him, cladded in a white, buttoned up shirt with long sleeves and a pair of form fitting, dark blue jeans.

Her hair was also left cascading down her back from her usual ponytail, with a few strands resting over her shoulders and an orange ribbon on the side of her head, making her look not just breathtakingly beautiful, but adorable just like any normal teenage girl on their first date.

"Oh wow…" Naruto gasped in amazement, feeling his cheeks heating up when he saw Akeno looking at him with a soft smile "You look amazing, Akeno-san."

"Thank you, Naruto-kun." She beamed, not giggling in amusement like she normally did as Naruto had expected her to – but not that he had any problem with it.

"Is that a new ribbon?" He asked, remembering that her old ribbon had been torn during the fight against Loki and his Draugr army. He had wanted to buy her a new one today, but after seeing Baraquiel trying to give it to her a few days back, he no longer had the intention.

"Ah yes, this is… a gift from my father. He gave it to me yesterday." Akeno said, unsurely at first but she had a fond smile on her face the whole time. Fighting side by side with each other, with Baraquiel going out of his way to protect Akeno from getting hurt even slightly, had really brought them closer than ever before.

"It suits you… and not because of the color, by the way." He added, making Akeno giggle softly while standing nearby, Akali was holding her stomach with one hand and trying her best not to laugh, making Naruto scoff quietly at her.

"So, shall we?"

"Yes." Naruto grinned and walked toward her, noticing his parents approaching to see them off. If anything, the two looked to be even more excited for the day than they were, having been waiting for it all week.

"Make sure to bring her back before eleven, son." Minato also said as he patted Naruto proudly on the shoulder, making the blond roll his eyes at his father, but smile and nod his head to him regardless before getting onto the bike.

At the same time, Ahri and Akali were joined by Rias and the others as they surrounded Akeno and wished for her to have the best time with Naruto. Evelynn was also there to assure them all that their turns to have the same experience with him would soon come with all the challenges that she had been preparing for the next Uzumaki dating contest, which made Naruto feel slightly worried. He could only hope that whatever she was cooking up, it would not embarrass him like the last one with all the questions about him and how bad he was at League.

"Have fun you two!" Kushina said and waved her hand once Akeno had made herself comfortable behind Naruto with her arms wrapping tightly around his waist, allowing the blond to drive them out of the gate which was opened for them by Blitzcrank, who had Yasuo standing next to him with a pleasant smile on his face and a cup of tea in his hand.

"You did not forget to bring protection, did you, bro?"


"Wow, even I would not say that so blatantly, you know."

"Huh? So that movie was wrong then. Dully noted."

Chuckling to himself while hearing Akeno giggling heartily in amusement behind her helmet, Naruto did not waste any more time to start the engine of his bike and drove down the streets of Kuoh, which had been fully rebuilt only a couple of days after the battle against Loki and his army. At this point, Naruto no longer felt surprised when he went to bed one night and woke up the next morning finding the town fully restored to exactly how it had been before, allowing its townspeople to return to their normal daily life as if the literal end of the world had nearly happened.

In the aftermath of Ragnarok, the meeting between the Norse and Shinto gods had also ended successfully, signaling the start of a new era for the divine side of the world. It would only be a matter of time before the other Pantheons followed their example, with the Greek gods of Olympus already contacting Odin for a meeting. Likewise, with Loki being captured and locked up under several layers of seals by Rossweisse and the Valkyries themselves, the Jotnar had lost their coconspirator and retreated back to their home world Jotunheim, having also failed to invade Asgard as it was fiercely defended by its army and Thor.

Naruto himself had also never felt better, having finally made a full recovery a couple of days after the battle. While he still needed to receive the lifeforce treatment regularly from Kuroka, Ahri and Koneko to restore the lost years of his life, he no longer had to take other medications and could start pushing his body to its limit again during training to prepare for the incoming match against Sairaorg, who appeared to be just as excited to face him after hearing that he had taken down a god in Loki.

There were a lot of things that they still need to worry about, however. There was also the problem of the two masked strangers, who left immediately after the battle ended because Naruto could even thank them. Apparently, they were the same people who had fought to save him, so he owed them twice now for coming to his help.

For some reason, Naruto also could not help but feel that there was just something so familiar about them.

"You still have those tickets?"

"Yes, I do, Naruto-kun." Akeno giggled before she asked him in a playful tone, "You are not looking forward to seeing the Arcane premiere show than spending time with me, are you?"

"I mean,…" Naruto joked with a shrug of his shoulders, making Akeno slap his back playfully before they both laughed. It did not take it long for the two to make their first stop at a local shopping mall, where Naruto took his girlfriend of the day to a number of clothing stores to buy her some new clothes.

Surprisingly enough, Akeno did not suggest them to stop by the lingerie store as Naruto had thought she would, showing him a side that he had never seen before that making her look just like any girl around her age as she skipped ahead of him and indulged herself in the blissful experience of her first date with him.

