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Chapter 1: The abduction of Asia Argento


That was what Issei felt the most before he met, what he would consider an angel, Asia. He wasn't born in any special family nor was he rich, currently, in his youth, he is known for being a pervert and yes, he did enjoy doing lewd things, but it was merely just a facade to shield how he truly felt.

It all began one midnight in his innocence. It was way past his bedtime when he had gone to play an exciting game of hiding and seek with his first-ever real friend, Irina Shido.

The forest was in perfect condition that night, it was quiet, cool, and undisturbed until a fire happened out of nowhere. At that time, Issei was just a six-year-old, all he could do was cower and hide somewhere as the flames consumed everything around him.

After he had felt that the presence of the fire had vanished, he went to check on Irina, and as they say, good things aren't perpetual, he had come too late as what was in front of him was Irina burnt to a crispt.

That was the first time he knew he had to say goodbye to someone he truly loved and wanted to spend forever with.

As the years went by, he had blamed himself for what happened to Irina. He was naturally a friendly person but sometimes it was a challenge finding others he could bond with as the fear of losing them would take over. Just like how he lost Irina.

It wasn't until his second year of middle school, where he finally found this special girl whom he deemed as everlasting, and honestly, it was just a fluke. It was a boring day for him as usual when he had met a priest carrying a girl his age. Of course, he thought it was innocent at first but by the priest's suspicious behavior, it didn't take him long to find out that the unfortunate girl was being abused. Though, it didn't prevent him from rescuing her from an unjust life.

That moment was when he came to the apprehension that he wasn't as average as he thought he was. He had an abnormal strength within him, after all, it was how he was able to stop that... despicable priest. He didn't know what that power was but it didn't matter because he used it for good.

That girl who he saved was non-other than Asia Argento who as of now, has been living with Issei and his parents for about two years. Issei has been happy ever since but his power had lain dormant to the point where he had barely any recognition of it.

As of now, Issei and Asia were standing at the gate of the Hyoudou residence saying their goodbyes to Issei's parents who were about to leave for a long-awaited trip overseas.

Issei was dressed in his school uniform which was a long-sleeved black blazer and matching pants and Asia, a white top, and a black skirt. They were both second-years attending the same high school.

"I wish you a grand time on your trip Mr. and Mrs. Hyoudou!" shouted Asia who was waving happily.

"Asia-san, it's about time you started calling me mother by now," said Mrs. Hyoudou who was dragging her suitcase out to the gate.

"I-I'm sorry," Asia stammered, "It's just that I'm still not used to it after all these years, yet."

Her face reddened at that, she lived with them for about two years. There was no mother nor father in her memories, no close relative or friend she had grown up with. Before she had met Issei, her life was... unstable at the very least and she had longed for the feeling of calling someone mother, but somehow it just felt unnatural to call Issei's mother that.

"It's alright, sweety." Issei's mother replied happily.

She then tilted over to Issei who was leaning against the post feeling happy. He felt good about himself that his parents had trusted him enough to leave Asia under his protection for a whole month.

"You take care of her, after all, she will be your wife soon, right?" his mother said with narrowed eyes and a grin.

"Mom!" he yelled as his face got a bit red.

His mother just simply giggled and ran to the car her husband had been waiting for her in.

"Haaaaaaaaa," Issei sighed dryly, "What is it with her? I bet it's that trip she's going on that's got her all piped-up."

As he said that, he noticed Asia had her head down and looked a bit sad too. Issei then smiled in correlation to her expression, getting the feeling he knows what's up.

"Don't worry, they'll just be gone for one month, I promise I'll take care of you."

Asia looked up at Issei with a paper-thin smile.

"Oh, it's not that and I know that I'll be fine under your care, it's just... I just feel a bit under the weather today. That's all."

"Oh, in that case, don't forget this... " he took out a necklace with a green cross from his pocket and neatly put it around Asia's neck, "You never forget this, do you?"

Asia was startled by this as her face got extremely red at Issei's hands around her neck.

"O-oh, thank you." She stuttered as the necklace was perfectly placed around her neck that the cross glimmered when the sun had touched it.

Issei then smiled mischievously at her.

"Wait... if you're sick we can use that as an excuse to not go to school today, right?" he said excitedly.

"N-no, we can't abandon school just because of some foolish illness, plus you're not sick so that plan won't work!" she rebuked while waving her hands in rejection.

"Ah, you're right, let's head to school, plus we're already late."

After saying that, Asia gave him a worried look which he didn't notice, she proceeded with her thoughts,

'Good, he doesn't know anything it's better like that, I'll just put him in more danger if he does.'

As they waved goodbye to their parents who drove away something peered at them from the roof of the house. It had narrowed blue eyes and the body of a bird-like creature. The small bird watched the two teens with interest in its eyes.

"Everything is going according to plan, my lord," It said to its self then disappeared in a swarm of flames.

Both Issei and Asia were unaware they were being watched through Issei felt something slightly wrong in the atmosphere, he continued on his way, thinking it's just the weather.

The day had gone on as usual so far, it was now the third period, which meant gym session for Issei, it was supposed to be the worst part of his day as the coach would make him do the most strenuous exercises which had always broken down his body. luckily for him though, he had dodged the class and is now sitting on a bench sheltered by a tree with the only guys in MANAGARI HIGH, that didn't care for their reputation hanging with him, Matsuda and Motohama.

Issei had his head held down. He was contemplating on something. It was Asia's behavior during previous classes. She was quiet and withdrawn and when Issei would look at her there was just this vague feeling of unease. More than that, she didn't even touch her food during lunch. It was obvious that something wasn't right with her.

Just as Issei pondered about her, a large shadow was cast over him. He raised his head to see a guy with low-cut hair looking vex and irritated.

"Yo, Issei-Kun, watcha thinkin' about?" he asked mockingly.

"Ah, oh no, it's nothing," Issei replied nervously, "Hey, I think we should head back to gym before the coach gets pissed, don't you think?"

"Pssh! I bet he was busy thinking about Asia." The boy on the right in glasses spoke.

"What the hell, Motohama, where'd that come from, huh?!" he yelled at him knowing he was a hundred percent correct.

"Ise, you lucky bastard, you think we haven't heard the rumors about how you're hitting it off with Asia-san every night!" shouted Matsuda who slowly walked up to him, cracking his knuckles.

"That's a lie, I'm a virgin just like the rest of you idiots, so settle down before you get even balder, Matsuda."

'And if anything you're the one's spreading that damn rumor'

Matsuda immediately got offended and swung a fist at Issei's face. Issei who saw the incoming punch simply tilted to the side. Causing Matsuda to punch the bench instead, and extremely hard too.

Matsuda was trying to hold in his tears after that as he squeezed his fist to numb the pain.

"B-bastard!" he yelled at Issei who was smiling proudly at himself.

Issei wasn't a good fighter by any means, he was just adapted to Matsuda's way of attacking him due to him constantly throwing a punch with his right arm. With that knowledge in mind, he used it to his advantage at times like these.

As he finished that thought he got up and walked away.

"Don't worry, I'll be back," he said waving goodbye with his back turned to Matsuda who was ready to chase him.

It was on the playing field Issei had gone where the girls wore skimpy sportswear and were doing the usual exercises they had been assigned to.

'Ah~ so nice.'

Issei thought that while watching the girls with lecherous eyes then he noticed Asia wasn't there and it wasn't like they had different classes. She wasn't a slacker like him and took school extremely seriously so it was unusual to see her absent. Maybe she was really sick and had gone to the infirmary.

Again, he was wrong as he had gone to check with the school's nurse who didn't mention a thing about Asia. So he was now at the back of the school which was the last place he thought he would find Asia, but at last, he found her standing in her uniform behind the school.

"Asia!" Issei called out as he ran towards her.

Asia had no response as she remained quiet with her arms tucked behind her back.

"Asia!" he called out again, "Are... you okay?"

"O-oh, Issei, I-i'm sorry," she responded, finally realized him.

Issei noticed her body was shaking nervously.

"Asia, I know something is up with you," he came up closer to her and rests his hands on her shoulder, "What's bothering you, I can help you if you want me too, you know that right?"

Asia flinched when his hand went on her shoulder, she stared at his hands with a frightened look. Issei noticed that he might have made her uneasy and let go of her.

"I'm sorry." he apologized while smiling awkwardly.

"No need, it's nothing, I promise, just head back to your class, everything is perfectly fine, Issei," Asia replied with a fake smile she'd usually make whenever Issei questioned her well-being. Now, Issei clearly had enough of her pretense.

"Listen, I know you're lying, you've been doing that ever since mom and dad left, you say you're happy but I know you're not, because if you were really doing fine... you would be wearing your necklace," he said as he pointed towards her chest where the necklace had vanished.

Asia was silent to this revelation as her eyes jumped wide.