At noon, Naruto brought Akeno to a restaurant with a breathtaking view of the town to have lunch with her before heading to Kuoh amusement park to have some fun playing a number of games and riding the roller coaster. Afterwards, they visited a souvenir shop where Naruto bought a bunch of gifts for her, and then stopped at a café to wait out the remaining time together.

And as the sun began to set, the moment that they had both been waiting for came, with Naruto obviously being the one who could barely contain his excitement. Putting the bags of clothing and souvenirs away with a simple storing spell, Naruto drove Akeno to the largest mall in Kuoh to go to its movie theater, which was already crowded with couples and groups going out for a movie night like them.

However, Naruto did not have a shred of doubt that Akeno was the most beautiful of them all. The girl immediately caused heads to turn and jaws to drop the moment that they walked out of the elevator together while holding hands, making Naruto feel like the luckiest guy in the world at that moment.

"Akeno, check this out!" Naruto called while grinning excitedly, waving his hand at Akeno as he picked up the fake Mercury Hammer that was put in front of the poster of Arcane just outside the movie theater for the fans, making the girl giggle heartily in response before bringing out her phone and taking a picture of him doing a heroic pose with it.

After that, the two wasted no time to check in and head over to the concession stand to buy a big couple combo of popcorn and soft drinks to enjoy during the show and then headed into the dimly lit theater, finding their seats at the very top where other couples soon started to settle in.

Once the previews concluded and all light in the theater was turned off, the room fell into a hushed silence as the first episode of Arcane began to play, bringing the story of Piltover and Zaun along with their related champions and characters to life before their eyes – with no one more invested and excited for it than Naruto himself.


"Man… that was really something else! I cannot believe that actually happened." Naruto groaned to the world as he and Akeno went for a walk, having been spending the past few minutes discussing all that they had watched together. Because it was the world premiere of the show, only the first three episodes were shown and Naruto would have to wait till next week to see what was going to happen next on television

"So the next three episodes will be out next Sunday, right?" Akeno asked with a soft smile to him, making Naruto nod his head in confirmation "We can host a watch party at home for everyone to watch together."

"Great idea." Naruto grinned, nodding his head in agreement with Akeno before musing while rubbing his chin in a thoughtful manner. "Still, I wonder if those events actually happened to Vi and the others or if it was entirely fictional. I mean… it would really suck if we are actually looking into their past and their private stuff without their consent."

"You can ask them when we return, no?" Akeno asked, making Naruto nod his head again. He had seen some noticeable differences between the show and the lore of the champions of Piltover and Zaun, which was what his Sacred Gear had based upon when it created them and the world of Runeterra.

Till that day, Naruto still had little idea how his Sacred Gear worked when it came to its world building function. Like for example, he could start summoning a new champion the moment that they were released in the game, even though they had always been there in Runeterra. One could argue that the reason he could not summon them before was because the Institute had not acknowledged them as a champion of the League yet, but the day that they did always happen to be the very moment that the champions became available in the game.

Thinking about it always made his head hurt, which got worse if he tried to get Heimerdinger to help him with all the theories that the Yordle professor could come up with. He did try it before, and even someone who had multiple theories about Runeterra Arsenal like Azazel could not comprehend some of them.

"Ara, it is ten thirty already?" Akeno asked with a soft smile as she looked at the nearby clock tower and noticed the time "Guess it's almost time for us to head back."

"Yeah. I can summon the bike and drive us back right now if you want." Naruto suggested, although he knew he would summon a new bike with fully functioning neon lights, which he had removed from the current one to avoid drawing attention and making people think that he was some street thugs with customized bikes going out for an illegal race.

"We can walk back. I don't mind." Akeno shrugged her shoulders and replied to him, making them turn around and start making their way back to where Naruto had left his bike. "Naruto-kun… thank you for today. I had a lot of fun with you."

"You are welcome, Akeno-san." The blond grinned, turning his head to look at the beautiful young woman walking next to him for a moment before coming to a stop to slowly lean toward her, making Akeno smile and do the same, allowing their lips to meet in a loving yet passionate kiss.

After a moment, the two parted away, allowing Akeno to flash him a beaming, beautiful smile before she rested her head as they continued to walk back to their bike while enjoying each other's company.

League Summoner

"There. That should do it." Naruto said as he plugged a long cable into the Hextech machine that Heimerdinger and Azazel had been working on for month in the basement of his home, using the training room to avoid any unnecessary damage to the rest of the house "Are you sure this is going to work, professor, sensei?"

"Yes, yes, yes, I have done all the calculations, my young apprentice. This will work just as we want it to." The Yordle professor answered as he hopped onto the machine and carefully placed the hextech crystal inside using the mechanic hand that came out of his hair.

"I mean… What's the worst that can happen if we fail, right? This whole town blowing up and we end up killing everyone but her?" Azazel asked with a humorous chuckle with a gesture of his head to Ophis, who was sitting nearby playing video games on a Nintendo switch console, causing both Naruto and Heimerdinger to turn their heads and look tastelessly at him

"I am joking. Geez, relax. We have been working on this project for months now. It will work."