"How di-" as she said unfinished, Issei raised the necklace to her face.

"I found it in my bag when I went to check on you earlier," he explained with a worried look on his face.

"Haaa." he sighed softly and then looked at Asia's who was still shocked by this.

"Issei... I'm... so-"

As she went on to apologize, an extremely deadly sound tore through the environment for just a second. The two of them remained quiet until Issei gathered the guts to speak.

"Was that... lightning?" Issei asked.

In the sky, the thick clouds scattered rapidly, revealing a mauve-ish color. Birds who were flapping their wings happily suddenly came to a stop.

Issei stared up ahead with eyes of terror.

"Ah, th-the sky. What's wrong with the sky?"

Issei was transfixed on the strange-looking sky, his eyes were dead set on it for what felt like an eternity that even his eyes began to reflect the sky, he didn't move a muscle while starring. Asia occupied the same expression also but was more aware.

"What's... going on?" he asked.

He then noticed that Asia had stepped back a couple of feet behind him, looking scared.

"H-hey, it's gonna be alright, Asia-san, just stay calm, I'll figure something out!" he said aloud while trying his best to stay positive.

He scanned the area to see if there was a sign of anyone but his surroundings gave no response, he peered into the window of a classroom and saw the students in the midst of writing and reading their textbooks, but were frozen.

'What the hell is going on here? They're all frozen and there's no one to help us... think Issei! What'd I do? First, I have to keep Asia-san safe and then-' His face wore a worried expression at this absurdity.

"Ise, don't worry, I'll be fine, just remember I'll always be by you," Asia said with moist eyes. Was she crying?

"Asia-san, what're you talking about, stop! You're not making sense," he said while squeezing his head in tremendous stress. Asia watched him go through all this and could do nothing but stand and watch.

A high-pitched bird-like scream was then heard from a distance which immediately frightens Asia. She had recognized it.

"Oh no, he's here," she said under her breath.

"Who's here, Asia-san. Tell me," he said as he grabbed onto her.

Asia had a dead expression as she remained silent.

*step* *step* *step*

Issei heard these footsteps and swiftly turned around to see someone dressed in a burgundy suit walking towards them. It was a rather tall man with long blonde hair.

"You know, I wasn't quite certain you'd be so out in the clear... Asia. Oh, you're bolder than I thought... interesting." He said with such an elegant voice though sounding scornful behind it.

Issei's eyes were frozen upon the sight of this peculiar stranger that appeared out of the midst of nowhere. He seemed to be the one causing this strange phenomenon, but how?

'Who is this guy and what does he want with Asia, what should I-


Issei moved in front of Asia, shielding her with his arms extended outward.

"Who are you and what do you want with Asia?! Answer me now or leave," he shouted to the blond-haired man.

The man gave Issei a cold stare through his unkempt bangs.

"Wait... didn't this barrier only work on humans? Unless... " he said to himself before actually noticing Issei, "You there, boy?"

"?!" Issie didn't know how to reply to this. He just allowed his protection for Asia to increase even more.

"WHAT ARE YOU?" he asked in a serious tone while walking towards him. Issei stood there with his feet glued to the ground and staring this man in the eyes. He was terrified but he tried to remain strong in the face of Asia-san.

'I'm not letting another person get taken away from me like last time, not ever.'

"RISER!" shouted someone from above, "Grab the girl and let's go, I can't hold this barrier for long, my magic isn't equipped enough!"

When Issei looked up at that voice, it was a black-haired woman who looked about mid-'20s. She wore a lab coat and was also quite good-looking, but he also noticed something else, she had pointed ears and she was hovering above them with black bat-like wings. She seemed to be controlling time with the magic circles she had held up.

"You're right." Riser agreed. He then vanished and reappeared to where Asia was. He rested his hand on both of her shoulders and pulled her out of Issei's protection.

"Come now, Darling, Riser will take good care of you."

"ASIA!" Issei shouted at the fact she got taken away from him without him even noticing.

He grabbed back onto her.

"Let go of her you freak!" he yelled after Riser.

"'Freak'!" Riser repeated in disgust, "Are you ridiculing me, boy? You know I honestly was just going to take the girl and go, but you pissed me off with your filthy mouth, low classes like you sick me."

He then snapped his finger and something spawned beside him. It started from the bones then organs and then it formed the skin which was thick and dark brown. It materialized into a tall, muscular creature with wings that protruded from its back.

It stood on its two legs as it hovered over Issei with a grim look. It was about 10 feet tall.

"Put it to rest." Riser ordered.

The creature turned its eyes to Issei and swung a big right hook. Issei shielded the incoming blow but it was pointless as he was punched all the way into the walls of the school.

Asia covered her mouth in shock. "I-Issei, " she mumbled while shaking uncontrollably. A hand went on her shoulder.

"We'll be gone now," said Riser with a smile that ended at each corner of his mouth. They then disappeared in a swarm of fire along with the monstrous creature. Even the lady who was controlling time had gone.

Issei laid on top of broken blocks. His face was ruined with scrapes and marks. He struggled to keep his eyes open as a sudden slumber overtook him, when he had managed to stay awake, there was a figure that appeared momentarily.

It was a person in a black coat who stooped down at him.

"Oh... so you're alive, huh?" the stranger said in mere surprise.

"W... who are ... you?" Issei asked weakly. The person then started to fade away.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine." Those were his last words before he completely vanished.

Issei's eyes sprung open to a clear blue sky. It had miraculously gone back to its original state. Issei swiftly sat up. His face looked as if he had just woken up from a long nap however, the scars and scrapes had healed somehow. He didn't know where he was, he glanced in both directions to see his surroundings to be nothing but an open, empty, flat surface.

"AHHHHHHHH!" he screamed to the realization of his actual location. He was on the top of a building, his school's building.

"Finally, you're awake." said a voice in the background. It sounded familiar, like the person that came to him when he was unconscious.

"Who's there!" Issei swiftly turned to that voice that came from behind.

He saw a man who stood carelessly on the edge of the building. If he wasn't careful he could fall any moment. He had black hair with golden bangs and he wore a neat coat that his hands were tucked in. He also had a relaxed face.

"Wh-who are you" Issei stammered at the sight of this unusual person.

"Oh, I forgot, you might not remember me by now."

Issei was confused at what he said. His face didn't ring a bell.

"Am I suppose to remember you?" Issei asked while narrowing his eyes and analyzing his facial features more.

"Nah man, I've never seen you once in my life." He said finally giving up to identify where he'd seen him.

The man felt empty when he said that but he seemed to be one with a level-head so he immediately blew it off.

"See, I knew you wouldn't remember me." he sighed, "Well, in that case, I'll reintroduce myself. I'm Azazel and I'll just go ahead and say this so it's out of the way: I'm a fallen angel who's currently who's on the verge of getting to the bottom of something."

"Wait... a fallen angel?" Issei asked in confusion.

"Good, you're catching on," Azazel responded. As he was about to continue Issei intervened again.

"So if you're a fallen angel, you must've seen the thing that attacked me, right?"

"Hmm," Azazel thought, "I'm pretty confident the thing that attacked you is the cause of dead bodies that's been suddenly appearing. Don't know if you've noticed, but over the period of six months, there's been a total of seven deaths in kuoh. Did you know that?

"What. No, not a clue, why would you ask me that? Up until now, this is the first I've heard about this." Issie replied feeling confused.

"Oh. Is that so?" Azazel asked doubtfully.

He then walked up to Issei and lowered his head, inspecting him. Issei backed up to reassure some distance.

"Hey...don't you think you're a little too close?" Issei said while averting eye contact.

"I can't tell if you're lying or actually aren't aware of the supernatural," Azazel said, "When I found you, you looked like you've been hit pretty hard. A slam like that would've killed a normal person but... it simply put you unconscious. What are you?"

'Why do people keep asking me that, what am I suppose to say

He then looked at Azazel who continued to speak.

"I gotta give it to you, you're pretty special, you know that?" he laughed briefly while saying that, "Luckily for you, I had phoenix tears."

He held up a vial that Issei looked at with interest. The bottle was empty since he had used it on him.

"These things a pretty hard to attain so I don't use them unless it's for an absolutely important reason but you... you caught my interest young man. Anyway, the creature that attacked you isn't from this world. They are an abomination that's been cast away for one very specific reason... They eat humans to sustain a healthy form. Anyone that brings that to the human world certainly wants destruction."

Issei had his head held down. He was worried about Asia, the very thought of something bad happening to her made him tremble. What if she was about to be eaten?

Azazel noticed how he was slightly shaking and looked uneasy.

"Hey, raise your head high and put on a happy face cause you're in luck today, kid," Azazel said with his relaxed smile. He had something planned.

"Take a look at this." He pointed off the edge of the building.

Issei cautiously followed his order. When he reached the edge he slowly peered down with the possibility of falling in mind.