"Ugh… why do I have a bad feeling about this?" Yuumi asked while floating beside Naruto on Book, making Ahri to her in agreement.

"Alright, put this on and give this to Ophis." Azazel said, handing Naruto two bracelets with cables connecting to the machine as the Hextech crystal inside began to power it up. He put one on his left wrist, and gave the other to Ophis after she had walked to him, taking her eyes off the game that she was playing for only a brief second to put the bracelet on.

"So now, we just need to follow as we planned, right?" He asked, glancing at Yuumi as she hurriedly flew over to hide behind a magic barrier that was being held up by Rias and Akeno, who were standing with their group. At the same time, a larger, and far stronger barrier was being prepared around them by Grayfia, Rossweisse, Le Fay and Kuroka, who were in charge of containing the damage if the machine exploded, which was the most likely scenario that could happen.

"Yes, my young apprentice." Heimerdinger answered as he jumped down and brought out a remote control with one big red button from his hair. "Do not stop unless we tell you two to do so."

"I understand, professor."

"Ophis, do you remember how much power that you gave Naruto for him to summon and maintain his robots?" Ophis nodded her head in response to the question asked by Azazel, who picked up a tablet that displayed the live data of the machine "Make sure you don't go any stronger than that. This machine is just a prototype, so there is no guarantee that it can handle your power at a higher level."

"Alright." The Ouroboros dragon god answered.

"Very well then, let us begin! Is everyone ready?" Heimerdinger asked, and after receiving the confirmations from the ones currently holding up the barriers protecting everyone else, he started counting down before pressing the button on the control, turning their machine on.

Instantly, Naruto activated his summoning power, causing a large magic circle to appear on the floor of the training room. At the same time, Ophis began to channel her own power into the machine, which then distributed some to Naruto, causing the summoning magic circle on the floor to glow even brighter than before, causing those who were watching to raise their hands and shield their eyes from the light.

"Heimer, we are at 100 percent power." Azazel informed them over the loud, rumbling noises that were currently being made by the Hextech machine.

"Good! Naruto, use his powers!" Heimer instructed, and Naruto instantly unleashed the power that he had been given just a moment ago, causing the entire training room to start shaking under its pressure. At the same time, his eyes began to glow an ethereal blue light, while his arms and legs from the elbows and knees down to darken and take on the appearance of the night sky, with glistening stars and constellations.

"Mr. Azazel!" Heimerdinger shouted and Azazel instantly slammed his fist onto a button on the side of the machine, which was emitting large clouds of smoke as it started to get overloaded with an overwhelming amount of powers from both Naruto and Ophis. Despite this, it did not explode and continued working as they had intended, drawing the celestial power within Naruto to allow a small form to start appearing on the spot of the summoning magic circle where his champion normally appeared when Naruto summoned them.

"I AM FREE!" The Star Forger himself, Aurelion Sol, thundered dramatically the moment that he fully took shape, immediately taking off to float above Naruto and Ophis as several stars and suns appeared and started flying around his body in circles. "Behold my power, mortals!"

"Uh… can you fly down now?" Naruto asked with a forced laugh, making Aurelion Sol look down at him but did not move from his spot as he continued to float above them. It was at that moment the mighty celestial dragon realized that the world around him was not as small as what he had gotten used to. "Sorry, but this is the best that we can do for you for the time being to give you a form of freedom without pissing off the lots on Targon. I am sure that you will find yourself enjoying your time here more than…"

"So you shrink me to the size of a dog, move me from one prison world to another, and you call it freedom? Interesting take, summoner." Aurelion asked, interrupting Naruto as he took a look at his hand, closing his eyes for a second before saying while rubbing his chin with a thoughtful expression. "Hmm, I can still feel myself in Runeterra, looking down at those who have robbed me of my duty."

"Why yes. You are here but actually not here. We basically combine your power and Naruto…"

"Be silent, rat!" The celestial dragon snapped, causing the Heimerdinger to jump in fear and hide behind Naruto, who was actually relieved by the fact that the celestial dragon did not look angry with the fact that he was currently the size of a husky.

Smirking slyly, Aurelion Sol then glanced over to Ophis and raised an eyebrow in curiosity, enough to make him float down to look directly at her. "And you… you are not like the rest of them. Who might you be, little dragon?"

"I am Ophis. Nice to meet you, Aurelion Sol." Ophis greeted politely, extending her hand forward to offer it to Aurelion Sol, who looked a little surprised by her friendliness and lack of fear toward him.

"She is a dragon god just like you." Naruto spoke up, making the celestial dragon glance over to him for a second before immediately turning his attention back to Ophis. His logic of summoning Aurelion Sol into his world was simple.

If he could make a Dragon God enjoy her time with him, then he might be able to do the same to one that was celestial.

Finally, after a moment, the Star Forger extended his hand forward and took Ophis' hand into his own to shake it, making all those who were watching the interaction between the two gasp in astonishment, while Naruto let out a breath that he did not know he was holding.

It seemed things would get a whole lot more interesting from now on.

End of chapter 53

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