What he saw was a normal school day like any other, students were going into the campus, chatting with friends and it was as if what had happened took no effect.

"The hell? Didn't they find it weird that everything changed?" he asked with a raised brow.

"Someone might've altered time around this area of kuoh causing only humans to be affected by it, I could've felt the magical aura from way across town so I hopped all the way over here to see what was happening and I found you," said Azazel beside Issei, "You see how peaceful it looks down there, no hellish monsters terrorizing people. I like the peace in life so I'll stop at nothing to keep it that way."

Issei reluctantly drew back his head from the edge. He had taken a second to fully process everything he was told.

"Looks like your catching up quite well," Azazel added.

"Yeah, right," Issei replied unsurely.

"Good," Azazel answered while slowly lifting his hands. As Issei still looked confused Azazel gently pushed him off the edge.

Issei let out a high-pitched scream as he was heading towards the ground. The school was about seven meters high and falling from that height is a certain way to go out. He was going to reach the ground any second now, and with that in mind, he shielded himself for impact with his eyes shut tightly.


When he opened his eyes he found himself standing in one piece. Azazel's arms were slung around his shoulder and he had his usual restful demeanour. This pissed off Issei even more.

"W-what the hell, man, I could've died!" Issei yelled.

"Just remember to stay out of trouble, kid, and don't do anything stupid," he warned him, "Oh, I almost forgot... take this. It'll alert me when trouble comes your way, it seems to me that it always comes your way."

He handed him a card. On the front was a depiction of an exquisite, modernized school. It was kuoh Academy. A prestigious formerly all-girls association. Suddenly, the image changed to a magic circle that glowed red.

Issei's eyes widened at the sight of that.

"Wait, what exactly is th-" Azazel had vanished before he could finish the question.

As he looked at the card with the transitional image, he couldn't help but think of Asia. How would his parents react when they came home to find their lovable girl missing. That thought drove Issei crazy, he had to somehow find Asia. He shoved the card in his pocket and ran off.

Azazel was seated in a dark room enjoying the last bottle of whiskey he had. When the voice of a girl spoke.

"So did you speak with the boy?"

Azazel lowered the drink that he was happily enjoying.

"Yes, in fact, he's quite interesting I tell you. I can't wait to see what he does next."

After he said that he went back to his drink. The girl behind him got up and walked away.

"I will carry out my own investigating, then." She said before she went out. The little light that had hit her on her way out showed she had red hair.

Azazel sat back comfortably in the chair and grinned, thinking about the plans he had in store for Issei.

Issei was running out the front gate of the school, he passed the large gates that continued around the back of the school where the strange man took Asia. He had an unsmiling and stern face as he knew his journey to finding Asia was going to be a provocation but he continued.

He came to a halt at the vacant area of the school, it was just a walkway where students would usually roam but it was now empty. There was nothing too strange or suspicious insight. Even the dent in the wall he made when the monster had smashed him in was gone.

Though something was up. He could feel it. There was a huge rush that overcame his body and his hands were shaking. Issei looked down at his legs which weren't able to move. He tried to but it seemed almost impossible.

'Why aren't my legs moving, I want them too but I can't. Dammit!'

As he stood still, he heard some crunching sounds as if someone were eating. The noises got louder and more disturbing. It was like someone eating a whole body. The 'tearing' and the chomping were too distinct. Then Issei covered his mouth to an awful scent that hit him unexpectedly.

He slowly turned his head towards the smell and the sounds of eating. It came from a narrow space between two buildings across the street. Issei peered closer. It was dark in the alley but something was moving. Issei finally managed to make his legs move. He walked up closer and what he saw was the body of a middle-aged man being devoured by a monstrous reptilian on its four legs.

Issei gasped and slowly stepped back. He almost fell but he manages to regain balance.

"No way, no way, this can't be happening." He covered his mouth in shock.

The monster had sensed him, it turned around and stood on its two legs... as a human would. He hovered over Issei and growled at his presence. Its wide-mouth was also covered in blood from the person he was eating.

'It's him... the one that attacked me.'

Issei thought as he identified that creature from anywhere with its huge wings and its displeasing skin.

"ROAARRR!" as it shouted it lifts its hand in the form of a fist and swung it at Issei. Issei noticed he used the same technique to attack him from earlier so he wasn't going to let it reoccur.

He swiftly stepped out of the way, the monster ran its fist into the wall instead causing it to be a break and crumble.

'Yes, I dodged it, it's arm got stuck, this is a great opportunity to escape.'

He made a run for it and the creature noticed. He swiftly turned and used its other arm to shove Issei into the same wall.

His whole body got sunk into the concrete. Defeated, Issei fell to the ground. It felt like his whole body had been crushed but his bones were in perfect condition it's just his skin that was hurting.

'I can't believe it got me, what is this thing? It's not normal. Why does this keep happening? Every time I try to save Asia-san, I get defeated, is this how it's always gonna happening? Why am I so weak?'

The monster slammed its arm into Issei's back causing him to lay flat.

*slam* *slam* *slam* *slam*

Issei couldn't manage this anymore as he had been beaten into the ground that he was almost submerged. He tried to move a little but he just couldn't. He couldn't even call for help.

'I wish I could do something, but I'm weak, I wasn't able to save my friend in the forest that night when I was younger and now I'll never be able to save Asia... why?'

The thing above him grabbed his arm and proceeded to take a bite of it. Issei could barely keep his eyes open, he just laid there, his inner urge to fight back slowly died, and now he was left with no other option. He had to face his death.

Above him, The creature widens its mouth revealing its razor-sharp teeth. Attempting to take a bite of Issei's arm, suddenly... it had been flung away from the beaten boy in an instant.

"Huh... what was that?" Issei asked weakly and confused.

He then slowly lifted himself out of the ground he was beaten into and saw Azazel standing over him with his usual smug face.

"See, what'd I tell ya? You always somehow find yourself in trouble," he commented.

"A... Azazel you're here. Thank you." Issei had a sad smile when he said that. He was sure that he was done for, he felt like his limbs were on fire and he couldn't move.

"Anytime, by the way..."

While Azazel was conversing with Issei, the monster who was kicked across the street slowly arouse to his feet. It seemed like that hit didn't do as much damage, there were no scars nor bruises on its body. It then went down and all-fours and stormed after Azazel like a wild animal.

"... do you still have that kuoh academy recommendation letter?" Azazel asked.

Issei had no reply. He was frightened as he noticed the monster hadn't been killed. It was coming for them.

Azazel snapped his finger at Issei who was distracted.

"Oy, Issie, listen. Now as I'm saying..." As he continued to speak the monster jumped after Azazel and went to grab his face.

"Azazel!" Issei screamed to warn him.
Azazel didn't move an inch, he simply just held the monster by the face.

"Huh? You... caught him!" Issei said in disbelief.

The creature squeezed Azazel's hand in an attempt to break free. He then bit into his hands-

Its teeth immediately broke. All methods he had tried failed, there was no hope for the poor thing.

Azazel was unbothered by this, he then looked at the creature with interest.

"Now, what are you doing in the overworld," he asked.

The monster gave no response.

"Not gonna talk, eh? Oh well."

Azazel threw him into the wall of the building above.

Issei stared at Azazel with immense admiration. He barely moved a muscle and was able to manhandle that thing. He was the opposite of him who allowed himself to be pummeled and didn't even fight back.

"You're so strong and I wasn't, I'll never be able to save her like this," Issei said softly.

Azazel noticed how defeated he looked, he then turned to him and said, "Don't be so glum, remember, you can do anything and save anyone you want. It's all in your hands."

At that moment, Issei felt a glimmer of hope spark within him. Maybe, just maybe, he does have what it takes to save Asia.

In the building above them, a huge hole was made when the monster got thrown through threw it. It used it's huge, scaly arms to grab the edges of the broken wall and propelled itself outwards.

It extended its wings and flew down with immense speed. It landed on the ground and crushed it on impact. The cracks in the ground went in Azazel's direction.

The monster's disfigured face bears a deadly glare towards him and Issei.

Azazel felt its presence and lazily turned to face it.

"Oh, goody, you're back," he said with zero enthusiasm.

The monster found this offensive and flew towards him. It raised its fist and swung one of its punches at Azazel who blocked it with his two fingers.

"Hmm. You things never give up, do you? Maybe this oughta put you down."

Azazel slowly raised his fist and punched the creature in its gut.

Nothing happened for a while, but then... the creature's entire body exploded. All its organs, Kidneys, liver, and all the other essential things in a living being went everywhere.

There were bloodstains on the walls and ground. Issei looked at the monster's dead remains with a face of disgust.

"..." he couldn't even find the right words to stay.

Azazel walked up to him with a bright smile and all he said was,

"Hey Issei, how about you enroll at kuoh Academy?"

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